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Wow - Walking on Fire!! Samurai!! Geishas!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Warriors! Archers! All from the Edo period of Japan, about 1600-1860 something. In a parade, and then monks walking on fire. And average people walking on fire!!!!! LITERALLY ON FIRE!!!!!!

The sedate blog:

The wild and crazy blog:

And one of the BEST photos I've taken. Ever.

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PLATINUM755 9/30/2014 9:58AM

    WOW!! Breathe taking photos! Thanks for the share!

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RDEE22 9/30/2014 9:01AM

    Thanks for sharing with us Phebe! The parade was beautiful!

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BROOKLYN_BORN 9/30/2014 7:10AM

    Yes, those are fantastic pictures! The Japanese sure know how to do tradition.

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WENDYJM4 9/30/2014 6:43AM

    fantastic photos thank you

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KAYELENE 9/29/2014 10:44PM

    Thank you for sharing. I just loved seeing all the beautiful colours in the Japanese Traditional dresses. What a wonderful experience for you.

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ROCKYCPA 9/29/2014 9:43PM

    What gorgeous pictures - that was a great parade to watch!

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PHEBESS 9/29/2014 9:33PM

    Yeah, the pictures are pretty big, but there's SO much detail, I wanted people to be able to see everything.

And yes, people definitely do this for themselves, it's a local event, absolutely not for tourists. We saw very few non-Asian people, just a few other Caucasians like us wandering around with eyes wide open, trying to absorb everything.

I did see one Caucasian guy on the line waiting to walk over the fire - I wished him good luck!

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WATERMELLEN 9/29/2014 7:25PM

    TWO amazing blogs!! Loves that plum tree Pissaro, of course -- very very similar to the two at the AGO, so fresh!! And loved the parade: one of the things I noticed is how authentically Japanese - all the people in your photos are locals, no "Western tourists" at all (such as, for example, when you attend a Hawaiian Luau) -- they are doing it for themselves! And no, I would not have wanted to walk on fire either, not at all; we don't "have the faith", right?

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    Such good fortune to stumble upon the festivities. I'll bet you were ogling the textiles. You'd look quite fetching in them. All the pics are taking ages to download. I left them there to fill in and I'll go back for more.

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ALIIDA 9/29/2014 6:12PM

    I've just checked out your sedate blog. How come I live here and don't see anything? emoticon
DH knows about the Japanese influence on the Impressionists, so I would guess a lot of Japanese do.

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PHEBESS 9/29/2014 10:41AM

    You have to!!! Last weekend in Sept, get off the Keikyu line at Kitishinagawa, and follow the parade (which begins about noon) - SO much fun! Firewalking started about 1:30, if you're earlier you can get a better view but miss the end of the parade.

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ALIIDA 9/29/2014 10:34AM

    Wow! Fantastic pictures! I want to go next year.

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Buddhist temples, fox shrines, cat banners

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We walked around our town and I visited a Buddhist temple, plus a shrine to foxes. Of foxes? Little fox statues.

Had a great time!

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PUNCHILOUIE 9/30/2014 1:38PM

    they look to me like Sailor Venus (blondy), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter from the manga Sailor Moon
I'll double check with my dd, she is also great fan of these girls, champions of justice

Comment edited on: 9/30/2014 2:16:11 PM

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CONFUSEDBIRD 9/26/2014 1:45PM

    Great to see you guys back on your travels!

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GOANNA2 9/25/2014 9:43AM

    Another great blog and thanks for the
emoticon wonderful photos.

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WATERMELLEN 9/24/2014 7:57PM

    Really enjoyed this blog -- so many terrific pictures and such a sense of where you are! The beaming girls in their sailor blouses, the banners, the bibbed foxes -- such an interesting perspective on Japanese culture. You are the quintessential curious and thoughtful traveller!!

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BROOKLYN_BORN 9/24/2014 7:07AM

    You take terrific pictures. It's like traveling along with you.

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KAYELENE 9/24/2014 5:13AM

    Wow! I loved reading your longer blog and seeing the beautiful photos of your time in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing!

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ROCKYCPA 9/23/2014 11:18PM

    emoticon emoticon

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WENDYJM4 9/23/2014 7:51PM

    thank you

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PHEBESS 9/23/2014 11:21AM

    Thank you! My new art form!

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ALIIDA 9/23/2014 11:06AM

    The photos in this and your longer blog are lovely!

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Bento boxes, pea pod lights, children's art

Sunday, September 21, 2014

We'll spend a third week in Tokyo - and I had a bento box takeaway lunch that was delightful!

