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Short, but picture-heavy!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I have that really brutal sore throat again. You know, I didn't used to get sick after cons, but I swear I've come down with something after every one of my recent ones!!!

This will be short, since I'm posting from my phone. I'm doing it this way, since this is where all my pictures are! I really hope to take some time later this week to get back on my regular food/exercise schedule& catch up in SPARK

Until then, here's a look at....... Some of my looks last weekend!

My transformed Uruki ended up pretty awesome. I finished the leg guards at like 1AM the night before, but I knew I had to do it a certain way to get the look I wanted.

I hope to get even more photos of this one next month at NDK!

After that was my surprise costume for a freind. She totally flipped out& it was worth it for her reaction!

We really didn't get any photos of it, but it was cute. I wore grey circle lenses with this one instead of regular blue lenses. Blue would have matched her eyes, but the circle lenses make me look a little younger!

That night, I was pretty wiped out& didn't change. I'd worn Yukiko previously, so I didn't get a lot of pics when I wore her again, but it was really popular!

Sunday was Amythest's test run. It took a really long time to get the body makeup on, so I'm going to try color matching some tights for my arms, that way I only have to do the face. We'll see how it goes! Even then, it looked pretty darn good

I used contouring techniques to give depth to my face& collar bones

Even with many layers of spray-fixer, though, the makeup started to come off by early evening. I decided to wear something BLEACH

I only wore this particular character once before, despite the heavy wear my shihakushou has had with the half dozen or so BLEACH costumes I've worn in the past. This time, I remembered that Kirio Hikifune wears black lipstick instead of a beauty lip color!

That was it for the con. The rest was a lot of me goofing off!

And, uh.... I mean a LOT of time goofing off

I'm pretty worn out& a little sick. I have less than a month to prepare for my long Colorado trip. I know it will be fun, but being away from home that long is kind of stressing me out. I really want to knock out a bunch of stuff on my To-Do list and start feeling better about myself again, you know???

I hope to catch up with you guys soon!

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SIMONEKP 8/20/2014 2:18PM


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ADARKARA 8/20/2014 9:47AM

    Holy crap, you look amazeballs!!! That blonde wig really suits you. And in the first costume pics you totally look like you could kick my *ss! emoticon

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ALICIA214 8/20/2014 12:27AM


Great pics...


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PUNKGIRL5003 8/19/2014 11:27PM

    I really like cosplay, and anime. Very awesome. I have a friend that lives in texas that dresses up as vegeta and his wife does bulma. They do a few others but those are the ones they are known for.

Anyways hope you feel better soon, drink lots of warm herbal tea, and eat warm soup :) also have fun on your trip.

Hope you have a great night despite your soar throat

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CHANGING-TURTLE 8/19/2014 11:11PM


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Minor setback, maybe?

Monday, August 11, 2014

There's always an adjustment period for me when I come home from being away for 4+ days. It takes a while to get back into my regular eating habits, you know?

The scale was up by over 10lbs when I got home, though. That's just how sore I was. I know that there was no way under the sun I could have gained that much, so I'm not stressing about it TOO much. It's just frustrating seeing numbers that high again, even if they aren't "real," you know?

Here's a short recap of what happened when I was in Austin:

Had a healthy breakfast Weds before I hit the Greyhound down. Bro picked me up around 11& we ran some errands and tried to decide what we would do about food for the duration of the visit. He knew he wanted to go get pizza& beer Weds night, but didn't really have any ideas for the rest of the trip. I tried to work out exactly what to get from the grocery store to try to keep me on track.

For lunch, we went to a sushi place and I had beef yakisoba. It was good! No idea how many calories were in it, but unfortunately, my options were limited. I agreed to sushi because I knew there was always something else not fish-related on the menu (ALLERGIES! not a dislike of fish) This place had a really small selection of non-sushi items, though, and I was kind of shocked! I didn't get the tempura or any of the combo meals because I knew they'd be too big. My yakisoba was good, though, and while I know it was over my goal of a 400 cal meal, I didn't worry about it too much because I didn't plan to snack a lot while I was there.

We went all over the place and did all sorts of wacky stuff in town, then hit a Trader Joe's and HEB so I could get some food. Unfortunately, he and I ended up going off the deep end with junk food at Trader Joe's. It wasn't even my intention. So, the whole weekend was spent snacking on junk food. :( Dinner was the planned Pizza& beer. I had two slices and one glass of beer and some greek salad. I felt like I overate.

The next day was the tough one. We planned to move maybe 2 loads of stuff and then hit Snow Monster and wait to move the heavy stuff the next day when we'd have lots of help. Unfortunately, one of our friends ended up not being able to help. That just left Dad on Friday. My brother and I had a really good rhythm of loading/unloading/unpacking going, so we kept going through most of the day. We carried heavy boxes, furniture, and all his other assorted crap down to the truck from the THIRD FLOOR, drove it across the complex, and then unloaded it and ran it up to the second floor, then unpacked. In between, we sucked down a lot of water, and a handful of junk here & there.

