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Bring it on-

Monday, July 28, 2014

I already know what my week is looking like. I would normally be exhausted just thinking about it. I'm not.

I've gotten 5 hours of straight sleep 3 of the last 4 nights, which is an improvement over 3 hours at a time for the last several weeks. I feel a little better because of that. I also took food with me for the shows all weekend and didn't binge. I feel better because of that.

I KNOW what my week looks like and I've got everything planned and ready for most of it. That is also helping. I already KNOW things are not going to go as smoothly as I would like or as well as I have planned. I'm ready for that, too.

Tonight I'm making bbq ribs with baked beans for dinner. I've made healthier things, I've made worse things. I will just watch my quantity and it will be fine.

I already called the Dr this morning to let her know how the meds are working. They are working, but not as well as they could be. We'll see what she decides to do with them. She had already said we may need to play with the dosage for a while until we get it right. At least I don't try adjusting it myself!!! Since I have almost exactly 4 days off between the time we got done yesterday and the time we will go (if we go) on Thursday I may feel better by the end of the week. But working the extra day starting next week may make it worse. We'll have to wait and see for that, too.

sigh. It's always something. I'm getting much better at dealing with things, though!

Time to get going and get things done!

Have a great day!

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LINDAK25 7/28/2014 7:38PM

    Sleep really does make all the difference, doesn't it? Having that balance of good sleep, healthy diet, and exercise makes dealing with stress and life in general so much easier! Mmm, bbq ribs and baked beans sound so yummy.

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SOUTHERNSARA 7/28/2014 10:28AM

    Planning ahead is a big help! emoticon

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Getting ready-

Sunday, July 27, 2014

For an incredibly hectic week. And very thankful today's sales were better than yesterdays at the art fair. It probably would have been even better had we not all been scrambling to pack up early and fast because there were storms coming in with hail across the bay!! YIKES!!!

It was still ok, I made enough to cover the concert expenses. It's going to be fine.

Our week looks like this:Monday-Hubs' MOHS surgery (he's not thrilled, but it's necessary), enptying and cleaning minivan for Wednesday's road trip. Tuesday-phone appointment with lawyer about flying pig, preparing food for Wednesday's road trip, installing 3rd seat in minivan, filling gas tank. Wednesday, ROAD TRIP!! Hubs and 6 teenagers driving to milwaukee for Warp Tour. I am staying home!!!! Thursday, Hubs has more biopsies and we need to repack minivan for markets, including one that evening. Friday, 2nd teen has a job interview, we need to finish packing minivan for weekend markets. Saturday and Sunday, Markets!

Yeah, I'm hoping the new meds work better tonight and I get more sleep. I also have to call Dr tomorrow and let her know how they're working (which isn't great, but better than nothing!).

I will also be working on towels and embroidery and dish rags and LOTS of other stuff. next week may or may not be better, we'll see. Hectic seems to be the order of the day!

It will be fine. I didn't grab fast food today, Hubs helped microwave egg sandwiches and made coffee. I also didn't eat a bunch of stuff from my baker friend or fried egg rolls.

I did trade the little girl next to us (she's about 8) some egg rolls for the sock monkey purse she wanted. That way the guys get egg rolls for dinner and I don't have to do any cooking later.

I also bought some swedish rye bread to make sandwiches with. I'm thinking black forest ham and cheese for dinner. YUM.

We'll see what happens this week with the gym, I'm thinking life is going to get in the way, but I will try to get some exercise in one way or another. Even if it's just my little cycle thingy.

Have a great night, I'm going to go cuddle petrified puppies for the storm (my big dogs are big WEENIES in thunder).

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LINDAK25 7/28/2014 7:35PM

    Wow, really busy week! My pets never did really well with thunder, either.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Will be better than today was, business-wise. Today's sales were virtually nonexistent. I didn't even make space rent back. sigh. It happens sometimes (rarely, thank goodness). I'm still not going to complain, though. I met some amazing people and tomorrow will be better. It's a percent based rent tomorrow, so poor sales mean less expense. Good sales mean I don't mind the higher rent. It all works out.

I talked to the co-owner of the pie shop and he was asking when I will have more cherry towels. I told him about the new embroidery machine and if I can keep the cost similar to the transferred ones, he is VERY interested.

