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The Details of a 2 Days of a BINGE SUGAR ATTACK

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My dieting and cardio training plans were moving along smoothly until Thursday evening, July 17th. For some reason, it could have been a sweet tooth attack which seldom happens with me; I ended up consuming an entire bag of Nabisco Oreo Fudge Cremes within two days time-I chucked down two rows, 9 fudge cremes each row in one setting-my stomach felt sick afterwards; still I fnished the bag off by 2:00 am Saturday morning.

Only a few days prior to this binge sugar attack, I was active with my cardio training, the rope jumping challenge, and starting my walking routine as I try to reinvent my healthy lifestyle. If one pound of body fat is equal to approximately 3500 calories, my caloric content work has been increased and additional work will have to be added to my routine. Not only did I consume a bag of oreo cremes, I had 10.6 oz of whip cream and 21 Vanilla Sugar Wafers.

As I am providing the details pertaining to the binge sugar attack, the taste for sweet treats seem to be wearing off. Usually I am in control of my appetite, I am hoping that I will not experience another attack similar to that ever again.

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COOP9002 7/19/2014 6:35PM

    Hopefully, you'll be able to avoid this type of binge next time and focus on some moderation. Blessings to you on your journey.

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Strength Training for Review by SparkPeople, SP Demonstrators & Coaches

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Monday evening, 1/23/12, I commented on the SP Overhead Extension demonstration that I had plans of submitting my video of me executing overhead extensions because of insecure grip on the weight. I got the video formatted as MOVIE (LOL,me a movie & a Star lol!!!) I would appreciate the Community's comments on my Biceps curls & overhead extensions. Am I executing OK or what? I would appreciate any tips, or techniques that you might be willing to share.

This is a session of my Friday Evening, 1/20/12 Strength Training, Biceps Curls & Overhead Extensions with 15lb weights & stretching between the repetions.


The 1st 10 Minutes of Cardio Training in Six (6) Interval Sessions

Friday, January 20, 2012

My version of Belly Dance, please forgive me for my incorrect terminology, yet these are the torso, & abs, hip bounce, hip sway, and butterfly wide-leg squats to point moves that I have mentioned a few times in my exercise notes.

Breathing is sort of difficult for me attempting these moves, and I seem to breathe with the beat & rhythm of the movement. That torso move, up/down, front/back move of the belly dance is a definite abdominal workout, pulling the internal & external transverse rectus,& the internal & external oblique abdominals really tight. The right to left movement feels wonderful & exhilarating on the thoracic spine, as I am holding both sets of the abdominals tight without moving my hips. They are all tension releasing sensations to my spine, as they force a straight & tight spine with correct posture.

My facial expression is a mess. I would rather perform these moves with an improved, pleasant, happy facial expression instead of pursing my lips as I am breathing. I feel I should continue practicing these techniques until I have mastered staying on my toes with the butterfly squats for a 2/4 count and up on the toes, as in heals, for about, the same count.

I would like to continue with these techniques/moves or others that are similar, on next Thursday's Cardio Training Interval Session. Incidentally, I am only submitting three (3) of the six (6) belly dance sessions.

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JAZZID 1/27/2012 12:36AM

    Well once you learn the moves the facial expressions are sure to improve. Also, I would breathe normally while trying to master the moves. Are you following a dvd workout, and if so, which one are you doing?

Good job, I look forward to seeing more of your sessions.. Keep up the good work! emoticon

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1/19/12 Strength Training: Back Extensions-Two Versions

Friday, January 20, 2012

The first exercise in my interval cardio training session where I am working out six (6) strength exercises & belly dancing 'moves/techniques', give or take a few untermed dance moves, as the cardio training, on Thursday evening. The six strength exercises are: back extensions, narrow & wide-leg squats, bridge-ups, knee flexs, full plank @2 minutes(2) & modified Plank @2 minutes (2).

This is my way of executing the back extension. the 1st set is demonstrated with my arms resting on floor beside me . This way eliminates a bit of the pressure I feel with my hands & arms up beside my ear or behind my head.

In the 2nd set, I believe I am executing the extension correctly, or as near correct as I can get the back extension as demonstrated by SparkPeople.