Lunch was one of those Oscar Meyer protein packs+ a bunch of watermelon. lol. Really not bad there, but we were eating too much crap in between. From all the stairs, though, I think I burned approximately ONE MILLION CALORIES! Obv, not really, but it was a lot of hard work. When I was feeling pretty exhausted and done, we realized that we had maybe only 2-3 loads left. I told my bro that we should really wait until the next day, when we'd have Dad's help. He said he thought we could finish, though, so I pressed on. I was really feeling like I was dying towards the end, though, and fell a few times, dropped furniture on myself, etc. He said I could rest if I wanted, but HE WAS GOING TO FINISH WITH OR WITHOUT ME

That's like some kind of strange peer pressure there, so I pressed on and we finished. Well, we thought we finished. We actually forgot some stuff at the old place, and had to go back and get a trunk load of crap when we did all the final cleaning the next day. When I finally got my shower, it was around 8pm. We'd been going straight from 9AM to at least 7:30PM with only short breaks in between loads. For dinner, I decided the only thing that could revive me from the dead was French fries. We went down to some bar that he likes and I had two coctails, a burger with fries& split some fried cheese curds with the bro. Nothing healthy about that, but I was too exhausted to care. I probably could have just gone to bed without eating at that point! I was so worn out. When we got back from the bar, I pretty much fell asleep immediately.

On Fri, I wasn't quite AS sore as I thought I'd be, but I knew it was going to get worse. I "warmed up" for the day by helping the bro clean the rest of the old apartment& while we were getting ready to pack the rest of the stuff, my dad came. I hadn't seen him in many months, but he's looking good. His essential tremors are getting worse, so it was difficult watching him drink water and do things with his hands, but he seems to be in good spirits. He acted like he was angry with us when we called the night before and told him we finished everything, but he came anyway. He helped us move the last of the stuff, and then we went down to The Salt Lick for lunch. He's doing low carb, so we wanted to make sure he got something awesome that would stay in his diet.

I downgraded to the 2 meat plate because they always give you too much food there. Again, with the drinking! My brother brought beer, because the place is BYOB. Dad didn't have any, and I hate two. I couldn't finish everything they gave me, so I gave away some of my food and ended up feeling kind of full and gross afterwards. The rest of the day kind of went downhill from there as we tried to meet various friends at various places, and then I wore my PJs home in the car on Sat because I felt so sore, gross, and bloated. Hooray!

Over the weekend, I focused on resting. I've had difficulty sleeping because of the pain in my legs. The soreness is slowly going away, but I'm bruised and blistered everywhere. I probably won't know what my resulting weight is for a few more days, but I can tell my swelling is still bad because I wake up with puffy, stiff fingers and have trouble moving for the first 20 min or so I get out of bed.

I rested Sat&Sun, but I still feel awful, so I'm trying to figure out what my workout schedule will be for this week. I want to try to make it to REFIT tomorrow if I'm not dying. I'm trying to decide if I should rest today or get on the bike. I was only awoken once from the pain in my calves, but I figure if it hurts so bad it's waking me up, I should probably take one more day to rest. If I'm still sore tomorrow, I may have to skip refit and just work out at home.

Fortunately, most of the upper body soreness has gone away. There's still a little bit in the shoulders and biceps, but it's nearly all gone now. The worst is in the lower body right now. All those stairs won out over the worn my arms were doing to hold boxes, I'm tellin' ya.

Eating at home since I came back has been a little rough because there's really no food here right now. I need to go to the grocery store, but The Husband was working Sat/Sun and couldn't take me. I couldn't take my car... BECAUSE MY CAR IS AT THE DEALERSHIP AGAIN!

Loooooooooooool -..-

Anyway, I'm kind of feeling depressed and demoralized right now about my weight even though I know it's not rational because it's mostly water weight from all this muscle inflammation. I feel like I should give up and beg the bridal store to help me get something that fits me now. With only a little over a month left to go, I'm freaking out a little bit. I was only about 2lbs away from being ready to zip that sucker up before the Austin trip, but I feel like I'm worlds away now. After all, I'm leaving town again on Friday for a four day convention. There's just going to be more inflammation and soreness

Generally, I'm feeling like I fail at life and I will never get any closer to my goals than I am now, and I'll just gain all my weight back and be miserable and fat and depressed forever.

We all know that place, and I think we all recognize how unhealthy those kinds of thoughts are. I've been there before. I'm there now. I'll be there again. These things are pretty much guaranteed! The tough part is dragging yourself out of that and going back to doing what needs to be done.

