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I don't do New Year's Resolutions but...

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I've never made resolutions for New Year. I've always thought the whole thing was a bit cliche. After the month I've had, I changed my mind. I'm spending New Years Eve in the hospital and I will be here for a for more days. This is the second time this month I've been hospitalized.

I haven't been on a scale in over a year. Earlier this month I was weighed and found out that I've gained back all the weight I've lost over the past 6+ years. A consequence of my last hospitalization when I went home I had severe problems with water retention. My legs and ankles were swollen to 3 times their normal size. I got the fluid retention under control and found out when I was admitted last night that I lost 35 lbs in fluid in 10 days!!

Neither stay in the hospital has been very pleasant. Not that it normally is a blast but things have been more challenging than normal. Along with regaining the weight, I've also that physically moving around has been harder and more painful. I make excuse after excuse as to why I can't do the things I know I need to do. Well, that ends as soon as I get home or as soon as dr says I can start moving again!

Six plus years ago, I started on my first "journey" to losing weight. In 2 1/2 years, I lost nearly 200 lbs. I know that I can do it again no matter how hard it is. I won't be expecting to lose the weight as quickly as I did the first time but I won't give up!!

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TRACYZABELLE 5/15/2013 1:23AM

    Just getting back in the swing myself -- 1 yr after surgery I had hoped to be slimmer but it is my fault that I am not further along.. but ehey I have not seen these numbers since 1999 so I feel good!

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STUBBSKID69 1/1/2013 2:55PM

    Thank you Lisa for your support and well wishes!

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MISSLISA1973 1/1/2013 1:08PM

    I am sorry for your struggle. I know you can do it. Starting at the first of the year gives you a good milestone. It's good that you are willing to break out of your mold and make a resolution. Go you!!!!!

emoticon Lisa

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Trivia Question for the day:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What would happen if you ate two peanut butter cookies instead of two (plain) sugar cookies?

You'd consume more calories
You'd consume fewer calories
You'd consume the same amount of calories either way

The "correct" answer is: you'd consume fewer calories. That is nice but my answer would be that you would be happier because peanut butter cookies are way yummier than sugar cookies! emoticon

They should have a fill in the blank option for the trivia questions.

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PURPLELVR7 6/25/2012 7:09AM


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TRACYZABELLE 6/12/2012 6:14AM


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MISSLISA1973 6/10/2012 1:12PM


I guess that's one reason weight loss is not so easy. There are more things to the equation than just calories in + energy out = weight. No, no, no. There are also the happiness factor, cost ratio, and time equivalent, and the stress coefficient. emoticon

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ROX525 6/10/2012 6:04AM

    and who could stop at two cookies.... I love peanut butter. Have a successful week!

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The Great Dog Heist!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The note sent via text message read:
"We are kidnapping Sookie. Do not attempt to contact the police if you want to see her alive. You will be contacted with further instructions."

The text message included a picture of Sookie:

This whole thing was a joke, obviously. I stopped by my best friend's house earlier and her dog jumped in the car to say hi to me. I have her sister so I'm her favorite Aunt. She didn't want to get out of the car when were leaving so I sent the kidnapping text to my friend. My husband wasn't paying attention. She looks just like her sister (picture at end), so my husband thought it was our dog even though our dog wasn't in the car when we left our house. We pulled out of the driveway and were half way down the road before I pointed out to my husband that we still had Tina's dog in our car. For a split second I thought he was going to get mad at me for "wasting" his time going back. Instead he had to pull the car over because we were both laughing so hard.

We took Sookie back even though she didn't want to get out of the car. We all got a great laugh out of the joke. It was a very necessary moment of laughter for all of us. And of course I got into big trouble with Sookie's sister for coming home smelling like her and not having her with me.

This is a picture of Abbi. You can see why my husband go the two mixed up.

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MOMMY_TO_TIEN 3/29/2012 9:52AM

    I love that I read about you laughing. It made me smile inside.

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MISSLISA1973 3/21/2012 12:30AM


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MARY1313 3/20/2012 10:21AM

    Oh I love it and those two babies are so gorgeous, with the kindest eyes! Loved this I needed a laugh!!!


