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CSA Week 1, and the complete derailing of my plans

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Plans, I had so many plans for this year, and then the outage at work lasted 100 days. Some really good things happened in those 100 days though, I met a contractor, who also happens to be in the national guard, and more than willing to help me put the focus back on my fitness where it belongs. Now we are doing more things together, he is encouraging me and he likes to cook real food. So far due to a slow start and a long winter we are only one week into CSA and Fruit share doesn't start until next week. I bumped up to a full share of veggies this year because there were supposed to be 3 adults in the house (my roommate has since moved out leaving us with two people who are supposed to eat more veggies anyway). This week's haul was piles and piles of leafy greens.
In the CSA box was:
2 bags of spinach (about the size of one of those grocery store salad bags, but no baby leaves here)
2 bags of Arugula
Pea shoots
2 bunches of radishes
2 potted herbs (my guy grabbed fennel and basil, he's a keeper)
We are also participating in an Egg share, at the half share level which means we get a dozen every other week (half shares are grouped into A and B, for Odd weeks and Even weeks)

With this haul I plan to make
Arugula Spaghetti Carbonara www.sharedlegacyfarms.com/2014/arugu

Dragon's Mustache Potato Salad www.sharedlegacyfarms.com/2013/drago

and Quinoa with Spinach Mushrooms and Feta from the spark recipes site (a quickie dinner favorite of mine). The rest will probably end up in salad and the radishes I will eat by themselves I love radishes.

The first two recipes are from my CSA farm's website and newsletter, gathered from a variety of sources and indexed by the veggie they are showcasing. www.sharedlegacyfarms.com/recipe-ind

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IAMLION 6/24/2014 10:33AM


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CETANISTAWI 6/15/2014 2:34AM

    Sounds yummy!

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2014 fitness goal

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I am committing this year to not stay on the gain lose cycle, to finish this year with less pounds than I started the year. 2012 I made a lot of progress, hit a lot of goals, and then let myself go in my late season slump. 2013 I was very disorganized, and I felt like I made no progress. Good things happened in that I loved my biking, I logged almost 300 miles on my bike, and I built some plans for this year. But when it came to weight loss 2013 was a bust for me. I never really lost any significant weight I hovered right around the same weight all year, and it gradually redistributed so that my pants started to fit tight (I was already wearing my largest size pants I still owned). Since I don't own any bigger clothes, and REFUSE to buy them it means I need to buckle down. We are going into another outage at work, which means long 12 hour days, but that also means having a food plan will make my life easier, though having so little time will mean discipline will be the only way the exercise gets done. I have a lot of things planned that will require strength and training this year, so pushing harder for my goals will be important.

1. My big objective this year is bike touring. My cousins did a self supported bike tour of the Great Allegheny Pass (GAP) trail over 6 days they road the trail from one end to the other and back. I was invited to go but had already burned all my vacation time for the year at that point. My plan is to make the trip with them this year, I know there will be a week long bike trip but I am not sure of the details yet. One rumor I have heard is Northern Michigan. No matter what it will be a fun trip but will involve a lot of miles.
2. I am also signed up for a bike tour of Niagara falls with a company called Women Tours. It is a 4 day weekend averaging 20ish miles a day so a good trial run for the other tour, especially since it is fully supported.
3 I am walking in 2 5ks this year. I am doing my 2nd annual color run (this year in Ypsilanti because my next closest one has not been announced for sure yet), and finally doing a Susan G Komen Race for the cure. I have wanted to do one of these for years, and I am finally committed to this one. My roommate is walking in both of these with me.
4. I may try to squeeze in a supported ride, like the MS series (a short distance, no 100 miler yet). I am willing to let that one roll over to next year though because I already have a busy year planned.

I also want to be more dedicated to blogging here about my CSA this year, and get help with ideas for using some of the crazier veggies. I have one bike trip for 2015 planned also, I am dead set on doing the Hawaii Big Island for beginners tour in January.

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 1/19/2014 10:56PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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September Bike challenge

Friday, September 06, 2013

This months challenge for Girls gone riding was to take a ride in a scenic place and post pictures. So I went to Kelleys Island in Lake erie with my roommate and two bikes. While we were biking around the island we encountered the tiny Kelleys Island airport, and as the sign shows road traffic must yield the right of way to airplanes crossing.

We biked around the primary state park on the island and up to the Glacial grooves

The actual grooves are pretty impressive, especially when you think of a giant chunk of ice carving this smooth beautiful place.

After we looked around the carvings we went back down into town for lunch. Then we went back to the far side of the island for a ride around the coast of the island back to the ferry. Using maps and the fitness calculator I think we did about 12 miles. It was a great casual ride, and we were on the island for 2 and a half hours including sitting down outside for lunch.