I really want to get to the store so I have fresh produce& protein. I've been eating frozen diet meals from the freezer. That's my desperation food! It's like... last resort stores of low calorie meals I can eat right away if I've screwed a day up and didn't plan my meals, or if I waited to long to eat and I'm really really hungry and about to eat something bad. It's not my every day food! Woman cannot survive on Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice alone!

So, I'm hoping my husband is willing to run me down to the store today. I know he hates it, but it's got to get done. I'm also hoping the dealership calls and tells me they're towing my car back to me. I miss it :( And I have an Al-Anon meeting today and I'll probably have to skip it because of the car problems. I did finally tell my husband I was going, but it feels awkward asking him to drop me off& pick me up there after telling these people about how his problems affect me, you know? I mean, it's all in confidence, and I trust these people not to talk about it, but it's still weird.

Anyway, I'm off to have my usual breakfast of oatmeal& coffee. Then, I might have a shower. After that, I'll have to figure out what to do with myself. I can't sit around the house moping around and playing dating sims all day. (I started Hakuoki a few days ago, and I'm working on clearing all routes) I still really want to go out to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It was put off two times now due to the car problems. I have a feeling we won't really get to go for a while, though. *sigh*

I also still have some minor things to do for the convention this weekend. I haven't even decided what costumes to bring! I'm mostly so bummed out about my fluctuating weight that I'm worried NOTHING will fit and I'll just be running my panel in uncomfortably snug jeans and a T-shirt that shows off too many lumps. Really great for a panel on dressing to flatter yourself, right?? I know that's not going to happen. I have plenty of costumes to bring. I just have to decide which ones, and how many. Still... ugh!

I wish these bad thoughts about myself would go away. I really hate it when I get down like this and it makes it a little more difficult to make progress. I know I'll start to feel better when the rest of the water weight goes away. I'm still hanging onto like 5lbs of it, but it's better than the +12 I had on me on Sat, right?

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CKMATHERLY 8/12/2014 4:36AM

    Alcohol + Salt + Sorness, a deadly combo for water weight. Don't let it get to you. I'm not going to mention what the scale has been saying to me since I went to third shift. Still pluggin a long though.

It'll click sooner or later as long as you keep trying. emoticon

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SIMONEKP 8/11/2014 2:18PM

    lower is definitely better. Sounds like the food train went off track this weekend but all you can do is get back on track and try to plan better for next time.

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It's about to get hectic!

Monday, August 04, 2014

I'm still working hard. I know I'll never be perfect, but I have to try to be the best "me" I am capable of. My calorie counts have been great the last few days. I won't lie. It hasn't been easy. The first day I decided to buckle down hard and NOT LET MYSELF GO OVER, my stomach was bothering me all day long. It kept aching and grumbling and growling, even when I was eating my meals. I just kept chugging water that day, and the day after it was a little better. I swear, getting past the first few days of buckling down are always the hardest.

I'm still working on a good weekly schedule for me. I think I'm allergic to that word. Schedule. Ugh. It implies obligations and the loss of freedom! But, I need my structure. I was doing just OK with my previous schedule... (Wake up, have breakfast, get bike done, shower, lunch at 12 noon, housework, dinner at 5PM), but the addition of REFIT shakes things up a little bit. The workouts are all pretty much at mealtimes! So, I decided that I'm not going to go to any of the 12 noon workouts. That leaves 5:30/6:30 on Mon-Thurs, no Friday, and a 10 AM workout on Sat.

I knew that I wanted to make sure that I made it to Tues 6:30s for the BURN session, because I love that trainer. I also knew that I couldn't handle three days of REFIT in a row, but that I also wanted to do 3-4 days a week out there.

So here's the plan!

Mon/Weds/Fri: BIKE BIKE BIKE (My Al-Anon meetings are mon evenings, so this works out. Last week, I did REFIT, then went straight to my meeting all sweaty and gross. I didn't like that)

Tues/Thurs/Sat: REFIT! Tues will be a burn session, and Sat will be a regular workout for sure. I don't know if I'll do a special session on thurs, or a regular one. I want to try the sculpt session one of these days, but Thurs is another BURN. I'd have to go Mon or Weds for a sculpt session. Last time I did 3 REFIT days in a row, though, I was dying at the end of day three. The bike is practically a rest day.. but I'm burning calories! XD

My performance on the bike has been really really good lately. I know this is because of the REFIT workouts. They aren't just cardio. I'm also getting some strength training through body resistance stuff. They only use weights on the SCULPT days. The rest is crazy crap like chair dips and whatnot. Good stuff, but you'll hurt afterwards!

But yeah.. got pretty close to my PR on the bike on Sun. Getting the squats and all that other stuff at REFIT has increased my strength and brought back some of the intensity I was missing to my home workouts.

