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Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jan was GREAT I ate well I ran well I did my weights. I lost inches.
Feb UGH Feb ...can we fast forward this month please Thank God it's a SHORT month.

Been getting sick,really sick or getting better for most o the past 2 weeks. No running,no weights no logging nothing but tissues,tylonol,and other gross stuff..Tired sore crabby dragging myself to work and flopping in bed.
Oh the Heart mummer cant forget the Heart mummer that on the few day I WAS well that since I Was waiting for a DX I was encouraged to "take it easy"
The HM was nothing but..I lost a lot of time waiting to find that out.


White Fat girl can't dance

Sunday, January 13, 2008

But after a few drinks I'll try any how:
last night was my work "Christmas" party. We are retail so we are too busy at Christmas to actually have a Christmas party!

So we had it last night and this is what arose from it:

Don't laugh:
I was at a party last night. I was dancing. We were doing the Cha Cha slide( It's WICKED fun! and easy)
But there is a part where you are asked "How low can you go? in a squat.. That part I can do.. I can squat
down low and stay there and still be dancing.... but you are supposed to get up smoothly and controlled ( think like "SHOUT" the little bit louder now.. part...) Well that was a no can do.. So I am guessing

I need to work on my Hamstring strength....
Now trying all this in skin tight blue Jeans and 5 inch heels did not help... LOL.. But I'd like to see if I am correct in guessing what muscle needs some work here

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PIKAGIRL 1/14/2008 6:05AM

    OK, skin tight jeans and heels.... I hope you got a picture for Scotty dog. ; )

Sounds like you had fun. After a few drinks in me, I can still dance with a full drink on my head and not spill it. Ah the joys have having studied belly dance back before I had kids - and a belly for that matter. I guess that's irony for you.

Hey, you should see if you have the Gaiam Yoga for Athletes DVD. Sure Rodney Yee is a little creepy (sort of like Hank Hill's yoga guy), but the 5 min mini workout for runners really focuses on the hamstrings and mine are finally starting to come around again as a result.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Can you say BAD day... Stress bombs EVERY WHERE....
I am the de facto social worker at work. And I am worn thin by trying to help people and some times failing.. grr
The helping does not bother me as much as the failing....

Missed my work out,slightly over ate...But... it was on "good stuff" I just lost track. Right now I am typing so I DO NOT eat. I am the queen of emotional eating. I AM NOT hungry. but it's taking all my will to keep my fingers flying and my but planted.

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GDELAHANTY 1/9/2008 10:43PM

    I feel your pain. But one thing I always tell myself is that you can not always control the outcomes of others. You may not always succeed and should not feel that you are responsible. Failure will always happen and I feel that we should embrace them and learn from them. Don't be so hard on yourself, helping people sometimes can be very difficult, I know I've been there many times. Now go eat something, it's not good to starve yourself! All the best to you,


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free day

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dunno if its worth it.. but I am trying any how...
Look I don;t have a BIG social life and Sat..Say 4 was a baby shower for a dear friend with LOTs of my friends...
So I nibbled on good stuff all day then BLEW it at the shower..over cal by about 400 .. The wine either IS the overage or ENCOURAGED the overage...

But the funny thing is .is I am "ok" about it. I ran and did weights today an been back on track..
We had fun I danced I sang I gossiped and I ate...

AND I resumed the "plan" today.


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PIKAGIRL 1/7/2008 5:33AM

    Stopping and getting back to plan is totally a "Yeah Me!" situation.

The bottom line was not the food it was the fact you had fun, the food just happened to come along for the ride at a special event. Keep in motion woman - if you do the Ryka girl in Boston with me this year, we need to look like a couple of hotties. ;)

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Day 1

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Okay so it's 9 pm on my 1st ful spark day, As a PSA I warned all co workers and family I am back on the diet wagon.. Some laughed but people who have seen me at day 3 before are afraid!

The link is where I started,,3 yrs ago.. and where I am now...

This is where I am now and where i want to go....



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SAMANTHAGRY 1/2/2008 9:06PM

    LOL. That's hilarious. Good luck on your journey~

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