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DELHSI 3/20/2012 9:54AM

    Love the quick humor. The girls are too cute! Of course, since you came home smelling like Sookie then you know you owe Abbi and her a play date now - ha!


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QUEENDIVA50 3/20/2012 9:39AM


I love the pics and the idea of dognapping!!! They are both beautiful dogs!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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PATRISNA 3/20/2012 6:11AM

    They are both beautiful. What a great laugh!


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QUILTINGB52 3/20/2012 5:35AM

    Cute! I would have continued on homeward!! I bet Abbi would have enjoyed some company!!

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 3/20/2012 5:33AM

    LOL!! You know my husband wouldn't have noticed even if they were different colors.

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TRACYZABELLE 3/20/2012 5:06AM

    awwww sweet doggies!!

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$100 Here I Come!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I read Nancy Howard's blog last week about how she been collecting change along the way while she is jogging. It took her 4 1/2 years to amass $100. I was going to try to figure out her average daily take in order to get to $100 but that level of math is too complicated at 1 in the morning. After reading this blog, I've been inspired by Ms. Howard's thriftiness to see how long it would take me to reach this goal. The only problem is that I don't run. I rarely walk outside. I do however walk on the treadmill at the gym. Seeing how this is a stationary activity my odds of finding much change are limited. I dropped my cell phone once and it went under the treadmill. In my quest to recover my phone, I did find 2 quarters. I don't think crawling around the gym looking under the machines would go over to well with other people in the gym. emoticon

Getting to a $100 the same way Ms. Howard did isn't really possible for me. I have decided in lieu of jogging or in my case crawling, I am going to save the change I find in my family members pockets when I do laundry! I did 3 loads of laundry over the weekend and I found $2.89 all together. I also moved the couch to vacuum and found another 1.18. That is $4.07. I only need $95.93. I'm doing several loads of my teenage daughters laundry tomorrow. I expect I will find at least another $3-5 in her pockets!

Wish me luck...

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PATRISNA 3/20/2012 6:15AM

    I sometimes find change in DH's slacks, but the only thing I ever found in my sons pockets were Fast food receipts.


Comment edited on: 3/20/2012 6:17:06 AM

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MISSLISA1973 2/28/2012 7:02AM


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TRACYZABELLE 2/28/2012 4:33AM

    WOOHOO! Sounds good to me you are exercising another way to earn your 100 dollars!

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PICKIE98 2/28/2012 4:31AM

    I have financed more than one vacation with found change,, I am never to proud to stoop over for a penny,, theri loss, my gain,, That cruise was my change cruise!!!

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Never Met a Stranger

Monday, January 30, 2012

Never met a stranger is something I usually say to my husband. He can talk to and make friends with just about anyone. Whether he is talking about cars or football, he can start a conversation no matter the situation. In the 28 years we've been together I haven't been able to master this skill. I think part of it has to do with thinking that people are judging me based on my weight.

I can start conversations with complete strangers upon occasion and I'm quite proud of myself when I do. Last night we went to the movies. After the movie I was waiting for my husband in the lobby. I was watching some kids doing a race car game and wondering if I was too old to do it. emoticon

As I was watching two ladies came up behind me and were making comments about the game next to the race car game. I half way turned to them and made a funny comment about the game. They both laughed and we continued talking. When I finally turned to looked at them completely, I realized one of the ladies was someone I've known for most of my life. I wasn't wearing my glasses so she looked rather blurry to me. I recognized her voice before I recognized her. We talked for a few minutes before going out own way. As I was walking away, I was thinking about having talked to a stranger. Well, in this case I didn't meet a stranger. emoticon

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MISSLISA1973 2/1/2012 2:51PM


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TRACYZABELLE 1/31/2012 7:05AM

    how cool is that! Such a small world

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OVERHAULING-ME 1/30/2012 11:50AM

    My husband does that too. I think I've had to many insecurities to do it. But as I've gotten older I've found myself striking up a conversation, much to the embarrasment of my kids!

How fun to have visited with your friend, "stranger"

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