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Monday, May 03, 2010

I had my maintenance consultation for May on Saturday, and my consultant set this as a goal for me for May: only weigh every other day. I modified to make it "3 times a week". So this morning, no emoticon. This is going to be a challenge for me because I am one of those obsessive every morning on the scale people. This should be very good for me.

And seriously, if I'm weighing and measuring my food, and tracking my exercise minutes, I know the scale will do whatever it wants and I've done everything I can... so... in theory, this should be a piece of cake. I'll let you know how it goes.

Meantime, the turtle team is walking, biking, swimming, whatever human-powered way we can... to the Moon. We just wrapped up the first week, and at the rate we're going, it's going to take 10,000 weeks to get there, but you know what? Just having this challenge gave an extra smile to my miles. So... whatever it takes to reach for the stars and keep us moving... let's seize it and go for it.

Have a great week, everyone!

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/4/2010 8:09AM

    This might be tougher than you think... I have moved my scale down in the basement and you need shoes to go down and it is kind of dark and the electricity is not installed yet so you have to switch on the light in the boiler room... it makes it easier to resist the urge to weigh-in...

I want to recover mentally and physically. To me that means that I do not want to obsess about food, weight or exercise, I want to find a healthy lifestyle that does not have to be fanatically watched over... but as an on-off person itīs really hard to find the balance.

I admire that you take on that challenge! And good luck!

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/4/2010 8:08AM

    This might be tougher than you think... I have moved my scale down in the basement and you need shoes to go down and it is kind of dark and the electricity is not installed yet so you have to switch on the light in the boiler room... it makes it easier to resist the urge to weigh-in...

I want to recover mentally and physically. To me that means that I do not want to obsess about food, weight or exercise, I want to find a healthy lifestyle that does not have to be fanatically watched over... but as an on-off person itīs really hard to find the balance.

I admire that you take on that challenge! And good luck!

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SUNNY332 5/3/2010 5:49PM

    I am with you - what ever it takes.

I am one of those obsessive people too who weigh every day so I understand.

Have a GREAT week.


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KASEYCOFF 5/3/2010 2:42PM

    That is a worthy goal - and gets rid of that compulsive 'Have the numbers gone down' fixation. I 'peek' every day, but I only 'count' once a week - and so far, while it might only be one-half pound, it's still going in the right (down!) direction. Put a reminder on your computer and let it go at that, lol...

p.s. Great background pic - where was it taken?

Comment edited on: 5/3/2010 2:42:48 PM

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MSLZZY 5/3/2010 9:57AM

    I drag out my scale once a week, knowing that I've done all I could. Could I get a little cooperation on this? Some days, it agrees and some days, it has it's own opinion LOL!
Have a great week!

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MAMOOAUG 5/3/2010 8:52AM

    I use to weigh every day and would be discouraged more often than not. Now I only weigh once a week, but watch other factor as well. Good luck.

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SLENDERELLA61 5/3/2010 8:05AM

    Wonderful! I never thought about reducing weighing, but it might help me as well. I find when I overeat and my weight goes up I tend to overcompensate and then I'm under. Maybe weighing less would help me stabilize better. Take care. -Marsha

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Cheering on the marathon runners

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Today was the Lincoln marathon. Great day for it, cool morning but not cold, sunny. I took the old emoticon with me and headed out about an hour and a quarter after the race started. If I hike a couple of miles, I can get to mile 19 of the marathon course to cheer the runners on. In actual fact, I join the course in the middle of a lovely park, and follow the path around the lake, parallel to the race course. I walk the route itself from close to the turnaround point down beyond mile 18, before getting to my personal turn around point. In the end, my being a spectator and cheerleader takes me over a four and a half to five mile route.

I love doing this. Others in the area love rooting on the runners, too. Folks who live right along the route get out their lawn chairs... some of them get out their boom boxes and play the theme from Rocky. I was not the only one walking a dog along the route. The bicycle club has riders out accompanying the runners, and of course the local police direct traffic around the racers. I got there in time to watch the digital time-keeping truck precede the leader up the hill toward the far park entrance.

The radio station DJ with loud-speakers was at the entry point to the park. A bugler was taking requests from the runners closer to the turnaround point. Heard everything from the Army fight song to the Yellow Brick Road. And of course watching these strong and determined athletes keeps me motivated for my own much shorter training.

Now I'm home and wiped out... time to chill and cave for the rest of my Sunday! Hope you're all having a great day.

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MSLZZY 5/3/2010 7:51AM

    SIL was there running with one of the NG units from SD! He had a great time. He wanted to finish with a better time but was still pleased he did as well as he did!