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PUNCHILOUIE 9/30/2014 1:26PM


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TARABEAR 9/22/2014 5:35PM

    Fascinating observations. I read several good books about cultural differences in grad school. One of them was "The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerns think differently and why." You might enjoy it.

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WATERMELLEN 9/22/2014 7:54AM

    What a fascinating blog -- from manhole covers to light standards, looking up! I do think that in the West we place far too much stress on "individualism" and "existentialism" -- if every single one of our actions defines our essence, from each piece of clothing to hairstyle to choice of housing, every item of décor inside, career, car, etc. etc. we can only imagine what a relief it would be to live in a culture that valued community and cohesion and comfortable co-existence more. At least some of the time. Those flashes of individuality you describe -- the gardens and koi and turtles for passerby, the banner art -- are all focused on giving pleasure to others rather than "self-indulgence".

Oh yes, you write so beautifully and thoughtfully that you make us all contemplate the discoveries that are travel.

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GOANNA2 9/22/2014 7:50AM

    The lunch looks so delicious. Love learning
about Japan. emoticon

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ROCKYCPA 9/21/2014 1:38PM

    Love the information you impart about the culture of Japan - thanks! Your lunch looks delicious.

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PLATINUM755 9/21/2014 1:00PM

    Excellent takeaways about the culture...and speaking of takeaways, the bento lunch looks delicious. emoticon

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French Impressionist Painting in Japan - Really!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We had a great day at Ueno Park, going to art museums, people watching, enjoying some time in nature. The flowers were gorgeous! Well, so was the art!!!

And I finally got a photo of a young woman in a kimono, even if only from the back:

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    Ooooh, museums. What good fortune that holdings of the Boston museum are on exhibit. "Yes" to your comments on Water Lilies. At MoMA last week I sat on the benches just to be with them. The experience was quite different than walking around the room or even stepping back to take in the entirety. Just sit and look, not too closely, just to be with them. I began to feel that I was in the pond with the blooms...just there with them.

How nice that Ueno Park has such beautiful manhole covers, as though they knew you'd be arriving.

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PUNCHILOUIE 9/20/2014 1:28PM

    Love the Great Wave print!

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PLATINUM755 9/20/2014 10:09AM

    You have a wonderful eye for detail in your photos and your writing. Thank you for the journey and the links. I'm sure I will enjoy them!

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WATERMELLEN 9/19/2014 7:54PM

    Really enjoyed those additional links you posted -- this is just such fascinating stuff, how lucky are you!!

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GOANNA2 9/19/2014 5:54PM

    A great blog. The art is so beautiful. Thank you
for showing me yet another beautiful country.

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WATERMELLEN 9/18/2014 6:10PM

    What an amazing blog -- you continually exceed yourself and I would not have thought that was possible.

It's such a treat for me to see these works that I've never seen reproduced before and may never get to Tokyo to see either -- and of course those Japanese woodblock prints (think what Hokusai would have done with CAD/CAM!!) had a huge influence on the French Impressionists . . . that particular Monet water lilies is so fresh and exquisite -- I've seen lots of 'em but this is particularly glorious!!

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ROCKYCPA 9/18/2014 12:54PM

    The art work is so beautiful - what a wonderful way to spend the day!

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Imperial Palace of Tokyo - and lost on the trains

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We walked around the Imperial Palace today - very beautiful, classically Japanese.

And we got lost on the trains, but made our way back. We had a great time, despite all of it.

And walked over 6 miles. For the second day in a row. Don't you love travel exercise??

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PLATINUM755 9/18/2014 5:13PM

    The pictures are so beautiful and serene! Thank you for the share!

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MILLISMA 9/17/2014 10:07PM

    Getting lost can be a new adventure! Sounds like a wonderful time with some beautiful things to see!!!

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ROCKYCPA 9/17/2014 9:51PM

    Great photos - sorry about the train woes but adds to the adventure!

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PHEBESS 9/17/2014 8:28PM

    Given the labyrinthine quality of the train system here, we knew we'd end up on the wrong train at some point. Didn't quite expect it on our second day of riding, though.

I'm thinking today will be Ueno - there's a museum there with a special exhibit of Hokkusai's "Views of Mt Fuji" series, visiting from Boston. Tokyo is a much better place to see them!

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WATERMELLEN 9/17/2014 5:58PM

    What a beautiful spot: trees, koi, bridges, buildings -- and your inimitable prose describing it too. And love your equanimity in dealing with the transit woes on the way home! All part of the grand adventure!!

That pink is a terrific colour on you!!

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GOANNA2 9/17/2014 10:10AM

    I love the photos. emoticon

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