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So So Week

Monday, November 11, 2013

My goals this past week were
1)Follow my menu plan
2)Drink more water
3)Exercise before I play WoW
I did follow my menu the first part of the week, but by Thursday I was way off. This week I have decided to use meals I have prepped and frozen ahead of time. At least later in the week. My new cookbook should come in handy for that.
I did drink more water, but not my my full 8 glasses a day. I still count this as a win though. I think f I had gone from very little water to 8 glasses a day I would have been in the bathroom more than not!
The exercise is an issue. I know I need to move more, but I end up hurting so bad. Partly because of past injuries and partly because of my current weight.
My week was pretty up and down. We are trying to get holiday stuff nailed down. It is the in-laws year for Thanksgiving with us and Christmas with my family. In-laws live an hour and a half away so it gets too hectic trying to do both families in 1 day. In my family we plan ahead. My mom has been on me since Labor Day to start making plans. Shane's family usually plan a week or 2 ahead. I sent sis in law a message a few weeks ago letting her know that this was their Thanksgiving. On Wed she got back to me that they didn't want to get together for Thanksgiving, but wanted to do Christmas dinner instead. I let her know we already had plans with my family that day. So I have been making a menu and talking with Shane about inviting my brother and his girlfriend over. Shane wants it to be just us. I think it's completely depressing to cook for just us. He finally conceded last night. I was got on FB to send my brother a message inviting them over. Instead, I find a message from sis in law saying they are having Thanksgiving. So now I have to figure out a fairly healthy side and dessert to take that they will eat. I offered to because everything they make is always so salty. I end up looking like a blow up toy by the time we get back home. I am thinking of doing green bean casserole for the side. I have a couple paleo recipes for it with little salt and no cream of mystery glob from a can. I'm torn on the dessert. I have recipe for an almond pear cake that looks delish!
I'm just not sure anyone but me and the girls will eat it. I also have a recipe for primal carrot cake that I have been dying to make!
Again, not sure if they would eat it or not, but at least Shane would eat it.
I've also been Christmas shopping. I have pajamas, 1 dress and 1 shirt each for the girls. I also have socks and panties for Sarane. Any other clothes will come from Goodwill or the consignment shop. I am trying to take the stance that they get a few brand new pieces of clothes and some gently used new to them clothes. My family thinks I'm crazy, but clothes are expensive. Especially when they are growing so fast. Besides, it shouldn't matter where it comes from. It's new to the girls.
I am torn between the Ramona books and the Little House books for Sarane. Yes, she is only 3 and therefore cannot read. I read to her. We have plenty of little kids books, but I like reading big books to her and she likes it. I think I'm just going to get Elora coloring books for her books. We are trying to follow something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need.
I am keeping my eye on prices. We are going to get Sarane an art easel and art supplies. Elora is getting a couple of toys that she can take apart and put back together. We wanted to get her a toy workbench, but they all have small parts and she still sticks stuff in her mouth. Maybe next year.
The something you need is proving a bit harder. What do a 2 year old and almost 4 year old need? I might look at new bedding for Elora. She still has the Winnie the Pooh baby stuff. She does need a bigger blanket at least. Sarane I am at a total loss.
I have my nephew's present ordered. I know what I am getting my mom. I am going to put a gift basket together for my dad with different teas and a mug that I'm going to let the girls doodle on. My brother and his girlfriend I am making a gift basket, but I'm not sure what I am going to put in it. I'm thinking either "Pizza Night" (with a pizza stone, pizza cutter, jiffy pizza dough, a jar of pizza sauce and an oven mitt), "Pasta Night" (a box of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, a colander, a few spices and a recipe for garlic bread) or a breakfast themed basket (pancake mix, a spatula, muffin mix, a muffin tin, coffee, coffee mugs like the one we are making my dad). I'm actually digging the breakfast themed basket but I keep going back and forth. For my sis and her boyfriend, I am doing a big gift basket with baby stuff. She is due Feb 1st with a little girl, Lola Mae. I was supposed to throw a baby shower but for reasons being it got canceled. I already have a few outfits to put in it. I am also going to make a big thing of laundry soap. I am going to get diapers, wipes, bottles, gripe water, and other little things.
Thursday is Elora's 2nd birthday. I can't believe how big she is getting! She is talking more and more. Last night she said her first cuss word. Oops. My bad. She totally repeated after me. It was bull----. Hopefully, it was just a one time thing. Instead of a party, Sat we are taking her to the Chinese buffet her in town. It is awesome and she loves it. My parents, sis and brother are all coming too. Sarane's birthday is in Jan. Still have no idea what we are going to do for her.
Here are this week's goals
1) Log in all my food.
2) Drink my 8 glasses of water a day.
3)Exercise at least 10 min a day.


