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A-Z of Tiffany

Friday, February 05, 2010

A is for Age: 25
B is for Booze: Rarely, maybe twice a year.
C is for Career: Paralegal, but thinking about switching to the health and fitness field.
D is for Dad's name: Gilbert
E is for Essential items to bring to a party: Great attitude!
F is for Favorite song or music: I listen to just about anything.
G is for Goof off thing to do: Play tag!
H is for Hometown: Peru, IN
I is for Instrument you play: None
J is for Jam or Jelly you like: Seedless Raspberry by Polaner's! Yummy!
K is for Kids: None.
L is for Living arrangement: Apt with 1 male roommate, but that's about to change.
M is for Mom's name: Shelia
N is for Name of best friend: I have a few.
O is for Overnight Stay in a Hospital: None.
P is for Phobias: Failure
Q is for Quote you like: "Being a runner means you are now ‘free’ to win and lose and live life to its fullest."
R is for Relationship that lasted longest: 5 years.
S is for Siblings: Kenny (26), David (25), Tabitha (24), Tye (21), and Kylah (17)
T is for Texas, ever been? Nope
U is for Unique trait: I love hiccupping!
V is for vegetable you love: Corn!
W is for Worst traits: OCD about cleaning!
X- is for X-rays you've had: Dental, and knee
Y is for Yummy food you make: Chili!
Z is for Zodiac sign: Cancer


Long time, no talk.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sorry it's been so long guys. Lately I've only been logging in to track nutrition and fitness. The month of October wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't a complete loss, and it was very very busy. So here's the quick list of what happened.

I lost Rudy, went out on my own path, and started my 90 Day Transformation Challenge that I got accepted for.
My best friend had her first child, a little girl named Madison Amanda. (Everyone was guessing a boy!!)
I did my first 10k, the Disney Race for the Taste 10K and I ran the entire race! I was so proud of myself and my medal!
I've made alot of new friends here in Orlando!
I even got to spend a (very quick) weekend at home in Indiana!! I saw my niece for only the 3rd time in her life and she's 1 1/2 years old and she didn't shy away from me! And of course my 5 year old nephew loves when I come to visit because he gets tons of attention from me.

I spoke with the gym about getting my money back for my training with Rudy, they agreed to refund me 1 of the 2 months I had paid for. So that means I still have to train with another trainer for a month. I pretty much know all the trainers and knew right away who I wanted, a girl named Gina. She's loud, intense, and passionate, exactly what I need! Unfortunately her schedule didn't work with mine until this month (November). We spent an hour talking about everything and getting to the bottom of my weight loss problem (since I'm still at a plateau!!) Her answer: I'm overtraining! I know, I know, everyone had told me that. I was working out twice a day most days and not taking many off days at all during the month of October. So now she has completely changed up everything on me but I have faith this will work. My cardio is intervals on days 1, 3, 5, and 6 with my HR not going over 170 at all. Then days 2 and 4 are low intensity cardio recovery days with my HR maintaining between 137-147. I find it's hard to keep my HR that low because I want to go so much faster and harder. When the girl on the rowing machine next to me is rowing away, I want to pick up my pace to beat her! Gina says that my body is too adapted to me going so hard that I need to change it up like we're doing so that it keeps my body guessing. And my workouts with her are much different as well. We aren't concentrating on building as much as burning. I really like it. As far as nutrition, she's not putting me on high protein, low carb, or anything other type of diet. I get to eat just a regular balanced diet! It's amazing and I love it! Hopefully my body will realize it's getting everything it needs and will stop holding onto everything now. So with the workouts and the nutrition, I'm hoping for the best! As a side note, Rudy and I still keep in touch and he thinks he may be getting a job as an assistant personal training manager at LA Fitness (which is literally across the street from my apt).

