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club chat, sept 17

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It is the first cool cloudy day since I moved to the new place. But it is still warm in here even with a few windows cracked open! The bodes well for later in the season...perhaps I wont even have to turn heat on just never know! It is such a well insulated house...

Everyone is starting to arrive later since we are moved to here. No one has the timing down, I guess, to getting to this place on time, now that it is further from the center of town. It is not a problem though...

Weigh in went smoothly, though I still may change where the scales are living right now, don't really like them where they are. But, on the other hand, it is the most logical place for them in terms of where we are meeting. No one has complained, as they are still off in a private little space ( the little hall by the door to go to the laundry room and rest of the basement)

Unfortunately I was the gainer today, up 3 pounds. I had mentioned yesterday that I thought I would be up because my feet were so badly swollen I had a hard time getting my flip flops on. They are usually extremely loose, not so, yesterday. My assumption is some drastic water weight as it came on very quickly during the day and I had not eaten badly all week previous to yesterday.

oh well, boo to me.

Our discussion today, I chose to talk about fruits and vegetables and which are prone to more use of insecticides/ pesticides than which aren't. I fortunately, managed to find a listing of such for comparisons

If pesticides are present on the surfaces of your fruits and vegetables, you can definitely remove a substantial amount of those surface pesticides through careful washing and light scrubbing. However, you will not be able to remove all of them nor can you remove pesticides that have been incorporated into the fruits and vegetables while they were growing.

From field to field and from year to year, the amount of pesticides used on different fruit and vegetable crops can vary greatly. However, some environmental organizations, like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have sampled large groups of fruits and vegetables to determine which non-organic foods most consistently contain pesticide residues (and how many different residues they contain). They have provided a listing to the public, which I will copy for you here. They even have a nickname for the worst offenders..... "Dirty Dozen Plus."

the uppermost food contains pesticide residues on the most frequent basis, and the next food down contains pesticide residues at the second highest frequency, etc

Sweet bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Snap peas—imported

The "Plus" in the "Dirty Dozen Plus" reflects types of produce that didn't meet the traditional Dirty Dozen criteria yet were of special concern. While they may not have met traditional criteria to rank them in the top 12, they were found to contain residues of insecticides that are toxic to the human nervous system.

Leafy greens, such as kale and collard greens
Hot peppers

They named another group the "Clean 15" which are the ones that were found to have the least amount of pesticide residues. The list of these are:

Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas — Frozen
Sweet Potatoes

As we discussed this around the table, we came to the conclusion that even if a food is termed organic, it still is not free of the insecticides and pesticides, for the simple reason that these products have been used for many years. Ground waters would absorb some from the earth and the earth retains some as well, and those processes have been going on for many many years.

So a farm going "organic" may still get some leeching into the foods they produce.... EVEN if they farmed hydroponically, for the water still has residue chemicals in it. There is no getting away from that, as the residues of past uses have still been monitored in present day waters...whether high up in the mountains, far from civilization or just around the corner from your house.

Organic farm produce is interesting, to say the least. They do not use the insecticides or pesticides, so you would think that the costs would be far cheaper to produce their marketable goods. The costs of the chemicals and planes and machines to deliver the said chemicals to the crops, would be a high cost... Yet the produce from a organic farm costs more. So who are the ones lining their pockets on this issue?

As always, there are several more factors, that effect the pricing of fruits and vegetables But it does still make one wonder about the logicalness of the organic farming products costing more than the products that are coming off farms that are using the insecticides and pesticides.

But the fact still remains, that these chemicals do end up in our foods. We can only do what we can. I personally, wash everything well, with a 10 parts water/1 part vinegar solution. I do this for anything I bring out of my own garden as well, especially those squashes that I am holding over the winter. It is something my Uncle Reg taught me many years ago, and has worked like a charm for preserving for later use....along with making sure to leave at least one inch of stem and to cut with scissors so that the stem is not pulled off the vegetable at all.

After the light scrubbing, which also washes your hands clean of the surfaces chemical, peeling the fruit or vegetable will take away some more chemical that has leeched into the skins. What is left is the product with the least amount of chemical residue in it. That is the best you can do for yourself, if you are concerned about this issue.

