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DAY 105 of 2014: WAY worse than I thought

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My blood pressure is up this morning, however, I knew it would be. I forced myself back to sleep for an hour after I woke up worrying about taxes (and how to pay for them). I took a big chunk out of my retirement fund to pay off some credit cards and then put a down payment on my cabin. At least my car is paid off, but it is 8 years old and I should expect it to start giving me some problems I guess. Thankful that it isn't right now.
So I did my taxes yesterday and was blown away. WAY worse than I thought it would be. I will have to take more money out just to pay them which will throw me up into a large tax bracket AGAIN next year. It's just money, I guess. When it's gone, it's gone. Hopefully by then I will be at a point where I can live off social security. No one is promised any length of time here on earth, so I may have 30 years left or 3 seconds left, and worrying about money will not make anything change, will it?! At least that social security window is close if I need it to be. Such a vicious cycle, money is, and what slaves we are to it. Ugh! I must remember to trust in God and His plan and all will work out!
I walked the long walk yesterday again (good part). About 1/4 mile from the cabin, it started raining. That was the downhill part, so no running or I would have tripped and broke my leg or something if I tried, so we all just got wet (bad part). The dogs were confused and not happy about it raining on them and they kept getting right in front of me under my feet and I almost tripped several times! I did get another "Glow Getter award" yesterday. I had missed out the day before by 24 steps (didn't realize it until yesterday when I checked It took me 40 minutes to walk 4000 steps. That is like 100 steps a minute, lol. But I guess that is expected when the dogs come along, and it is steep uphill walking most of the way. Everything higher than the dirt has to be smelled, discovered, and/or peed on. With so many wild animals around here, I'm sure there are a lot of interesting smells for them!
Have a happy tax day, hope you get a refund and not have to pay this year!!!

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QUEENIEBELLE 4/15/2014 2:24PM

    Bummer! Maybe having your financial house take the tax dollars out (and sent to IRS) when you withdraw money will help take the sting out later. There is no real way to pay it quarterly when you have no other source of income- but if it's already taken out and sent to the feds at time of withdrawal (at any time of the year)- at least it's done. Some people don't want to do it that way- allow the feds any of their money early- but- anyway! Just wondering if that pain would help ease next years pain. emoticon

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JILLAJ 4/15/2014 10:54AM

    I didn't get a refund either and the fact that my property taxes are due in January and income tax is due in April, sometimes makes it very hard. I try to plan ahead by putting a sum of money in savings each month all year round. Still, there have been a couple of years where I really had to scramble at the last minute.

We can do it though. Retirement is just around the corner!

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1CRAZYDOG 4/15/2014 10:41AM


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DONNABRIGHT 4/15/2014 9:50AM

    The whole tax thing is so wrong! It is so complicated and how we got this way is beyond me.

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MSHEL7 4/15/2014 9:10AM

    Better luck next year. Sorry you have to pay so much, honestly it doesn't seem fair.

Have a nice day, so very cold here this morning, the sun is shining though.

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JAROL7 4/15/2014 8:17AM

    You are so right ... welcome to the world of community organizers. They will tax you to death. WARNING: Social Security was only designed to be 1/3 of what you need for retirement so you better have other plans. Living debt-free is the very best first step. Dave Ramsey will help you get there fast.

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DAY 104 of 2014: Procrastination and Taxes

Monday, April 14, 2014

OK, at least I am not waiting until tomorrow. But I have waited until today. So today, I need to do my taxes. I dread it because I know I will need to pay. I am totally at a loss as to why you can deduct gambling losses on your income tax, but not stock market or investment losses. Of course, that is the same as gambling. But I need to find the folder I have been collecting paperwork in for taxes and then get on it today. Hope you have yours done and out the door, and that a refund is due to you!
It was so beautiful this past weekend, and very overcast today with the threat of thunderstorms today and tomorrow. I took the electric blanket off my bed yesterday because I haven't been needing it, and it is supposed to get back down to freezing tomorrow night. Of course it is. LOL. I refuse to put it back on. I'll just pop on another blanket. Maybe I'll even turn on the heat for a change.
Happy Monday to all!!