Still not a fan of the praying, but whatever.

I worked out on the bike on Sun instead of resting because I'm going to Austin on Weds to help my brother move! I'll miss workouts on Weds-Sat. Thurs will be filled with running small boxes down three flights of stairs, across the apartment complex, and up two more flights. Friday will be filled with moving heavy things. Going home on Sat, but I know I'm going to be wiped out. The major challenge here won't be the lack of exercise, but controlling my calories. I can't help it. Living in a place like Waco, I get excited when I get to go to Austin/ Dallas/ Denver/ etc. Big cities with a really exciting food scene are an awful temptation to me.

I'm hoping that the ground rules I laid out with my brother are enough to keep me from slipping too badly. I'm worried.

After that, I'll have less than a week to be completely prepped for AnimeFEST. I feel like I could be ready to go in a day or two, so I'm not too worried about not having things done. Everything is pretty much done except for that Rayearth armor, and I haven't decided if I'm going to try to get that finished or not. I'll probably work on small things today and tomorrow when I have time, and see how I feel about the Hikaru armor. I always have the option of wearing it like I have been, but the dumb shoes I have for that costume are not good for long periods of time. I'm wondering if they contributed in some small part to the toe nail separation problem I've been having. I initially contributed it to fungus, and THOUGHT I had the fungus cleared up, but they separated again after A-kon. I wore those CROCS wedges at A-kon, though, and my feet were dying after a whole day in them. If I only wore the costume for half a day, it wouldn't be so bad. I just don't get why the shoes are so uncomfortable. I mean, they fit my foot, and they're freaking CROCS

Uh Oh, time for a paragraph break. That one was getting pretty long.

Anyway, I'm going to try to get most of my stuff packed up by Weds-Thurs of next week. KAM said she'd still go to AFEST, even if L wasn't going, so while the room cost goes up for everyone, I still have a carpool, and I don't have the whole hotel bill in my lap. L may decide she can go after all, because she's flakey like that. If that's the case, hey! She can still carpool! It's going to directly affect how much crap I can bring with me to the swap meet, though. I want to bring a toooooon this year! But I probably will bring maybe two bags of stuff. It's tempting to just bring all my Sailor Moon stuff. I mean, I still love all sorts of things, including Sailor Moon, but I want to focus my collecting to Shin Megami Tensei, Berserk, and Hellsing stuff. I'd much rather narrow my focus on just a few franchises and get quality items from that one fandom than spend a lot of money on smalls from a lot of different series.

Anyway.. I'm trying not to stress about Denver quite yet. I have to get through Austin first, then worry about AFEST.

I am still losing weight. Slow and steady. I have just 1.2lb left of this post-surgery weight. I'm thinking my weight loss will completely stall while I am in Austin, so I'm focusing on doing my absolute best to stay in calorie ranges until then. It mostly involves chugging a lot of water, eating lots of sugar-free jello, and judiciously planning my meals and mealtimes. I'll keep you guys updated.

Just remember.. when you see the Spark Feed alert you that I've lost weight.. it's cause for MASSIVE celebration, because it marks the first significant weight loss since last Dec or so! Please look forward to it and help keep me accountable :)

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SIMONEKP 8/5/2014 2:02PM

    Waiting to see the update

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GIZMOLUVSME 8/4/2014 7:11PM

    I have no doubt you will see that weight loss on the scale and I will look for it in my friend feed!! You will be getting tons of exercise at your brothers by the sound of it! Have fun!!

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ROBBIEY 8/4/2014 3:06PM

  That is definitely a hectic schedule, but with planning things like snacks and meals out in advance you can maintain. Good Luck!!!

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Slow slow progress

Friday, August 01, 2014

I'm trying to keep positive, because there is a lot I am doing right. I still struggle to keep my calories in check, though. I think I've figured a little something out, though. There's like.. a switch in my brain that makes me overeat. If I happen to overeat to the point where I'm stuffed, the switch turns on and I just want to keep eating to the point of being stuffed. This seems to only apply to the days where I don't feel like eating ALL THE THINGS, though. On the days where I'm just insatiable, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the hows and whys of my appetite.

I've had a few of those days in the past week. I thought maybe my body was craving more calories since my workouts have become more intense, but the struggle is to keep my consumption low so I have a deficit that half pound a week. Ugh. I remember fondly those 5-8lb/ month losses. :(

Anyway, right now it feels like I have two bad days for every one good day, but I'm actually still averaging out under maintenance. It's a small consolation when I see the scale mambo that's going on every morning.

To top things off, now that I can say there's definitely some weight loss... my period has started misbehaving again. I really hate this. I started spotting like 4+ days early! And it's not like I missed any pills this month. It's just doing it's own jazz again. When it goes off schedule like this...just once is ok. When it starts doing it all the damned time, we have a problem. I'll have to wait and see what happens with it.