My OMG Moment

Monday, November 04, 2013

Saturday was my birthday. It was a good birthday that I got to spend with my husband and kids. Last week Shane let me go shopping for some clothes. By "let me" I mean he made sure it was in the budget. I have had most of my clothes longer than Shane and I have been together and they are starting to tear up. I found some jeans pretty easily. It was the tops. I got a new sweatshirt and a new hoodie. I know my wardrobe sounds glamorous! Seriously though, I'm a 32 year old stay at home mom. Comfort is the name of the game. So I was looking at tops. I picked up a 2XL which is what I wore when Shane and I got together. I didn't even bother trying it on. I knew it would be way too tight. I ended up needing a 3XL hoodie and a 4XL sweatshirt (because I like my sweatshirts on the loose side). I almost put the tops back so that I didn't have to face the fact of how big I really am. I ended up buying them only because I needed them so bad. I don't want to be a 3/4XL. I can't be a 3/4XL. Not in the long run. I am constantly stressed, tired, my allergies are getting really bad again and my back and shoulder hurt constantly. I know all these issues aren't 100% because of my weight, but I also know that losing weight will help a lot! I have tried to lose weight so many times before. Sometimes I would but then gained it right back. Other times, I would give up before the first day was over. I feel like this is the point though. Either I do what it takes to become healthy or I continue to get bigger and sicker.
So what am I going to do about it? First off, I am going to take it one day at a time. I get so overwhelmed when I look at the big picture. That leads to my failure. So I am looking at today. Tomorrow can wait until tomorrow.
I am going back to eating Primal/Paleo. Eating that way earlier this year, I felt so much better than I ever have. Yes, it is difficult not to eat all the convenience food, but eating those is what led me to this point. Of course, my budget doesn't allow for everything to be organic or grass-fed. I can only do what I can do. But every little bit helps. That is why I prefer Primal over full on Paleo. 80/20 is much more doable than 95/5! Plus, I am not completely giving up dairy. Cut back? Sure. Cut out? No way!
Exercise is something I am working on. We recently got Roku and several channels have exercise videos on them. My plan is, for the time being, just to go through these videos and find what I like. So I might do yoga one day, belly dancing the next and WATP the next. I figure as long as I get up and move, that's what counts at this point!
To keep myself accountable I am going o blog every Monday. Ideally, I would blog everyday, but I can never keep up with that. It ends up feeling like a chore. So Mondays are what I am committing to and anything else is just a bonus. I also am making weekly goals. Nothing major. At least not yet. So here they are. My goals for this week:
1) Follow my menu plan!
2) Drink more water.
3) Exercise before I play WoW.

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KOFFEENUT 11/4/2013 5:48PM

    You are SO right - looking at the big picture can be overwhelming. The only way I could be successful was to set VERY small goals that I KNEW I could do. Get 10 minutes of exercise? I CAN do that. Eat 3 fruits/vegetables today? I CAN do that. I don't have control over the scale, so I had to set goals that I DID have control over and trust they would take me where I wanted to go over the long haul. And they DO - hang in there!

