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Crappy week...with at least one good thing

Saturday, April 05, 2014

So this week has been the week from he!!. Bit of a rant here so feel free to skip. Just wanted to put it in writing.

Conference calls/video teleconferences on Wed, Thu, and Fri - all with our new service center director who is a complete a$$ho!e. Pardon the language, but it's true. Since our agency reorganized in November last year, and he took over as our senior leadership, he has made arbitrary changes that impact all of us, with absolutely zero consideration of how it affects us. Morale has plummeted, and our work is suffering. I think he honestly believes he is making it better though. He is trying to make our office operate the exact same way his office operates, and ignoring the fact that we have 5 times the workload and 5 times the people. Frustrating.

When he first took over, he insisted that myself and my fellow two vets, who each supervise some of the staff, relinquish some of our duties to him - he signs off on all leave, he signs off on all time cards, and he manages their training in our internal system. I objected on several occasions to these changes - we had two conversations where I indicated that I felt these were integral parts of being a supervisor, and I did not like having those responsibilities taken away from me. I also sent him an email putting all of that in writing, and asking that he keep the supervisors informed when people in his office were contacting our people to either tell them they had messed something up, or to ask them to go help out at other offices. I never did get a response to my email, but he called my supervisor and essentially told him that anyone in his office (in Oklahoma) could contact anyone in our office (in Texas) and discuss anything they wanted, and it was none of our da&# business. So much for chain of command!

But I was dealing with that, until this week, and our many calls. Thursday he informed us (with everyone present - no heads up to the actual supervisors) that we would no longer evaluate our employees with the criteria that we have been using for 2 1/2 years. Of course, we are already mid-year in the evaluation cycle! We spent 40 min while we all explained to him why we do what we do, and why it makes sense, and why the staff likes it. We use actual metrics, measurable numbers, to give staff a way to see where they stand, and how they can get a superior rating. Oh no, though, that's not acceptable, we can't judge them on a "scorecard" we need to just judge them subjectively! Ridiculous! Then he had the nerve to say that if we were "insecure" about evaluating employees without our "scorecard" he could "teach" us, because he has umpty dump number of years as a supervisor! Bull&^%$! I have almost as many years as a supervisor, which he would know if he ever asked, and my supervisor has WAY more years as supervisor! It's not our first time on the block. During this call, I told him that I wanted to discuss offline, and he said "no, anything you have to say can be said in front of everyone." So I told him that he was now taking away my last supervisory control, and that we've talked before about how I didn't feel like I could supervise when I didn't have control over so many things, and that I no longer wanted to do it if he was going to dictate how I evaluated my employees. Guess what? How do you think he responded? Dead silence, then he moved on to another topic entirely! It was like I never said a word.

Then on Friday, we had to listen to him tell us for another hour (this time without the employees present) how our staff basically sucks and aren't doing half the work of other offices. Based on what, I don't know, he has his mind made up, though, and there is no changing it.

I wrote a letter and gave to my supervisor on Friday officially asking to have my supervisory responsibilities removed. Officially I'm not even supposed to be doing it, it's not in my job description. We'll see if I get any response.

Then to top things off, Igot the final word on a situation I've been dealing with for almost 2 months, and found out that I cannot accept a prize that I won back in February. It's stupid, and frustrating, and I won't go into the details, but it would've been a lot of money and there is no reason I can't accept it but for stupid stupid gov't bureaucracy. Sign.

I've applied for 3 or 4 jobs in the last couple of weeks, planning to apply for more. I put in for a 4 week detail to Los Angeles, and if I get that I'll get out from under our OK supervision which would be nice.

I like Austin, I like the work I do, but I cannot continue working for this man.

The one bright note is that despite this crappy week, I got back into the groove of tracking my food and eating health, and I've stayed in my calorie range all week!
range sun mon tue wed thu fri
Calories: 1,300 - 1,650 1,395 1,252 1,208 1,244 1,382 1,635

Yeah me!

Sorry for the rant, feels better to have it off my chest though :-).

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I'm going to try to!

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BIGPAWSUP 4/6/2014 11:35AM

    I'm so sorry. I understand work troubles. I know how stressful all this could be. Best of luck.

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MAPLE137 4/6/2014 8:51AM

    Good to see you blogging again and CONGRATS on staying within calorie range all week..very impressive given the crappy week you are having! Go, girl! emoticon

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BONNIEMARGAY 4/5/2014 3:30PM

    Wishing you relief!

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Semi-successful January

Sunday, February 02, 2014

So the first month of 2014 started out well, went downhill, then ended well. Sort of a crater, instead of a hill, which I guess isn't too bad!

For the last week I have been eating well. I have actually stayed in calorie range, and under my fat grams, which is always really hard for me. Work is still a nightmare but I'm determined that I can fight my urges to eat when I am stressed. It's not easy, but the stress isn't going to go away any time soon, and I absolutely do NOT want to go back to where I was 3 years ago.

