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I was offline HOW long??

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I logged into Spark when I got home and done with all the errands, packing Hubs off to work, dealing with mama drama (justifiable surprisingly for her) kids, computers, work, banking, budgeting, etc., ad nauseum. sigh.

I have been doing fairly well with my calorie intake (not great, but not as bad as I usually do when Hubs is home) but didn't get any gym time in, It happens. Not beating myself up over it.

My friend that shares my space didn't stay today because the weather this morning was awful and the forecast was 80%chance it was going to stay that way all day. It didn't stay as bad as expected, but it was rough for a while this morning. It's sad to say that whenever she is not there, my sales are at least double what they are when I have to share the space and be crowded into 10 feet. It may be coincidence, but...

Anyway, I had Hubs in for his MOHS and the dr decided to only do 2 MOHS and the other spots with conventional ed&c. He did all of them in one shot and Hubs' regular specialist (who does everything except MOHS) said she was going to wait until he gets home next time to do anything more. His body needs a break.

Then Hubs got a really good load offer that would not have worked out if he had been having treatment on monday. He will be leaving in just a little bit. I wanted him to go a few hours ago so it wouldn't be tight on time, but then he said he doesn't have to be in colorado nearly as early as I thought on monday.

We didn't want to get up this morning because it was storming and the rain was supposed to continue, but I always do better in iffy weather, I ended up having my best day of the year for this market. It was nice because it gave me some breathing room in the budget.

Then Hubs' paycheck came and was a pleasant surprise. He used it to get son's computer for college (son is a HIGH SCHOOL taking college classes). Now there will be no excuses for homework for either level of school!

I also had to deal with my mom. She called and the way she was acting, i thought someone had died. She is frantic because my aunt (her younger sister, who has had brain cancer for several years) is being put on Hospice care this week. My mother wants to go to california to visit them.

I told mom clearly that she is not going. Even if any of us could afford it (and Hubs would find a way if I asked) she is NOT GOING. I told her my aunt and her family need this time together. It needs to be about my aunt and her needs, not about my aunt putting on a good show for my mother's sake and trying to take care of my mother. Not happening. End of story. Mom was NOT happy with me putting my foot down.

My aunt asked her to make a dark brown afghan for her. My mother bought cafe au lait yarn. I told my mom I will ship her yarn priority in the right color. She started in about not being able to talk to my aunt, I said write her a letter. "I can't even get out to send her a get well card", I will send you cards, mom. "well I still can't send it I can't go get stamps" give me credit for having a brain? I know that, I will send you stamps, too. "when will you send it" monday when the post office opens up. I will send it priority, you should have it by wednesday, text me your address after you charge your cell.

About a half hour later, she send her address...with no apartment number! I texted her back and said the apartment number would help, mom.

Sigh. She wants me to come see her. I'm not able to go right now. I have a kid in school, a husband working OTR and dealing with cancer himself, I cannot and will not drop everything and drive 700 miles to deal with drama I can handle by phone and mail.

I told her when the time comes, I will make sure I send nice flowers from her because she is NOT GOING. I love my aunt, but I also love my uncle and her kids. I am not letting my mom go make drama and intrude on them. She can be the center of attention where she is, she doesn't need to go be the center of attention there, too.

I really have been off sparks too long, just catching up, this blog is getting WAY too long.

Tomorrow is another market day, I'm hoping for another fabulous day.

Please keep my aunt, her family, and Hubs in your prayers. My aunt is terminal, Hubs is not, Thank God none of his have metastasized.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow.

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KAREN608 9/20/2014 8:04PM

    I can tell you have to use tough love and common sense on your Mom. My parents and DH parents are gone now, but we never had any drama. Go figure.

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What the??

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So I just logged into Spark for the day, and yesterday's blog is nowhere to be found! Well!

I'm not going to bother trying to recreate it, but it is a bit frustrating that the thing said it was loaded and now it's MIA. Sigh. If that's the worst that happens this week? I will take it and RUN with it!!!

