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club chat, apr 16

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weigh in went smoothly, no major gains or losses for anyone.

I was down 1.8 for this week, I will admit that I was hoping for more but will take that one. Everyone cheered for Spark team member Ima! Nice big fat 5 lbs down! yay!

Today We talked about Hormones, Menopause and body changes that can cause weight gains. We also got to pick at Graeme's brain to discover if men have similar problems in midlife. (I also looked it up on the computer before hand)

And the answer is yes. Though men are not as obvious as women, they still have body changes as they age , that can cause weight gain. For men, it is the gradual decreases of the testerone, just one thing basically.

Women have to contend with 5, sometimes 6, different changes. Metabolism changes and slows with each of the areas effected as a woman's body moves through the phases of menopause.

June, Graeme's mom stated, I remember when I would want to wear a certain dress on the weekend, I would try it on wedensday and if I found it snug, I could cut back a little for a couple days, take an extra walk or two and it fit beautifully friday or saturday night. Now....I can not do that anymore. I walk and walk, eat like a bird and still find myself with a small gain or barely a smidge of a loss....big sigh

June struggles so hard with herself. She is not a really big lady, but she is packing more weight than she wants to and tries hard to get it off. She gets very frustrated with herself because she figures that even at 88 she should be able to drop weight at the drop of a hat!

She will not accept that she has to eat even less than she now does, to lose the weight.

And that is the truth of the matter. As we age, none of us, no matter what kind of shape we are in, we have to eat less than we did when we were younger. There is no way around it.

Our metabolisms slow down, are not as efficient as they once were. Yes you can rev them up some with exercise and proper eating but it will NEVER be as efficient as it once in your teens and early twenties.

I did not research any further as I had run out of time the day before. There is still the question of whether hormone replacement vitamins and what not, could change how the body reacts to these changes in terms of weight loss. I have a feeling the answer would be that there is no benefits in that way. Why do I think that? Because after all the women that have gone through menopause before us, if that were to work, I would think we would have hear d about it before now! At least one of us would have.

So while the discussion was good , and did answer that hormone changes and menopause can contribute to weight gains with some people, it did not give the answers of how to counteract it.

Just have to exercise more, eat even less....Or just accept who you are and keep yourself healthy.


eagle painting

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

yesterday I painted this one, kept me out of the kitchen cause for some reason I really wanted to break and eat every thing I could find...I could not get food off my mind!

Later this morning I will be weighing in with the club to see how well I did this week and will post the club chat

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TOPSBEAR 4/16/2014 11:02PM

    Amy! Lovely to see you hon emoticon I have missed you as well, especially as you were the one to bring me back here lol

Yes, My attitude and self talk has changed 180 since bringing art back into my life! My self confidence is growing back up once again too.

I know it is not from weight loss because my weight has changed that much. It just goes to show that human spirit can wilt and begin to die, when it does not have the outlets that provide what it needs to remain healthy. My world had gotten quite drab and colorless over the many years of nothing artistic. Now it is back in full color!

How is your writing doing Amy?

Ima, I have not been back to see the eaglet, I am sure he iss growing into the magnificent bird he will be!

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving me comments, I appreciate it! God bless!

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IMAVISION 4/16/2014 8:14PM

    I like that painting, Bear. He looks like he is protecting his eaglet!

Have you visited the eagle's nest lately. The eaglet is so large --- so changed from when he was a baby --- I sure hope I don't miss the opportunity of seeing his first flight --- or the start of if from the nest.

I think you were wise to paint when food was on your mind. I am surprised you didn't paint a spread for a banquet! emoticon

I have been blessed over the past six days --- food hasn't been "calling to me". From experience, I know that that is subject to change at any moment in time. I just pray that it is later than sooner.

It is snowing this afternoon --- not sticking, so I am calling it a "snowflake rain" --- has felt like a Saturday afternoon for some reason. You know the type of afternoon when curling up with a good book seems like "just what the doctor ordered".

I look forward to reading the club chat news!

God bless!

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AMYTRIPP 4/16/2014 7:32PM

    That eagle is so fierce and beautiful! I will have to look through your blog posts and see what I've missed!

Some days our minds/stomachs just won't listen to common sense, will they? I'm glad you have your painting to keep your mind occupied on those days. It must seem like breathing again to be painting, doesn't it?

I missed you, Bear!!

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TOPSBEAR 4/16/2014 1:47PM

    Thank you Auntrenee, MJRVIC2000, and dsbride! I appreciate your comments and for stopping by.

