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Prayers for peaceful hearts in challenging situations

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

This morning I had my meditation first thing, before I even started the routine of dressing and packing the healthy eats bag. It was wonderful, refreshing, and peaceful to take this time to clear all the trash away and allow the soul to breathe.

A little later, bag packed, ready for the work day, and steel cut oats a-simmer, I checked my FB feed, and found an amazing post by one of the wounded from Fort Hood, asking for prayers. He will have to take the stand sometime during the course of this trial, and be faced by the man who shot him. The defendant, in case anyone missed it, has been given permission to act as his own counsel, which allows him to directly question the witnesses.

What my friend posted this morning, in part, was this:

"Are we strong enough to defeat hate? Or has time turned fear, discontent, malice, and hate I too (sic, I think "into" was intended) something far greater than that of just a simple word, feeling, or emotion. Preparing for the hardest thing in their lives to do my ft hood family prepares to testify. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, along with my family and myself. Pray that hate or that thing that has grown to something more dissolves and we find guidance or resolution. "

So deep and truthful, and humble... please add your prayers to mine for the comfort and healing, the courage and ability, for these men and women who have waited nearly four years for the trial to begin.

Thank you, and may your hearts know peace, as well.


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-SHOREIDO- 8/9/2013 5:09PM

    Thanks for sharing a part of his journey so we can drop a prayer his way.

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LJCANNON 8/9/2013 1:10PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Saying Prayers Today, and will add the Fort Hood Family to my list every day as they walk through this.
They are Not Facing The Monster (Fear, Intimidation, Memories) alone.

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REJ7777 8/8/2013 8:35AM

    I feel a lot of anger myself at the betrayal of these soldiers by that traitor... and I'm not even an American. Yes, the victims need much grace in such a difficult situation! Thank you for the reminder to pray.

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PATRICIAAK 8/8/2013 3:17AM


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BLUENOSE63 8/7/2013 5:45PM

  As the wife and daughter of military members, my prayers go out to the soldier who has to testify. Hoping his future life is not lived in anger as it will not be a life at all yet it is understandable .

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SPINNINGJW 8/7/2013 2:18PM

    emoticon To all those affected by this tragedy.

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LEANJEAN6 8/7/2013 7:55AM

    I am going to take 10 minutes every morning to meditate--Namiste--(sp?)---Lynda

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EMMACLAIRE5 8/6/2013 11:30PM

    Thanks for sharing this so I can add my positive energy to the universe through prayer and meditation.

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DOGLADY13 8/6/2013 9:13PM

    I hadn't fully understood the ramifications of that man representing himself meant. How so very difficult it must be for the people who were assaulted by him.

I joined my prayers to yours and have entrusted the survivors of the Ft. Hood attack to the heart of Jesus.

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SLENDERELLA61 8/6/2013 9:06PM

    Powerful blog, Barb. So glad the meditation is restoring for you. Such a wonderful practice. And the Ft Hood situation, such a heart-wrenching tragedy. Prayers.

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ALOHAEV1 8/6/2013 2:19PM

    So many wonderful insightful comments emoticon emoticon

Work place violence my arse!

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LOSTLIME 8/6/2013 1:11PM

    Sent a prayer out to all at Ft. Hood. Have a blessed day,yourself.

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NEW-CAZ 8/6/2013 12:07PM


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_LINDA 8/6/2013 11:29AM

    So once again, soldiers are required to be brave and honorable after already being wounded serving their country. It would be hard not to hate the person responsible and want to wring his neck the moment he is seen. But obviously, they will rise above it. Show the terrorist their spirit is not broken and never will be.
Four years is an outrageous length of time for a trial to be started. I feel for everyone having to wait so very long for justice. Though I don't think there is any punishment available that is fitting for that outrage. May they feel the peace, calm and comforting warmth from their guiding spirit to stand tall and proud as they face this test.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention..
Hopefully, your meditation will serve as a calming influence to get through your hectic day..

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DLDMIL 8/6/2013 10:51AM

    It will be very hard for Ft. Hood survivors to have to testify and be cross examined my the same person who shot them. My heart and prayers go out to them. May everyone have a peaceful day.

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LINDAKAY228 8/6/2013 10:13AM

    Prayers offered up for them.

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MSLZZY 8/6/2013 9:58AM

    I pray that this brings peace and closure. HUGS!

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CONCHA77 8/6/2013 9:20AM

    I appreciate you keeping us posted, Barb. Please continue to keep us posted.
I pray for comfort and continued healing for all. God Bless.
Love and Peace.

