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Friday, March 21, 2014

Recently I've spent a lot of time working on the nutrition portion of my journey, and I think I've found a reasonable balance for myself. It's hard for me to always remember that this isn't a way of eating for a short period of time, I need to be able to continue this lifestyle for YEARS. I might live to be 80 or 90, I want to do it happily! That means I'm not going to be able to do something like eat chicken twice a day and eggs for breakfast. Once I thought about the long-term view of my dietary adjustments, it was easier to find things I liked eating that were healthy. I started to compile recipe cards for myself for the days when I don't know what I want and my husband's stocked the house with junk food (again).

I'm also looking at new forms of fitness for myself. I don't think I can keep doing T25 forever, I just don't like it (at least beta and beyond). It's not like it's unbearably hard, I just don't enjoy it. :(

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FREEINGMYSELF3 4/3/2014 12:59AM

    You're doing great, keep up the good work! Find something you enjoy, dancing, swimming any of those things can work.

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DUMBBELLE84 3/22/2014 11:59AM

  I love the idea of the recipe cards! Some days I wander aimlessly around the kitchen because I have no idea what to make.

There are tons of fitness options out there! I think it's great you tried one and now that you know you don't like it you can find something that you actually enjoy :)

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Entry 12

Thursday, March 06, 2014

my exercise yesterday and today has consisted of bailing water out of my apartment (with a bonus for how many times I've had to cage my cat to prevent her from making bad choices)


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SOAHTREE 3/9/2014 5:26PM

    Birthday was Friday, my husband said that the universe decided to give me my present early emoticon

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DUMBBELLE84 3/7/2014 12:42AM

  Oh no! I'm glad things are mostly okay... Is your birthday today?

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SOAHTREE 3/6/2014 2:42PM


Not everything is ruined, for the most part it looks like stuff the landlord would have to the carpet and the linoleum. Other than that things are okay :( I guess :( :( Worst birthday surprise ever though emoticon

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    Oh boy, so sorry to hear!! Hopefully it didn't ruin everything. Feeling for you. Hugs! emoticon

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Entry 11

Saturday, March 01, 2014

T25 Day 33 -

Feeling depressed.

I worked out and I still feel depressed. That's not how this is supposed to work.

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SUSANBEAMON 3/1/2014 1:32AM

  Depression doesn't necessarily respond to exercise, or much of anything else. that's why we have doctors. and therapists. going it on our own isn't always the way to do it.

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TIMOTHY53 3/1/2014 12:55AM

    Doesn't always work, I suppose. Keep it up though.

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Entry 10

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Focus T25 Day 32 -
After a seriously painful reformatting of my computer (which I use for t25), and a foot of snow that I didn’t need, I finished my first workout of the week. Still strong, which makes me happy. I’m having a hard time just saying “okay, I did the workout for today, good job!” instead of “OMG YOU ARE SO FAR BEHIND YOU’RE GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON’T FINISH EVERY WORKOUT EVER EXACTLY WHEN YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO”

It’s hard, but I’m trying. Ideally it will get to the point where I don’t NEED to try.


Entry 9

Friday, February 21, 2014

Focus T25 Day 31 -
Today was a hard day for me. Sure, I did my double-day Friday workouts fine, I guess it was more the past two days.

Wednesday, I was planning on doing not one, or two, but three workouts from T25 to “make up” for going out to eat (which brought my total calories to 1990, not out of my range) at a Mongolian grill. After I finished the rest of what I missed Tuesday and did the workout for Wednesday, I was essentially a zombie. My husband shut off the videos, sat me down and told me he was really concerned about how I was treating myself. He talked a lot about how when I started T25, I would take breaks when I needed to, and modify all the exercises, and not completely freak out over how what I ate impacted how much exercise I “needed” to do.

I know he’s right. I don’t know when it started to bother me this much, but I don’t think I’m going to be counting calories for a while…dark path is dark.

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2UIWILLBE 2/23/2014 8:35AM

    That bothers me. I know when i started the BL21 it was going to be very stressful for me. My anitial thought was oh its going to give me the motivation to get my self in shape. Once i became a team mate it was much more than that. I feel what if one of the weeks i cant pull my numbers.
What if i gain!

Please belive me they only run through my head once. I worry that you want to see results to quickly. It doesnt work that way. No pill or exercise program is going to do it.

I dont want you to harm your body and make yourself feel like you are out of the world in the wrong way possible. I do think you need to slow it down and take brakes.

If you dont you might feel that when you exercise for a long time that you are doing more good but, in the long run you might be acutally hurting your body and yourself.

Yes, being overweight or not your perfect body weight yes there are some things to look out for but, trying to work harder has the same side effects also.

Keep doing good work but, please dont kill yourself just because you go over your calorie range twice a week. You still get good numbers on the scale.

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WALLINMW 2/22/2014 10:04AM

  Stay motivated!

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