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SMARTIEBEE 5/2/2010 3:09PM

    What a fun thing for you to do! As a runner, (of a half marathon - not a full one) I can tell you how much it helps to hear someone cheering you on while you are out there running. It just gives a little added spark of energy! So I know those runners out there really do appreciate hearing you cheer them on!

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SUNNY332 5/2/2010 2:50PM

    What a great day. Love that the locals are so supportive and love it that they bring out
the great motivational songs to play for the runners.

Take care and have a Super Week.


My company is finally gone and I hope to get caught up on my "online" fitness logs.

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KASEYCOFF 5/2/2010 2:30PM

    Barb, sounds like it was a great event and a fun day! Perfect weather for it, as cool is better than hot, to my mind - and as long as there was sunshine, it was all good. :-)

p.s. So when are YOU planning to enter the race, officially?

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Running with the ponies

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Great adrenaline pump... horse racing. It was a muddy track in Kentucky today. I caught the pre-race coverage of the Kentucky Derby, including the running of the turf classic, and hopped up on my treadmill and did just what I always do. When they run, I run. When they show clips of other races, I run. Other times, I walk recovery pace.

In short, my training for that far-away 5K has begun. And the endorphin bubbles, they are a-bubbling! emoticon

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LINDAJOYWK 5/2/2010 12:34PM

    You have got great ideas-glad you are doing so good!-Linda

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SUNNY332 5/2/2010 7:57AM

    We were on our way home from St. Louis so missed the race too.

Good plan you had here! Way to go on the training.

Take care and have a Sunny Day.


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KASEYCOFF 5/2/2010 4:04AM

    I grew up about 20 miles from Pimlico - Preakness Fever ain't just a phrase, lol...

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MSLZZY 5/1/2010 11:04PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PATRISNA 5/1/2010 9:36PM

    Good for you! I missed the race.

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APRILLSCOTT 5/1/2010 8:31PM

Sounds like ponies are your inspiration! They are a wonderful motivator good luck with your training for the 5k it will be here before we know it! I look forward to hearing about it!

Thanks for being our teams "Lady that can use that calculator!" Don't know what I would have done to help get me to the moon without you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NELLIEC 5/1/2010 8:23PM

    I guess we can say that you are running with the horses (sorta). emoticon

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CONCHA77 5/1/2010 7:26PM

    Good for you, Barb! emoticon
I missed the race, unfortunately.
Glad to see you are staying on track,

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I've been quiet this week

Friday, April 30, 2010

Some of that is sheer busy-ness. Real life trumps on-line life, for all of us. This week my daughter in law continued on her mission to find larger quarters. She took me along to look at one rental house and is really excited about just that one. I hope that her excitement doesn't end in "sorry, someone else beat you to it". But she filled out the paperwork and now it's just a matter of waiting.

Work has been really busy and stressful. I am still playing catch up from when I was sick two weeks ago. Go figure: aggressive development schedule and remove someone for two days. You have to prioritize, because what you might have done on those two days... well, you can't get the time back. So, some things get deferred, and then people start expecting the deferred items to have been done already! I have to admit to having got a bit grouchy by yesterday and even the day before.

The problem with grouchy is that it can turn into some pretty negative emotions / actions. One such side effect that I sometimes have trouble with is trying to steal time from me to make up for the sick time I missed... bad for the health, folks. I resisted that, went for my walks anyway, but ended up grouchy because not everything got done. And others could see my stressed-out grouchy, too... I don't hide that very well.

The other side effect is rebellion. The old self-pity party... anybody ever go to those? I know I have! But I declined the invitation, did not eat over this situation... not this time! So, I have to give myself props for that.

And today I have off... it is a holiday... the re-scheduled Arbor Day, now that Earth Day took over April 22nd, is today! emoticon I have personal business things to take care of: roof leaked in the windy rain last night, so need to follow up with the roofer... time to go to plan B (he replaced a turbine, which stood up to non-windy rain).

On the fun/sporty side: tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby, and I love to jog intervals to horse racing. OK, I'm strange, but that's OK! Sunday is the Lincoln Marathon (edited... OMiGosh, I said "in" and I meant to say "is"... some folks might have got the idea I was a participant... sorry, not there yet!), and I have a work chum who is doing the half. What I like to do on that day is get myself and the dog over to a spot to watch the runners hit mile 20, which is about a mile from here. I usually turn it into about four or five miles worth of walk, but I don't know if the dog is up to that any more... she used to enjoy it. And the boost it gives me in terms of the "wanna run again" is great!

Last: I promised myself a progress / maintenance photo a month... the top one on my main SparkPage was taken this morning.

