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In a University now and living by myself.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well, this is different. I rented a 4-bedroom apt in off-campus housing, where everyone pays the same amount for whichever room you get. I happened to luck out and get a 4-bedroom all to myself. It is very different with no one at home making bad decisions. I never noticed that I kind of need those bad decisions to help remind me to stay on track. Luckily the worst food I have in the kitchen right now is sugar and peanut butter, and I don't use much sugar nowadays. I have to remind myself to be active, especially now that I do not have an active job. And how my schedule worked out, I have plenty of free time right now, so I should be doing something productive. Good thing about this is that I am revealing to myself what kind of person I really am. Hopefully, I can reform myself into a healthy adult male, rather than a lazy, lethargic generic college guy.

P.S. I am a transfer Human Ecology major (focus is Dietetics) at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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ASTRONGNEWME 8/27/2014 9:11AM

    I remember living in the dorms at college, so it's awesome you got a 4 bedroom place all to yourself! How long will you have it to yourself?

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JERICHO1991 8/26/2014 9:43PM

    Wishing you a successful college career, and continued healthy living habits.

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Yay! No longer obese!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

So, I had a goal to get to 175 lbs after a year. After about 8 months, it was apparent that was not going to happen. Within the last four months, I have been trying my best to lose weight, and succeeding in bounds! One of the biggest marks in my weight loss is 210 lbs. That mark is not only halfway through my weight loss journey, but it also is the mark between obese and simply overweight. As Otakon came more and more near, my goals became more focused, with specific rewards.
Firstly, whenever I hit 210 lbs, I would start training to run. This is a biggie for me because it's one of the things that limit me the most, the fact that I cannot run/jog any more than a fifth of a mile. I literally dream of running, often to the point of free running/ parkour, since that is my ultimate running goal, of freedom of movement.
And second, my goal is to reach 210 lbs by Otakon. My reward for this is that I can eat whatever I want for three days rather than two.
I've been especially good for the last month or two. I work in front of a fryer most of the time at a seafood fryer since that is the "brain" of the kitchen. Everything goes through that point. Anyhow, in the last two months I have completely kicked out all drinks aside from water with a little bit of coffee and tea. I also have kicked out all bread, pasta, white potatoes and fried foods. Since doing so, I have lost 20 pounds without any additional exercise, more than the total combined since February 2011. Yeah, I think I found what I have been doing wrong.

My achievements: 210 lbs - No longer obese.
210 lbs - Halfway through my journey, 35 lbs lost.
At mark by Otakon (this Thursday)
No fried foods, soda, juice, lemonade, sweetened drinks (aside from tea and coffee I have prepped), bread, pasta, white potatoes, and highly processed foods.

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EGLRAVERAH 8/8/2014 9:09PM

    Congrats. ^-^ hope you have fun here. I think I hate my roommate.

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ALICIA214 8/3/2014 11:24PM


emoticon emoticon

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My Goku Challenge is almost completed...

Monday, July 28, 2014

...And I'm only halfway done with the weight loss. So, that's unfortunate. Also, unfortunately, I predicted this might happen. The good news? I'll be at a major weight loss benchmark (probably) when Otakon comes around (my goal date, Aug 7). That benchmark is 210 lbs. There is actually two reasons why that point is important. The first is that 210 lbs is halfway between my starting point (245 lb) and my ultimate goal (175 lb) and the second, and more important to me, reason is that 210 lbs is the mark in which my BMI category goes between obese and simply overweight.
Aside from that, my cosplays seem to be coming along with a slow crawl, which SUCKS. I have completed my Superboy cosplay, but my Goku cosplay is a far cry from being completed, which is bad because Goku is supposed to be my main costume this year.

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LALATIDAH 7/28/2014 12:58PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Cosplay Stuff

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Man, I have so much to do to prepare for Otakon. Firstly, I have to work on getting fit. Honestly, that's not that much of a priority for me. My priority is simply getting everything done and together. All in all I am cosplaying as Yashio Kaito, from Robotics;Notes, Goku from Dragonball Z and Superboy from Young Justice. I will actually be wearing color contacts for my Superboy cosplay. So far, I have bought the fabric for my Goku cosplay, bought the wig, contacts and shirt for Superboy, made the power pole for Goku, ordered and received stickers for my Yashio cosplay and have bought de-tangling shampoo for my wig so I can wash and re-style it for Yashio. My current concerns are getting either a decent Goku wig or one that I can put into that style and making Yashio's tablet holster, which has the design like a western cowboy boot has (the paisley-like style).
I still need to style all three wigs, make Yashio's tablet holster, stick the sticker onto my tablet, make my Goku top, bottom, belt, wristbands and shoes, get a short sleeve dress shirt or modify a long sleeve into a short sleeve, find a solid buckle belt, get a pair of boots, buy or make Goku's tail, and buy the red watch for Yashio. That is a lot to focus on in two months, plus having to pass all my online summer classes, when I have yet to pass one.

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EGLRAVERAH 6/19/2014 2:03AM

    When I made my sister's Goku cosplay I didn't know anything about wigs and kinda procrastinated and made it all the last week I had before Otakon. I worked in shipping so I had access to so much cardboard... I just cut out two pieces of cardboard the shape of his head and colored it in with Sharpie. http://king-arturia-emiya.deviantar

We were kinda going more for comical than serious though.

Are you going as super saiyan or just regular old Goku?

Wow... You should type in Goku wig for searching DeviantArt. There are a lot of awesome wigs on there.

There are a few ides in that link. Plus, a really awesome link to a girls DA who made an incredibly cool look Vegeta wig.

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Two months until Goku.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So, 10 months in and I barely any better than I started. I want to at least get myself down to 209 from the 227 I am now. At least then, I will be going to Otakon with being only overweight and not obese. I'm on my last semester of my degree, then onto another school. I wish there was a way I could just instantly be at the job i want, with a decent pay, with some on the side, but I know that would be wishful thinking for anyone. In May, I did a 50 push-up a day challenge, and actually went above and beyond and got myself to a total of 2000 push-ups for the month. June brings a sit-up/crunch challenge of 50 a day. It's really hard, especially when I procrastinate and have to do several days' work at a time. AND I am continuing my 50/day push-ups because I know I need the extra strength training. I think one of the reasons that I am truly continuing the push-ups is because I had a perceivable progress while doing the challenge, and so I can see my progress every day.
I have two months to get myself as fit as possible. I know what I need to do, I just need to actually follow along with it, regardless of all the temptations available at work (fries, soda, dessert, fried foods, laziness, etc.) . I need to strength train, particularly working on arm muscle (if you don't know, I am planning to cosplay as the guy with the black hair in my profile background). One of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately is running. I want to run, but it's so painful. As I've been thinking, it came to me that of course it will be painful at first, but as I get better, it will get more tolerable and I would be able to go further, just like my push-ups.

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EGLRAVERAH 6/19/2014 1:31AM

    Nice. My dad's favorite workout is pushups. And I'm pretty sure it's for the same reason. He can see the progress in days. He started out doing 40 in 3 sets a day and now he does 2 sets of 40 and a third set of as many as he can go to. Over the past few months he's up to 80 some for the third set. Keep up the good work.

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