I suppose the last thing to talk about is my date tomorrow night! Yes, I have a date! My first in 2 1/2 years (when I cut all ties in my last relationship, so it's probably more like 3 years). Ok, so I'm a girl and I know you want to know the details. His name is Andrew. He's 24, blondish brown, kinda curly hair. He just moved down here from Virginia, I believe. But he went to college down here. I met him through his mom. I actually work out with her usually once or twice a week, she's very fit and does triathlons. She learned I was single and said you should meet my son. Of course I cringed inside like you do when mothers say that to you. Then he saw my picture online and made the comment to his mom that he needed to come to one of our workouts sometime, which is usually a bunch of girls, haha. When she told me about it I just brushed it off not thinking anything of it and not believing he would actually come. Then a few weeks later when I was debating whether or not to get up and go the workout that morning, I went and there he was next to his mom! Of course I looked like crap because you literally roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, pull the hair up and grab a banana and away you go. Then you're there and working out and sweating and just not the way you want to meet a guy. Anyways, all of us girls were talking about going bowling that night and it ended up being only me, Andrew, his mom, and her boyfriend (who I had already met as well). It turned out to be a good night though. Andrew and I continued to talk on Facebook and he asked me out. We were supposed to go last Friday, but had to postpone it until this Friday and what was supposed to be a chill laid back date with a wager for dinner on 3 games of bowling turned into a date a semi-fancy restaurant and that just puts so much more pressure on it and yes, I'm extremely nervous. This is when I need a good group of close girl friends here in Orlando to come over and help me Friday before the date! So there's your details!

I think that's everything right now, but I will definitely try better to keep you updated!

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KOTWBB 1/10/2010 1:28PM

    So how did it go? That was ages ago!

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    Sorry I am so late on responding! You are doing so well, and I completely agree with the new trainer! Hope that is working out for you. What happened with Rudy?

And are you still chatting with Andrew?

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SEPPIESUSAN 11/12/2009 5:39PM

    Have a great date!!:)

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My trainer

Monday, October 05, 2009

Last week was an overall bad week for me and what should have been a great weekend got worse when I got a text from my trainer Friday night. On Wednesday I resigned with my trainer for 2 months, normally I just do one month at a time, but I knew the pressure his boss was putting on him to have his clients sign longer contracts and of course I wanted to help Rudy (my trainer) out since I like training with him. He has been the one person who has been with me during my entire health journey since January. He would go above and beyond and give me 2 new workouts each month to do on my own in addition to a new nutrition guideline each month, most trainers do not do any of this. He made himself available 24/7 and his training style fitted my needs well. Any of my failures he saw as his failures, he took his job personally because he put so much into his work. It truly was "personal" training with him.

Unfortunately on Friday he informed me that his boss had let him go. We agreed to talk about it on Saturday, but Saturday morning I got a call from his boss telling me that Rudy left the gym and asking who I wanted to train with, I was so pissed at this man! I talked to Rudy Saturday night and this is what I found out. First, let me start by saying Rudy's boss is rather new and him and Rudy didn't get along too well. If it was up to his boss Rudy would have been gone months ago, but the District Manager wouldn't allow that to happen, but must have finally given in. They have lost 3 trainers in a month and a half. Rudy's boss said production had been down for the month of September and basically blamed it on Rudy since most of his clients only sign month to month contracts instead of longer contracts. But honestly, who can afford to pay $1,000 up front at this time?? I can only afford to pay one month at a time, but I kept coming back and had been with him since January! So they fired Rudy, exactly 2 days after I signed my 2 month contract with him. I was his only client to resign so far so I got screwed! Not by Rudy, but by his boss. I cannot get out of the contract since each contract states that you are not signing with a specific trainer, but with the gym and they reserve the right to switch your trainer. But honestly, I wouldn't have resigned for 2 months if I would have known I wouldn't be training with Rudy and Rudy wouldn't have had me resign.

Rudy said he would still help me out because he wants to see me succeed, but honestly I don't even want to train with anyone else. I never expected to be so emotional about this but I feel like the one person, my person, who has been there for everything with me on this journey has just been taken away. He's the one that knows so much about me, we've figured out so much about me and my body together and we made this progress. Now I basically have to start over with someone else. I know the other trainers and their training styles (I am there basically every day) and Rudy's style really did fit me best. Not only that, but we had built that bond and trust with each other.

Rudy reassured me he would be fine and that he'll find another job at another gym and that he would like to keep working with me, which of course I would like as well. This week he is supposed to be getting things figured out and I hope he does, but either way, I'm still stuck in a 2 month contract with someone else. Hopefully he can get it all figured out and by the end of my 2 months I can train with him again somewhere else.

