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What's WRONG with Tomorrow - or Tues?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Sunday.... beautiful, sunny, cool, day. Here I sit after the 2 doughnut binge! It was good, believe me. I haven't enjoyed donuts for a long time and today with my coffee, it tasted OH, SO GOOD. Yum, chocolate on top, Boston cream inside. Then of course, one apple fritter. Nothing like apples in the fall!

I was thinking that tomorrow is Oct 1 - new day, new month, new challenge. Then I found out that tomorrow is not OCT, but yet another day before I get there. A new challenge was going to be tomorrow, so why not start NOW???

UGH.. I have many, many excuses! I seem to get the exercise thing going else, I get the food thing in check, but n'er do I get the two going together. My head isn't there. It's work, it's a push, it's a psych out for my brain and yet, I shy away.

Truth of the matter is, I've been getting up every day in pain. Sore joints, shoulders, back etc. and I have been exercising by walking a couple miles most days. I have been stretching, but maybe not enough (maybe that's why I'm sore?). I cannot seem to get it going and now, just want to forget it! So today, I'm going to take a breather and relax. No need to push, condone, or beat myself up for what I didn't do!

And even though tomorrow isn't October 1, I'm getting right back to it - I know what I have to do and I know how to do it, so that's the plan for me!

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AMAZINGLIZ 10/2/2013 11:18AM

    I can so identify with what you shared, I have been there so you are not alone...

all part of the process I guess... glad to read you had a decent day after all


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NUNZIATA43 9/30/2013 8:23PM

    Thank you all for your support!!! You'll be happy to know, I did get out and walk 2 miles yesterday and did a lot of on the floor stretching. Ended up being a decent day after all!

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MPETERSON2311 9/30/2013 4:54PM

    we're all here for you. And even if you start now, an hour from now, a week from now, etc. we're rooting you on!

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2HAMSDIET 9/29/2013 5:33PM

    Maybe you should talk with your Dr. if everything hurts as you never know what it may be a sign of. Just don't give up as you will never know if you do. emoticon

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JOHNTJ1 9/29/2013 2:36PM

    I went through something very similar awhile back. I'd exercise well and not be too particular about my diet and feel terrible. When I blended the two equally, I felt better.

Just a thought

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CELEST 9/29/2013 12:07PM

    Remembering too, that two donuts and a day of downtime wont make who you are. There are still all the other days where you were able to resist the donuts and did walk. Chin up....tomorrow IS a new day and one where you can plan tonight on activities that will have you back on track.
I read somewhere that you plan to succeed, or fail, because lack of planning to succeed is planning to fail. So plan tomorrow, tonight when you have a moment to do so.

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JUMPINGJEANNIE 9/29/2013 11:32AM

  You are not alone in your struggles. You have taken the first step in admitting you have them. Now dust yourself off and decide to begin today rather than wait until Oct 1. I did!

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Unwinding from a BUSY Weekend!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Sleepy, yes! Motivated - NO! This morning's sendoff of my husband's granddaughter and her parents was a down and up situation! I spent the weekend, cooking, ushering, chatting, and being as hospitable as a working woman can be with a 3-day weekend. These 3-day extravaganza's are few and far between and I usually unwind and relax.

Friday night - "they're coming, they'll be here about 9", he says! And, change of plans, they decided to leave on Saturday morning. Saturday "you HAVE to have a hair appt now, when you know you're getting company?". There was no indicator, no timing of a Saturday arrival so I suppose I was to sit and wait, but that's just not me.

Saturday afternoon - "they're here!". Yes, the three year old adorable princess and her parents. Cookout, visiting, cleaning... you know the drill!

Sunday, I give the mama a break and my husband takes his son and granddaughter on the light rail, to the park, on the horseback carriage ride. I take the mama and my own daughter and we shop, shop, drive, shop. Then we all meet back at the house. We HAVE to go to the local festival together. We started out just fine, then a downpour of "cats and dogs" along with lightening. Late nights, long days and I'm tired!

Sunday is "bye bye Grandma Nanci" day. Push off is early and I look around the house that's full of leftover visitor stuff, empty glasses, dirty carpet, sheets to wash etc. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute, but now - "I AM TIRED". Where did my long weekend go? Now, it's recovery time and I'm enjoying my crochet habit on the couch after I cleaned the downstairs of my house.

I'm playing the mind games. "Get up - clean your room" "go to the gym" " eat breakfast" "call your best friend" etc! But the reality of all of this is - I need a break! I'm tired, and I just need a rest!!!

Doing the best I can at the moment, but whew.... BUSY Weekend! That's all I can say! emoticon

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JOHNTJ1 9/8/2013 11:29AM

    Despite what all the gurus say there is no such thing as multi tasking. Despite our advanced state of evolution we can still only do one thing at a time.

