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Finding the Treasures In The Trials..I Will NEVER Give Up!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


The past few months for me would make for a GREAT Reality T.V. Show! emoticon

So many trials......

Right as I was getting into a wonderful groove in August with a healthy lifestyle and an excellent fitness routine, I tore my Achilles Tendon/Heel (during exercise) and was in a Medical Walking Boot for 5 weeks.. There went my fitness routine!

I of course didn't throw in the towel.. I kept eating healthy and doing my best with lowering calories/portion control and I still did Chair Exercises/Sit-Down Strength Training Fitness with Dumbbells and Resistant Band.

I still gained weight and lost much of the muscle/toning I had built up previously.

Once I was out of the boot, I had to start back slowly with very light exercise of course so I wouldn't relapse.

As I was beginning to form a new routine once again, my husbands hours at worked changed and that once again knocked me off track. (I have OCD and change is very difficult for me.)

I also found my Church home and became very involved (which is Awesome and a Blessing!) but then I found myself with NO Balance or Time Management to even make time for ME. emoticon

This caused me to "allow myself" to completely derail. I wasn't tracking food or exercising.

I wanted to, but just felt so overwhelmed in the chaos my life had become... lol

Early October I pulled myself together, found a new motivation within myself and made a new plan; set new goals! I was so excited!

(especially because now at this point, I had gained so much weight back all the new and trendy clothes I had bought in the spring after a nice weight-loss no longer fit!) emoticon

I had 1 week of emoticon fitness, tracking, motivation and eating healthy and THEN I got a terrible Sinus Infection with Bronchitis that derailed me once again!
(2 weeks)

Even though I was so sick I remained hopeful and positive about when I would be well.

A emoticon (and SparkAngel) emoticon sent me the Spark Solution Book.

This truly inspired me to NOT GIVE UP or emoticon Planning for my Present/Future!

I started reading the book and making notes/grocery list for my Week 1 and was thrilled and looking forward to the Start Day (Saturday, 11.8.14)! emoticon

As I was at the grocery store Friday, 11.7.14 - I began to feel a toothache coming on..
emoticon emoticon "Really....Seriously...Are you kidding me..?.." These were the thoughts going through my mind in a complete panic mode! It was like I could hear warning sirens going off in my head, mind and tooth for that matter! emoticon

I was so ANGRY, I just refused to accept it! I kept telling myself it was just a fluke and I would rest once home, take ibuprofen and use some toothache gel..

I remained **Positive** I wanted to start my emoticon on Saturday!

Once home with all my groceries/spark solution groceries and as I was putting them away the pain became more intense.... emoticon

Needless to say, my Day 1 did not happen because Saturday I was in the dentist chair receiving horrible news!

2 teeth were so bad they could not even be saved with root canals. (my poor hubby lost his job of 19 years when the plant closed and we didn't have insurance of any kind for a long while..Kinda hard to keep up with check-ups and such when you're going through all that..)

The dentist then gave me more bad news... The swelling and infection in my gums due to the bad teeth were so bad he couldn't work on me yet! emoticon

I was sent home with antibiotic and the suffering and agony began! emoticon

Oh my word - the pain was through the roof!

Finally, Tuesday and Wednesday were my dental appointments.. Had both teeth pulled. emoticon At least they are toward the back; upper/top row left.

Still feel like a hillbilly though! emoticon LOL

What's DONE is DONE! (Insurance will not cover a "bridge" for me because it would have to connect to a tooth that has already had a previous root canal.) *sigh*
I do not have 5G "out of pocket..." hahahahahaha! I wish, but I don't.

I do not have an overbite as well so I lost chewing teeth on that side!

This has just been a nightmare and mess but I'm so THANKFUL to be out of Pain and Recovering right now! Today is Day 3 of recovery.

I have faith and hope for a solution in the future for me since I have an overbite issue and need those teeth replaced!

What is the POINT of all this rambling............... emoticon emoticon

I CAN do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens Me and I REFUSE to allow all these Trials to make me weak and negative!


I'm already planning for my Spark Solution emoticon and Fitness for Monday!

This is a Journey, not a race. I have this one life to live and even though as of late it has been a "soap opera," emoticon I'm blessed and thankful to have it!

I think of Pollyanna and the "Glad Game" and God's Word.. I look for the Treasures in the Trials and have found many!

Man..... I'm STRONG! emoticon I am Determined!

What doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER!

I'm "Going Through.." One Day At A Time!

I will become Healthy and Fit and Enjoy my Every Day Life!

I will also enjoy the fitness, toning and weight-loss this brings and will one day reach my Goal Weight "as long as I do not give up and throw in the towel!"

Where there is a WILL * there is a WAY!

I declare VICTORY now!

That's half the battle won right there, right?! emoticon emoticon

****If you have been down in the dumps lately, your weight-loss has come to a stand-still, you're going through trials, whatever the case may be - you're not alone!****

Dust yourself off and find your HOPE and Determination!

Don't give up...Just "Go Through...."

emoticon emoticon emoticon



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STACYH73 11/16/2014 4:26PM

    emoticon KNEEMAKER, that's right! emoticon

and emoticon

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KNEEMAKER 11/15/2014 7:54PM

  Enjoyed reading and seeing Phil: 4-13 in your blog. Excellent! Thanks for sharing. With that said: Rain, Sleet, Hail or Snow: let's keep on keeping on ! emoticon

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STACYH73 11/15/2014 7:25PM

    emoticon Yep, Pops in the hospital was towards the end of my illness and starting to feel normal and healthy again....That was 2 weeks of being at the hospital/ICU..

He is still at home (for now, Praise the Lord) and hanging in there.. He is having more bad days than good, but COPD is so horrible/draining. Praying for him every day!

He does have oxygen at home.

emoticon Anita! emoticon

Thanks Daizy! emoticon

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JAWATKINS 11/15/2014 7:00PM

    You ARE STRONG, Friend!! emoticon
I'm so proud of you for not giving up!! I know you can do this!!
Any ONE of these things could have derailed you!! But you persevered!!
Just take it one day at a time & try not to be a perfectionist. I know, easier said than done!!! emoticon
I'm rooting for you!!

PS You didn't even mention your father in law being so sick on the hospital!! How is he doing??

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DAIZYSTARLITE 11/15/2014 5:41PM


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