... and it's not like I've had massive losses, or anything! I'm still about 1.5lbs up from my current spark weight...which, incidentally, is how much of the surgery weight I have left from the 10lbs I managed to pack on.

I'm hoping the most recent 1lb fluctuation is due to this hormone/unscheduled menstruation idiocy, but it's going to blow the week for me. On my weight loss graph, the dots are so close together from my daily weigh ins, that I can't even see it trending downwards. So sad!

Still, I AM DEFINITELY making progress.

I almost have a new workout schedule figured out, too. This place has the normal evening classes Mon-Thurs, then some whack schedule on Friday and a morning workout on Sat. I'm thinking I'm going to go Tues (BURN)/ Thurs(regular)/ Sat (Regular), and then bike Mon/weds/fri. I could go to more classes, but this past week I did 3 days in a row, and it was killing me. I've managed to overcome the worst of the debilitating soreness, but I noticed that my output on the Weds class was pretty pathetic compared to how I did on Mon. I NEED to go on tues, because that's when my fav. trainer teaches. And she runs THE BURN, so that's definite. I'm not a big fan of one of the founders who recently came back and took a bunch of the regular sessions back over, but my body can't really handly nothing but BURN/SCULPT sessions! Maybe I'll be able to handle it better with a definite schedule and bike days in between?

We'll see. I'd almost prefer just to do BURN/SCULPT days just to get out of the constant praying& godspeak. When I'm stretching, I want to concentrate on my body and getting the best possible stretch without hurting myself. I don't want to be told during cooldown stretches that I need to be thinking about God. I need to be thinking about how not to die and slip on my own pile of sweat during cooldown!!!

I have noticed that these classes are making me stronger, though, and that directly impacts my performance on the bike. I had a really good burn today.. better than I've had in weeks, and I know that's directly related to the muscle building I've been doing at REFIT. I think this place is the only place in town I can get this kind of workout for this kind of price AND no gym membership required, so I just deal with the parts I don't like. I have three more weeks paid for, so we'll see how I feel about it at the end of the month.

I'm going to be missing most of next week's workouts. I'll be down in Austin helping my brother move, and I'm going to miss Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat. I feel like I'll probably get some exercise running boxes down 3 flights of stairs, across the complex, and up 2 more flights, though, so I'm not too worried about that. I'm more worried about my calories, but whatever. I'm going to do my best, and even if I do poorly, it won't ruin me. in 2 lbs, that dress should fit. Another 5 after that MIGHT be possible, and it'll make the dress fit better. Another 5 after that will put me back at the start of the holiday damage from last fall. I need to stay focused and stay on track so that doesn't happen again this holiday season.

When I let myself just pick up 10 lbs wherever, it seems way too hard now to take it back off, and I still have 40lbs to go. :(

My AnimeFEST plans are changing yet again, and it's stressing me out a little bit. The roommate that kept whining about how expensive the room was and pressuring me to get a 4th roommate just told me that something changed at her work& that she probably won't be able to make it to the con. But maybe she can. But probably not. She won't know for sure until right before she's supposed to drive up. UUUGGGHHHHHH

I can't fault her for the crap happening at work, but come on! Now, I have to tell the other 2 girls that the price of the room is going up. This means that maybe someone can't pay and decides they aren't going. If that happens, The cost of the room is squarely in my lap. I committed to judging the costume contest this year, AND running a panel. I can't get out of that just because people are dropping out. On top of that, one of my roommates is flying in from Colorado. I couldn't just cancel the room and leave her hanging either.

The absolute worst case scenario is that it's just me and the girl from CO. She can't afford half the room, and I'd end up paying for almost everything. Even worse, I'd have to drive myself up there, since the one that quit and the one I'm not sure about both live south from me& we were all planning on carpooling.

Now, one of them may not drop! It may not happen that way! However, I have to assume that it will so I have a plan in place and I'm not freaking out about WTF I'm going to do. I need to save all that energy for freaking out about having to drive up solo and trying not to have a nervous breakdown driving in Dallas traffic.

My convention season this year has been kind of awful, and this is only the third con of the year for me! (I was about to say second.. forgot Ushi was in Feb or whatevs)

Anyway.. I'm giving myself a stomach ache just thinking about all of it. I need to focus on what costumes I'm going to bring.. what's going to fit well, and what I'm going to do if there's only two of us in the room. Financially, The Husband and I will just eat it. But if I brought a costume that required body paint, I'd need help doing it, and other roommate needs to be willing to hang around the room to help me out with it..