Yup, that's me in the back....the fat one!

I swore I would never get back to that weight....in fact I swore I would never get above 150 again. Oops, after my New Orleans trip I finally got on the scale, and apparently the fact that my clothes were still fitting was deceiving me, because I was above 150 :-(.

Anyway, I'm back on track now, and hopefully when I get on the scale again tomorrow it'll be headed in the right direction.

My parents come to visit on Wed for a week, which will be nice. I know I'll eat healthy - my mom is good about making sure of that :-). And likely she'll have a good meal ready for me when I get home from work each night, which will be great! Too bad I'm not independently wealthy - if I had a live in cook then that would solve a lot of my problems LOL.

I have managed to get in my 10,000 steps every day so far this year. And let me tell you, some of those days were TOUGH! The weather has been up and down, freezing to warm, and those icy, rainy, sleety freezing days were challenging to get motivated to take Peanut for a walk to make my steps. A few days I had to jog in place while watching TV, but I did do it! For February I plan to continue that streak, and aim for an average of closer to 11 or 12k steps per day.

I'm also still being good about drinking water - I get in about 12 cups a day. That's one healthy habit that is easy to maintain.

I've been tracking my food again this last week. I plan to keep that up, although I am going to Vegas for a week for a vet conference Feb 16-21, and tracking is going to be challenging. I think I'll just write down what I eat, and not try to count calories. I know I am going to be over, but my plan is to make as many sensible choices as I can, and try to only have one big splurge a day food-wise. I know that I'll be walking all over the place, so that should help as well.

Anyway, I hope all my spark friends had a successful January, and here's hoping February is even better!

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JUMPINJULIE 2/15/2014 8:32PM

    Sounds like you had good month. You can do it.

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CAT-IN-CJ 2/3/2014 5:08PM

    Wow! What a great job you're doing!!!!
You've got the right attitude and doing all the right things!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BONNIEMARGAY 2/3/2014 1:26PM

    Funny, I didn't see a fat picture at all. I just said, HEY! That's Balboa Park! Want to walk with me?


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BIGPAWSUP 2/3/2014 10:29AM

    Sounds like a ggod month to me. Here is to a Fabulous February! emoticon

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APED7969 2/3/2014 3:18AM

    Easy to say you won't go over a certain weight but hard to actually stick to that :-) glad to hear you ended on a high note! Good luck at the conference

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UMBILICAL 2/2/2014 10:01PM

  Climb out.

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Geocaching fun today

Friday, January 17, 2014

So I took off work today. I head to New Orleans tomorrow for a mini vacation, which hopefully will be lots of fun! I know I'll eat bad but I'm going to try to be somewhat good (yeah, right LOL).

Today I spent the morning sorting through papers at home. Oh joy. Not my most favorite thing, but something that needed to be done. Then I decided I didn't feel like cleaning anything else, so I wound up going out geocaching with Peanut and a couple of friends with their two little dogs. We went to a park we had been to a couple of months ago, where I knew there were nice trails and also some geocaches we hadn't found before. We had a really good time - found 3 "normal" caches and then decided to try for a puzzle cache. I usually avoid those because I never know what I'm doing, but it was right where we were. I turned out to be a total blast!

**spoiler alert** if any Austin geocachers are reading (yeah right LOL) stop now if you don't want to have a cache potentially ruined for you :-)

You had to find a container at the first location, and inside the container were other coordinates. The cache was called "Line of Sight" and it turns out that when you got to the second location, there was a big tree, and hanging up high was a flag. It took a while to see the flag, actually, and originally I was looking around at what I thought was white paint. My friends spotted the flag, and then we were thinking we had to get it down somehow. That didn't seem right, and then we spotted a string - going from the flag to another tree. I couldn't really see the silly string, so lucky my two friends had better sight than I did! We followed the string from tree to tree (black string, little string, big tall leafy trees - not the easiest thing to do!). The string finally led to the final cache container, hidden in a dead fallen tree trunk. Really cool!

So much fun to be out with the dogs too, and today was 60 and sunny so really nice weather. We spent about 3 hours, did about 3 miles, and had a great time.

Then I went home, dropped off my tired pup, and headed to the movies to see Lone Survivor. It was a great movie, and now I am back home, once again procrastinating laundry and packing LOL.

But since my flight leaves at 11:30 tomorrow morning, I can't procrastinate much longer!

More when I return from New Orleans next week...

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JUMPINJULIE 2/15/2014 8:29PM

    Have fun. Geocaching sounds like fun.

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CAT-IN-CJ 1/20/2014 9:25PM

    How much fun!!!! Thanks for sharing that. . . . something I've heard about but never done. Yet.

Have a fun trip!

(Sorry, I'm late catching up on blogs after a too busy weekend)

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BONNIEMARGAY 1/18/2014 1:53PM

    Oh, I absolutely LOVED New Orleans! If you are going to break your diet plan, THAT is definitely the right place to do it! Don't miss the Clover Grille and Petunia's in the French Quarter. Unfortunately, Cafe Sbisa is gone, so you can't go there. Happy food sigh!