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1CRAZYDOG 4/14/2014 12:14PM

  Well, the weather befits doing taxes, doesn't it! UGH

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DONNABRIGHT 4/14/2014 11:45AM

    We lost mega $$$ back in 2006 and 2007 when things went crazy. It would have been nice to deduct that! We still have our taxes done because I have a business loss that is still able to be deducted slowly over the years.

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MSHEL7 4/14/2014 10:45AM

    Get em done girl, good or bad, get em done!! It will all work out. I do agree though, you should be able to count losses in the stock market, only seems fair to me.

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DAY 103 of 2014: Another Sunday and new opportunities

Sunday, April 13, 2014

As I have mentioned before, I love this little Mexican restaurant that my friend and I usually go to after church each week. They have this "Chicken Fiesta" salad, that is just lettuce, onions, peppers and sautéed chicken. I use salsa as salad dressing. I have convinced them to sauté my onions and peppers along with the chicken. It is so good. It is supposed to have black olives on it too, but I am not a fan of olives, so I leave them off. I did splurge and eat some chips and salsa, but that is part of going to a Mexican restaurant and I didn't overdo it. It doesn't come in a "shell" like so many Mexican restaurants tend to do, so that cut down on the calories too. I can never eat it all, so always have some left over for lunch the next day. And there is nothing like homemade salsa and theirs is so good!
I was in my element today as I had two little babies to take care of at church all by myself. I love those babies. The lady in charge of child care/kidszone decided that since I am a photographer that I will be taking photos at the Easter Egg Hunt the church is sponsoring for the community next Saturday. I don't mind doing it, but I wish she would have asked me instead of assuming I would be available. But since it is for the church, I am happy to volunteer. Plus it gives me EXPOSURE, right?! Good thing I ordered my business cards, so I will have plenty to hand out!!!
Beautiful out tonight. I opened my windows for the first time today and the wind is blowing gently and feels so nice. It actually got up to 80 degrees at one point today, and is 70 now. It has been so cold this winter that I was actually sweating at 80. Good thing I am not in Texas any more or I would be melting in that 100 degree plus weather this summer. I do miss the bluebonnets there, though, and this is the first BIG week for them in the Dallas area.

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MSHEL7 4/14/2014 12:11AM

    I'm glad you are having nice weather, we are back to snow. All day snow. You're day sounds so nice. That salad sounds like a winner. Have fun at the Easter photo shoot. I hope you get some work out of it. You really should get with the soccer teams and baseball teams and such, those girls here make a lot of money just taking team pictures. Good luck.

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MIMIDOT 4/13/2014 10:11PM

    Sounds like you had a blessed day. Praise God for the good weather!

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DAY 102 of 2014: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Such a beautiful Spring morning I woke up to today in these north Georgia mountains! The sun is out, the birds are singing. It was 58 when I got up this morning, but comfortable enough to sit out on my porch in the rocking chair with my flannel jacket, a cup of coffee, and a crossword puzzle book. Some deer were down by the creek today. From where I sit on my porch, I don't have a view of the mountains, but I do have a view of the creek when the leaves are not on the trees. I love it here. After I check in today with all of my cherished Spark friends via this blog, I am going to take a shower, then head down to the dog park with the dogs. Hopefully, as long as there aren't any aggressive dogs, they will be able to run around and have some fun today. Then I am going to pick up a cupcake from the Sweet Shoppe as an "I love me" gift, something I do seldom and need to do more often. One day this week, I want to find the trail head down by Amicalola Falls and take a nice walk with the dogs to the falls. When I do, I'll post some pictures! Hope you can get out and enjoy Spring where you are today! Hugs...

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WAY2GOCAT 4/13/2014 1:49PM

    Sounds lovely!