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DONLYN1 5/1/2010 6:45PM

    Hey Barb,
Thank you for your kind words on my page, I am eagerly looking forward to running in my first 1/2 has slowed since I caught a cold and it stuck around for almost 2 weeks.... I run 8 miles today... YEAH!! I felt good to great after!
You can do the 5K... once you pass the 2 miles mark running gets joke!
The Kentucky Derby is fun to watch, I love all the hats!! Enjoy your weekend!
Take care!

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DHENDLER 5/1/2010 9:01AM

    Had a rough week too and EMO eating to go along with on one past nite. Sounds like you weathered it well tho' ... going to check out your new pic! Enjoy the races ... 2 and 4 legged both!

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SUNNY332 4/30/2010 7:58PM

    Wow - what a week. I hope you enjoy the race tomorrow along with your "run".

We take Aunt Bert to St. Louis tomorrow so she can fly home. We have enjoyed her visit and will miss her.

Take care and have a good weekend.


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KALIGIRL 4/30/2010 1:43PM

    Sorry about the week - I can relate to grouchiness sabotaging good efforts.

Today and weekend sound wonderful + glad you've got a running companion!

Will check out your photo right after posting.

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JHADZHIA 4/30/2010 11:29AM

    Looking good! Nice photo!
That is certainly interesting jogging along the horse track. I would be too distracted looking at the horses to do that lol!
I hope you have a good weekend!

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MSLZZY 4/30/2010 10:48AM

    Glad you are back and feeling better. Nothing like a work load that won't wait to make you feel like taking a permanent vacation from work. Since we know that won't happen just yet, do the best you can!
Have fun this weekend and get out to enjoy yourself. Turn that frown into a smile!
Good luck with the roof.

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KASEYCOFF 4/30/2010 9:57AM

    Sounds like you're getting back to your SP self - and a big congratulations on not letting 'grouchy' convince you to start eating! :-)

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    Jogging intervals to horse racing? That sounds interesting - never would have thought of that! Whatever moves ya, I say!

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To the MOON, Alice... uh, Turtles!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For those of you not on the Turtles team (Turtles Over 50 Reaching Their Goals), the title is both a display of our ages (we remember Jackie Gleason and Jayne Meadows in The Honeymooners) and our current "fun" team goal... we're going to the moon, in team exercise steps and minutes.

That's a daunting goal. The moon is 238, 857 miles away and there are only 67 of us. If we truly every one of us participated, and we divide the miles among us, that's 3565 miles apiece. At a mile a day, that's ten years... but you know what? This healthy lifestyle this is a life-long commitment... surely we can commit to doing something active for the rest of our lives! And we can have a whole lot of fun along the way.

If you're over 50 and slowly putting one foot in front of the other in reaching your goals, come check out the team. We're a pretty actively sparking and fun bunch! And you might even contribute something to that ambitious team goal!

Here's to our team leader, LJCANNON for starting this new section of our team page!

emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KALIGIRL 4/29/2010 1:33PM

    Sounds great - don't have time for another team, but am there in spirit with you.
How's your training for Texas coming?

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MSLZZY 4/25/2010 10:47PM

    I am seriously considering this. Would my 8 miles from Saturday count?
Hope your Sunday was as special as you are! emoticon

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MARENAMOO 4/25/2010 7:48PM

    Are you recruiting - does the other team have a recruiter? I am a proud turtle and I am planning on adding a two mile walk - at least 4 times a week to help the cause. Add that to my elliptical and do we get points if I get a pedometer ?- anyway this could add up and we could get there in a few years and next up - Mars.

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LJCANNON 4/25/2010 7:23PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am so glad you all like my nutty plan! Nothing can stop a herd of stampeding Turtles!! I am looking forward to this trip.
I really can't choose between my Teams, so I am glad that most of you think it is OK to post my minutes on both Teams Totals.
With the 5K this morning and then I walked to Curves this afternoon just for fun, I got in 7.55 miles today.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUGARPUNK52 4/25/2010 5:38PM

  Sounds like fun! Have a safe journey.

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JUNEBUG1944 4/25/2010 3:25PM

    Your team looks interesting...I will check it out!

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BUGGYS 4/25/2010 12:11PM

    I'm ready to walk to the moon! emoticon

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KATHRYNLP 4/25/2010 11:33AM

    Hey.. the turtle wins the race. Slow and steady is the only way to go. emoticon

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KASEYCOFF 4/25/2010 11:23AM

    Barb, thank you for working that out - and while currently there are 'only' 67 of us, as time goes on, more will join, so that will lessen the bit each of us has to do. Plus with any luck (!) as our fitness improves, we will be able to do more - walking, swimming, jogging, whatever - to contribute to the tally. So in ten years or less, Moon, here we come - the turtles are on the move! :-D

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