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Weekend Planning

Saturday, August 02, 2014

I am spending some time planning today & will update when I have it laid out. Things I want to keep in mind as I plan:

Do not do anything to set yourself up for failure-unreasonable expectations are no good.
Choose lifestyle choices that will replace those pesky old habits that have been rearing their head lately.
Trackable goals so I can measure my progress.
Have a short, mid range, and long term goal on paper.
I need a target! emoticon

This will be the framework for my goal setting today. I'm determined to make this a no end date, just focus on life changing results for me and my little people...Life is good, I am blessed!

Here's my weekend: My nieces are here. I spent the day with them yesterday and brought them home for a sleepover. They are 10 yo twins. I just love em! Yesterday I spent a few hours with my 4 yo niece, she is just the sweetest! She crawled up on my tummy and said "Aunt Jenny's belly" and started snoring...she has stolen my emoticon for sure! I am so blessed to care for them so their mamma can rest and recover from her surgery.

We may spend some time baking cookies from scratch later, but for now I have dishes to do, laundry to fold, and planning/goal setting to accomplish! Then tonight I get to enjoy a 40th birthday celebration emoticon with a friend and go dancing at Boogie Nights (80's -90's music!). I am hoping its a night of laughing and fun. I need the down time. Its always hard to drag myself out of the house when I'm feeling blue! emoticon So even while I FEEL like staying home and hiding out, I am choosing to go and shine the light from Jesus that is inside me. emoticon

Choices....With God's grace, moment by moment life is happening and I choose to enjoy and appreciate all the God puts in front of me. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Have a fantastic weekend! emoticon (For me, Frog=Fully Rely On God) emoticon

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TEACHFIRST268 8/3/2014 2:42PM

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! And good for you for getting out there and shining! (Love that!)

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COOP9002 8/2/2014 11:55AM

    Hope your weekend is amazing.

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Sore and Blue...

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Well, the weekend is upon us! I am sooo sore today from the strength training I did the other night. I am used to doing functional workouts that involve my whole body. This workout was 5 lb weights and 55 reps, quick. It was tough keeping speed and form a priority. I was totally fatigued after 50 minutes. I don't know that I"ll do this kind of workout forever because it seems like a recipe for injury!

I don't regret the workout and I will likely do it again, it was fun to mix it up. I see the benefit in that! Boredom sets in when I do the same DVD over and over.

My week has been really off. I have been on call essentially. I'm so glad I am able to structure my week to help out and have rolled with it the best I can. Some of my plans have changed and my eating has been really off...all contributing to my feeling blue..My sister in law had surgery, my friend was in from TX visiting, my parents have been camping close by to also be available for my sweet brother & sister in law. The good news...Their kids are precious and I've enjoyed spending my day with them today.

The food choices I've made have taken a toll. My gut hurts. I feel dehydrated. My hands are cramped up and hurting. I had a very difficult time doing the strength training/holding those 5 lb weights the other day. My eating is NOT working for me.
Removing dairy, grain and sugar was working for me. Adding them back in...its hurting every part of me...emotional and physical.

Stress is contributing to my poor choices. I miss my hubs. He is working a lot. Its good but its bad. Our time is so short together. Its frustrating me. My go to behavior is to run, avoid, eat, hide and just be down and crabby.

Good thing I committed to NOT give up on myself! Many of the good habits I've cultivated are still here. I'm not making poor choices EVERY day. I'm not making poor choices ALL day. I'm working on the things that are causing me stress. I will get through this by looking at it straight on and facing it, hurt and all. Its part of life! Its OK to feel! I am going to enjoy the company I am blessed by, my kids, my nieces, my friend from TX, my friends I'm spending time with this weekend.

I'm off to pray folks. My heart is full of hope. Life is GOOD. I do love my life. Just feeling a little blue tonight.... emoticon emoticon

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DALID414 8/2/2014 4:13PM

    emoticon emoticon

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    PS. In my physio they always told me it is better to go a bit slower and have correct form & controlled movement than fast & lose those benefits. So don't worry so much about doing the weights too fast--keep your focus on correct form...concentrating on the muscles activated etc. :) You're doing well! emoticon emoticon

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    Aw, thanks for your encouragement on my for you. Hang in there girl. Hope is *alive*. We can't always see the fullness of it, but it never stops beating in your heart--for there dwells the Source of all Hope. :) Breathe in, breath out...slowly inhale, and slowly exhale. I *know* its hard to keep on track in busy/stressful times (I'm having the challenge/temptations now too) and easy to resort to old/negative coping mechanisms. But that only causes more chaos eh? :( When those times happen (as they sometimes will) make a point to do something healthy for you afterwards. It helps me, as I remember that (those) unhealthy things are NOT my life and do not define me. The life I've chosen, that I continue to choose time and time again...are ones that are good for me & impact those around me. You can do this...from strength to strength, from day to day. Moment by moment, you are never alone to face the stresses, whirlwinds of struggles and temptations that come your way. emoticon Let your heart still, let all those thoughts, worries and stresses ease free of your mind/heart, and just be. Still. And know Someone is in control of it all...and is caring for you in each moment! emoticon

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DJ4HEALTH 8/2/2014 1:51AM

    emoticon emoticon

Just remember that He loves you and wants the best for you too.