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1CRAZYDOG 8/6/2013 8:47AM

    ((((((HUGS))))))) and prayers for sure. It is such a brave thing to do to stand up and be heard in such situations! Many prayers for strength and peace.

LOVIN the Deepak Chopra site! Thanks for sharing that yesterday.

Hugs and meditation!

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ANDREAG89 8/6/2013 8:46AM

    Thank you very much for this post.

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MJREIMERS 8/6/2013 8:41AM

    Prayers are on the way today. Thanks for thinking of these brave souls and for sharing the information.

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SAMI199 8/6/2013 8:33AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SUNNY332 8/6/2013 8:30AM

    Wow - I got goose bumps reading your friends request. "Are we strong enough to defeat hate?" OMGoodness, praying for them all. It would definitely be hard. They have already been through so much.

I did see on the news that the plaintiff is representing himself. Not especially a smart move.

Love you Barb.

Hugs, Sunny

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GABY1948 8/6/2013 8:30AM

    I am praying in agreement with you, Barb. Thanks for writing about this. Have a great day!

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AUNTB63 8/6/2013 8:11AM

    Will add my prayers to yours...thanks for sharing. emoticon

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EBEAMS 8/6/2013 8:10AM

    I certainly will. emoticon

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KALIGIRL 8/6/2013 8:07AM

    Consider it done and emoticon

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DEBRITA01 8/6/2013 8:06AM

    Prayers today for those who need healing... emoticon

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Another Meditation starts today

Monday, August 05, 2013

This one is on miraculous relationships. This is another of those Chopra Center 21 day freebies. I dragged my feet signing on for this one. Because the word "relationships" brings up an image of romantic relationships, almost automatically.

However these are not the ONLY kinds of relationships one has in life. We all have many roles, and every friendship, acquaintaince, or even blog exchange represents a relationship between humans. So... wanting to be open to miracles, here I go again!

And I am heading to work on a wave of peace, not forgetting my usual list:

* Drink the water
* Eat what's in the bag
* Remember to go to recess


* Today, I am open to the presence of miracles.

Life is GOOD. Spark on. emoticon Namaste.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PATRICIAAK 8/8/2013 5:27AM

    sparking on

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LEANJEAN6 8/6/2013 7:23AM

    Hi again Barb!----Yu are good to sign up and try this stuff!--LOL---Hugs-Lynda

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LESLIELENORE 8/6/2013 1:02AM

    Life IS good!

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DOGLADY13 8/5/2013 9:32PM

    The link didn't work for me, but your comments about relationship made me think of something that I saw on my Facebook feed today:

“It is not possible to establish true links with God, while ignoring other people."

Pope Francis, in the Message to Muslims for Ramadan, from the Address to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, 22 March 2013

Here is the link:

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GABY1948 8/5/2013 5:36PM

    I'm late but I hope it was a wonderful day for you!

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SEABREEZE64 8/5/2013 11:50AM

    Good way to spend one's "time."

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DLDMIL 8/5/2013 11:38AM

    Thanks for the link. Have a great day.

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MSLZZY 8/5/2013 10:41AM

    emoticon I think this will be a great way to start my day too. HUGS!

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CELIAMINER 8/5/2013 10:16AM

    Thanks for the reminder(s). Time for recess!

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1CRAZYDOG 8/5/2013 10:13AM

    I like so many of Deepak's philosophies! Appreciate the link. HUGS

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NEW-CAZ 8/5/2013 9:16AM

    emoticon HAVE A HAPPY WEEK emoticon

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WATERMELLEN 8/5/2013 9:04AM

    I'm keen on miracles -- open to miracles -- but suspect that most of 'em require a whole lotta sustained effort:

"I will beat the odds, as great as they are.... Now I will turn miracle into routine. The amazing will be seen everyday. I will put in all the hard work necessary."-Yann Martel

Miracle into routine -- that's maintenance.

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KALIGIRL 8/5/2013 8:20AM

    Here's to miracles!

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SLENDERELLA61 8/5/2013 8:13AM

    "Open to the presence of miracles" is a great way to be. As I look at it, Barb, I am a miracle and I suspect you are, too. I mean, in a way, we all are. But to be our age and having been an overweight couch potato for decades and then to find our way to get fit and even enjoy athletic competition, well, if that isn't a miracle, what is?? Enjoy your day. Enjoy your meditation! -Marsha

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BOMBSHELLY 8/5/2013 8:11AM

    I agree about relationships. There is also our relationship with ourself, "God", pets, strangers we come across any given day, and the world around us in general. Many to consider! May a slew of blessings rain down on you today!