Some people don't care. I have seen them at the grocery store, picking and eating grapes, cherries ect and eating them to see if they are sweet enough for them. They havent even been washed from coming off the trucks....and in some cases, not even from coming in off the fields and orchards, where they were sprayed again just before being put on the trucks.

Food for thought?

Have a great day everyone! emoticon

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TOPSBEAR 9/18/2014 1:22PM

    I a m happy that you had a successful visit with your daughter. I remember just before going offline you had been saying that she was battling with a flu bug of some sort, so she obviously must have got over it before the visitation.

Nice that Mr V shares his insights on his studies. I have a few couples in my circle that do studies as well, but it is rare to hear of them sharing their studies.My cousin in particular, quit writing down his insights and thoughts about what he studied because his first wife would read them and he thought of it as a trespass. He still does not share them with his current wife either.

I have never had grits, not sure that you can even buy them here.

It rained for most of yesterday afternoon and evenng, today is dry but overcast and cool, probably more rain sometime today. But, we did need it. There has not been any rain or dew all summer long, the earth is parched and brown.

My outdoor plants were lovely and green before coming here, as I had lavished attention on them until the last week before moving , when I let them dry out for lighter moving. Then of course, I was all consumed with moving and putting away that they were totally ignored. Results....pray they will all come back next year, as they as so brown and curled up it looks like no hope for them. Two in particular, I am praying for as they set me back a pretty chunk of change, more than I usually spend on plants but they were both so lovely and smelled heavenly that I had to have them.

well I need to get my day going. I am alloted thursday as my one and only laundry day, so I must use it! I am not accustom to having only one laundry day, it will take some getting used to, but at least I do not have to go outside and up into an unfinished part of the house....I won't get as much exercise but I sure will appreciate it in the dead of a cold winters day!

Have a great day emoticon

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IMAVISION 9/18/2014 10:09AM

    I found this blog very interesting, Bear. As you said, "Food for thought". We eat a combination of both organic & non-organic fruits & veggies --- chosen more with an eye for what looks best. I am very careful to wash everything well. However, I am now considering peeling the skin off apples before enjoying them. Normally I have an apple each day --- not to keep the doctor away, but because I like them.

I am happy to know that the TOPS members are pleased with the change of location for the meetings. Personally, I would be pleased with the new views the change affords --- just hearing about them & the reactions of others to them, makes me wish I could drop in one Wednesday morning.

I am especially pleased that you now have a comfortable home, after years in the other dwelling, Bear.

For some reason both “Visions” under the roof of our home have been awake since a little before 4am --- not an unusual turn-of-events for my beloved MrV, who awakens early to do enjoy his quiet time with the Lord & do his Bible study. It had been quite a while since I have had such a night, so I was very surprised to have two in a row --- not something I want to become a “not by choice” habit again.

MrV is studying the Book of Acts --- he has studied it several times in the past; however, each time Holy Spirit has given him new insights --- some really rich “stuff”, too. He is great about sharing what has been revealed to him with me, so I am blessed through his faithfulness in his studies --- as well as being richly blessed through my own time in the Word.

Since the time leading up to & during your move, things on this end were all go, go, go. That time was both tiring & delightful; however, when things finally calmed down a bit, I was very thankful. Those, less demanding of our time, days gave us a chance to rest & regroup before our Fall schedule kicked in. Still, I am forever grateful for the lovely memories that brought us to the point of needing a bit of rest.

The most delightful of the ways that we spent those days was having our eldest offspring & her two youngest visit for ten all too short days. She was really impressed with the re-decorated downstairs guestroom, with its remodeled bathroom. She said that she just might stay on with us. It tickled me to hear that from a gal who lives in a huge & beautiful seven bedroom home out in the country --- with its home theater, exercise room, & full-sized indoor swimming pool! Still, even though the changes we made are very nice, I am sure most of her delight in it all was being with us. I am happy that she was the first to use that area of our home. We had a wonderful time of soaking each minute of the ten days for all they were worth --- knowing how quickly such visits speed by.

I had left this to have a breakfast with my MrV --- grits with a teaspoon of salt-free butter & sprinkled with black pepper for me --- mush melon with black grapes & a protein drink (mixed with almond milk) for him. He is now catching forty winks before seeing what the rest of the day has in store for his loving self.