As for the soreness you can soak in some Epsom salt and that will help with the soreness and also hot chocolate milk with natural sugar will help with the soreness too. Epsom salt has magnesium in it and helps relax the muscles and the cocoa helps repair the muscles emoticon

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Wednesday ramblngs

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We are planning our vacation to Orlando and that is great fun. I am motivated to do more strength training so I feel confident in my swimsuit while we are there. I've been slacking on my strength training lately, and my running too...hmm.

My week has been good! My friend from TX is here visiting and I love spending time with her and her family. A blessing for sure!

The rest of the week is pretty busy. Tomorrow we are swimming with friends. Tomorrow night we may camp for a night with my parents and spend Friday at the campgrounds playing with cousins. I'm looking forward to it!

Saturday night I may join my friends for a night out. It sounds so fun to go dancing to 80's and 90's music. I am not much of a drinker or a dancer though so I may opt for night in with my hubs. Whom I miss dearly! It seems like he's so tired that our time is short these days. :-(

So....I'm off! Off to do the normal stuff at dinner time. Then off to run and play with the kids.

Lets make it a fantastic week!

Update: Just finished Personal Training DVD with Jackie, 30 day fast start! I did the Upper & Lower/Abs workout. It was awesome, feeling quite fatigued, in a good way! Yeah!!!

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IRP1114 8/1/2014 1:02PM

    Congrats on making it a good week and getting that workout in! Hope you and your family have an awesome trip!

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Eye of the Tiger

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eye of the Tiger is the song that was playing as I finished up my run this morning. emoticon I used it to ponder my next steps. Before I go int those, I'd like to ask for your help and advise.

I have struggled for the past few days to eat healthy. I've been drowning in potato chips and chocolate chips...I may have to boycott any food with the words chips in it--for eternity. They seem to be a major trigger food. emoticon

What I have learned this week from my nonsense binge: I have a hard time knowing what to do with my emotions. Why do I think I even HAVE to do anything with them? Why cant I live in harmony with them vs battling them? I need a new battle strategy at best, cramming food down my throat is NOT making the emotions disappear. Its creating more emotions, the negative kind.... emoticon

Its a WAY better experience if I've been eating Paleo, something about sugar and gives me foggy brain (for real, I wish I was kidding lol). So this is step one, starting today I will be enjoying Paleo again. Its a happy medium for me from the strict anti-candida diet and so much better than eating the SAD (standard american diet) I used to revolve my day around. My mind is quieter in general when I'm fueling properly for my body. I do know this is different for everyone.

Running helps so I'll run every other day, do strength/full body work and core on the off days. Stretching and breathing. Quiet time to reflect on the day.

I still have yet to pick up my STRONGER study and get back into it. I will locate that this weekend and dedicate time for myself, alone each day, to get in touch with and take these feelings/emotions I don't know what to do with, to the Lord. He happens to know ALL. Why do I forget that sometimes....brain fog or pride?! Or people pleasing monster? He's been trying to work his way back in lately too.

Yikes!! Usually I delete the blogs I write like this one. This level of transparency makes me squirm. Please be kind with any advise you would have for me. I am looking for productive ways to live in harmony with my emotions....any advice? Prayer would be much appreciated as I walk through this valley. Thankfully I'm not alone!

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STRONGCOURAGE 7/21/2014 3:43PM

    You are right dear SP friend, you are not alone. Vulnerability, honest raw emotions put out there isn't an easy thing. But it is a helpful one. Look at the psalms. The writers were very raw with their emotions--covering the full spectrum! with God. Its ok. Someone once told me that God is big enough to handle our honesty--anger, sadness, hurt, etc. He can take it. Always. (He already knows afterall) but He delights in you, in me sharing our hearts struggles of ups & downs *with* Him. I am praying for you today. As for the heard my vlog. But I'll add a few more thoughts here. Temptations will happen. Mess ups will happen. But so does grace. Grace will happen--to you. Grace happens--every day. And in all of that, remember Love. You are loved something fiercely immense and beautiful. The way God loves YOU is the way He desires you love *you* (& others). Something that may just help is verbally expressing a few positive truths each day...something I was practicing and need to get back to. Saying these things really affects how I view & treat myself. Maybe it will be helpfulf or you too...For example, say one or two of these to yourself...right now if you like. :) -I have incredible worth. I matter. I am uniquely made. I am not alone in this day, in any struggle I'm facing or will face. I am loved and I choose to love me. I am not perfect. I am being perfected by the One who knows and loves me unconditionally.- emoticon emoticon

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GORIANA 7/20/2014 11:07PM

    I am with you in figuring out that my emotions triggered urges to eat certain types of food. Strangely experiencing the emotions helps. Since i think you pray, that might be one way to experience your emotions...but not to numb them. Instead make a point to explore your feelings and figure out what events got you there and what thoughts. Challenge your thoughts. Sometimes we make elaborate stories that are not the facts, but our interpretations, so pray for incite into your feelings, that will help. Of course you will need a way to knock yourself into this reflection when you reach for food to deal with emotions...maybe put a visual cue in the cupboard to remind you to ask, "am i hungry?"