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LEANJEAN6 8/5/2013 8:08AM

    You are so good to try new stuff!---And you are a successful Sparkly Person!!!--Enjoy yer day Barb! Lynda emoticon

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SNS1968 8/5/2013 8:06AM


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MILLEDGE2 8/5/2013 8:06AM

    We get good ideas from a lot of unexpected places! Thanks for writing and have a great day.

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Bonus blog: building mileage

Sunday, August 04, 2013

That double half mary is only five weeks away. So this weekend, I set out to do two "longer" runs back to back. My five miles yesterday was joined by 10.2 today (with an additional 2.1 to get myself the rest of the way home with a cool down walk... I split them in RunKeeper so I wouldn't be tempted to overdo the build of total mileage... last thing I need is an overuse injury that will sideline me from either next weekend's trip or the race in five).

Where I ended up, at the far end of my jog was about 7 miles away (maybe a fraction more)... here: The lake is a place of peace, but so is the cemetary. This happens to be the one where my parents are laid to rest, and as I wended my way in that direction, the random thought popped into my head, "Mom, would you be proud of me NOW?"

Mom never much seemed to appreciate it when I lost weight and became more athletic. Don't know why, but she didn't. Maybe she thought she had to compete (I got that competitive streak from SOMEWHERE, right?) Still, I like to think that by NOW, she would be pleased to see the good that this has done in my life. No competing at this point with her on one side of the Great Divide and me on the other. But still, don't we all crave our parents' approval in one form or another? Or at least their understanding/support, even if our choices are different from what they would make for us?

Have a blessed Sunday out there fellow Sparklers... be safe, and savor LIFE, which is good. Spark on! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KALIGIRL 8/5/2013 8:33AM

    May not have understood or accepted your choice, but definitely loved you. And after all, isn't that 'all' there is?
Namaste my friend.

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    The word "approval" could be the subject of a whole blog and has been the subject of some of my therapy sessions. For good or bad we all seek it a one time or another. It helps and hurts. But we look for it anyway.

However, YOU will always rock in my book!

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BLUENOSE63 8/4/2013 8:53PM

  Well one thing is for sure...I am proud of you and all your accomplishments! Yes don't get injured before your race as you have worked too hard.

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PATRICIAAK 8/4/2013 8:16PM

    keep running

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LEANJEAN6 8/4/2013 8:14PM

    Isn't that a hoot?--We both were thinking of "Mom"-=-Great minds eh??----LOL---Lynda emoticon

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WATERMELLEN 8/4/2013 5:49PM

    So true, that we are always wondering about our parents' approval . . . Steve Siebold actually says that addiction to the approval of others is the most difficult addiction of all.

Whether she would or would not recognize the success you've made of your life -- WE recognize it and very heartily approve of it! And even better: YOU recognize that what you've done and continue to do is: AMAZING.

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1CRAZYDOG 8/4/2013 5:45PM

    Yes, I do think it's part of every kids' make up to want parental approval. I'm sure your Mom is proud of you.


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MSLZZY 8/4/2013 4:42PM

    She would be pleased. she just didn't show it. HUGS!

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NEW-CAZ 8/4/2013 2:55PM

    emoticon emoticon

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DLDMIL 8/4/2013 1:16PM

    emoticon emoticon you are so inspiring.

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GABY1948 8/4/2013 1:16PM

    I agree about approval...parents can make or break their kids. You did a great job today!

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MJREIMERS 8/4/2013 12:20PM

    emoticon job on the runs and being smart about it! You are right in that we always want our parents' approval. I want you to know how much I admire you and value your advice and friendship. You are emoticon and don't forget it!!!

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Wish lists

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Remember when you were a kid and had a wish list? Things you'd like for Christmas but wouldn't or couldn't spend the money on for yourself? I find myself this morning with a wish list growing in my head. It consists of fitness gadgets I've looked at and decided not to spend the money for.

At the top of my list is body lighting, so I can run outdoors before dawn and after sunset. I've never bought it... opting for the treadmill when it's dark or slick. But I've become fonder of outdoor activity over the course of time, and if I want to keep doing it much longer into the fading sunlight... this might have to move up into the "really invest in this" category.

Another thing I have looked at somewhat longingly but shrugged off is a Road ID. These are little bracelets or anklets that you wear or weave into your shoelaces when you're out on the road working out. Rather than carrying full driver's license or whatever... if anything untoward should happen, this links folks up with who you are and can be linked to an online data base that contains any vital health info someone would need when treating you (medical allergies, hidden conditions, anyone?)

And I have total envy of the fitbit you can wear while swimming. That's a somewhat bigger ticket item... but one of these days...

The fancy Garmin GPS watches, too... although I'd have to have one of the better ones if I wanted to wear it TRIing.