Maybe my progress is slow due to stress? HAH

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SIMONEKP 8/4/2014 12:58PM


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SUE5007 8/1/2014 4:38PM

    Sounds like you have a lot going on! The first 2 weeks of a workout change are the hardest. You will be the most tired and sore but it is better after that. Keep watching for triggers in your diet. I know that I can have several dark chocolate kisses but about 10 seconds after eating a milk chocolate kiss the switch flips and my brain says "MORE!" Even though I'm eating it and thinking about how overly sweet it is and that I think I like the dark chocolate more...there goes the switch. How does that happen!? When we recognize our triggers it makes it easier to make the better choice.

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My new workout schedule is kicking my butt

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I've been down there three times now, but it feels like more! This place is definitely one of those places where you get what you put in. I know that I'm getting a good workout there, pushing myself to match the instructor. There are others there who just kind of sway back and forth the whole time. Maybe it's the limit of what they are able to do. I don't judge. I do feel like it's been worth my time to go down there, though.

There are plenty of things I like about these REFIT workouts, and a few things I don't. I really don't like that the workouts are at lunchtime and dinnertime. Seriously. 45 min workout at 12 noon, or you can have an hour long one at 5:30 or 6:30. I've been working out in the mornings for YEARS now, and I really wish I could knock this thing out at like 9:30 or something. That's just me being picky, though. I'm making time to get it done. The REGULAR workouts are at 5:30. The special ones (BURN, SCULPT) are at 6:30... so by going to the later workouts, I'm going to get an even more hardcore workout with more muscle building.

I'm kind of torn on this. I skipped dinner yesterday to attend the regular session, then immediately went to my Al-Anon meeting.. getting me home just after 8 and starving. I had a frozen dinner with some fresh baby carrots and cherry tomatoes on the side, so I was able to do really well on calories yesterday (1405 baby!!), but I don't like eating that late, yo! I could eat and then only go to the tougher sessions, but I'm a little frustrated with it all as is, because I'm still learning all the routines! LOL. I feel totally lost every time I go there, and I KNOW that I could put more into my workouts if I could figure out WTF they are doing a little more quickly. It seems like in every routine, JUST as I get the hang of it, it changes! XD

I hope that by continuing to go, enough of the songs will overlap that I'll learn the sequences and be able to go ever faster and punch harder.

I feel that the instructors all have really great energy, and move really well. They're mostly fun to work out with! The one I worked out with yesterday kept stopping the routine to tell us all that we looked sad and weren't working hard enough. I don't really agree with her methods, but whatever. I was trying my hardest! (Apparently, she's one of the founders. Oops! :X) I wanted to try to stick around for the burn yesterday, but I was afraid she might be teaching that session, too, and I wasn't sure if I was up for 2hrs of that :P

The other thing I'm not so hot about is the prayer session at the end of every regular refit workout. I don't have anything against praying, but we're all sweaty and gross and they want us to hold hands?? These long ass rambly southern prayers really try my nerves, too. Growing up, I was used to saying grace, special prayers, prayers in church, etc, with purpose! You knew what you wanted to pray about, and you made it short and to the point. When I first joined a group prayer down here, I thought the person praying just wasn't very good at it! HOWEVER! THEY ARE ALL LIKE THAT DOWN HERE. It's like 10 min of sighing and "oh god," "oh lord" between every word. It feels like they don't know what they want to talk to god about. Actually?? You know what it feels like?

It feels EXACTLY like a small child wanting to tell someone a story. They make it long and drawn out to keep your attention as long as possible, even when it's just a short story. That's what southern prayer seems like to me. Or maybe just Texas prayer?

Someone at Al-Anon keeps trying to get me to go to their life group/church/etc. OK. I know that I'm not a terribly religious person. I was baptized and grew up in a parochial school. Down here, most everyone is southern Baptist, so being Lutheran down here feels like being an alien species. I do, however, feel that being Christian should mean the same thing everywhere, and that Christian religions aren't all that different. (This is probably controversial, but whatevs.) I believe that having grown up in a Christian church, I should be able to get along with the churches around here and worship pretty much wherever.

That being said, I don't go to church, and don't really go worship anywhere. It's not that I don't believe in God. I've just developed my own spirituality over the course of my short life, and I don't feel like some heathen that needs to get my ass down to church every Sunday. I respect the fact that everyone here wants to stop and have a 20 min rambly ass prayer every time someone sneezes. I will quietly participate, bow my head, close my eyes, and concentrate on what the person praying is saying. I will say Amen and be respectful. But seriously.. these long rambly ass prayers after my workout?

It's a serious deterrant. Not because I disapprove of prayer after exercise. Whatever they want to do, man. Just keep it short and to the point so I can have my shower. God knows you're thinking about him, yo!

Waco has nearly 400 churches. In a city like this, I try not to let on that I don't have a church or don't pray regularly, because OMFG. Someone will eat up half your day trying to help you find God if that kind of news gets out. I found him just fine, as I understand him, thanks!