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DSBRIDE 4/16/2014 9:54AM

    This sure seems to reflect your mood. It's so much better to channel your cravings into something positive and today you have something very nice to show for it!

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MJRVIC2000 4/16/2014 9:45AM

    Way to go! Keep on keeping on! God Bless YOU! Vic.

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AUNTRENEE 4/16/2014 9:39AM

    Love the painting. I wish that I had it for my collection of bald eagles.

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a new painting

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I have been playing with this painting for over a week...I can not make up my mind if it is finished or not... So perhaps my friends here would care to critique this picture and tell me if they think it is finished or not, in their opinion.

I have called it peaceful as that is what I awas aiming to portray. Something relaxing...

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TOPSBEAR 4/13/2014 11:56PM

    Thanks dsbride, Ima and MrV. That settles it then as 4 of you think it is fine the way it is. Thank you so much for your opinions God Bless!

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IMAVISION 4/13/2014 8:40PM

    Personally, I like it just as it is, Bear. I sure do like the owl. Trees & owls give me such a joy --- I don't know why --- I just like them!

I can't even think what more you might add to it.

My MrV's opinion is that it needs no change.

With its brightness, I think it would brighten up any darker corner or hallway in a home, quite nicely!

God bless!

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DSBRIDE 4/13/2014 6:58PM

    Sometimes simple is just right. This is very calm and peaceful, not a cluttered pic. I think you achieved what you wanted and it's beautiful!

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TOPSBEAR 4/13/2014 6:07PM

    thank you ARNETTELEE It helps to hear from others when one is not sure of something :) thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to reply emoticon

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ARNETTELEE 4/13/2014 5:50PM

  It's beautiful! You have a great talent! I like it as is!

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Club Chat, April 9

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It is a beautiful sunny morning, and everyone came in happy and cheerful. It is funny how the weather can set the tone for meetings/events and what not, isn't it?

This morning everyone was chatting away, while waiting their turn to weigh in. Most of the winter, the people might make the odd comment but would mostly just stand and wait their turn. So it was lovely to hear the happy chatter once again, as they waited. I took it to be a good omen for the day.

And a good omen it was! When the stats were read out the club had lost 24.25 lbs! A wonderfully nice big number for the week passing! Of that number, 4.5 lbs lost were mine! I was very satisfied with that loss, now I am hoping I can do that again next week.....

The gains were minimal, a mere 1.5 gain overall.
I also mentioned to the gang That Ima was proud to report a loss of almost a pound and a half and was feeling pretty good about herself! There was cheering heard for our computer member!
The discussion today was decided that we would be more interested in an article that was in the TOPS magazine ~ 11 ways to beat mindless eating. It was real fluky as I had left my magazine on the table as I hadn't got around to reading it yet and everyone else had , this is very rare, brought their magazines along with them to the meeting! Most do not usually bring their magazines along to the meeting!

So we had discussions about all 11 ways, after each was read out.

1 - think 20% less.
Dish out 20% less than you think you might want. People can eat 20% less without noticing it, but 30% decrease is noticable.

This brought about a fairly big discussion. Most of the club was anonymous with this...most of us count the calories and watch portion sizes, so we discounted this advice. We did agree, however, that people not counting calories and watching portion sizes, might indeed, find this a useful idea to incorporate into their lifestyle to cut down on what they are eating.

2 - See it before you eat it
Put everything on your plate before you start to eat it. People tend to eat 14% less
than if they take smaller amounts and go back for seconds and third helpings.

Again this sparked a pretty good discussion. Because we have been at this so long, most of us veto second and third servings anyways, because we are actively trying to lose weight. And because most of us are aware of our portion sizing at our meals, and some of us actually measuring our portions for accuracy, we felt we could ignore this advice as well. Though we did agree however, that people not as aware as we tend to be, would find this helpful

3 - Keep an eye on what you eat
Keep chicken wings or rib bones on your plat. You'll eat lessif you see what you have already consumed.

I had a surprise here. I stated that is what I always did anyways, didn't everyone else? It was the way I was brought up. We did not have extra plates or bowls on the table for bones. I was stunned when everyone told me I was the odd one out as they had for the most part, all had the extra dishes for bones on the table!

So we talked about that,,, and it turned out that it was probably 1) because we had 11 or more sit down to the table for meals and there wasn't room for those dishes on the table during the meal and 2) there were not dishwashers in those days, and so why dirty double the amount of dishes just because we didn't want bones on our plates?