He asked if I can bring both kinds wednesday and like a dummy I said yes. I had forgotten that I'm taking the day off this week! OOPS! I asked Hubs to go let him know and Dave said that's cool, just let him see them the following week, please? I can do that. And I will have more done by then, too!

It's all going to be fine. I am really wiped out, though. These long days get harder every year. That's why the long-term plan is to get me into a shop of my own, so then I don't have to set up and tear down and drive all over heck and gone.

I did really well today with my food and drinks. I packed the cooler and didn't buy junk. VICTORY!!!!! We'll see what the scale says next week after I get to the gym a few days and stick with the packing of meals for markets.

I can do this!

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LINDAK25 7/26/2014 9:40PM

    Yes, you really can do this! Sorry you're sales weren't great today.

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Sooner or later...

Friday, July 25, 2014

We will figure out what is making me wake up in pain. I went to the new Dr yesterday and she prescribed a new med. It looks like I may have something called Neuropathy. Which is evidently nerve damage. There are a number of things which can cause it, as well as a number of cases with no known cause. sigh.

I took the medication before bed last night...and I'm up blogging at 1:30 am...She said to call her in a few days and let her know how the med is working or not working. I'm willing to try about anything at this point, I'm exhausted.

We didn't go set up at the other market down south, but we did go to see where it is. I think I can find it by myself. I can probably manage to set up alone, too. A lot depends on whether or not I can get some sleep soon.

I didn't get as much work done as I would have liked to, but I have all day today to do some more things. I plan to play with my machine and the new design cd and make some stuff with cherries. I picked up some plain potholders at the store that I will put door county and cherries on. And a BUNCH of the sweater pieces are still MIA, but it will be fine. Hubs went through the shed and found me the bingo afghan I designed a while back, so I have that, I have a tub full of those eyelash yarn scarves, almost a dozen green and yellow and white baby sweaters, and some other miscellaneous stuff that will work well. Plus the embroidered stuff.

It will be fine. Whatever God needs it to be, it will be. That makes it fine.

The kids and Hubs will be going to the concert next wednesday, that is pretty much cast in stone now. I thought about riding with if there was room, but another person asked if she can go and we said not a problem. That kind of music with my migraines probably would have been a bad idea, anyway.

The plan is to put 2 cases of water in the back along with a cooler. I'm going to freeze 2 boxes of capri sun and throw them in the cooler with a bunch of sandwiches (probably pbj, they're teenagers) and some snack crackers and a few baggies of cut veggies (celery and carrots probably). We're going to go ahead and have Hubs pay to park on site, that way all the kids can come and go to get drinks and food during the event. I'm thinking with it being a 12 hour thing and not being allowed to take anything in, it will be a good idea. I don't think they will object since we were told that bottled water last year was something like $5 per bottle!!! Yikes!

I'm deciding what to send for breakfast...I'm thinking probably toasted english muffins with egg and/or sausage on them. We'll see what turns up.

OH! I also decided to try making ground pork into homemade sausage, since I have to really watch my sodium now. I couldn't find any at my locall store that didn't already have salt added, so I bought a pork roast. I don't have a grinder or food processor but I DO have those amazing chef's knives that MIL gave me for Christmas last year. I can use those to trim most of the fat and chop it up really well. Then I will add some onion, maybe sage, a little garlic...but NO SALT. Great, now I'm making my self hungry, lol. It really sounds good, I'm hoping it tastes good.

I also (gasp!) bought hummus and will be trying it. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised and like it. I'm not holding my breath, though. It sounds too much like Haggis, and that is NOT something I find appetizing, even though I'm married to a Scot! (Big redhead=usually Scot lineage, shorter redheads, Irish emoticon We have both in the family just on different sides)

I was also down .8 pounds from Tuesday, which was amazing and felt good. All I need to do is keep paying attention to what I'm putting in and not keep having junk. Making my food and taking it with to markets is making a HUGE difference. By this time last year, I had GAINED over 15lbs! This year I've lost 3 (okay, it's not much, but it's going in the right direction!)

Well, I think I'm finally getting to where I can get back to sleep, Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!!!