So... that's another reason to go to the BURN/SCULPT classes. The one I went to last Tues didn't have any sweaty, rambly prayer. This may change depending on the trainer, though. Thinking about going to the BURN today, since my husband would be getting home right when I'd need to leave for the 5:30 class. I'm really having a hard time with rescheduling my entire daily routine so that my meals are where they need to be. I enjoyed my first workout so much that I bought a month of unlimited classes, though, so that should tell you something! I just wish my workout choices weren't either LUNCH TIME or DINNER TIME, but I'm going to make it work.

My calories have been kind of all over the place, but under control, mostly? I mean, I've had a few 2k days here and there, and I'm trying to keep that to a minimum. (as in, 2x/month, max). I'm struggling a little bit on the days where I feel like I want to eat everything. Then there are days like yesterday, where I have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER ending perfectly in range. Overall, though, I feel like I've been doing really well. This is like.. week4 of being mostly back on track? I haven't spent just a whole week eating whatever and not caring about what ends up in the tracker, so I feel like I'm doing better than I have in MONTHS.

I'm going to keep working on my calories and hang in there as long as I can. I hope this streak will last a year! I really can't say how long I will make it before I go off the rails again, just that I'm going to do my best and try as hard as I can.

I have plenty of challenges between now and the wedding. I'm spending somewhere between 3-5 days in Austin next week helping my brother move. I'll get to see my dad, too, since he's coming to help for a day. I look forward to it. I'm a little concerned about food, though, since I always do poorly when I'm around my brother. My communication with him has been good, though, and he knows exactly what I expect, food-wise. Small breakfasts of my own choosing, small lunches, and his choice for dinner. I told him I expected that we'd go to HEB so I could buy some food for myself, and that I did not want pizza& beer every night. He respects my efforts, and if I get derailed, it won't be due to him being malicious. He just likes food!

I feel that being clear with him what I wanted/expected nutritionally was the best way to go, and I really feel that he respects that. That's the best I can do! The rest will come down to food choices!

After that, I have AnimeFEST. If I bring my own food to that, I'll do well. Unfortunately, I'll probably be carpooling with two other cosplayers. Awesome& cost efficient, but there probably won't be room for a cooler. The hotel won't have fridges.. so I'll have to go with things I can have dry, or stick in a small ice bucket. I'll get creative, but I know I'll end up overeating at the damned convention :( I'll also be walking slowly but constantly for like 5-6 hours that day, so.... XD

Then, I have one last month until the wedding! The entire week before that will be spent in Denver, and I'm HELLA worried about that. It's still a ways off, though, so I can spazz more about that later. We'll get to that after I clear my bro's move and AFEST off my calendar :P

All my hard work HAS amounted to some small weight loss, though. I'm really happy every time I see the scale move, even if it's just .2lbs. I thought I'd be in the 184s by next week, but that's not going to happen. Well.. it COULD, but it probably won't. I weighed in at 186.0 this morning. Down from yesterday, yay! I was hovering between 188-189 when I got EXTRA serious, so I've been making slow but steady progress. I only need to lose 1.6lbs to hit my pre-surgery weight! And anything after that is losing the weight I maintained for nearly a year!

It's all good news. I sometimes get bummed out about things, but it's hard to stay bummed out when I am working so hard and seeing actual progress. Tiny as it is, it's still progress. I would love to be in the 184s by next week's weigh in, but I'll be happy to solidly be in the 185s. Baby steps!

Last bit of news.. I made a costume in 4 days! Something I wasn't planning at all. I know. I am crazy. Especially because of WHY. -..- WLBFF has done some really frustrating, infuriating things over the years. Her con schedule this year was one of them. I had to change costume plans a bajillion times this year due to my schedule changing (couldn't go to HOTCON because of NDK/ the wedding), and her waffling on her own schedule. I was pretty ticked off in the end, because I made this amazing wig for a costume to wear with her, and she basically decided not to go to the con.

She's changed her mind because she wants to see Mom3, who is having surgery this week. She was super freaked out about it. I talked to Mom3, and it's a procedure to repair a hernia that developed after her gal bladder surgery. I'm not worried. I'm sure it'll go fine, and while I'll be relieved to hear she is in recovery, I'm not concerned about complications or anything like that. WLBFF is freaking the hell out, though. So, she decided to come into town for a little bit anyway to visit with Mom3, and go to the convention for a few hours one day. The con she said she wasn't going to go do. So, I asked if she was going to bring the costume she wanted to wear with me and she said no. uuuggghhhh

So, that thing is still sitting on the table, never to be finished! (maybe!)