Everyone else admitted they were in families of 3 or 4, considerably less dishes overall, to dirty and wash up.

4 - Make the meal go further
Use smaller serving spoons, and set the table with smaller plates. Diners serve themselves up to 57% less when using smaller plates or bowls and smaller serving utensils.

Graeme was the only one that did not use a smaller plate or bowl at his meals. None of us used smaller utensils. There was not a lot of discussion about this, probably cause we already had incorporated the smaller china into or lifestyles.

5 - Eat healthy foods first
At a party, use the volume approach to make yourself feel full. Chow down on healthy stuff ( like broccoli, carrot sticks, celery sticks ect) and then see if you have room for the rest.

This echoes what I have been telling the group about events and parties. A lot of them agreed that they still have not followed this advice when at these things. I am absolutely strict with myself about this, but I have to admit, that if it were not for my diabetes and watching my blood sugar levels, I too, would probably have a hard time following this advice. It can be difficult to turn away from favorite party foods, when having a good time with friends and family.

6 - Make the bad stuff hard to get
Preportion unhealthy snacks when you are not craving them. Before you eat it , cut a pie into10 smaller pieces instead of 6. That way, when you are unable to resist hitting the fridge for a snack, you will have a better chance of eating less.

Well, lol, this is one thing where we all agreed....this would not stop us! Once the bag is opened, we were not going to stop and preportion out servings into smaller containers or bags....the snack itself would just get stale. Cutting a pie into tiny porptions? Not going to happen cause then most would eat two or three pieces instead of one.

My advice was the way I do it.....leave it at the store or just don't make it! Wholeheartedly agreed with. It is the only way to deal with that one. There is a need to be honest with oneself here....and we each in this particular group, know that if it is in the house, we are going to eat it and making it into smaller portions was not going to stop us...just the way it is.

7 - Beware of leftovers
The more side dishes you bring out of the fridge, the more you will eat. If you are bringing out carrot sticks, this probably doesn't matter- but are you?

We didn't think we had issue here. Most of us were hyper aware of our portions of foods, and this goes with leftovers as well as the original meal, not much was said about this one.

8 - Leave serving dishes in the kitchen
Having at least 6 feet away gives us the chance to ask ourselves if we are really still hungry. But turn this around for salad and veggies, makes sure they are firmly planted on the table in a "pick me" spot

I have taught my group well over the years. They all agreed, take your portions of each seconds. If possible, put all food away before sitting down to your food. No body really likes cold left overs anyways. No using the microwave to cheat...if you are still hungry, have a stick of celery or a piece of fruit.

9 - "De-convenience" tempting foods
Put them in a hard to reach cupboard if you must have them in the house. Wrap the most tempting leftovers in tin foil and place them at the back of the fridge.

We stated as a group, leave it at the store but if you must bring it home, then by all means put it in a hard to reach place, put a bunch of stuff in front of it so you can not see it. As for the leftovers, no point in the tin foil idea as it would then just get totally forgotten and be thrown away when you clean out the fridge. We preferred, if you can not trust yourself with it in the fridge, share it with a neighbor or friend, if you can not stand to throw it out. If you have a dog, give it to him instead of his dog food for a meal. Or just throw it out.

10 - Snack only at the table and on a clean plate
This makes impulse snacks a little less convenient

Again, we all agreed, not going to happen with bagged snacks, like chips. Most of us reach for fruit or veggies anyways......

11 - Rewire your comfort foods
The key is to start pairing healthier foods with positive events. Instead of celebrating a personal victory or smothering a defeat with "death by chocolate" ice cream sundae, try a smaller bowl of ice cream with some fresh strawberries

These were not the comfort foods that came to mind for most of us. We did however talk about how to create healthier versions of Mac and cheese, pizza, and so on.

It was interesting. Most of us ended up being proud of how we already handle these 11 ways to mindless eating. It did show us that all the thing s we talk about each week is getting into our brains, And also with our reactions to events/situations and certain foods associated with those times. It was a good meeting.

Have a terrific weeks everyone!

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TOPSBEAR 4/11/2014 1:18PM

    OK Ima, I am glad you think this is just a reaction to the passing of your aunt. I do know people vary in reactions to passing of friends and family, the beauty of being human is that none of us are the same .

