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A great weekend!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Well back from the weekend. At least next weekend will be a long one. Taking a vacation day on Monday. Yay! Nothing really planned, just the Bengals game on Sunday Night Football. Yay again. Lol

Speaking of games, my favorite college team had a big game on Saturday night. A friend invited us over to his house. He put up a 9 foot inflatable movie screen in his back yard and we watched it from the patio with a fire going and everything. It was a great time! Crisp cool night and good friends and football. Almost perfect!

Not much to add really. Kind of a slow weekend. Hope everyone is doing well!

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LIVIN4LISH 9/29/2014 11:31PM

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Have a great week emoticon

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Feeling blah.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ugh, I have a cold that is kicking my butt. Well actually it was kicking my butt. I am starting to feel like it is breaking up. Which means it has really only lasted a few days. But it has sapped my energy pretty good. I made it to the gym last night, but didnít actually work out. I ended up just using the sauna some. Tonight I am going to make sure to work out and then use the massage table or chair at the Planet Fitness location. I know they are open 24 hours and since I have my daughter, it means I get a late start. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight after working out late.

So, it will be nice to see how it works later in the evening there. Itís funny. Now that I have a taste of the newer equipment I really canít wait for the new place to open with itsí shiny new facilities. New showers, equipment, new massage stuff. It will be nice thatís for sure. And it makes wanting to go to the old place hard. Lol

I am still in a funk though. I am glad I am back here. Tracking and blogging. Even if I am not eating clean it is keeping me honest. And keeping me focused on whatís important and that is living a healthier life.

Ah well back to the busy day.

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SAABSTORY 9/23/2014 3:41PM

    I do have sleep apnea and use my cpap religiously. lol

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UMBILICAL 9/23/2014 1:18PM

  Sleep apnea

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New Gym Report

Monday, September 22, 2014

Well, it was quite a weekend. Had a great time with the kids, and my son actually came over for the weekend. I hadnít really seen him since Labor Day weekend when we went camping. So we got to watch some football together Saturday and Sunday and our teams won. Always a nice feeling. Lol

What isnít so nice is the cold that is currently kicking my butt. Stuffy nose and mildly sore throat, and just feeling blah. But I am going to push through it some and still hit the gym this evening. Hopefully that will push back at the cold. Lol

Well, the trip to Planet Fitness was good. The staff at the location was very friendly and nice. I didnít get to take advantage of the massage bed or chair since I didnít know you had to sign up when and that kind of thing. Then when I was done working out, I figured I needed to get moving to get my daughter.

My first impression was that everything was packed into this location. Not much room between machines but it was nice using something newer and quieter. I think the new location will be much better simply because it is totally new. The location I visited was in a strip mall and wasnít built originally to be a gym. And it is all one floor. The new location will be 2 stories. The personal trainer on staff might be harder to utilize than I thought since the hours are pretty much Monday through Friday 7-6 or so. Working during the day makes that a little hard to us, but I can work it in if I decide too.

All in all the locker room was much nicer and the showers were a whole lot better than my current gym. So I am looking very forward to the new one opening next month.


Trying a new gym!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Well another week in the books and I am about to leave work. Which is super busy right now as we had someone get promoted and have not been able to fill the opening yet. Which means I get double the workload. Yay!

But I am sneaking out early today to try out my new gym. Well, not the one I plan to use since that one is still under construction. But I joined a new Planet Fitness they are building. I have been thinking about leaving mine for awhile but it has several advantages none could overcome. Mainly proximity and price. I got in on a super deal of 15/month and no contract. And it is 1.2 miles from the house. So, I have even walked to the gym on nice days.

Planet Fitness is building a location a little more than the 1.2 miles away, but not much. And it is right on a bus line. Which is a plus if you have my luck with cars. For 20/month I get full access: unlimited tanning, unlimited use of the hydromassage beds, unlimited use of the massage chairs, and unlimited guest privileges. And unlimited use of other clubs. Not that there are many in the area, but every now and then it would help. One other perk, they are open 24/7 except for a few holidays in the year. That was a gripe at LA Fitness, on days I have my kids, it isnít always easy to get there by 9. And if you do, you still have to be out by 10. So this way I wonít feel rushed.

The biggest perk though is unlimited personal trainer time. No extra charge. They have one on staff. I guess it may not always be one on one time, but I am not really looking for that. As I restart this journey, I am looking for some more individual guidance and support and someone to help steer me to better ways of working out.

So, I am going to try one of the locations today to see how it goes. I especially want to try the hydro-massage bed. I have heard lots of good things about those.

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CLEARNIGHTSKY 9/20/2014 1:21AM

    Wow, those are some great features that Planet Fitness offers. I'll be interested to hear how your experience went.

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LALATIDAH 9/19/2014 2:45PM


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Quick update

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Well it is a gray day today. I hope it clears up. I want to be outside tonight walking with my youngest. She has decided that she wants to run cross country in 7th grade. She just started 6th. One thing that frustrated me when my son ran was his constant battle with shin splints. I know it was mostly his fault since he didnít run much in the off season. And then went from no running to running 3-5 miles a day. So, I have decided that since I needed the exercise, we would start walking some and work our way up to 3-4 miles a few times a week, then gradually start adding some jogging in so that when she starts running next summer, she has a base and will hopefully avoid the problems my son had. So we are about at the point we are ready to add the jogging. I think tonight will be our last walking only session. Assuming the weather holds.

In other big news, my son graduated from high school in the early summer. So, I have one starting her last year of college, one in his first, and one in 6th grade. I think that was part of the depression. Realizing that I am to the point where I will only see one of the kids on a regular basis. The older 2 are basically at the point where they donít want to see dad all that often. So, this is a struggle I know all parents go through. So, I need to just get used to it.

Starting to feel the need to dive again soon. I did take a trip with the kids to Mexico and my son and I got to dive in the ocean which is always nice and then we dove in the Cenoteís one day. That was some of the coolest diving I have done. Our guide was excellent and it was just a really cool experience. But now that the weather is starting to turn up here, I am feeling the urge to dive more to get as much in as I can. Need a trip for midwinter like last year to get a fix in again.

Ah well back to the grind of work.

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MILPAM3 9/11/2014 5:16PM

  How great to have a dad who wants to connect with his kids in fitness activities.

Love the SAABSTORY name. That's what I called the car we had for a while, then DH freaked out about the fuse box and that was that. Time for a new make and model.

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