I know there were a zillion other things I had planned to share with you; however, right now they just are not coming to mind. Plus, my day is calling to me, so I best go greet it a second time.

God bless!

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home, club chat, and blessings

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It took awhile for me to get back...but I have finally returned!

Being without the internet for so long, well, that was a trial! When I first moved I was so busy that the landlords being away did not bother me....but when things slowed down some, I wanted to be online!

I watched for them to come home, but twice they snuck in and then left again within the hour or two they were home. Turns out the have a summer home, right on the beach, and have been living there for most of the summer. Don't blame them! It has been a beautiful summer here!

But that did not bode well for me , in the moment. So after a bit over two weeks, they came home for a stretch of days, and I got the Mr down here, so I could get the passwords onto the systems they have for computer and TV.

Turns out both my machines were too old for these two systems! Ugh! So another week goes by, then I had to be ready for overnight company! My cousin and her husband were coming in off the sailboat for the season. That was the final push to get boxes dealt with once and for all! So now that is done and over with.

After they left, I made arrangements for a few hours in town...It is now a production to go, so I need to arrange several things to be done each time I go, so I don't waste Graeme's or anyone elses time. So I visited two banks, mine and the one for the TOPS group, went to the grocery store, walmart the Dr's office for an appointment, the drugstore with my prescription renewel, and finally the electronics store.

And the fellow there knew exactly what to do! Yay! I had to wait again, to catch up with the landlord again, fortunately it was not such a long wait this time! I had his passwords into the machine where the device wanted it and here I am once again! emoticon

The view I look at whenever I sit at the computer is beautiful! Yes, there are two roof tops in the way when I sit here, but there is big gaps in between the houses to see the ocean and the various islands around here. Marine traffic of tugs, barges, sailboats and speedboats leave something to always be looking at. There is an occasional ferry as well as the scarcer cruise ship. I can see across to the airforce base on Vancouver Island at times, when it is super clear out, but it is very small and far off in the distance. Next I want to get some binoculars for watching emoticon

The TV is still a dead issue. I guess I will have to start buying DVD's or something. There were a few shows I really liked but on the whole, I did not watch the thing that much so it is no great loss. Lots of other things that I prefer to be doing instead. I will get a few children's movies for whenever my great nephew is around, which I was going to have to do anyways as his mom doesn't want him to be watching regular tv anyways.

So really not a big issue with me, not like it would be for some other people I happen to know! Also keeps me on the quieter side, which is good for upstairs lol The landlords have commented that they don't even know that I am here...this could be a good thing as they decided to put me on a 3 month trial! Yikes I don't want to go through finding another place! And now, I am feeling pretty confident that I won't have to, not when they just think of me as a ghost in the basement LOL

TOPS group... The group was not too excited about the move in location, as it is farther away for them to arrive here. They were won over the first meeting! ( we have had 2 here) They took one look at the view on the way in, and one look at their new surroundings and quit griping.

I told them I would sign transfer papers if the wish to go to one of the groups in the town center ( there are 4 or 5 to chose from there where we were. ) We are now the only group out here in what is called the townsite. It is the original beginning of where this town started to grow from. The paper mill is about a mile further along the coast from here.

By the time we got to this week passed and the second meeting here, everyone was settled in. Graeme spoke up at the last meeting and said he thought he spoke for everyone at that moment...thanked me for moving the club here. He also stated that he woke up happy and excited to come to the meeting that morning. He drive slower than usual so he could take in the view before turning up to my road, then said he walked up my sidewalk backwards so he could watch the view come back into sight once again! He commented that he claimed the seat at the back of the table for one reason... he could stare out the window at the view while the meeting was going on, while everyone else had to crank their heads around to look lol

He can be such a funny guy... as the first meeting here, he said our opening pledge straight, no goofing up the lines... he said it was in honor of our new home! This week, we were back to him sliding in an offbeat line that would throw everyone off lol He does it on purpose, and never the same line, the same way. Most of the time it is something to cause snickers, but always to do with weight loss and its issues. I am sure he sits and dreams these things up !
And we have come to expect these little asides of his lol

So while it is a little ways out of the ways for everyone, I am sure it will work out fine.....may even end up with new members as there is not a another group, here in the townsite

My neice's comment was it is awful small. I just sighed. There is no pleasing some people. Yes it is small. One large room (kitchen, living room, computer room and dining room, all in the one room) Just a tad bigger than the room we had in the old place, actually, probably the same size if I were to add the kitchen and its space onto the end of the room at the old place.