Just the same, have a relaxing kind of day, one just for the soul, not for the world, if you know what I mean.

god bless

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IMAVISION 4/11/2014 11:02AM

    I sincerely thank you for your input, Bear. I would not have associated a tired & drained feeling with heart attack either, so that is very important information for me to take into account. Especially since heart concerns run in my family.

I believe that I mentioned the feeling, because it was so noticeably connected to all the emotional strain due to my Aunt's passing. It surprised me that my body would react that way. Interesting really!

Actually, after a second night of restful sleep, I feel much energized this morning. I truly do believe that the overwhelming feeling of being drained of all energy, stemmed from the emotional turmoil surrounding the loss of my dearly loved Aunt. Hopefully nothing more. I definitely will keep a good handle on what my body is doing &, also, share your information with my cherished MrV, so he will be alert to any changes going on with me, too.

Again, I am extremely happy for my Aunt's release from her worn out earthly body & for the reunion going on in heaven. It is for my mother, my cousin, & my youngest brother, who has been closest to that branch of the family in his adult years (they live very close & our cousin & he are the same age --- always more like brothers than mere cousins). He is really hurting, but standing strong for our Mom & cousin. God bless his most precious self. He is not only my dearly loved family of origin sibling, but, also, a very strong believer &, thus, my sibling-in-Christ --- that makes our relationship all the sweeter!

Thank you, also, for the Sympathy Bouquet Goodie & message. I truly appreciate both. And, I cannot thank you enough for your caring sharing, Bear!

God bless your sweet & thoughtful self!


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TOPSBEAR 4/10/2014 8:51PM

    Ima, I am deeply sorry for the passing of your mothers sister. Please accept my condolences.

In regards to the tired drained feeling of the last few days....not to alarm you, but when was your last check up with the doctor? I ask this because women have varied symptoms when a heart attack is coming on...and this came to mind because when I had my heart attack 8 years ago, I felt that drained, and tired feeling for 4 days before I had my heart attack. I kept thinking maybe I was coming down with the flu or perhaps I was feeling depressed and just didnt really know it.

Women having heart attacks can feel like they have a bout of the flu, could have aching arms, shortness of breath, a dull ache in their shoulders and a bunch of other different symptoms as well, according to the doc at the hospital when I was brought in. He went on to explain it all to me cause I had said that a heart attack was the furthest thing from my mind, I didnt feel like any of the symptoms I had always heard about.

He said it was quite common for women to not even realize they were near having a heart attack, that was why so many die from it

Just thought I would mention that you could be aware when you are not sure why you feel like you do

Take good care of yourself my friend, hope you are beginning to feel better as I write this, if not please think about seeing a professional. God bless

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IMAVISION 4/10/2014 6:06PM

    When I read this last night, a zillion & one things came to mind & now that I have come in to share my thoughts, they don't seem to want to come back to me. emoticon

I enjoyed picturing everyone upbeat & happy, as they awaited their turn on the emoticon. It is interesting that behavior is often a sign of warmer weather ahead. I have noticed the same in my day-to-day world. Even in the grocery store spirits seem to soar with the warm sunny days. Interesting really!

I am familiar with most of the eleven ways to beat mindless eating. The only one, that comes to mind, that was not mentioned --- is that to eat off red dishes is supposed to automatically make one desire to eat less or to be more aware of what is being taken in.

We have a red set of dishes still in the box from the manufacturer --- they were purchased for something else & then not used. I keep thinking I will ask my beloved MrV to bring them up from down in the storage room & just test that theory out. I keep forgetting to mention them to him. I would right now, if he wasn't busy with something outdoors. I think he is putting in four bushes that he purchased yesterday, when he went to Lowes for the materials for the second shelf he installed this afternoon.

I can't seem to shake the tired/drained feeling that I am experiencing. I slept well last night --- straight throughout the night until 8:30am. It didn't seem to refresh me in mind & body though. Maybe a few more nights of sleep like that will do the trick. I sincerely hope so.

Well, this is shorter than I had intended, but since my mind has gone blank on the comments I had thought to make, I will just call this a wrap & go enjoy a nice hot "cuppa".

Give my regards to the dear folks in the TOPS group. I would so dearly enjoy actually being there & meeting them all in person. Of course, then I would want the meeting to go for at least a week. emoticon

God bless!

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TOPSBEAR 4/9/2014 10:58PM

    Thanks Ima. will pass that on to the members lol Have a good rest and feel refreshed in the morning. have a good night!.