So what do I do? Fart out a matching costume in 4 days because I am off my rocker. Honestly, everything in my head tells me not to bother, stay angry with her, and let her do her thing since she'll probably just come and say hi and then wander off for the remainder of her time. Instead, I decided to make a matching costume because I know it will make her stupidly happy.

Most of my pictures came from my twitter, but here you go. She's 8 yrs old and I seriously don't give a crap.

And mine turned out ok.. need to do a few final detail-type things like give it a final ironing, clip threads, etc. But it'll look the same when I'm totally done with it

I'm not bothering with putting the aqua spots on the leggings. I'm just re-using a pair of black ones from a different costume.

I think it's worth noting that MOST of this costume is made from remnants and retired costumes! The leggings are borrowed from a different costume. The pink of the jacket is over-purchase from a costume I did last year. The trim is a remnant from a costume I did like 8+yrs ago. I was so happy to be able to use the last of the scraps! The hat is totally lined, and also made with leftovers from an old costume. The fabric for the butterfly on the hat is also from an old costume.

The backpack is made out of the cape from a very fancy costume I made in 2003. I've been threatening to retire the costume for years now. Now I really have to! HAHA, I WIN! Well, the yellow is from the cape. The purple is from something else. I'm not really sure what. I just had scraps lying around that would work. The mint on the backpack is also from another costume.

Speaking of the backpack.. I put a lot of work into it!

It's supposed to look very puffy and cute, so I stuffed the top layer with batting. Just the top layer! You know why? THIS SUCKER IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL! HAHAHA

Yup, it has a zipper and everything! I'm able to carry all my stuff in it!

The only things I had to purchase for this costume were the shoes, wig, and the mint fabric for the dress/shift thing. I got some clearance crocs for the shoes. I'll paint them to match hers when they come in. I bought a nice wig from Arda. That was $35 and my largest expense. Since most of the fabric was free, though, even with wig& shoes, this costume comes in under $75! And let me tell you, that's really damned good.

Oh yeah.. and the pocket watch necklace? I totally took a Zhenna tea tin lid and glued a bead to the top. lol. Good enough for me!

So yeah.. today, I'll probably get that wig styled. When the shoes come in, I'll paint those. I still need to attach a hook& eye to the shirt of that Fushigi Yuugi costume from last month, style that wig& finish the legs. I've decided that I hate how the pants I was sewing were turning out, so if I don't get around to finishing them, I'll probably just wear black leggings. I do want to make some yellow leg wraps to balance the top out and give some color to the foot area, or I'll look a little unbalanced with all the crazy going on up top.

I'm also thinking about trying to finish the Hikaru armor and wear that at Afest, too. That may not happen. I still have time, but I'm feeling sooooo lazy!

Sorry for the long update, but it'd been a while since my last blog, and I had a lot to say, apparently!

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CKMATHERLY 7/30/2014 4:40AM

    Try a Korean church in the south. I swear they say, god or lord 20 times a minute. It's crazy. I'd be slipping out of the prayer. If they had a problem with it I'd tell them I'm Jewish or something. It's nutso.

Oh, I have my own brand of faith, but don't try and push yours on me. Thank you very much. Also, i'm weird about touching people I don't know well. The holding hand thing would be the final nail in the coffin.

But, I am glad you are liking the classes!

Also, I wish I could make a costume that quick! I've been lassoed into making one for a friend. He's sweet and it's kinda fun, but at the same time I am scared it will suck for completely different reasons. PLUS they have talked me into doing a group with them. SO I have a costume to make for me too. AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I'll blog again one day.

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GIZMOLUVSME 7/29/2014 9:17PM

    I LMAO at your telling of the prayers after workouts. I have never heard of that! I am a Christian but Im not sure I would want to be holding hands with a bunch of smelly strangers praising the good Lord! Let me hit the shower and get the hell outta there! emoticon emoticon

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SIMONEKP 7/29/2014 3:07PM

    Prayer after workout is sort of odd.

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TRIXYMAHOGANY 7/29/2014 1:47PM

    You're pretty amazing.

Also I would never be comfortable with a prayer at the end of my workout like that. Like... God didn't just kick my butt all over the floor, I did that, we did that.

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ADARKARA 7/29/2014 11:59AM

    That backpack? Frickin' adorable!!!

As for the prayer... I could seriously NOT deal with that. I don't want God in my workouts, and I don't want God in my Sparkpeople. But I guess if you live in the Southern half of the country you kind of have to deal with that. (I'm not anti-God, but I would like to choose when I hear about it. The Billy's Bootcamp workouts always end with a prayer but I can just shut off the DVD lol.) But it sounds like you're loving the workout, which is great news, PLUS you're out of the house and around other people, which is also awesome. =)

As for going to the workout and then Al-Anon, could you skip a snack earlier in the day and have one in-between so you're not starving when you get home?

Glad you're doing well!


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