I use my wish list as my rewards list, too. For sticking with the healthy habits, I will get myself a new toy/tool. Feeds the geek in me, and supports the fitness work, too.

What's on YOUR wish list? emoticon

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KALIGIRL 8/5/2013 8:52AM

    Here's to wish lists as incentives! And thanks for reminding me about the road ID!

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MILLEDGE2 8/5/2013 7:38AM

    Oh, yes, you DO need that Road ID! Even if you only have one incident in all your time outdoors, it will pay for itself on that day!

Thanks for all the inspiration and for two blogs today! emoticon

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MOBYCARP 8/4/2013 7:08PM

    Body lighting is a must if you're going to run after dusk or before dawn on public roads. It doesn't have to be terribly costly; my headlamp + taillight + reflective harness I hand the taillight on together cost less than a pair of running shoes. And replacing batteries for the lights is a lot cheaper than replacing the shoes!

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PHEBESS 8/4/2013 7:02PM

    A massage therapist for weekly massages, no matter where I am in the world!

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WATERMELLEN 8/4/2013 5:55PM

    A kayak. Or a canoe!!

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DALID414 8/4/2013 4:33PM

    A foldable bike emoticon

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DLDMIL 8/4/2013 1:15PM

    Top of my wishlist is a rowing machine. I better invest in the ID as I am always leaving my house or office without an ID and a phone.

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SPINNINGJW 8/4/2013 10:55AM

    My wish list right now consists of one item: A JOB!

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LOSTLIME 8/4/2013 10:52AM

    Great wish list! Some of those are on my list too!

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    I think the ID is a necessity, not a wish item. I drum that into DD's brain all the time. Who will they call if your can't talk???????????
She took a spill the other day after wheel was repaired. Luckily she didn't get hurt but had she hit her head??????

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CONCHA77 8/4/2013 9:56AM

    You deserve them all, Barb. emoticon

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ONMYMEDS 8/4/2013 9:34AM

    I never run outdoors without my Road ID. It's a worthwhile investment. And I love my Garmin. Rewards? No. Birthday presents.

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NEW-CAZ 8/4/2013 9:27AM

    I'm thinking of getting a stamima aero pilates machine! emoticon

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DEBRITA01 8/4/2013 8:37AM

    The Road Id seems like a good investment and idea if one ventures away from home. I'm pretty sure you'll earn all the items on your list. A Fitbit is on my list.

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1CRAZYDOG 8/4/2013 8:34AM

    All wonderful rewards! Keep on pushing, one thing @ a time and it'll happen. But then I'm preaching to the choir on that one, eh! LOL

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GABY1948 8/4/2013 8:24AM

    My only wishlist is to move to AZ which we plan to do but after we no longer have responsibilities in MI.

Your wishlist is excellent! And what is the OT for if not to turn around and spend it...and especially on things that are HEALTHFUL for you! Put them on a list, and tick them off AS YOU GET THEM! They are all really GREAT!

Have a GREAT Sunday

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MSLZZY 8/4/2013 7:40AM

    A treadmill-plus the room I need to put it in LOL!

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PATRICIAAK 8/4/2013 7:34AM

    indoor swimming pool

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KELLIEBEAN 8/4/2013 7:28AM

    I'm would like a fit it. I have been through SO many pedometers. that it makes me tell myself to stop spending money on gadgets.

I forgot about the bracelet. I read about that last year before I started running consistently. That is a great idea! I do ride my bicycle in addition to running so I should get one.

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KLMEIRING 8/4/2013 7:25AM

    Yes, I have a wish list, but you are much braver than me concerning the outdoor workouts when it is dark outside. Many of the roads that I enjoy for my walks don't have any sidewalks and it can be tricky to have a plan of escape for the occasional driver who approaches much too close for comfort. I have not crossed over to the thought of being able to be outdoors to exercise at night yet.

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LESLIELENORE 8/4/2013 6:53AM

    My parents got me a RoadID for Christmas last year, and I wear it every time I leave the house, even when I go paddling. I would like a Fitbit, but can't afford it right now. That is great that you can reward yourself and pacify your inner geek at the same time!

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JSTETSER 8/4/2013 6:42AM

    I have seen the Garmon bracelets. They are awesome!

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MARYANNB25 8/4/2013 6:31AM


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OneKidsMom does anger management on two feet

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Beware, Barb's experimenting with new software... learning to merge her Webcam talks with her phone video... and today I'm sharing it with my Spark buds!