Take some time for you

It healthy

Much Love


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BRADMILL2922 9/3/2013 3:56AM

    Busy weekend! Doing the best you can is all you can really do!

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2HAMSDIET 9/2/2013 5:47PM

    Take care of yourself. As one lady told me when I was young... no one will ever remember or love you for having a perfectly clean house. emoticon

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CELEST 9/2/2013 11:32AM

    I for one REALLY do get what you are saying. Visitors are wonderful, but oh the clean up afterwards and the getting some rest yourself is a tough call. I'm busy with spring cleaning now because my nephew is coming home in Dec and bringing the future fiance to meet the family. Since EVERYONE lives on my property...the buck tends to stop with me. My sisters place (flat attached to my home) is just a little bigger than a bedsitter, so I'm going to have to put the dear girl (hoping she is that) in my spare room which only became spare 2 days ago. Shoo never a break. I didn't get empty nest syndrome...didn't get a chance to. lol

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SCHNOOTIE 9/2/2013 10:43AM

    I say unwind and do only whatever it is that you would like to do today. You deserve it. It is nice to have company, but I am always ready for a nice break afterwards. I work as a receptionist for a veterinary clinic, and I have to really strategically place social appointments, because I just get tired of people all day :)

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Sleepless Nights....

Monday, August 12, 2013

So it's 4 am, been awake since 2 am and I really need the sleep. I have been out of sorts since coming back from Asia and I cannot seem to get this time zone thing back to my usual routine. I don't like these nights, I don't appreciate little sleep, and tomorrow is a job interview when all i can think about is how tired I'll be by 2 pm, my nap time of late! Ahhh!

Lots of thinking time available - too much time inside my own head to be worthwhile to me. My daughter has moved to her university apartment (starts school soon), my husband came home from his weekend trip north visiting family and did not even ask me about my trip (I was gone 2 weeks), and none of my friends (NONE) have called me to see how I'm doing. So feeling a bit left out and maybe not appreciated. I know, I know... I could have done something different! See, usually, I am the one who makes all the contact and asks all the questions. I'm wondering if perhaps I need to worry about THEM less and ME more! Yes, I think that's it.

Back to the gym, back to the food plan, and back to the ordinary, stressful life I live. I'm in need of change. I am tired of the same routine and need to change it up a bit! Starts with motivation and you ALL help me with that! I appreciate every bit. For today, I'm going to stay right here where my feet are and take better care of myself. I KNOW that when I do this, all will be well!


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2HAMSDIET 8/12/2013 8:32PM

    traveling can sure mess me up so i ask the Dr. ever year for a few(14) sleeping pills. They sure do the trick and are just enough to take the edge off. The pills don't leave me sleepy and sure make the difference when traveling.
As for no one asking about your trip I would sure make a lot of noise about it. It is ok to be the squeaky wheel.
Sending good vibes your way for your job interview. emoticon

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MPETERSON2311 8/12/2013 4:20PM

    awww..i hope you feel better soon! I am rooting for you!

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CELEST 8/12/2013 10:17AM

    Helping others is a feel good thing, but occasionally we still need the same thing for ourselves, someone to say "I care, I missed you etc" Strange thing that neither your hubby or friends cared to hear about your 2 weeks away. Time for you to have a "secret" that you wont tell them, to make them curious. emoticon
Well....we are glad you're back and we are interested in hearing all the tidbits of your time away.
My sons young friend went to Asia to teach English and what I remember from her time is asking the school receptionist to laminate some pages for her....what she got however...was pages with the word LEMONADE typed on the top. Confusion in the languages.

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GOLFGMA 8/12/2013 8:09AM

    The way to be happy is to make others happy. Helping others is the secret of all success--in business, in the arts and in the home.

Sending positive thoughts your way. emoticon

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OCEANLUVR 8/12/2013 7:15AM

    I have been in your boat many need to make yourself top of the list priority!
Posting in this website is helpful...great support here!

Feel free to sparkmail me anytime...your blog is similar to my daily interactions...we are the champions my friend!

Comment edited on: 8/12/2013 7:17:41 AM

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FLOATNRN 8/12/2013 4:43AM

    Sorry you're feeling a little left out. I hope things get better. Good luck to you getting back to things.

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Home Sweet Home!

Friday, August 09, 2013

What a long journey, hours and hours of flying and finally home! No luggage, but home! What an awesome experience I've had over the last couple of weeks. Interesting cultural shock and talk about HEAT... you don't know heat until you've been in Asia. Heat like, you just go outside in the morning with a fresh shower and clean clothes and in 5 minutes you are SOAKED all the way through to your skin. Heat so humid that you don't want to eat! REALLY!


