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Duh - when something hurts, do something about it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I've had knee pain for a couple years. It started before I started running, and I really remember it kicking in 2 years ago (right around when I moved to an apartment that I have to take 60 steps to get to). Since I've been running it hasn't gotten worse, strangely enough it was actually getting better. But - I took too long replacing my sneakers (cheapskate!) and when I did get new ones my knee wasn't jumping back into pain-free. So - I finally went to a physical therapist.

I had been avoiding talking to someone out of fear. I have been running for about a year and I love it. I never thought I could run. I was always the fat girl, sweating and gasping. Now I still sweat and gasp - but I go far! I didn't want to stop. I was totally afraid that the PT would tell me to stop. I finally had to admit that it was time to deal.'s tendonitis. Nothing major. Stretching/heat/massage for a few weeks should help drastically. And since then, it probably is psychosomatic, but I've felt better already. Even in just a week.

Lesson learned - face the pain and deal. It might not be as bad as you think!


Well, they can't all be great...

Monday, May 02, 2011

So I did a 10K on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day - sunny and in the 60's. Which after a long winter seems like heaven. Unfortunately, gorgeous for regular activity can be HOT for running. Strangely enough, though, the heat was not the biggest problem for me this race.

* I was wearing a really fun outfit. I've trained before with keys in my back pocket of the shorts I was wearing. I just hadn't trained with my car keys which turned out to be heavier. Plus I had picked up two mini Clif bars (they were FREE, I couldn't turn them down?!). I had all this in my back pocket. Started running...shorts started slipping. I know that some folks behind me in that first 5 minutes definitely got a show! I ended up running the rest of the race with keys in one hand, Clif bars in the other. I know I could have put down the bars along the course, but I didn't want to litter!

* Around mile 2 I got a really bad feeling - I needed to poop. Badly. I was able to finish the race, but I spent more time walking than I wanted to because it seemed to make things feel better.

* The course was VERY hilly. I've run hills before, but this was more than I've done. I ran up some, walked others.

Given all that, you wouldn't expect great things. But - I did PR. Just not at the level I wanted to. I was aiming for 66 minutes; did it in 0:67:19. I feel kind of bad for that.

What do I take from this experience?
* I can run through more than I think I can. But when I need to walk, WALK.

* Each race is different - take the positives when they come. Better time is always good.

* More hill training!

* I don't fist my hands as much as I thought I did, because what I was carrying didn't feel uncomfortable. So that's good!


How things have changed...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In the last entry before my hiatus, I was nervous about my first 5k. A lot has happened since then!

In short:
* Finished 5k - so happy!
* Finished 10k - so happy!
* Pulled groin muscle training for 1/2 marathon - so sad!

Yes, in the months since my prior post, I was able to train up enough to successfully finish a half marathon. And it was a heckuva race. First of all, I was still recovering from my groin pull. I pulled it at Thanksgiving, race was in January, still pain! Plus the day before I flew down for the race (it was in Disney World!), I caught a nasty cold.

With all of that, I still crossed the finish line! I ran the first 7 miles, ran/walk the last 6. And at mile 10 - the cold medicine wore off. So it was three miles of coughing which caused pain to shoot down my leg. Was not fun. But - when I crossed the finish line, it was all worth it.

Since then - I caught the race bug.

* Ran 5k - Missed my PR, but still was good
* Ran 10 miler - Was amazed - I kept at my 5k pace for the entire race!

My plans for this year:
* 11 races for '11 - 3 down, 8 to go!
* Improve speed - right now I'm at just above a 10 minute mile. Sub-10 minute mile, here I come!
* Another Disney half! And when I complete that - a special medal! Yay!

It's been a great 6 months in running, and I'm excited for what's to come!


Wow - been a long time

Monday, April 18, 2011

So, I looked at my Other Goals tracking page. It's something I had been ignoring for a long time. I'm hardcore about my fitness, less so about food (due to once a week free lunches), but never tried to do anything about Other Goals. Until now.

One of my Other Goals is to blog at least three times a week. Which I definitely am going to do. I have been feeling the need to write stuff out recently, but didn't quite feel confident in opening it up to the entire web. At least here on Spark I think I'll feel more at home.

Not that exciting an entry - but it gets me towards a goal. And the first step is important to taking the rest.

So, signing off for now - but I already know what my next post is.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm running my 5K in 21 days. I've decided to reframe.

It's a time to get outside. It's a time to explore areas of the city that I might not have seen before. It's a time to see people & have fun. It's a time to spend with my cousin (who will be next to me for at least part of it). It's a time to stretch my legs.

It just happens to be 3 miles of time. =)


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