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All done

Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, it's been just over 2 weeks since my left kidney got a new home. I spent an extra day in the hospital, due to some low BP problems, but I am slowly healing now.

I've been walking 15 minutes a day, spread out over 3 walks. I am sore and my skin is sensitive in weird places. It's been harder to adjust to moving slower and modifying everything I do than I thought it would be.

I had to get one of those reacher/grabber things, as I'm not allowed to bed over or reach above my head for 6 weeks (threat of hernia). Everything takes longer, and it just makes me crazy. Oh well, I am better than I was a week ago, and have barely used the oxycodone prescribed (they make me feel awful; how do people get addicted to that stuff?!)

The last time I weighed myself, I was down a pound or so, since I didn't really eat much of anything for about a week after the surgery. Now, I'm back to a healthier, more nutritious diet, but had a bit of a binge yesterday. I won't weigh in until Sunday, so we'll see where I am at.

I'm off work until the end of March at least, so we'll see if I can get all the way back, as far as exercise is concerned, in that time frame.

If anyone wants specifics about my surgery and/or recovery, shoot me an email. Have a great weekend!

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ORCHIDLADY56 2/28/2014 3:40PM

    Congratulations and welcome home! The 4th week seemed to be the turning point for me when I began feeling normal again.

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It's on!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I got a call a day or two after my last post. My donation surgery is on February 13th! I was hoping to do it on Valentine's Day, but oh well.

As it gets closer I get more anxious, but that won't stop me! I am worried about a troublesome, but hopefully minor, tooth abscess. I went for a cleaning last week and apparently the spot on my gum that my tongue has been fiddling with was caused by a HEALTHY piece of air-popped popcorn! I'm on antibiotics now, and I let my transplant coordinator know. She says it should be fine, and since I haven't heard from her, we should still be good to go.

I haven't been eating as healthy as I should, which seems weird. I want my kidney to be in tip-top shape, but I've been falling back into old habits; comfort food. I have been making an effort to move more, but it seems hard to shake the excuses when it comes time to go for a walk.

Work has been really stressful this past week as well; still that's no excuse.

I just need to keep in mind that every day, no every hour, is a new start.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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ORCHIDLADY56 2/1/2014 2:00PM

    The time will pass quickly. Good luck, and keep us posted!

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1HAPPYSPIRIT 1/30/2014 11:58PM

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well, It's almost a month since my last update. I'm stiull at about the same weight. I've slipped back into some bad eating habits, and am more sporadic about my exercise than I would have hoped at this point. As I said last time, it can only get better. I think my problem is that I am constantly stressed about work. Not that I have too much, but that I am not working enough. When I first started, I was working two and three days a week most weeks. Now I'm lucky if I work two days per pay period! Seriously, I've probably worked a total of 6 or 7 seven days in about 3 weeks. This too can only get better (hopefully).

I heard back from UCSF less than week after my visit down there. I have two good kidneys, so they will be taking the left one (as they usually do; it's easier to get to). Incidentally, they see that my right one has two arteries (they gave me a dvd with the pics; very cool!). Since then, I've given them 9 more vials of blood. We've tentatively scheduled the surgery of around mid-February. It was nice to finally give my supervisor a date estimate. My actual boss was less than thrilled. He's an MD, so I don't know if that why he just burst out with all the negative things that could happen to me as a result, or it could have just been his usual bad bedside manner self. That doesn't bother me though. UCSF says that I have the potential to help 6 other people, how cool is that!

Well, even though I'm not where I want to be quite yet, I have the added motivation to keep myself as healthy as I can. Hopefully I will keep this at the forefront of my mind while I try and get back on track.

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LIFE-FAITH 1/19/2014 10:33AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ORCHIDLADY56 1/15/2014 9:12AM


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Monday, December 16, 2013

So, as you all know, I've been on the journey to donate my kidney to someone in need.

Last week, I went down to UCSF for phase II testing. Day 1 was a meetup with a transplant surgeon. Since, I've done my homework, and also an RN, I only had a couple of quick questions for him. He did tell me that he may not be my doctor; it depends on what day I come in. No big deal in my opinion, though he was nice.

My second appointment was with the psychiatrist. I wasn't nervous, but by this time (it was later in the afternoon), I started to get a really bad sinus headache. He was running late, so I stood around for 20 minutes until he was ready to see me. He instantly made me nervous. He wasn't very personable. Then I had to do a standardized test!! There was even math involved (serial 7's). Ugh. Well, anyway, he told me I was fine to donate; glad that was over!

The next day I started off by meeting a donor advocate (the one I had previously been speaking to by phone and email happened to not be there that day). Again, no big deal. She just wanted to know if I had any other questions. A very nice woman.

Then I had a physical with one of the nephrology fellows. She was nice, not a great bedside manner, but better than some! She had me briefly speak to her boss, who was also a woman. She was nice.

Lastly, I had the renal ct angiogram. I've had one before, so I knew what to expect. The nurse that started my IV and gave me the dye was cute! (always a plus). This time though, I almost thought I was going to have a reaction. I got warm all the way to the tips of my fingers and it felt like my heart was beating funny. It stopped though, so I didn't say anything about it.

Now I wait to hear from UCSF if first, that I have two good kidneys, and secondly, that I can donate one to someone who needs it. I tend to be impatient; I hope they call soon!!

My weight is right around whrer it's been since before Thanksgiving. I'm totally ok with that. I am still 16 pounds lighter than I've been in a long time. I can only improve from here!

I hope you all are having great holidays!

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TINYRN2011 12/18/2013 9:45AM

    Quick update! I heard yesterday that I am food to go! I don't know which kidney they will take (I forgot to ask I was so excited), or when the surgery will be, but it should be within the next month.

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ANNICEATS 12/16/2013 5:01PM


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It's that time again.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ok, all us women know what I'm talking about. I abhor this time, and it just seems to be getting worse lately. I'm hoping some of you readers have some tips or tricks I can use!

The back pain, since yesterday has been horrible! I was going to go for a quick walk, but other than running a few errands, I just couldn't do it. I did take some Tylenol earlier, and that took the edge off. I even tracked down a heating pad. Any other ideas?

On a side note, I've been emailing UCSF regarding the last test and appointments I need to do. Apparently they won't schedule that stuff until they receive ALL the other tests. It seems they haven't received my ECG results, which I did over a week ago. I called my doc's office, to what was going on, and don't you know it, their computers are down, so they couldn't even tell me if they had received the results!

UCSF also needs me to redo the UA, as they didn't get the complete results (read they ordered the wrong test the first time around) I can't do THAT until THIS has been over for 3 days...more delay! Can you guess that patience isn't my strong suit? Deep breath (repeated 5 times).

I feel much better now. Thanks for letting me vent!


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