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Saturday, October 12, 2013

i'm starting this blog to hold myself to account for my new lifestyle changes - i'm thinking they'll be harder to give up on if i've written it down and people have read it!
so, it all started last saturday when i bought my first electronic cigarette. i've been smoking since i was 13, and have always sort of had in head i'd quit by 30, so now seems a good place to start! it's been going really well, been doing it a week now and only pinched a couple of ciggies off my boyf, so that's really good news. i'd like to have completely given up (as in, not using electronic/other quitting aids) by xmas so fingers crossed!
within a couple of days, i could feel the difference in my lungs, so on monday night after work i went out for a run. there's a route around my block which is exactly half a mile (according to googlemaps) which i tried to do a few times in the summer on another health kick attempt. however, on this occasion - for the first time - i was able to run the whole half mile without my lungs feeling like they were collapsing! i did the same on wednesday and again today, which i think is a good start!
now for the diet bit. last week, i was letting myself have sweeties and chocolate and stuff whenever, as a sort of treat for not smoking. that was nice but obviously can't go on forever! i'm not going to start dieting until monday, so will have to go for a big shop tomorrow so i can make lunches for work. i will be posting here everyday what i've eaten/what exercise i've done etc to keep myself on track. the goal weight-wise is to weigh 50kg by xmas.
so here goes! wish me luck! x