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QUEENIEBELLE 4/12/2014 8:57PM

    Wonderful! Sounds like you are feeling a bit better? I've always wanted to ask you, how did you happen to select your cabin and the spot it's in? It must be a really peaceful area. Have you been there a few years now? Trying not to be too nosy LOL but curious about what a great adventure and change that must be. emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/12/2014 8:26PM


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MSHEL7 4/12/2014 3:29PM

    Sounds great, I would love to see your creek. We went to a soccer game this morning, it was almost too hot, can you believe 80's for a high in Western Co.? I can't and I live here. This afternoon we are taking our boys to the much awaited Captain America movie. This is something we seldom do, a love gift for the family.

Have a nice afternoon.

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NHES220 4/12/2014 3:06PM

    Enjoy the day!

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DONNABRIGHT 4/12/2014 12:55PM

    Amicalola Falls is a great place for a hike. When we go we usually take a picnic lunch and eat after we walk.


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GEORGE815 4/12/2014 12:04PM

    Sounds like a little piece of heaven in Georgia!

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DAY 101 of 2014: 45 years ago

Friday, April 11, 2014

I was out of town last week visiting my grandchildren, so I was distracted from remembering the significance of last week like I usually do. When I was 15 years old, April 2, 1969, my dad passed away. He was 49 years old. It was an incredibly horrible time for me. My mother, being the unloving person she was, and in her grief, kept telling me it was my fault that he died. In retrospect, it was twice as hard on her because she had never had to work before and had to learn to drive and work (she was incredibly bitter too). Two years earlier, when I was 13, he had suffered a severe stroke which made him a totally different person. He was no longer able to work, or drive. He never suffered physically from that stroke, just mentally. He had the first bypass that was done in Tampa, and although he made it through the surgery, three days later he passed away. He never got to come back home after his surgery. Not having a father figure around made me, as a teenager, look for comfort in places a teenager should never look. (Which is why I ended up a teenage mom.) Totally opposite from what my mother was, I remember my father as kind and gentle, loving and giving. He would wake me up for school some mornings with a gentle song, whispering to me "kitty kat, time to wake up". He was a lawyer, but my mother made him quit because he was doing too much pro-bono work and there wasn't always money to pay the bills. So he became an insurance adjuster. Some days when there was no school, he would let me ride along with him for the day, going from claim to claim where he took photos and made reports. He would take me to lunch and to Woolworths for Lime Freezes. Even though I only had 15 (and really only 13 because of his two year illness) years to be blessed with a dad, I treasure every memory I have of him. Missing you, Daddy, on the 45 year anniversary of your home-going.

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MOIRA2 4/12/2014 7:57AM

    emoticon emoticon
This is s lovely tribute to your dad. I miss mine very much as well.

You were dealt a rough hand and I wish you peace. emoticon

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QUEENIEBELLE 4/11/2014 1:17PM

    Your Father is a handsome man! I can see your features in him. So glad you have many happy memories. You were dealt a very rough hand and you've overcome so much. What a beautiful tribute and thank you for sharing from your heart as always. emoticon

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PEZMOM1 4/11/2014 1:12PM


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DONNABRIGHT 4/11/2014 12:42PM

    What an awesome tribute to your father. He would be so proud of you and all you are doing to take charge of your life. You are blessed to have those good memories!

I lost my mother when I was 11 years old and had to grow up very fast. My father had never been very involved in our lives and began to drink even more heavily than he did when my mother was alive. Our family fell apart and we were all divided amongst relatives. It makes it hard these days as we did not truly grow up as siblings and some of us know others hardly at all. In our "old age" most of us (9 of us left from 14) make an effort to get together every few years but others refuse to come.

I continue to find it amazing how our lives parallel each others.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/11/2014 12:37PM

  Oh Kathy ((((HIGS)))) What a tragedy to have had to deal with @ such a young age.

So sorry !!


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