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My Fall Restart

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This summer I really dropped the ball. We ended up eating a lot of junk just so we could eat cheaply. I stopped coming on here and logging. After I hurt myself (again) while exercising, I basically just stopped moving. The consequences are that my kids think things that used to be treats are now every day foods. I gained 5 lbs. The worst though is that we all feel like crap. None of us has the energy we did. I'm having trouble sleeping again. Sarane is having constipation issues again. It seems like we all got sick at the drop of a hat. It's just crazy how bad I feel.
So yesterday I started back on here logging my food. I also started eating Primal again. I am making weekly goals. This week's goal is to eat Primal and stick to it. Now I confess, yesterday I I made the girls pb&j. I didn't even think about it when I licked the jam off the knife. I'm not going to be uber hard on myself for it, but I do have to realize that I need to be conscious of what I am consuming. Still I had a good day. No cravings to make me go crazy yet.
Now for exercising, well I am holding off on that till I am no longer sick. Or at least till I can walk without coughing up a lung.
I have a recipe review. Last night I made this.
I did make a few changes to suite our tastes. I used EVOO instead of sesame oil. I shredded the carrots. I added a bit of yellow bell pepper and mushrooms. I really liked it. I have been craving Chinese takeout and this did the trick. Elora ate it up too. Sarane ate everything but the broccoli so in picky temperamental 3 yo speak, that means it's good. Shane is still asleep so I don't know whether he liked it or not. One of the many downsides to him working nights.
I currently have a big pot of bone broth simmering. It's only been on for about 12 hrs, but my apartment smells wonderful! Just about another 60 hrs till I can cool it. I can't wait! This is my first attempt to make it. I am using beef bones, celery, carrots and onion.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and blessed be!

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KNYAGENYA 9/17/2013 1:09PM

    Sticking to some changes can be hard. You can do it though...I have faith in you.

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Detox Revised

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So the smoothie detox didn't go well yesterday. The breakfast smoothie is really yummy and I wasn't hungry for hours. The lunch smoothie was not nearly as tasty. It wasn't horrid, but it had a slight bitter taste from all the kale. I ended up drinking less than half of it. I just couldn't choke it down. About an hour later my stomach was grumbling and I was really hungry. I tried to fight it. I tried to drink more of the smoothie, but just couldn't. I ended up eating a bunch of crap. When I punched in the smoothies on my tracker, I realized why I failed. There is almost no protein. I usually eat a lot of protein because it keeps me full. So today I am trying something a little different. I am still doing the smoothies, but only half. Then I am adding in eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner. It should work a bit better.
I also tried yoga this morning. I have tried it in the past, but a lot of the talk gets on my nerves. So I found a beginners video on YouTube that focused on the stretches and not opening myself to the sun. I didn't last long, but not because I didn't want to keep going. It felt really good stretching my back! Unfortunately, due to drinking an obscene amount of pop last week, I have a massive caffeine headache. It was better this morning until I did downward dog. It seriously felt like my eyes were going to liquify. I had to stop or I was going to be sick. The cutest thing happened though. Sarane was doing it with me. She ended up doing the whole video. She kept saying "Mommy, I like this. It's fun." So I found a kid's yoga video for her. She loved it. She was so cute doing it! If you have never seen a 3 year old do yoga, I highly suggest it! I do believe this is going to become a daily thing for us. Elora was in bed having "calm" time, basically, when she needs a nap but won't go to sleep. She just lays there or plays for about 45 minutes. Tomorrow I think we will do the kids video when she is up. maybe run out some of this energy the girls have stored up!
I hope everyone has a great day! Blessed be!


Been away for a couple of weeks.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Shane was on shut down last week. Basically, a forced vacation in the automotive manufacturing industry. He was off 9 straight days. Usually we would have been at each others throats by the end, but we actually had a good time. We didn't do much, but still had fun just being together. The one thing I did let him have was his "normal" food. Honestly, we ate like crap! Pop, processed boxed "food", fast food, was bad! I didn't want to argue and I knew that I would end up eating the crap too instead of making something healthy. So I feel like today is Day 1 again. But that's ok. I don't feel defeated like I usually do. I feel good. Very positive and ready to get the ball rolling.
To start off right, I am doing a 3 day smoothie detox. It isn't "Primal", but there isn't anything it them that isn't Primal approved. Then after the 3 days, we go back to Primal eating. No grains, limited dairy. I am even committing myself to being better about making sure the girl's are gluten free. Shane can have his pop. I am not even tempted. I drank way too much and my kidneys are hurting because of it. No more! here is the link to the detox plan
I am also going to attempt yoga. I actually really despise yoga. Not so much the moves but the whole "be one with the earth" crap. I feel one with the earth when I am outside hiking or playing with my kids, not when some yogi is showing me how to do intense stretches. But my back is still killing me. I really don't know what else to do. I may bring it up the next time I go to my Dr.
I will let you know how all this goes! Have a great day and Blessed Be! emoticon

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SUNSHINE192DAY 7/22/2013 9:53AM

    Just remember that if you halve it you can have it!

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