Today's sales were decent. Not stellar, but decent. I was able to get MIL's significant other's Christmas gift and have a bit left over after I paid for space, so it works.

Hubs should be home later today or first thing tomorrow. He has MOHS surgery tomorrow, Biopsies on friday, and more MOHS on monday. At least we are trying to keep on top of things!
As long as nothing metastasizes, it's good. If it does that, well, we'll deal with that when we have to. The Lord will get us through it. He always does!

I did pretty good today with my foods and drinks (so far! I plan to stick with it today) partly because I got over warm while I was packing and was feeling sick, so I wasn't even tempted to get fast food on the way home. I did drink 2 bottles of water, so I'm feeling a little better.

One of these days I will learn that any time I'm thinking "it won't get warm enough for a t-shirt" I need to make sure I have one with me. The long sleeves were great all day until I was in the sun. Yeah, that was not fun. Oh well. Maybe I'll remember next time...

I did get some fresh mushrooms and tomatoes at the market, too. I'm thinking pizza for my vegetarian boys. We'll see if I get that ambitious tonight.

I have a lot of work to get done for the weekend, so have a great afternoon!!

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KAREN608 9/17/2014 4:39PM

    How about teaching those boys how to make the pizza and some cooking? It is time for them to pull their own weight and know how to cook as well as clean, right? You should not have to do it all.

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Sunday was a Monday in disguise...

Monday, September 15, 2014

My internet was down...again! ATT is getting right up there on the list with cell company "v", let me tell you!

It happens. Sales were down again. no big surprise there. It's my own fault for donating things. If that's the worst thing that happens this week I will take it and RUN!! lol

I went to the gym already and then tried to go get errands done, bills paid, etc. Oh, wait, nothing opens until 9! it's a good thing I'm self employed, I'd have to take days off to pay bills because they are only open 9-4!!! ugh. I COULD go pay it at the bank, oh wait, their hours are 9-5 so much more helpful! and they charge several dollars "convenience fee". Where is that convenient???

Oh well. I'm just having one of those stressful weeks. little work, little pay, bills. more bills, holidays looming, medical appointments for Hubs' treatments that should not be delayed that may have to be...

I'm really working on that "let go, let God" thing. Let's just say it's a continuing work in progress and leave it at that.

I thought about going out for breakfast to "save gas" from the extra running. I ended up coming back to the house to spark instead. grabbing some cottage cheese for snack until I get done with errands, then I will come home and make "real food". Probably turkey sausage with eggs and toast. Then I will try to move my machines around again to get some more work done.

I am in that situation where if I DO a lot, I won't SELL a lot, and if I don't do a lot I will wish I had. sigh. It happens when you're the boss.

SO, here's to a decent week. At least I started it off with a gym run!!

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KAREN608 9/15/2014 9:53PM

    When I work 'regular' jobs, I find I have to do all my errands at lunch time due to hours of the businesses. Maybe some expect you to pay online? Other businesses don't seem to have a clue.

Guess you have to just stock up on inventory for the days when the sales are great.
At least you try your best! And going to the gym!

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Some people

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Are so rude! I had a group of people who decided the front of my tent was a good place to stand and chat with friends...for 2 hours! As you can guess it prevent red me from making any sales

I did have 1 customer who really wanted a sock monkey cozy who said "excuse me" and pushed her way past them. They had the nerve to complain that she was rude???

Sigh. I did donate a set of towels to United Way for a fundraiser. The guy was going to buy one first thing this morning to use in a gift basket raffle/auction type fundraiser. When I found out it was for that, I donated a whole set instead of letting him pay. He said he will make sure everyone knows where they came from. It is fine either way

I will also be donating some to the local group that provides school supplies, shoes and school clothes to needy kids.

It's not a lot, but I do what I can.

Have a great saturday.