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IMAVISION 4/9/2014 10:16PM

    emoticon, Bear & a huge congratulations on your pounds emoticon for the week. You did yourself proud, my sweet Sister/Friend.

I read with delight that "the gang" cheered for my modest drop --- I just wish that it did not represent 1.2 #s of the 1.4#s that I had gained over the preceding two weeks.

I want to comment on your actual meeting discussion; however, tonight I am feeling rather drained. I'll share about that privately --- tomorrow.

Until tomorrow --- please know that I am rootin' for all the members of "the gang" to have a most delightful success over the coming week.

God bless!

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TOPSBEAR 4/9/2014 3:57PM

    You are quite welcome DenisenTexas! Thanks for stopping by!

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DENISENTEXAS 4/9/2014 3:01PM

    These were interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing them!

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club chat

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Beginning of April already! finally starting to warm up around here to beautiful and warm sunny days in a row....still fairly cold outside but nice and toasty in the window by the computer emoticon

The nicer weather is also showing up in the membership, quite a few were not here today.
Weigh in was a disappointment for me todayI thought I had done okay for this week and instead...I was up another half a pound. The only one to gain of those of us that weighed in emoticon

We are carrying on with the talk the area captain gave us last week. We started a chapter in our book that is to do with exercising. All of us are groaning about it. We have been there and done this , so many times over the course of time, but we will persevere and do this once again. The better weather is coming and winter has left us out of shape AGAIN.

Most of us do not do much in the winter. It is just easier to sit back and let the winter slide by as it will. Spring through to fall is activity time for most of the people in my club. No matter how much we all say ..."this winter I will keep up with my exercise" ...yup, sure...none of us did, not regularly.

So we wrote out 3 goals for that we can achieve over the next 6 months. Of course, we will ace these things because this is when we all start to get active outside anyways lol

Most everyone jotted down that they will walk a half mile in the morning and again in the evening , at least three times a week, for a month.

I was not one of those people.II can not walk the length of my driveway even. so I opted for 5 times around in the house....through the kitchen around the corner down the hall and around the corner and back to the kitchen. I can sit down when I need to as I pass the computer chair before getting to the kitchen. That will have to do .

I am quite down on myself today. Frustration is taking the upper hand in my life in terms of my weight and the regaining of what I have already lost. The only thing I can think of is the three new things that were added to my daily doses of pills plus getting the iron transfusions.

I can only hope that I will see improvements as we move towards summer.

Most of the discussions centered on what we needed to do to get ready. I reminded them not to start out gungho by walking 5 miles in one day ending up aching all over. Told them to build back up to that gradually. There is a motto, "no pain no gain" or something like that, which is totally false! There is no point to exercising until you hurt, all you are doing is setting yourself up to fail because when you hurt you wont get up and do it again right away, now, will you? You will take a couple days off to get pass the hurts....then you dont want to do it again cause you dont want to hurt again.

It doesnt matter if it is walking, working out in the gym, swimming, any form of exercise you choose, do not over do it. Start off slow and easy, build your routine, then build your endurance. We can all do it.

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TOPSBEAR 4/5/2014 12:48AM

    I sure do know where you are coming from on this response!
Glad you are starting to feel better and get around some. Means you wont be laid up as long as I was but then mine was both ankles and a knee. At least with one good ankle, you can get around by favoring the bum one and relying more on the good one.

Try not to over do it , don t want to have a setback!

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SLIMLILA 4/4/2014 11:15PM

    Oh no, I am disappointed for you too.. Like you said, unless you don't eat at all, I don't know how you can cut back anymore.

And after this week, even walking around the house 5 times has been out of reach for me and I know how that feels... I really did take for granted all that walking I was doing last year and now here I am feeling great today, that I actually took my time and walked up the stairs today, instead of the "bum crawl". Long and painful week, and yesterday was first day I was able to stay up till late afternoon. Today, I have been up all day, first time in almost a week..... gotta be thankful... but, did I ever need to get out tonite... It wasn't easy walking around the grocery store, even with the cart, and come to think of it, I only went maybe 1/4 of the way around. I don't know how you did it when you had your sprain..l.couldn't even get into much reading. , but I did get 3 0or 4 books read I think.

Well, I am still up and feel fine, no nausea, which I had been feeling after being up a couple hours, so I am on the mend... just have to remember not to push it. Though the cabin fever was closing in, it was all I could do not to go out and shovel a path to get out. I was even figuring a plan to pay my neighbor to shovel and take me out. Frustration, but must head to bed and not overdo it.