I don't even want to walk into that gym today. I was supposed to have my usual 5:30 appointment with him today. I feel a little lost, Rudy was my guide on this journey, directing me when I needed it. But I guess all I can do is move forward, keep pushing. At some point I was going to have to learn to do it on my own, I just didn't expect it to happen so suddenly. And I swear if his former manager says one word to me, I will punch his scrawny a**, and as Rudy says I have a good right jab.

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GINABRYAN 10/6/2009 8:21AM

    You've had many blogs about your pt so it's obvious you have a strong connection with him. Hopefully the next two months go fast. You might be surprised, maybe you'll work out well with the new person. Do you watch the Biggest Loser? Whenever they switch trainers, there is always at least one contestant who feels the way you do, but eventually they come around. Hopefully the same will happen to you until you can be reunited with Rudy. Hang in there!

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GAUVREAU99 10/5/2009 4:33PM

    Sorry to hear about your and Rudy's troubles. I hope he gets situated so you guys can resume your routine..... but remember there are always going to be hurdles we have to jump over! Keep your head up! Ask the old boss to see if there is any possible way to get out of your contract...look at it this way he can either say yes or no, but at least you tried!

Stay Strong. emoticon

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MARKDORENE 10/5/2009 4:17PM

    good luck

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Me vs. My Body

Friday, October 02, 2009

I am on a journey to make my body leaner, stronger, healthier and it seems my body is fighting me the entire way. As I've mentioned before, my body is highly efficient at holding onto fat as well as building muscle. I've been on this journey for 9 months now. I started at 175, hit a plateau early summer at about 163, went on a super strict diet and got down to 157, went off the diet to go back up to 165, and am now settled about 163 again!

I change up my routine and my nutrition monthly with the help of my trainer. I do everything correctly and it seems I get no where with the exception of more muscle. We sat down yesterday to talk about everything and finally get this figured out. After going over my entire weekly routine and nutrition, he told me that I am doing absolutely everything correctly and any other person would have lost 30 lbs by now! We know I need to eat more, which is quite a difficult task for me but I am working on it. We took measurements to find that I am bulking in my lower body (thighs and calves) which is probably due to my decrease in running. I hurt what I am pretty sure is my sciatic nerve so no running for a while til that heals. Again, just another way my body is fighting me! To stop me from bulking so much and to lean down more (since I'm building muscle but not losing the fat on top of the muscle) he's taking out all exercises that would make me build muscle and lowering my protein. His goal is just to get me to burn fat, I don't want to lose the muscle that I have now in the process of this, but he says if I lose 1 lb of muscle for every 2-3 lbs of fat he would be fine with that. Once I get the fat off, I can build the muscle again (which won't take me long at all). As he puts it, I'm his favorite project.

I hate that my body is so complex! Why can't I be like any normal girl who walks into the gym, puts in the time and effort that I do, and lose the weight normally. I work so hard in the gym for 2-2 1/2 hours (warmup, half ST, half cardio, stretch), watch what I eat, don't drink alcohol, drink 22 cups of water a day, take my multivitamin, stay active even on my day off, and I get no where! What else can I possibly do that I'm not already doing?!

So here's to hoping that the changes we make work! I'm honestly at a loss and my trainer is someone who doesn't give up because if I don't reach my goals then he sees himself as a failure. He's even going as far as giving me free sessions. But I have faith that this is one battle my body is not going to win because I am not going to give up! My body didn't always have this fat and it doesn't need it now. I will be leaner, stronger, and healthier!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GINABRYAN 10/2/2009 1:40PM

    While that is a frustrating situation, you seem to have the right attitude. Good luck.

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I was lost and overwhelmed

Friday, September 18, 2009

Soo, I haven't updated in a while. A lot has been happened since the last time I wrote. This may be out of order/ramble some, but I just wanted to get it all out.