Was a good shakedown for the road bike, my roommate rode my hybrid bike. Bike gloves are more important on a road bike because you put more pressure on your hands and wrists riding in a more forward fashion. Chamis shorts also more important, though a more comfortable saddle is on order, I hope it works. I am totally used to the saddle on my hybrid and can ride an hour without discomfort, so now I need to get that comfortable on the new bike. I feel like I can go faster on this bike now and it is built to fly, I can't wait to start really training on it. I am going to put the road bike on the trainer once winter comes and the Hybrid is going to be for the days it is ok to go outside and I have cabin fever.

So far this summer I have put 200 miles on the hybrid, walked an official 5k (the color run in toledo with my roommate), and biked around the islands. It still amazes me that I started out doing 15-20 minutes on a fan driven exercise bike a couple years ago. Now I am riding outside for an hour or more, signed up for a supported bike tour next year in Niagara Falls, and walking a 5k in the morning just because I told my roommate I would do it with her.

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MISSG180 9/8/2013 2:12PM

    Great pictures! I need to find a day to get out to the island and bike.

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EJRANVILLE 9/7/2013 9:31AM

    Sounds like an awesome ride! I'll have to put Kelley's Island on my list of places to visit.

As for seats I switched my saddle to one with a groove in the center--supposed be built for a woman's anatomy. It's pretty comfortable--at least until we hit hour 3 on the mountain bikes! emoticon

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some folks I am friends with thanks to teams may have noticed I left a few of my teams, because I wasn't active in them and the team's goals do not jive with my current goals. I am not running and only really walking as needed for my job and such so 5k and running groups were off the list. Me and challenges never really work out so I left the seasonal challenge group. I still love you all I just don't need to see a long list of teams I have not much to contribute to. I stayed in DONE girls, and my most active group right now is actually Girls Gone Riding, because I have been bicycling a good deal this year. I started cycling somewhat seriously in the spring, fell off a little bit when it got quite hot int he late june and early july and came back to hitting it hard when I was back from vacation at the end of July. I have logged 186 miles so far this year and I am logging more than double the miles per trip these days compared to spring. Now I am in the process of learning more about maintaining myself as a cyclist, and maintaining my bikes. I also just today acquired a real road bike in addition to my hybrid bike.

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MISSROCKABILLY 8/21/2013 11:58PM

    You need to do whatever works best for you, that's what SP is here for. Good luck with your biking!

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May Goals

Sunday, May 05, 2013

April results,
I did not lose any weight because I continued to struggle with my consistency (both exercise and eating).
I did get to spend quite a bit of time outside and continued that into May, so I am over halfway to my 25 miles walking and 25 miles biking outside goal.
Fitbit goal, I never got 70k for the week but I did get the 15k in a day badge (TWICE).
Making a plan/routine, this I struggled with for much of the month because my knees have been worse this year than the last couple years. But I did settle on a routine and because of the knee issues, I opted to build a bicycle routine. I am currently doing a 5.4 mile loop "around the block" and it is very taxing. I have expanding blocks planned when this one is easy I will do the next longer loop. So far I have 6, 7, and 10 mile loops mapped out for myself to graduate to. I am only bicycling 3 days a week and doing "active rest" walking on my 4th cardio day so that I don't have to bicycle 2 days in a row (I am also getting my butt used to being in the saddle, and tweaking my gear as I go.
The Jillian routine fell apart on me too.

I am now in a position where I have to work overtime more often than I like (well I like working it never but that is another story). So I am trying to keep my routine flexible enough I can keep up on things while I work extra hours. With that in mind here are the goals for May

1. Keep working the bicycle plan. Use the indoor bike if it is bad weather, but I have to bike because...

2. 93 miles Bicycle to Joe Louis Arena for Girls Gone Riding may challenge. Currently have 82.2 miles to go.

3. Honest food tracking streak. I have been on and off about this also. I know tracking honestly will help me I just need to buckle down and do it. (Today is day 2).

4. Be good to my knee. I need to not destroy my knee, be good to it when it hurts, go see the doctor if it gets too bad, and in general try to strengthen it.

That's it this month, keeping it simple and continuing to try and build consistency. I have at least been able to maintain a relative weight in the last few months of up and down, which is ok, because it shows me I can be less strict and still not backslide so very far. Even once I do get my food consistency under control I think I will try weighing in only a couple days once a month or something infrequent like that to keep me from scale obsessing.

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FIREFLY4407 5/6/2013 7:00AM

    Sound like good plans. Building that foundation of tracking food and getting your fitness in. Contingency planning for work schedule changes, bad weather, or knee pain. You'll have good momentum by the end if the month - way to go!

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