I think I have it looking okay though...have to live with it for a few weeks to see if there is anymore changes to make. I did downsize a lot, and may still have to do a little more yet, I will see....

Havent got all the pictures up yet, still working on that.

But it is already home.

Has been since the first day I was here emoticon

The old place has faded very quickly out of my mind, as have all the feelings that went with it. I did not realize how much that place sucked me dry, wore me down and depleted my sense of self worth and self esteem. The negativity it spawned in my mind and heart, mostly towards myself, the depression that was slowly creeping into me, the feelings of degradation and worthlessness, living on the edge of homelessness... the feelings of being an invisible throw away disabled person living like a ghost in a society of able bodied people that pay no attention.....gone!

I suppose that is why I liked my friends here so much. Thank you to all of you. emoticon
You never , any of you, made me feel that way here!The encouragements, the kind words and thoughts, always let me know there had to be a better place than where I had got to.. that old shack that was someplace to be for a month or two while I found the better place...that took 15 years to arrive!

All the people that prayed for me, here and at my church, praying for a better place, a happier place...those prayers have been answered! I have arrived to where I am supposed to be! I truly believe that. I think God needed me to get so down and out, to really appreciate the gifts that he has bestowed upon me at this time. Thank the Lord for these gifts!

Have a terrific day, and enjoywhat life brings to you this day! emoticon God bless you all!

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TOPSBEAR 9/16/2014 7:00PM

    I shall be picking up the pace again soon as well. The Alpha courses are starting up for the fall...Oct 5th, I think is the launch night. I will be in two training sessions before that night as I am one of the main people in the group this year, as well as being on the worship team.

I will find out on the 2nd whether I am group leader, co leader or just a back up person in case someone doesn t show up. Whichever position I am in, I have to be at the training sessions every week. And the worship team has practise once a week as well, but again it will be on a different day than the training sessions, so that those like me, doing both, will be able to attend..

The painting group at the church has also started up again, so that also will be taking up my time. If I am not careful, I will be spread too thinly with all these things going on!

So now I have to gear up for TOPS meeting tomorrow. I have not really had a chance to put together a proper program since before I moved so tonight I will put the research cap on and get something positive to talk about tomorrow!

Have a terrific evening God Bless!

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IMAVISION 9/16/2014 2:32PM

    I am still out here, Bear. Life always steps up come September --- my Tuesday Bible study morning started today --- now I will find myself working on the five days of homework --- the suggestion is to give it an hour per day --- I give it way more than that amount --- I find the blessing greatly increased when I give it everything I have --- still doing so demands a lot of my time & other things get put on the back burner.

I have made a deal with myself --- homework first --- communication with family members second --- household chores next --- then I can spend time at SP. Actually, I have not gotten today's homework completed, but slipped in there to share my plan of action with you, so you don't think I have done a runner. emoticon

Back soon! I hope! emoticon

God bless!

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TOPSBEAR 9/13/2014 7:48PM

    thanks for the welcome back my friend! no worries, you will catch me up when you can , I am not going anywhere now emoticon

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IMAVISION 9/13/2014 5:26PM

    emoticon Bear!

Sure have missed you, my sweet Sister/Friend!

I so enjoyed your blog. I am short of time to catch you up on the happenings of life under my piece of sky, so will have to do so later.

Again, emoticon!

God bless!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Downsizing and packing up in such a short period of time (two weeks) is exhausting. And in between those things, changing address arranging cut offs and hook ups, gathering people to help with the moving day, AND showing people things that have been listed for sale...well, I am finding the hours in the day are not enough!