You can do it.

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_BABE_ 7/19/2014 1:57PM

    Why delete your blogs when you are right on the money.

I know what you mean about dealing with emotions. When did we have to cram down sadness or elevate our joy with eating...just feel them. End of story right? I guess not that is why we are here.

Brain fog is a real thing. Carbs and sugars are like an opiate....dulling pain and smoothing over the rough spots....too bad they are the original culprits for creating rough spots in the first place.

Your blog was spot on with me this morning! emoticon

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Update time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Well, its been quite a struggle the past month! emoticon BUT I am on track now, 3 days and counting! emoticon It feels so much better to be in control than to eat with wild abandon and live with the guilt hangover!

I am eating whole, healthy food. Food undressed, in its original form (well I do COOK the food) but its not processed into something that resembles food but really has not benefit to the body. I'm enjoying it!

I had introduced dairy, gluten, sugar, coffee, grain back into my diet a month ago, its all gone again! I refuse to keep them hanging out when all they do make me sick. Not to mention add weight on. If something is not helping me meet my goals, its gotta go. Sugar and grain both seem to make me CRAVE food. It just seems easier to live my life without the constant fight to want to binge eat. I'm sticking to Paleo, whole food type diet for awhile. Why bother with anything else when I know what works for me, all the way around, mentally and physically.

My working out has been on again/off again. My weight has fluctuated by about 8 lbs. Not really happy about this fact, but its reality. I'm not giving up. Just learning as I go, I mean learning as I grow. emoticon

Growing in the Word has been slow. I am reading my bible daily but only a few verses. I am ready to dive back into a study! Until fall studies start, I'll jump back into the last study I started, but never finished.

New focus: For the rest of July, I'm focusing on the habits that have served me well:
Eat food that fills me up and keeps me from cravings and physical hurts: lots of greens, fruits/berries, organic meat whenever possible, fish, sweet potatoes, almond butter, pecans....all this yummyness and more!

Exercise: I will alternate running or walking with YOYOG workout DVD. Sworkit app is pretty great and the core workouts my chiro taught me. These all keep me injury free when I stretch daily.

Getting my house in order from the summer chaos and prepping for upcoming school year. We actually do school year around, taking off when we want to. It serves us quite well! However, the house gets cluttered, I get stuck on doing everything perfectly and then do nothing instead. Well, it seems that extreme but its really not that black and white. What I will do is a little each day. I am loving the Flylady website and Cozi calendar to keep me focused each day on a new task to finish. Its only day 3 and I am seeing progress. The kids are jumping in too!

Life is rolling emoticon along nicely! In a few short months we are going on our first week long family vacation emoticon ! I'm not kidding when I tell you my husband has not taken time off for a vacation in 12 years. Sad but true. THIS is our year! A week in Orlando FL!! emoticon Taking the kids and going to make some seriously great memories! emoticon Lots of firsts for them...first time on airplane, emoticon first time to ocean emoticon ! I'm very excited, as our the littles, as you can imagine!

I'm off now to get a run in along with some errands..... emoticon

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IRP1114 7/17/2014 4:16PM

    SO cool! Glad you are making time for that much needed vacation! Good luck with getting everything you want done in time ; )! Enjoy the processes and celebrate your successes! emoticon

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MYRTROSE 7/17/2014 12:11AM

    Isn't it amazing how quickly our bodies respond when we nourish them? It's like they are just pleading with us to treat them with respect! I've only been eating better for 2 days and I already need to reduce my insulin.
Happy to see things are good with you!

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    I love all your positivity - focusing on what you want instead of what you want to stop. It's such a great technique for manifesting good things in your life!

Wow - a whole week in Florida! I've never been to FL before. Sounds like a blast! Pictures!

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    Enjoy your well deserved vacation

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BROOKLYN_BORN 7/16/2014 1:23PM

    You have exactly the right attitude and plan to get back on track.
Enjoy the vacation. Make memories.

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MRSP90X 7/16/2014 1:29AM

    Woohoo on the vaca, and we school year round too. Glad.younfound what works for you. I can't do Paleo or I would be passed out on the floor from the lower amount of carbs.. Great attitude about getting rid of something that doesn't meet your goals!!

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RYDERB 7/16/2014 1:15AM

    Congratulations on getting back to what makes you feel good. emoticon

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WOUBBIE 7/15/2014 8:43PM

    Keep on Flying! Glad you're back on track and feeling better!

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GORIANA 7/15/2014 7:35PM

    emoticon I love your enthusiasm.

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NEWTEXDEBBIE 7/15/2014 5:58PM

    WOW! Your really rolling along.... emoticon

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MELNJAY3 7/15/2014 5:35PM

    emoticon emoticon

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