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The birth of Aaiden

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 4th 2014 was a great day in our family.Our youngest daughter went in to see her Dr.on the 3rd and learned her blood pressure was too high.She had to be induced for her and her baby's health.We soon discovered she was already 5 centimeters and in labor!!She went straight to Labor & Delivery and 9 hours after getting Pitocin gave birth to one of the cutest kids ever(LOL)We all say that!!Aaiden was 7 lbs and 18 1/2 inches and began nursing right away...We breathed a sigh of relief!Kayla's husband,sister,dad,and myself were there and I am so glad.My heart is full of LOVE for him!I braved the wind and cold to take a walk for 45 minutes but had to cut it short and go walk inside the mall.I ended up with a nice sweat jacket emoticon emoticon SUSAN

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JANUT57 11/13/2014 2:23PM

  Congratulations! So glad to hear everyone is doing well. emoticon

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SUSANELAINE1956 11/13/2014 2:14PM

    emoticon on the new grand baby. Glad all went well!

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37 years married

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yes to the same man!!I have been busy trying to carve out time for myself and it's not easy.Our 20 year old daughter is getting ready to become a mommy and due on 11/11.I have attended every single ob appointment.1st to know the's a boy..his name is Aaidan Markiece and I'm ecstatic to be a labor coach for her.Her Husband is queasy type and dont like blood but plans to come in the delivery.I have lost 23 1/2 pounds since Sept.16th and stopped drinking soda 22 days ago.I'm on the soda addict wagon and feel extremely proud of myself.My DH orders me tea,milk,juice or coffee if he gets us dinner and orders US grilled chicken breast salads dressing on the side.He has lost 8 pounds!Everyone take a look in the mirror and know that person looking back loves you!! emoticon SUSAN

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DLITE719 10/29/2014 12:15PM

    Congrats on your soon to be grandson. I hope she makes it until 11/12 since that's my birthday.
You have done well with your weight loss and getting your husband on board. Great job.
You will have to share your secret on that since I have not been able to get my husband on board which makes it hard for me to stay on my weight loss plan.

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FITKAT62 10/28/2014 10:46PM

    Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the weight loss.

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DJ4HEALTH 10/28/2014 10:08PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon to the soon emoticon

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KIPSTER52 10/28/2014 8:07PM

    emoticon emoticon

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MILPAM3 10/28/2014 6:46PM

  Oh, c'mon! It isn't the blood he doesn't's watching his wife huff and puff and labor and he feels helpless. He'll be sorry if he isn't there. I was sorry I was so exhausted when my second son was born that I didn't open my eyes to watch the birth. emoticon

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You are beautiful in every single way

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm not a head turner beautiful but my mama taught me to keep a smile on my face and a pep in my step.Do good for others not expecting anything in return.I have a beautiful attitude,heart,and soul.I am a wonderful Mom of 4 and Grammy to almost 10 with 4 Great Grandkids and I'm a super great wife.God blessed me with a positive outgoing personality.I can accomplish anything I attempt to do.One thing I am not is patient with MEAN people.Don't get me wrong I'm not a saint by any means.I laugh at funny stuff on Facebook but when it comes to mean sharp tongued people giving someone trouble I'm in it to defend and hold up a strong front.I was a victim of many bullies growing up and hate it when I see someone being treated badly.I hate to see someone verbally abusing their mother father or grandparents and I will say something.whether oriental,black,white or Hispanic it's not acceptable!!You are too special to be treated so awful.... emoticon SUSAN

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TRAVELGO 10/16/2014 10:15PM


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HICKOK-HALEY 10/16/2014 9:20PM


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JAMBABY0 10/16/2014 9:12PM

    Do on to others how would have done on to you. Thanks for sharing

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Sometimes being a good citizen backfires!

Friday, September 12, 2014

I was running after the neighbors grandson and of course he was in the busy street. I know not my business,but I'm human and nobody was watching him. I'm not going to ignore a 2 year old in the street!! Of course I rang the doorbell to hear them all hollering his name.. JUSTIN!!!His gram answered the door, snatched Justin and asked "What are you doing with him"? Before I could answer his mama comes out the door screaming She could be a kidnapper!!Really would I be changing my mind and bring him back to the front door??Oh Lord!! Grampa finally calms everyone down and says the back door is standing open!! After all the commotion all the women did was give me the STINKEYE!!I told Grampa next time I'll just call the doggone Police.It brings up the question.. Do I help kids if they are lost or hurt?Get help?Call the Police?I could hardly leave Justin in the street!! The neighbors were all flabbergasted at these peoples attitudes at me.I'm still fuming!Have a Great day Sparkies emoticon SUSAN

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LACY77 9/12/2014 5:20PM

    You did the right thing...

Something too many in our society have forgotten these days.

Keep doing it.

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AJB121299 9/12/2014 5:01PM


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ALOOGOBI 9/12/2014 4:56PM

    Kudos to you for helping keep a child safe! Your actions could have saved his life, literally. His family sounds a bit off, to be sure. I would say continue to help. but don't expect a thank you. It's not the kid's fault his parents and grandparents don't know how to behave kindly. Perhaps your act of kindness will be a good influence on them! Have a lovely weekend. emoticon

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SLIMMERJESSE 9/12/2014 4:48PM

    I've been through similar. Unreal. But it's worth it to keep the kid safe.

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I once was lost but now I'm found...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I loved that song as a child and would shamelessly step up on stage and sing my heart out to my minister Granddad. Folks I have been wallowing in grief for my dog! I realized I have not been caring for myself in the last few months. It seems I always jump into taking care of everyone but ME!!I let my weight creep back on noticing my tightening waist in my shorts but not doing anything about it. I have been taking care of so many people and problems this Spring and Summer that I got put on the back burner. I'm feeling anxiety and shame. All the hard work and years of self Love/respect/care and it's flushed down the toilet just like that! I had to pass the torch for my sweet mother in law on to her daughters and get a grip. My anxiety has been all over the place with Mom getting sick our Grandkids having babies(going to help with the other two toddlers) our daughter being pregnant and sick. I just didn't make ME a priority. Now I know it sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself and making excuses but NO that's not it. I'm acknowledging the fact, admitting it and READY to do something about it! I started off on Sunday after Church by having a huge salad of veggies only w/the dressing on the side. After lunch it was sit-ups treadmill, elliptical and a lot of water. I am starting back at the retirement home on Monday and My walking troop on Wednesday. I signed up for a 5k in October!! WISH ME LUCK SPARKIES!!! emoticon SUSAN

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    Oh I'm so sorry for your loss honey. Grieving is a process and things happen during the process. Glad you're taking stock and doing something for yourself. emoticon

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SLIMMERJESSE 9/11/2014 2:13PM

    Grief is a tough emotion, and we always seem to beat ourselves up for allowing ourselves to be sad. And others seem to think there's a timeline when we should be "over it." Just do baby steps in getting yourself moving again.

p.s. I've thought about you since your last blog and it broke my heart how he kissed you goodbye, then laid down and died. I think that would have broken my heart so badly, it would have prolonged the grief.

Comment edited on: 9/11/2014 2:24:12 PM

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