I fall into bed around 12:30 or 1 am and I am up again by 3 and doing some more. Thankfully I am coming to the end...maybe get one day to rest before actually moving on wed. I am not sure how quickly my computer will be hooked up again, but have no fear , I will return lol

I am, of course, still not eating well, most stuff is packed up. I had split the cans of cat food so there was some left out to find my cat.... and didnt realize I had packed up the first lot when I packed up the second lot later in the day....needless to say, I could not find the box with the cat food in it and had to make an SOS call to my cousin to pick up 5 cans to get us over the move lol

There has been a fe w mishaps unfortunately. A wonderful and very realistic ceramic frog my mom made slipped out of my hands and shattered on the cement.... so he will not br gracing the gardens I will be building in the future. That saddened me, as I really liked it. But on the other hand, I more shattered treasures because of cement, the only cement at the new place is the 2 stairs down to my door and its landing and the sidewalk outside. Yay!

I did have one bad fall during all of this so far, and have a badly scraped and scabby knee, but I think I have already mentioned that in a previous blog. There have been a couple close calls, but fortunately have saved myself from falling. The save, of course, is with the wrist that was broken in th elate spring, so that has not helped that at all.

Really putting that wrist through the paces, with all the packing and lifting, but though sore at times, is holding up fine. Better than I thought it would, if truth be told.

One of the ladies that lives in the neighborhood I will be living in, mentioned to my new landlord that she knew I was moving into the basement. He was surprised that she knew. I guess just as I didn't know of him, he didn't know of me. It is turning out that everyone I know and have spoken with, telling them where I shall be living, Know him and his wife. And are very pleased that they will be my new landlords. I can only hope they are being told they will enjoy having me as a tenant!

One friend of mine told me exactly that yesterday, that they are lucky to be getting me as a tenant. Doug is a landlord himself, and has some rentals close by where I will be living. I have known him all my life as we went to school together. I thanked him very much, because that was a high compliment from him, along with him saying he would have taken me in a minute if he had had a vacancy.

I still have a couple things to dig out of the yard, hoping to get to that this afternoon or tomorrow. Putting it off until I have the house completely packed up first. Seriously, I do not want to have to come back to this house once I have left it this week. Friday I will come back for a final wipe down, washing the floor s on the way out the door.

I will miss the yard creatures...deer, raccoons and the bear that appears every spring and fall, who knows maybe he will find me at the new place, but I really doubt it. Right close to the high school, will be quite public compared to all my other homes in the past.

So my little break is over and time to get back to the tasks at hand....take care and hopefully be able to chat with you all next week emoticon

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IMAVISION 9/4/2014 9:11PM

    I emoticon, Bear, & am praying all is going well your way.

God bless you & keep you safely within His perfect will!

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SLIMLILA 8/31/2014 7:19PM

    Been very busy myself lately, but not around SP much lately, so I decided to stop and see if you were back online yet. I take a trip to Halifax tomorrow, so will be away for a few days, we'll catch up after I get back. Going to be a very busy month. I too took another fall, probably mentioned in my blog, but luckily, it was going down my cousin's steps to the beach and she was only a foot ahead of me, so she was able to grab me and I didn't hit anything, but sure gave me a scare.

Hope you are all settled in and don't find too much broken or lost and you feel so much better very soon.

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IMAVISION 8/18/2014 5:04PM

    P.S. I am sorry to hear about the broken ceramic frog --- I know how dropping it & seeing it break must have felt.

I recently dropped a beautiful collector plate that had belonged to my cherished Mom-in-law --- it slipped from my hand while I was dusting & hit the table just right for shattering it. I feel exceedingly regretful about the loss & am left wondering just how it happened. I had dusted it in exactly the same way so many times over the past twenty-plus years with no mishap. emoticon The blessing in it all --- it was not one of my many other collector plates (chosen by me over the years) or the first one I ever acquired --- a gift from my own dear Mom.

I am happy to hear that you are already acquainted with at least a few folks in your new neighborhood. I hope you rekindle those friendships & that you strike
up some close friendships with new to you folks in the area. It is important to have a wide circle of friends & friendly acquaintances, Bear.

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IMAVISION 8/18/2014 4:48PM

    emoticon Bear! I have read your last three blogs, so am caught up. I think it wise that you won't have your TOPS meeting this week. Giving you a bit of a breather from that demand on your time & energy.