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DUSTYPRAIRIE 3/16/2013 10:21AM

    Thanks! Just what I need!

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JAZZID 1/27/2012 12:39AM

    .... great form!... sometimes when I do these my back cramps up ... I think my extensions are too deep so I have modified them. When I get stronger I hope not to get a cramp. Great for back and fat in the back area too!

Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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The End of My 5th Week & the Beginning of my 6th Week of Acknowledging Appreciation, Gratitude & Tha

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am acknowledging appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for the end of my 5th week of appreciation,gratitude & thankfulness:

***that the goldfish survived the 3rd ordeal of being suctioned into the hole of the water filter within the tank that it shares with another goldfish. The goldfish belongs my 7yr.old granddaughter and she behaves very fretfully of the goldfish especially when snap like this happens & especially when the 7 yr. Old parents are not at home. The goldfish has one fin & is swimming handicapped; he/she has been swimming that way for some time now. Omnipotent, I thank you in advance for your continued rescue mission/s of the goldfish and extending its life, because the 7 yr. old appears to be excessively & emotionally attached, to the goldfish. Omnipotent, I thank you in advance for the continued rescue mission/s, especially when the child's parents are not home because I really am being held responsible & accountable for every thing, regardless to its value; I personally, cannot afford to have anything go wrong while these two children and the house is left in my care, under my guidance and while I am held responsible. Omnipotent, I truly am grateful and thankful to you & your angels for watching over, & controlling me & mine.

***24 hours of Liberty, that provided xtra technical hours @ the dinning table with the internet access on Friday, 1/13/12 6:00pm 1/14/12 6:00pm

***The meal prepared for myself during the 24 hours of liberty; Omnipotent, I thank you in advance for future liberty in food preparation and the use of the kitchen.

***Saturday morning, when learned of SilverAngel6's page, deciding later in the day to friend her, helping her, if possible with her walking endeavors for her to continue to lose kilograms. While friending her, I, also, gathered/duplicated five (5) photos of interesting crystal artifices from her photo gallery that will make informative blogs, well informative for me anyway. Of course , if and when, her photos are used by me, I have every intention of giving her the photo credit. I thank you in advance, Omnipotent that SilverAngel6 accepts my friendship,& my proposition of photo duplication & photo credit.

***that I have several small Malachite stones, a gemstone mineral, and I was slightly uncertain of the essence of the stones so I, within the 24 hours of liberty, read the article on Malachite. The information that pertains to it was totally helpful & beneficial.

The Beginning of the 6th Week I am acknowledging appreciation, gratitude & thankfulness for:

*** the xtra rest/sleep time on Monday night-with the help of 1.5 cups of Quaker Oatmeal, (another blog idea) I fell asleep @ 8:30 pm est (a little unusual) and slept I like disengaged log from the tree, until about 10:25 am est Tuesday. Yes, I did execute a portion of my circuit, changing a few xercises and not executing a few xercises. though my plans did go to well on Monday, I am grateful, Omnipotent, that I did sleep and rest, especially after sitting up all night on Friday-thru Saturdaynight with very little sleep on Sunday + I worked out for about 25-30 minutes on Sunday.

***for reading CarGun47 & Maria_VIGS blogs on Tuesday, 1/17/12, both entries were sited from my 'friend feed'. both blogs had great pointers within them that I have previously experienced, that I can relate to, & I could learn from, such as "Setbacks are not an excuse to give up; they are reasons to to start again" (CarGun47, 1/16/12). I was unable to blog my 5th week, being side railed or wrenched by the universe. Don't fret and belly ache about, go with the flow, following your own faithful path and start over, while you try to forget whatever the wrench was or was about. "Innumerable nudges by the universe when straying away form my souls path while planning with the knowledge that the universe may want me to experience life in a manner different from my plans, then my overachieving, detailed oriented super planner . . . going with the flow (fate?/faith) & laughing every time a WRENCH WAS THROWN into pre-planned plans"(Maria_VIGS, 1/17/12). Usually, I do not immediately see the humor in the universe's WRENCH, it does take time to acquire a sense of humor for the universes' WRENCH kind of humor, still as that particular author puts it; the crap is painfully, heartbreakingly humorous.


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