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Dancing tonight....

Friday, November 02, 2007

So....I bellydance. More specifically, I teach two classes, run a beginner student troupe and a "professional" troupe (meaning we compete, etc), and have private students.

In the last year, I've been so down on myself because of my weight..I haven't been doing solo performances much at all. It's become this huge THING in my mind....feeling inadequate.

Tonight, I'm soloing at a local restaurant that has bellydancers on Fridays. I thought a few people would show up...but it sounds like all my students are showing and bringing friends - meaning a packed audience.

I'm nervous. Really nervous.

My partner went home to Louisiana a week ago. They do not understand her being gay, and most of them do not understand her wife being a bellydancer! She showed our wedding pics...and one aunt said "oh my god Jodie...Lisa is HUGE!! She must weigh at least 250 pounds...and you say she belly dances?? That's awful!!"

While I've largely put her nastiness behind me...I have to admit it has really affected my confidence for this evening. Yep, I'm fat. I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 244 pounds. That makes me about as round as I am tall!

I tell my students that size has nothing to do with talent, and I believe that, except apparently when it comes to myself. Working hard on letting go...enjoying my time tonight...but I'm feeling the anxiety.

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G.I.JANE 11/2/2007 6:38PM

    I am sure all will go great and you will forget about those nasty statements as you are gonna have a great time! Have fun!

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READYCANADIAN 11/2/2007 3:51PM

    You'll be awesome....just focus on a few friendly faces / smiles and feel the music. Your anxiety will melt away. Have fun!

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SAFEHAVEN 11/2/2007 10:55AM

    Everyone has an opinion however the fact remains those opinions that should matter to you are the ones who love you for who you are and want the best for you. So, does Jodie believe in you? Do your students believe in you and anyone else that matters to your heart believe in you? Then you should believe in yourself! :-) Apparently, those that are showing up to see you are because they believe in you and accept you for you! HAVE FUN! ENJOY THE TALENT YOU ARE GIVEN!

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HUSKY_HANK 11/2/2007 10:08AM

    I am sure you will rock tonight. Definately let us know how it goes. Good Luck

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November 1

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I love that today is the first day of the month! I like fresh starts and how much fresher can you get??

I am going to set an ambitious (for me!) goal: To stay in the top 20 on the points leaderboard for Lesbian Cafe. This group is really active and believe me, that's a challenge for me! But, I'm going to do my best! Some days I get lazy, and all I do is maybe track my food. Being more involved can only help my progress, my consistency and my attitude!

So here's to November...where I plan to rack up some points!

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HUSKY_HANK 11/1/2007 3:10PM

    I know you can do it!

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HMMMYEAH 11/1/2007 1:44PM

    You can do it, Just stay positive and i am sure you will rack the points up. Just think of the reward of that great feeling of acomplishment, and knowing what you achieve. And that positive saying of yeah i can do this. That always always seems to help me say that phrase it just brings on the power.

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I'm a marine!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Lesbian Cafe Spark Team does the BEST challenges ever!! Their Back to School Challenge really got me in the swing of Spark again.

Now, the Veteran's Day Chalenge begins tomorrow and Hot D*mn, I'm exactly the branch I would have wanted to be in....the MARINES!

Stay posted as I start my challenge to go from Private to Senior Master Sargent!

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HUSKY_HANK 11/1/2007 9:33AM

    So glad you are excited about the challenge. Hopefully it will help you on your journey.

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Happy Weigh In!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

244....Finally, under 245! AND 0.5 loss around waist - Color me happy. :)

Mini streak: Two days within calorie, fat and carb ranges Woo hoo! Now I just need to get my protein up into range and I think I'll really be feeling better.

I perform at a local restaurant Friday night...The local bellydance guild has a monthly spot and I signed up for it long ago. While I'm certainly not all in shape...I feel better and I think my stamina is better, so I'm actually sort of looking forward to it instead of dreading it terribly as I usually would.

My troupe is on a roll too...We're extra motivated and stepping up practices while we're in "the zone" twice a week, two hours each. We spend the first hour doing drills to assorted videos, and learning new moves. Second hour is spent on learning new moves with zill patterns, which is new to us...and working on choreographies. Last night, the sweat just ROLLED off me...and it felt fabulous!!

Trying to figure out a reward for getting under 240....I can't remember the last time I was under 240, so it's a BIG deal to me....

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NANDINI/PATTI 10/31/2007 1:00AM

    Congratulations, and I can't wait to hear how the performance goes!

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PC1004 10/30/2007 11:24AM

    Congrats! A new milestone. Some of my personal favorite "rewards", if you're looking for suggestions, a massage, pedicure, or better yet, both!

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HUSKY_HANK 10/30/2007 10:53AM

    That is awesome. Way to go!

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I've got a new attitude....

Monday, October 29, 2007

It's called being motivated again.

I've refocused and rededicated myself to my goals:

Went to, where I've read a ton of articles about nutrition and bodybuilding. Spark is awesome, but I was in a rut and this helped me get out of it.

I'm eating six small meals a day - I've tried this before, but it ended up being grazing for the whole day or eating too much each time. This time, I'm planning it, weighing it, measuring it, and it's going much better.

Biggest current goal is to up my protein, I've really realized I am not eating nearly enough.

Next is MOVING. Getting 20 minutes cardio in a day, whether all at once or bit by bit.

I'm throwing myself into SparkPeople - reading, reading, reading, and searching articles on bodybuilding sites, women's health sites, etc.


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NANDINI/PATTI 10/30/2007 12:15AM

    Yes you will do this! I've found that reading as many articles, books, etc., as I can helps to maintain the motivation. Shaking things up a bit to stay on the ball is also really beneficial.

Good luck on the journey!

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FROLIC838 10/29/2007 11:34AM

    Congratulations on recommitting to yourself and your healthy lifestyle. Educating yourself is one of the best ways to stick with a plan. It is easier to do something if you know why you are doing it. We'll all be here cheering you on!

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