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LINDAK25 7/25/2014 10:19AM

    Hopefully, once you start getting more sleep all your symptoms will disappear. My Mom went through this after she had knee surgery last fall. Is this just the way the body reacts under extreme stress? No, I don't mean emotional stress. I'm talking about lack of sleep. I'm sure your allergies factor into this as well. Hopefully, you'll get to a point where you can get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night (even if it's interrupted sleep).

I was hoping you'd find your sweater pieces. Well, pooh. Sounds like a good plan for the concert. Wow, nice that you send breakfast with them. I would have sent muffins, which are calorie bombs, I know.

Welcome to low salt (oh, joy). I suggest adding some salt to your sausage. Check out a recipe and then cut the salt in half or in thirds, otherwise it's not going to taste good, especially since you just started eating lower salt foods. I love hummus. I make my own. That way I control how much oil, salt, and spices go into it.

Have a great weekend!

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SUNNYRAYE 7/25/2014 5:46AM

    Way to go! Congrats on the progress.
You are doing awesomely. I hope they sort your pain out soon.

Hang in there!

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PICKIE98 7/25/2014 5:31AM

    I have had neuropathy for years. It is not fun, ,, now with fibromyalgia an diabetes and arthritis, it triples. I hope your doctor works with you and your symptoms to find a way to treat this.

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RASPBERRY56 7/25/2014 5:02AM

    I hope you get an answer and resolution to your health issues ASAP!

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RAPUNZEL53 7/25/2014 4:37AM

  You have a Great Weekend too!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yesterday wasn't bad, sales wise, but it really could have been better. I'm not going to complain, though. Any day I don't go in the hole is a good one in my book.

Some interesting things happened yesterday with work. At our second market, it is new, so there are people still being nasty about it not being all it was promised. Okay, 1, it is NEW. 2, people are still learning it is there. 3 we are not being charged until the promised plans are finished 4 any new venture takes at LEAST 3 years to establish!!!

If you have expanded your business to the point where you need to have $1500 in sales at EVERY single market just to break even? You have a problem. It is YOUR problem, stop blaming the markets for it!

I'm not getting involved in the politics. When the one guy keeps being nasty, I keep telling the lady running it to not let him get to her. Anyone who isn't expecting to need 2-3 years for this to be really good is not being realistic or fair. I told her if they DO cancel on me after 1 or 2 seasons, THEN I will be annoyed emoticon Because at that point, people will be used to me being there and will be looking for me!

She told me that they had a meeting over all this that's going on and that she talked to her boss about me. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I'm not worried over it.

I also got invited (again) to another market in Algoma on Thursday evenings. I think Hubs and I are going to go check it out today (after my appointment with the specialist). Since he's here this week and next, it's the best time to try it. We'll see what happens.

I did some of the bookwork yestersday, just ran basic numbers to see where my sales are for the year. Every other place I go is making me more than the one here in town?! And the one in town is the one that is beginning to get on my nerves (it's where people steal my patterns and ideas and are rude to me).

We also saw a sign for another Saturday market up north yesterday. I think Hubs is going to go there Saturday while I'm at the art fair and check it out. I'm still REALLY wanting to get into a shop in a few years. The plan is to save as much out of my revenue as I can to help with the expenses when I get to that point. Life is currently getting in the way of that, but things will be what God needs them to be for me.

The kids are already getting VERY excited about the concert next week. I'm planning to wake them in a while to get them to help Dad do some stuff. Cleaning clutter in my room, finding sweater parts and pieces for me to assemble (remember last winter when I kept making pieces and putting them in giant baggies? the baggies evidently relocated. And not in groups. Sleeves here, bodies there. sigh) clearing the shed and finding as many afghans as I have, checking the 3rd seat for the van so it's ready to be re-installed next week, etc.

Oh, and my new pattern disc came!!! I will be embroidering towels until the last minute for the art fair!! WOO HOOO!!!!!

I will really be VERY ready for my day off next wednesday!

Have a great day today!

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LINDAK25 7/24/2014 4:13PM

    Gee, maybe it's time to drop the market in town? Tough decision. Have a great weekend.

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    Some times you just need to vent about people who just don't or won't understand

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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