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Foot injury?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Over the last several days, I've had some pain in the bottom part of my foot, right in the arch area. It hurts when I walk, but it's kind of inconsistent, so I'm not really concerned yet. However, I am resting as much as possible and not doing any kind of exercise. I may look for some new running shoes, too. The pair I have is over six months old, so it's probably time to retire them.

I've learned to accept injuries a lot more than I use to. In the past, I would ignore the injuries and try to push through them, which would end up in stress fractures and delaying my running for weeks, or even months at a time. No more. I'd rather rest for a few days and let my body recovery.

So right now I'm focusing on feeding my body lots of the good, nourishing stuff. If I can't exercise, I can at least eat well and hopefully speed up my recovery. And I'm trying to tune out the voice in my head that starts talking when my body is inactive. "Get your butt moving! What are you doing? All the work you've put in is going to be for nothing! Now you're going to have to start all over! MOVE!"

Such an annoying voice. Shut up already! Relax. Everyting going to be alright, mon. emoticon

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MARAGRAM 4/1/2014 2:43PM

    Please have that pain checked out if it still lingers even intermittiedly!

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Back to normal, healthy routine today

Monday, March 31, 2014

This past week was a crazy week. After running 7 miles the previous Sunday, the following week sucked as far as getting any kind of running or other exercise in. Then my husband and I left for Ohio (an 8-hour drive) to attend his niece's wedding reception this past weekend. We left on Friday afternoon, drove part-way, stayed overnight at a hotel, and then drove the rest of the way early Saturday. I actually got up Saturday morning, put on my running clothes which I packed, and used the hotel exercise room and ran on the treadmill for two miles! I would have liked to have run longer, but we were in a hurry to get back on the road, so I figured that two miles would be better than none! Then I took advantage of the hotel's free breakfast and had some lovely oatmeal and fresh fruit. My weekend was off to a healthy start!

It just went downhill from there. Lots of beer at the reception, in addition to wedding cake. We went to bed late, had to get up early yesterday to hit the road to come back home. We stopped somewhere for breakfast and I had a vegetarian scramble with vegetables, but also eggs and cheese. Then I snacked in the car, mainly because I was bored I think. Then when we got home we were too tired to cook, so we went out for Mexican food. More cheese. Blech. This morning I woke up feeling like crap. I'm tired. My body feels abused. I was actually excited to pack my lunch filled with veggies and fruit. I could feel my body celebrating - YAY! We're back to our normal, healthy routine! I've been drinking lots of water this morning, and looking forward to my run after work this afternoon. It will probably be rough, but that's okay. I just need to sweat out the junk and breath in the good!

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POSITIVE41 4/1/2014 6:26AM

    Great that you fit running 2 miles in, it would have been so easy not too. Isn't it funny if you think back to how your old eating routines were? I would eat and feel like crap all the time. Now it is a once in a while thing and I don't like it. Enjoy your back on routine week! :)

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7 miles!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yesterday I accomplished something that was a HUGE milestone for me: I ran 7 miles!

Last year, I signed up to do a 7-mile race that would take place in July. I signed up early (March or April?) and made it my goal in the upcoming months to build up to 7 miles. We ended up having a really hot summer, my training sucked, and I ended up with a stress fracture a couple of weeks before the race. I had to kiss $35 goodbye and my self-confidence was shaken.

Fast forward to January 2014. I decided that not only was I going to run the 7-mile race, but that I would also run a half-marathon this year. I'm signing up for a half-marathon at the end of August, but in the meantime, I'm going through a half-marathon training program trial run. Training day for yesterday consisted of 7 miles.

I've been thinking about those 7 miles all week. All day Saturday, I kept thinking about running the 7 miles and whether or not I'd be able to do them. When I woke up yesterday, it felt just like it does on the morning of a race: excitement, nervousness. That itchiness to just put on the running shoes and GO!

I ran those 7 miles. It took me 1 hour and 29 minutes to do it. My legs felt tired towards the end, but honestly, I think I could have run farther. I only had to take a couple of very short walk breaks, but otherwise, I ran the rest of the time. I was grinning from ear to ear when I hit stop on my GPS watch and saw that I had run 7.01 miles! I DID IT!!

This morning, I'm still feeling the high from my accomplishment. I can't even imagine what it will be like when I accomplish a half-marathon. I may float so high and I won't be able to come down! emoticon

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MAGNOLIA416 3/25/2014 9:19AM

    Woo! emoticon

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MNCYCLIST 3/24/2014 9:18AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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We all inspire each other!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Since I became vegan four years ago and started my running journey, two of my friends have become vegan because they saw what it did for me and they wanted to do the same. Several friends have commented that my running journey inspires them to want to work out more.

Yesterday, though, I got the biggest compliment of all. My oldest daughter, who is 20 and struggles with an anxiety disorder, told me that I have inspired her to be more healthy. Over the last several months, she has really focused on eating more healthy foods and has made exercise a priority in her life. She says she feels better and she says it's because of me that she has been able to do this. And in turn, she has inspired some of her friends to eat healthier and exercise more.

I will admit that most days I look around at my friends and family who are unhealthy, overweight, and show no desire to change and I feel discouraged. But every now and then an inspirational moment happens and I feel hope.

To all of my Spark friends who read this: keep doing what you're doing. You're an inspiration, not only to me, but to others that you probably don't even know about. Let's continue to spread the message of how great a healthy, active lifestyle is through not only our words, but are actions as well.

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MINTEXAS 3/21/2014 2:45PM

    What a great post! Gave me a lift today, thank you :)

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AUNTRENEE 3/21/2014 9:05AM

    Good for you!

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New goals

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As I wrote the other day, my plans to run a half-marathon in May have changed. I've had a couple of delays which have put a wrench in my training program so I'm not going to be ready for the May 4th half-marathon I had planned on.

But it's ok. I found a new half-marathon on August 31st that is local and looks like it will be a lot of fun. My plan right now is to continue the training program that I'm doing, in hopes that I'll be able to do a trial run of a half-marathon, that way when the August 31st race gets here, I will have already done a half-marathon.

My other goal is to run the Bix7, which is a local 7-mile race that I wanted to do last year, but ended up injured and couldn't do it.

Two goals off of my bucket list this year? Hell yeah! It's going to be epic!

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SUZIPAM1 3/19/2014 1:27PM

    well done never beat yourself up - rather make it a positive like you have and move on

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