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MLH148 1/18/2014 7:11AM

    Love geocaching tho I sometimes get frustrated with hiders who dont want you to succeed. The ones I hide are easy to find emoticon
Hope you have a chance to do some caching in N'awlins. I find it is really fun on vacation- takes you cool places.

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BIGPAWSUP 1/17/2014 8:39PM

    Sounds like you had a really good time.

Have a wonderful trip.

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Blew my login streak :-(

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I really wish SP would automatically spin the wheel if you are on this site doing anything. Somehow apparently I forgot to spin the wheel yesterday, even though I logged food and was on the site. So my new streak that started Jan 1st is already blown. So disappointing and frustrating. I really wanted to start a good long streak on Jan 1.

That's one of the only streaks that shows up on your home page too, so each day now I have to look at it and see less than 100%. Don't know why it bothers me, but it does! Well, I guess I do know why it bothers me....because I *did* log onto SP, I just didn't click the stupid icon to spin the wheel!

Not going to let it frustrate me too much, need to go walk 2.5 miles even though I don't want to, so I don't blow the streak I have going of getting in 10,000 steps a day :-).

Silly streaks.


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JUMPINJULIE 2/15/2014 8:27PM

    Darn it.

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BONNIEMARGAY 1/16/2014 12:53PM

    Rats! And yet, every day is a new beginning.

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CAT-IN-CJ 1/15/2014 11:45PM

    Same thing happened to me, twice now . . . 319 day streak. and I DID spin . . . but for some reason it didn't 'register' . . . oh well.

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BIGPAWSUP 1/15/2014 10:22PM

    Happens to me almost every month. I log in daily, but sooner or later I forget the silly little wheel. Oh well.

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KTISFOCUSED 1/15/2014 9:55PM

    Same thing has happened to me. Another thing, once in a while my points don't reset on a new day and so it shows my previous day's points so then it shows me missing a day there too. You know what you did so don't let it get to you.

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THE_RED_BIRD 1/15/2014 9:14PM

    The same thing happened to me and it bothered me too. Seems like they could fix it.

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January check-in

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First blog entry since Jan 1st, about time I checked in!

2014 is going okay so far. I didn't really make any resolutions, those never seem to do much for me except give me something to fail at LOL. I didn't write down any goals per se for January, but so far I have made my 10,000 steps (5 miles) every day. I haven't always felt like it, and there were a couple of days that I almost said "screw it who cares" but I got up off the sofa and got my steps in! My plan is to do at least 10,000/day in January, and then increase that in February (not sure if I'm going to go for 11k or 12k/day).

My eating has been so-so. Better than it was over the holiday time, but not nearly as good as it should be. And yesterday at the store I threw a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels in the cart :-(. I don't know why I let myself do that...I knew I wouldn't be able to resist eating too many, and sure enough, I ate some before dinner, and then wound up finishing the entire bag after dinner! Oops. No wonder I'm not losing weight LOL.

Yesterday Peanut and I went out geocaching and wound up doing about 3 miles of walking/hiking. It was absolutely gorgeous out - lots of sunshine, 70s, deer and birds all over! Very nice and relaxing.

Today we went to the hike and bike trail and spent 1.5 hours doing 4.5 miles. I had a good time, but at the halfway point we cross over the river on a bridge, and then go under the railroad bridge. There was a train, and it completely freaked Peanut out. So he spent the whole rest of the walk pulling hard to get back to the car, with his tail tucked the whole time :-(. I felt bad for him. He's been sleeping since we got back though!

I am off to Zumba here in a few minutes. Haven't been lately, so it'll be good.

I need to start doing some weight lifting/strength training. The body pump classes just don't work into my schedule, so need to lift free weights or use the machines. I feel like I'm really getting flabby, and I know building muscle will help burn more calories by boosting my metabolism. Easier said than done, though!

I think I also need to start running again, haven't done much lately at all, just been walking. If the weather stays warmer like it has been, I might go running tomorrow or Wed.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

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JUMPINJULIE 2/15/2014 8:26PM

    You are doing awesome.

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BONNIEMARGAY 1/13/2014 3:30PM

    Congratulations on getting those steps in!

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CAT-IN-CJ 1/13/2014 11:40AM

    Finding fitness stuff you like to do is the way to go!


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KTISFOCUSED 1/12/2014 5:56PM

    Hey Deb,
Let's get going tomorrow. We can help each other. I leave on vacation Fri the 24th so i need to reign in my eating ASAP. Luckily, my exercise has been good but things keep jumping into my cart too. How does that happen???

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BIGPAWSUP 1/12/2014 4:29PM

    Sounds like my start to the year! We're getting there.

Peanut will be fine with a little time at home. Dogs tend to get over things like that quickly.

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