I don't think I ever caught up with drinking enough water. No matter how much I drank, it just wasn't enough to cool me off. Not only that - I don't think I ever WANTED to eat - LOL!!! That's a switch!


Best observation was the gorgeous Asian people. Thinner than thin and I saw very few with any excess weight. They eat rice nearly every day - believe that? Just a little meat and a little vegetables. I recall going to a fancy restaurant in Singapore with my team and looking at what the waiter was bringing out. I thought oh my... going to walk away hungry. Couple of dumplings, some rice, a little chicken altogether. But, walked out of there stuffed. Much slower indulgence pace and a lot more social gathering!


There were many bakeries there and in Hong Kong, but no place to sit down and enjoy. Just buy it and get out. Interesting though, not so many people inside and not alot of people eating sweets. Too hot, too much "real food" available, and people generally not interested. (I still want to be one of those).


What I missed the most was my Sparksfriends, my HUMID (ha!) weather in the southern states, and my own bed. Yes there is no place like home and I'm not moving to Asia anytime soon! emoticon

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2HAMSDIET 8/9/2013 9:56PM

    Glad you had such a wonderful time and that you made it safely back home.

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CJJANISS 8/9/2013 2:11PM

    emoticon sounds like you had a great time! :)

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JOHNTJ1 8/9/2013 11:18AM

    Welcome home, glad you arrived safe and sound.


Time to get back on track and in the groove.


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CELEST 8/9/2013 10:29AM

    Welcome back. I went to Dubai a few years ago...same thing...oppressive heat and loads of slender Philippino woman. 2 different kinds of rice on your plate with little of the to give you something to think about? Rice is a good one then.

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GERIKRAGH 8/9/2013 10:07AM

    Sounds like a great time!

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KATTREE 8/9/2013 9:59AM

    emoticon back to the States, what a awesome experience

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KKKAREN 8/9/2013 9:31AM

    I like the too hot to be hungry!

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Living in a Foreign Land... for a bit!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

HA! Just temporarily fellow Sparkers. I'm actually working overseas this week. Interesting thing is that the fiftness routine stays the same. I am a hotel gym rat now - today is day 3 of that!! Time for JUST me (and later work, of course).


I am intrigued by the Asians living here - how slim & trim. The designer haute couture which from the windows of the shops all seem to be about a size 2 or 4 no way and the dresses are all short - at least 6" above the knee. When I walk by each window, I am reminded of my sluggish U.S. lifestyle with office chairs, long bouts of sitting, and couch potato actions. The fun for me is watching people up and moving. Restaurants packed, all the designer stores filled with buyers (really, Prada bag for $3000 and they are swarming)? Dressed for "shopping" and many, different styles to take in. Somewhat of a fashionista place! But the reality of it is - anything goes! I have to say, I felt like a "sloppy" American yesterday with my black denim skirt and black tennis shoes with the fuscia shoestrings to match my fuscia shirt. Oh lord, I have work to do with my wardrobe!

I found a tailor in a back corner of a shopping tower that is making me a suit. Yes, custom fitted. He measured, his wife measured, we chatted about style, fitting, etc. So I'm standing at his workshop thinking, hmmm I'm going to fork out a little money for this quality perfection suit and then lose weight? How will I wear it, what will I do then? Realization hit me over the head like an oak 2x4! I'm going to wear it, wear it well and worst case - have it tailored to fit when the pounds come falling off!


Bottom line is: People are people no matter where they are. If you ignore our distinct physical packaging - we all have the same struggles and challenges. We work, we take care of our families, we shop, we are entertained, and ALL OF US - WE EAT! Only difference is our choices in what we pick up and how we manage it (exercise or not)!

emoticon emoticon

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JOHNTJ1 7/29/2013 9:37AM

    Glad you are enjoying your trip and glad you are sticking with it!!! Cant wait to see pic's of you in your new suit.

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CELEST 7/29/2013 8:53AM

    South Africa where I live have a contract with China. I regularly look at xxxl clothes and they are tiny. My mom who wears a large in most makes has to wear a xxxl in the Chinese clothes. I feel like you to now about shopping, each time Im forced to buy something I think...this wont fit me in summer...but what can we do, we still have to dress till then right?!

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MADAMES 7/29/2013 7:11AM

    What a great attitude about the suit! Enjoy your tailored treat to yourself!

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/28/2013 11:24PM

    I'd love to travel and get paid for it. Sounds so very interesting. Congratulations on your new suit. What a treat to have one made for you and, therefore, perfect.

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2HAMSDIET 7/28/2013 9:03PM

    Have fun and enjoy your new suit. emoticon

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KATTREE 7/28/2013 7:31PM

    How exciting to visit another country. Sounds like you are having fantastic experiences. Glad you are being able to incorporate your exercise into your activity. emoticon

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