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The Autumns of my life.

Monday, October 27, 2014

It seems that the autumns are a time of reflection for me. A slower time to listen to the sounds of nature. The wind changing the leaves flight. The rain patterning on the roof and the colder temps reminding that snow is just around the next corner in my life. I love this time of year. Preparing for winter and then enjoying a time of solitude and refreshing. A winter's change in one's life. Being in ICU taught me that is Autumn is a time for healing. A time to pull back and listen to what my body has been trying to tell me all these years. And as I look back to those events that led me to the ICU, I can see my attitude has been unacceptable. I will change myself. It's all I have. And I feel the happiness of this commitment.

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PERSISTENTTIM 10/27/2014 10:22AM

    Nice blog. Autumn is a good time for renewal and healing. Take care!

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JUSGETTENBY42 10/27/2014 10:14AM


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MRSJERRYBUSH 10/27/2014 10:08AM

    I had never thought of autumn as a time for healing--or enjoying a time of solitude and refreshing. Nice!

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

It's been a while since I have logged into Sparkpeople. I have been sick and in the hospital.I guess I don't have Celiac after all. I have two bleeding ulcers which kicked into overtime and I ended up in ICU. I knew I was sick, I just didn't know why. Taking care of two handicapped children, now adults for over twenty years have taken their internal toll on my body and normally my stress levels are high anyway. I just never thought about it. My highest weight was 360 but today it is 266 and going downward once more. Food is not such a problem anymore; eating right is. No more sodium at all. Blood pressure coming down to a normal reading and weight dropping. So much salt in processed (canned, frozen ) foods. No crackers, no chips, no salted nuts, it all adds to a high blood pressure. I also have to limit water. First time I have ever heard of this. I can only have 22 ozs of fluid a day plus meds. I met all kind of angels in the hospital and they are all doing their best to help me. My doctor is the kindest of all. While I was "out of it", in ICU, my ICU nurse sang to me "Happy Birthday". I was in ICU on my birthday.

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COMPCHIC52 10/3/2014 2:29PM

    Happy Belated Birthday emoticon emoticon Sorry you been ill. I know my mom takes a can of like peas or corn whatever and drains them then washes them off in a colander then adding her own spices and liquid. That's what I been doing too. even if a can says low sodium. emoticon

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DTHOR6 10/2/2014 3:52PM

    Bless your heart. I hope you are starting to feel better. I have never heard of only 22 oz to drink a day either.

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PERSISTENTTIM 10/2/2014 12:15PM

    I hope you fall is great and healthy!

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Excercise is no longer something I fear.

Monday, February 10, 2014

I have been exercising everyday with a base of 10 minutes and then I add to that. I really like it. I think how I can add to it and what I can do different on the next day. What I don't track is biceps curls that I do and leg stretches and things like that. I am getting ready to start daily walking and this time I want to do it and not stop. So I am working up to it. I am adjusting my calories because it seems I am more hungry as I exercise more. I have cut back on the salt and the sugar and the white flour products. I don't miss them anymore.
I just keep doing the babysteps and it is working for me. Once in a while I have a treat, chocolate but not every day. Oh, I have Healthy Choice Fudge Bars (Ice cream) but they are only 100 calories for one and that satisfies my sweet tooth craving. I am changing myself one day at a time. Much love to all and lots of hugs. Laura

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Great job!
Wishing you continued success!! Every step takes you closer to your goal!

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    The more you exercise the more calories you need to burn fat and not muslce. Sounds amazng. I actually want to start waling again. If it isnt too cold i may walk 20 min to the bus station

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JOHN_SKIM 2/10/2014 11:43PM

  Hahaha... I do not like the rest days as well. Oh well... just trying to keep balance ;-)

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JUJUMILLER 2/10/2014 10:49PM

    This is great news!
I too, HATED to work out, now I HATE my rest days!
It is sooo true that exercising is addictive!


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Super Sunday

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Well, I finally did it. I went outside to play with my dog, Jasper and he was so overjoyed to see me up and around. I walked, on purpose, and he was so grateful. He had so much happiness to have me with him outside. It was like it was His Christmas. He wants so little of me and gives back so much. This was my first walk. And it was actually fun.

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    So happy for you!!!! Our fur babies are soooo awesome! You are too!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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.DUSTY. 2/3/2014 3:35PM

    emoticon emoticon
Like with most all of us once we know we can do it one time we can do it again and again:)

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    That is so sweet. My dog is the same heloves it when i take him for a walk

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New Calorie Range

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I have been given a new calorie range. It is between 1200 and 1500 a day. Does this seem a little high? I have a very difficult time losing weight and although my clothes are baggy and loose, I think it is because I stay at the low end of my calorie range. Can you lose on 1200 calories a day? I am kind of scared to try. What if I start gaining again?

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    1200 is the minimum a woman should have a day. So dont worry. You can also increase your exercise.

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ADZY86 1/31/2014 7:15AM

    Wow I definitely couldn't lose on just 1200 calories a day...because by the 5th day I'd be so starving I'd probably end up eating about 5000 calories!!!
Eating too little can really slow down our metabolism and make it even harder to lose weight, which is definitely the opposite of what we want. Do you work out? Check your BMR, how many calories you burn doing exercise, and decide your calorie range based on that. Good luck whatever number you choose.

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    Have you looked at what your estimated BMR is?

Most women need at LEAST 1200 calories. I can't imagine eating less than that on a regular basis.

Take a peek here:

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.DUSTY. 1/30/2014 11:23PM

    "Can you lose on 1200 calories a day?" Are you serious?

Who gave you this range?

I guess if you gain you could always drop it down to 500-600 calories a day:)

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