First, in August my trainer had me wear a Bodybugg which is one of the most accurate tools at determining calorie burn, more so than a heart rate monitor. It can tell you how many calories you're burning 24/7 minus the times you are showering or swimming since it's not waterproof. We found that during the week I'm burning 2600 calories a day! So my calorie consumption (which had been around 1200 calories at the time) was WAY too low! He said at the very least I needed to be eating 1800 calories! I was shocked! My thought was how am I supposed to eat that many calories?! He told me that I'm a lucky one because in order to lose weight I get to eat more, most people have to eat less. He said I'm too active! Ha! Not possible! I sit at a desk 8 hours a day Mon-Fri! But the Bodybugg was a real eye opener, I don't think either of us realized I was burning that many calories a day. So I upped my calories to 1800 but I could feel myself gaining weight. PT said that was expected at first but then it should plateau and start going back down. I didn't stop gaining. I'm now back up to 164.8 lbs. Boo! But I think other factors added to that gain. First, I stopped tracking every bite of food, bad news! I don't think I realized that even the small bites of this and that were adding up. On top of that I have been really stressed which has given me the worst sweet tooth! I was munching on anything sweet I could get my hands on and then not counting them. The stress itself probably added to my weight gain as well. I was off track and feeling lost and overwhelmed. I wasn't even looking forward to my workouts anymore and wasn't putting in as much effort. I avoided the scale because I was too scared to see my weight. My trainer finally made me this Monday.

I think the thing that really helped pull me out of my rut was hearing about this 90 Day Transformation Challenge which is taking 90 people, in 90 days and helping them to achieve 2010 pounds of weight loss before the end of the year. It offers bootcamp, body fat analysis, measurements, meetings and seminars, and a nutritional consultation all for free! And the top three contests win money! I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it and that it could be the motivation and kick in the butt that I needed. Since they can only accept 90 people, you had to write an essay. They are supposed to announce their selections on Sept. 20th. I'm so anxious. But when I emailed my essay the lady replied back that she loved my essay, my story is very similar to hers, and that she can't wait to meet me. Does that mean I'm in?? I hope so! But I'm waiting until officially notified.

I have been sick with a bad cold this week, but when my PT told me no cardio on Monday and not to even go to the gym Tuesday if I wasn't feeling better (of course I went and did a short workout), all I wanted to do was workout! Although the rest was really really nice. Wednesday I was feeling better and my trainer showed me how to balance on my knees on a stability ball! I actually like it because it's challenging. We then played a game that works on our core and balance. It was so fun esp since we're both competitive. He beat me like 7 or 8 times, but I won 4 times! We had to do 10 pushups every time we lost. It was definitely a nice change of pace. Yesterday I had a great workout at the gym. PT had given me new workouts last week and I really like them! For one of them I do 2 strength moves then 10 minutes of running then 2 new strength moves and 10 mins of running and so on for a total of 4 cycles. This morning I did running and strength drills in the park with some other girls which we hadn't had the last 3 weeks and it was so good to do it again.

I've continued doing other activities outside of the gym such as more indoor rock climbing, kayaking (it was a bioluminscent night tour and a fish jumped into my kayak, I ended up squatting in my kayak dying in laughter as 2 men tried to get the fish out which was flopping everywhere), 3 hours of zumba in the hot Florida sun, 5ks, etc. My last 5k was last weekend and it was probably one of my worst ever! I literally had a mental breakdown. I think my final time was 33:25. I have another 5K tomorrow and the following weekend and then my first 10K on Oct. 11th!!

Oh and I finally made a friend at the gym! She's a redhead like me, but taller and leaner of course. At first she was my enemy because we both have the same PT, but she just started working out with him in August and she asked him why he pushed me harder than he pushed her! What! I've been working with him since January! I do more advanced moves because I've worked up to them! It's about progression! She at that point I thought she was competing with me, but then one day we started talking in the locker room and she was really nice and we got along well and she's my age and single so we have a lot in common. Plus we're both at the gym at the same time throughout the week. Gosh, I just couldn't have her as an enemy and pass up a new friendship. Now we workout together sometimes and show each other new moves and even invite each other to do things outside of the gym! Yay! Btw, her name is Katie and our trainer is paranoid we're planning his demise. I don't think he's had a couple clients become friends like we have. Haha!

So in the end, I'm back, feeling better, more determined and have a new friend.

I'm sorry I haven't been too active on here, I will try to be better. But please be patient as I would much rather be out and active then be sitting at my computer. But I will definitely be here to lend my support to everyone! Trust me, I know how hard it is especially after this last rut!

I hope you are all well. Please let me know how you're all doing!


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