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Running in the rain

Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming in, you're covered in mud. Your shoes are wet, your socks are wet, your clothes are wet... and you're smiling.

Nobody out there but you, jumping in puddles like a child, chasing leaves on the wind... and running, running, running.

I love the rain.

Now if only it were warmer...

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STACYH73 10/14/2012 2:02PM

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Nighttime city lights

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I just love running at night. You always meet the same crowd (I even said hello to one of my clients tonight!), it's nice and cool, and there's less traffic (I have to cross several streets running on my trail).

I've been really, really unsure whether I could stand this run, my body is BEAT from yesterday. I'm so glad I went, though, I worked through quite a bit of my muscle soreness with this nice and slow jog/walk. I even only had to shave a couple seconds off of my last 2min running time (I was severely hypoglycemic at the end because I had no time to have a snack before starting out. Stupid hypo-t screwing with my body again).

Feeling kind of proud and accomplished now. Here's to tomorrow! emoticon


Doubts and fears

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yesterday's 2 1/2 hour volleyball training session was tantamount to torture at the end. We warmed up by doing circuit training (which, OK, it isn't my favorite but I can do it), then some more strength training using just our bodies and a ball. I'm not the strongest person out there, and my hands are pianists' hands- flexible and fast, muscles built for endurance rather than brute strength (fortissimo comes from the shoulders).

After we finally went on to playing on the field, the cramps were bad enough that I had to take a 10min break. I iced them as much as possible (cold on hands=not so nice), but today they're still pretty much in pain.

I think I might have overdone it... but I just had so much fun! Could also have to do with general hypothyroid achiness being exacerbated. Meh. I hate when that happens.

Anyway, this might cut into what I've planned for C25k, as I'm not sure I'll be able to get up and run tonight if I'm all tightened up like this. Hope my muscles will relax before then... emoticon


I am NOT short!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Alright, so, I've played volleyball on and off, with more or less success, but why is it that one thing never changes?

New trainer comes in, surveys the team...

"WHOA! You're SHORT!"

I'm 5'7 1/4". I insist on the 1/4", it's definitely noticeable. I'm TALLER THAN AVERAGE. So what if the rest of the team is comprised of 6'+ amazons? I'm just a little out of shape but still pretty fast (in fact, that what was got me noticed in fencing. My Hungarian trainer: "Short. Scrawny. No technique. But fast. We can work with that."), and in the jumping power measurement tests I got up to 3' from a standstill (granted, that one was a fluke, but I jump higher than 2' consistently) today. Which means I can totally reach over the net. With almost my entire fingers!

No, I'm NOT short.

I enjoy being the shortest one on the team, though, because it means I get to play libera and don't have to attack. Yay!

Running wasn't so great today. I couldn't get in the groove and just schlepped through the final 2-minute runs. I think I might need to adapt my C25k further- I do the intervals suggested in the Complete Book of Running For Women, so week 1 it's running 2mins, walking 4mins, repeat another four times, but instead of sticking to a set number of repetitions I go for the distance. I have a route that's 5.5k which I use... well, tomorrow's a new day. No running, just volleyball training. It's also a weigh-in day so I'll be extra good tonight (I want to see some progress on my bar, just can't wait until next week). Normal weigh-in day is going to be Monday from next week on, btw, so I won't get tempted into giving in on the weekends.

Oh, and my first personal reward is coming up. Once I reach 75kg, I'm going to order myself DietChef (something like MediFast here in Germany). If I want to keep up this level of exercising, there's just no way I'll have time to adequately cook.

And now... back to work. Whee...


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