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SENIMMO 9/14/2014 6:32AM

    I didn't specify whether or not I had asked them to move. I did ask politely. Twice. They moved about 2 feet for maybe five minutes then moved right back. I figured everyone would realize I'm not a total idiot when it comes to my business...

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ATGOALWT 9/13/2014 4:48PM

  I would of just said to them, excuse me, can you please move to the side as you are blocking my tent. You said nothing so nothing was done and now you are mad about it.

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KAREN608 9/13/2014 4:23PM

    I agree, sometimes people are clueless about blocking an area and standing around chit chatting. This doesn't just happen at craft fairs, but in church, work etc. Just a bad habit all around. In small towns, two drivers will stop their cars in the middle of the street hang out their windows and talk! I think people don't talk as much as they used to then when they get a chance it sometimes is in the worse location, blocking a door, a street or hallway.

Good for you donating. I donate toys to AWANA store for kids and other things. It is fun to help out.

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A few ups!

Friday, September 12, 2014

I was able to get almost all of the patterns I wanted downloaded into the computer. SO, that was good. Not so good is that for some reason I managed to mess it up to where it tries to unzip most of them with media player. Sigh. I have NO idea how to fix that. Guess I will just have to ask Hubs to help when he gets home for his surgery.

I WAS able to get a few downloaded in a usable form!!! WOO HOOO. I have one for thanksgiving, two for easter, some nautical resized, an anchor, and a few others. I will get getting busy with the machine as soon as I'm done blogging.

I didn't make it to the gym today. I was up until nearly 1 am fighting with windows 8 to get my patterns! I was just too tired at 430 to get out of bed. I think the furniture I have to move to get my machine in place will count as a workout, though!

Plus it is still freezing cold and wet. I really don't need to get sick on top of everything else going on!

My boys have decided they are going "vegetarian". Right after I stocked the freezer with meat for the month, no less!

I told them that's fine, but I can't go buy them special foods at this point so they can either eat real food or buy their own stuff for now. It's not my fault they waited until I had gone shopping to ask for this stuff!

I also told them it that's the case, they are to keep their grubby little paws off when I make homemade biscuits (I use lard, it's an animal product) and bacon (i'm usually lucky to get 2 slices out of a pound!) and the low fat cheese I buy for my weight loss.

They promptly decided they aren't going to be "strict vegetarians". HEHEHE.

They did walk to the store last night and bought themselves 2 huge cans of protein powder. I guess the younger one is going to use that as a meal replacement for the gross school food. I am ok with that. We did the math last year, and they are giving the kids over 800 calories for lunch and over 500 for breakfast on days when the meals are "healthy" and "lower calorie" yeah, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, regular jello, chocolate milk, sauced or buttered veggies, among other stuff (like that horrible pizza?!) And they blame the parents for the kids being overweight???

Oh well, He's realizing that just because the GIVE him all that on a plate doesn't mean he has to eat it all!!

Anyway, I'm still waiting to hear from Hubs about the truck issues (ours and the one he's driving) and his schedule for the weekend. I'm hoping I don't have to reschedule his MOHS. That has potential bad consequences.

I'm probably only going to get about a dozen towels done today, but that's fine. I haven't done much work all week, I just haven't felt like it with all that knitting I was doing! I did spin yesterday as I stress reliever and reward for all the work I did try to do on the sweater. I tell you, that is a serious upper body workout!!

So, I just heard my cell beep for a text, so I better get going and see what Hubs has to say and then get my rear in gear moving furniture and making towels!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! (and yes, I'm still praying over all of what's going on and very thankful that some of it is working out!! I know who's fixing things!!)

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KAREN608 9/12/2014 1:59PM

    You know the Lord is on your case, and moving furniture: yup, enough of that is a work out. Glad you got some patterns downloaded. Computers very frustrating.

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WORDWOMAN7 9/12/2014 11:31AM

    It sounds like you're really creative, and doing some fun things! I hope that you have a good weekend and all goes well with your husband's procedure.

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