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TOPSBEAR 4/4/2014 9:05PM

    I am sure you shall enjoy the evening with some friends. Always nice to have some friends pop around to visit.

The wait is not the wait for the okay, it is the wait for this surgeons time to be available as he is very good at what he does and has a long wait list. Surgeons, from what I understand, are also not allowed to work over a certain amount of hours...I assume that is to prevent fatigue and accidents on the operating tables. As well as the fact, that they do have a life as well and can not be in the OR all the time!

I do some chair exercises but that too makes the blood move, though it does not build up as fast as it does with walking or using legs. It is a cross to bear along with all the other things, with not much that can be done about it.

The only fear I have about the whole thing is that I am supposed to lose a lot of weight before the surgery, and this is not happening no matter how I try.. The fear that arises out of this is that the surgeon will not proceed with the surgery if I have not gotten weight off.

I have talked with the dietitian, and between us we came up with a plan that I am trying this week. If I have a loss for this week, then I will stay with it. We are hoping that it will not interfere with all my meds, that remains to be seen.

It will reduce my food intake a lot more that I had already got it down to.My main thing is that my blood sugars dont crash as that is the problem I am usually facing, any time something changes. My fingers are crossed that this will work, though the dietitian is not thrilled with this idea, she realizes that I am close to the option of just not eating ,period. This she does not want to have happen............

So we will see where this will take me. I am game right now, but the question will be ...can I keep it up for a prolonged period of time, if it works? Only time and God will know the answer to that question

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IMAVISION 4/4/2014 6:53PM

    I, too, would be one of the ones groaning with the mention of exercise, Bear. And that would be from a gal who absolutely enjoys walking as a form of exercise. It is just the idea of having to get started that gets to me. emoticon

As I shared earlier with another SP Sister/Friend --- Today, my MrV ventured out-of-doors for a walk; however, I opted to stay indoors. Upon his return home, he said it had been quite cool out there, with a steady wind that really brought the cold at him full force. Still, he enjoyed his walk. You can picture this gal having gotten her walking time in on the emoticon --- or as one gal here at SP calls it the "dread-mill"! emoticon Actually, I feel so accomplished once I have done my time on our "dread-mill" --- it is the starting that is hard for this gal! emoticon

I do understand your reasons for not being able to get walking in. What I DO NOT understand is the delay going on in regards to okaying the surgery that you need. Don’t “they” understand that your life is more or less put on hold while you wait for that okay & for the benefits of the surgery?

I know that God is in control & His timing is always in our best interest! It is just the very human part of me that feels (on your behalf) the frustration of the wait.

I wonder --- have you thought of doing chair exercises that involve mostly upper body movements? I know quite a few folks here at SP that get a lot from such exercise.

Please don’t let that frustration take root --- I know how easy it can be to allow such feelings. Please, though, try hard to replace the frustration with the hope that is ours as children of the Most High God. I have to remind myself to do the same at times, Bear. There is such peace when we manage to leave frustration behind & welcome that hope into our thinking.

We are getting together with friends this evening, so on that note, I wish you a most pleasant evening & an even better weekend!

God bless!

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TOPSBEAR 4/2/2014 7:37PM

    I like that you think this little bit of walking around the house will enable me to do more. It won't, but thanks for that thought.

The only way I will be able to walk more is after I have the surgery on my legs. The blood can not travel through my limbs properly until the surgery. That is why I have trouble with walking now cause the blood is trying to pass the blockages that were caused in the car accident I was in. One blockage in the thigh and one in the shin of BOTH legs and in the main arteries of each leg. Because it can not pass enough through, it causes the pain that I am in, by building up an intense pressure of blood trying to move and circulate.

When I do push myself to more, I end up in so much pain that I can not stand on my feet for a couple days. The blood has to slowly bleed back into the arteries to lessen the pressures. It is very frustrating.

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DSBRIDE 4/2/2014 7:23PM

    You are so right about building up to exercise. I found myself doing that at the end of last year. It gave me the stamina to have a 30 min minimum resolution this year. It worked and now I'm able to do 40 mins everyday. I do step ups on the Wii so I could do these in bad weather as they are inside. All this is helping with my terrible balance and today I can say that at 63, I have nice legs! All of a sudden they are shapely and muscled. Now if the rest of me matched, lol!

I'm sure walking around the house will help you and soon, you'll be able to walk more! Go for it!

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