You have been busy, haven't you? We, too, have been quite busy --- granted it has been in a most delightful way with family visiting. The time was spent in a whirlwind of daily activities --- very enjoyable &, surprisingly, not at all tiring at the time --- however, with the let down of "after the fact", we both are feeling rather exhausted. Signs of age? It must be! emoticon

It sounds like you have everything well in hand & for that I am very grateful on your behalf. I do believe that we can do most anything demanded of us --- even in record time. Actually, over the years, we Visions have proved that to be true --- time after time.

Oh! I just remembered a neighbor once sharing that after a rather hectic move, they got to unpacking boxes in their new home & found that they had actually packed the garbage. emoticon Thankfully, we Visions have always been way more organized than that! emoticon

I enjoying knowing that soon you will be settled in the new home our Abba had for you all along. Just think that this coming Winter you will be snugly warm in your new dwelling, as you look out the picture window at the cold but beautiful Winter seascape.

God bless!

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Club chat, cancelled until moved and computer hooked up again

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There will not be much of a meeting today, probably just weigh in and go. Boxes are all over the house, under the table and around it so barely any room for anyone to sit down.

I had tried to cancel meetings for today and next week, as I figured it would get like this. Maybe now they will understand and forgo meeting next week and week after... here s hoping anyways

I will probably off line in a few days and likely be until the end of the month. Meanwhile, take care and I ll catch up with you all then :)


crazy time!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

my goodness but life is a crazy mix of business right now! I am surrounded by boxes full and empty. Life is getting difficult to move around in this small place, and will be worse once I get moved cause it is a smaller space!

I have sold a couple things, but mostly I am putting stuff at the road curbside, stuff I could have got money for, but I dont have the time to mess around with a garage sale. Obviously my stuff is in good shape as it is gone from the curb within an hour...and there is not much traffic on my street!

I am glad people can find a use for things I no longer can use. In a weird way it makes me feel like I am helping someone out.

I am getting so excited! I am wishing the days away to moving date... then I put the brakes on and say slow down! I don't have enough time to pack everything! LOL I suppose everyone goes through this when moving....

Every one I talk to that wants to know where I will be living and who my new landlord! they tell me what a good guy he is. Everyone I know seems to know him, yet I have never even heard of him before! AND we are both born and raised here so even odder!

But I am thilled to have everyone tell me that he is a wonderful person, kind and caring.

Another weird thing, he belongs to my own church. You would think I would know him and his wife....the congregation isn t THAT big! I went to school with 600 kids and knew everyone....I am in a church of 350, you would think I would know of the mr. and mrs, at least by sight!

I put the call for help, with moving boxes, to the church congregation, via email through the church adminstration. I have been able to find a truck and van type car, but no one to help pack the boxes . I believe God will help provide some people for me, as he will know I am trying to help myself and he only helps those whom help themselves.

Address changes and phone number changes are almost completed, just the out of town ones to notify now, other than those on my email list. Hardest will be all the specialist docs I have. That one is going to cost me as all I have a re phone numbers. I tried yesterday for addresses from the medical clinic. All I can say....fat lot of help from them! I am sure they know the addresses because docs have to do referrals all the time, sure it is the age of computers BUT not everyone has one so they would have to tell patients the addresses in some cases... just a lot of wasted time there

so... here's me....going nutty realizing only 11 days to moving day!

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TOPSBEAR 8/9/2014 11:12AM

    thanks very much bergba7 and dsbride!
yes, it has been a whirl wind as I found the place I was moving to on the 5th and moving day was the 20th, so not a lot of time to stew, reflect and slowly get into it LOL But then, my life has always been jump in and so it! Just some circumstances change that.

I remember once, moving home from being in the city at school, I moved and travelled home on the 23rd of december. My mom had found a place for me to move directly into when getting home. I was squared away and tree up ready for christmas! I was very young then LOL not likely to happen this time emoticon but I can see headway.

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DSBRIDE 8/9/2014 10:42AM

    Wow, less than 2 weeks and you'll be in your new home. Time passes quickly so there won't be much wasted in worry and all will fall into place. Good luck with the move!

Comment edited on: 8/9/2014 10:43:02 AM

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BERGBA7 8/9/2014 9:52AM

    oh ya... not an easy time! Look at the bright side: you surely get a lot of exercise in!
emoticon emoticon

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