The things I'm having to manage anger about range from losing my sister in law waaaay too soon to my way of thinking to the tight time crunch and unrealistic expectations. And it's not just anger. Add sadness. Add fear or anxiety. Add in any negative emotion that could use a little "management". Here's what I'm doing about them these days.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DOGLADY13 8/5/2013 9:38PM

    Indeed. Spark on, Sister, Spark on!

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PATRICIAAK 8/4/2013 11:21AM

    take care

Report Inappropriate Comment
CONCHA77 8/4/2013 10:02AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I did see your video and yes, how amazing it is when we take the time to see all of life's pleasures. It soothes the soul. What a Blessing.
Thanks for sharing your world, Barb.

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LESLIELENORE 8/3/2013 7:02PM


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MIRAGE727 8/3/2013 5:53PM

    I love it, Barb! Great video AND your solution is perfect! Be well, my friend!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DLDMIL 8/3/2013 5:48PM

    Thank you so much for your vlog today. It home today for me as well regarding "stress/anger" management. July was not a good month for me with the death of my father, and it has been hard at times to do my job as an HR Manager with some of the people I have to work with. I will definitely take your words to heart today and learn from them going forward. I need to get up earlier every morning and meet the sun for a grateful few minutes of peace and beauty.

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NEW-CAZ 8/3/2013 4:57PM

    emoticon emoticon

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DEBRITA01 8/3/2013 4:13PM

    Good to hear the voice that goes with the wise words. What a great way to manage stress/anger...thanks for taking us along today. emoticon

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AUNTB63 8/3/2013 2:54PM

    Absolutely a great blog....good work on merging your video of the peaceful looking so early in the morning. Have a wonderful weekend.

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SPINNINGJW 8/3/2013 2:13PM

    Nothing quite like a lake at sunrise to make everything right with the world.

Report Inappropriate Comment
WATERMELLEN 8/3/2013 1:22PM

    Love this blog -- it's great to hear your voice, see your face and share your gorgeous sunrise world.

I agree that "stress" is often unacknowledged anger. But -- sometimes that anger is a signal that something needs to change and we suppress it and call it "stress" because we're not ready yet to make the change.

You just mind find that "Mind Over Mood" workbook useful: I know I do when it's time to rethink management of the inevitable anxiety or depression that living life will generate!

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STR458 8/3/2013 1:04PM

    emoticon beautiful

Report Inappropriate Comment
MNTWINSGAL 8/3/2013 12:51PM

    Good job! You people who understand technology always amaze me. And as always, great to hear your voice!

Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to find out the new HOH on Sunday!

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LJCANNON 8/3/2013 12:21PM

    emoticon Love To "Hear" from you!!
The Tips on Anger Management are very good!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANDI571 8/3/2013 12:12PM

    Yay! So good to hear a voice behind the picture. Awesome!

You were preaching to the choir today. I had one of those stress anger related moments this week with a loved one. It wasn't pretty. I needed your lake for sure.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSLZZY 8/3/2013 12:06PM

    Totally awesome. You must get up as early as I do.
At the time you were out at the lake, I was already
outside feeding the dog and chicks in the backyard
and preparing to go to the café for coffee. Sunrise
and morning are the best time of day to get into
the moment. Leaving the stress and anger behind
is always a good thing. Spark on! HUGS!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GABY1948 8/3/2013 10:53AM

    THANKS for coming by to tell me it was working! This was SO worth coming back...AND it helps to have a voice to the person!

You are doing GREAT in all you do and sharing it with US!

I also am a morning person so we have even more in common than I knew already! GREAT video! emoticon I love your lake too!

Report Inappropriate Comment
1CRAZYDOG 8/3/2013 10:52AM

    Ok, tried again and the video happened! You're soooooo right. So much of going thru life situations does involve anger issues, anger management and I feel uncomfortable thinking that about myself too! But, my dear, you are NOT alone. And for sure, WHO can be angry when you see such beauty as that lake, that sunrise. I typically am out the door by about 5;15 am (but . . . bad girl . . . don't always have my breakfast eaten yet! But I do when I get back. Ok, I digress). There is nothing more a sigh from Him that you have this day to do the best you possibly can with than a sunrise. Walking just sets your mind and soul free (for me anyway!) Better than any therapist's chair! LOL

Thanks for sharing (true to my persistent self, I came back because I HAD to see your vlog!)

Report Inappropriate Comment
1CRAZYDOG 8/3/2013 10:47AM

    Uh oh! Sorry, I couldn't get the video to work either. But my deepest sympathies on the passing of your SIL (I know it's been awhile, but she went through soooooo much! )

HUGS and prayers and smiles.

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GABY1948 8/3/2013 10:24AM

    I don't get the says it is almost available.

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