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Busy, Busy, Busy

Monday, December 15, 2014

Well, in the last week and a day I haaven't really had time to do anything except prepare for and enjoy company, do some shopping, and try to get some things done for Christmas.
My company came up from coastal, N.C. and I had a small dinner party the night she arrived, then on Monday we decorated my tree, on Tuesday we shopped for a gift for Peter Mayer, went to the place where his concert was to be and set out lunch for the band and others who are necessary to put on a concert. We then came home, grabbed a bite, (my special pasta sauce on veggie pasta), and headed to the venue where we worked the merchandise table before and after the concert.
Then my friend went home and I began trying to get more stuff done. I had several appts, one for a recall on my vehicle, shopping to do, and a dinner and movie date saturday night! (Prayers, please, for the continuation of the relationship!)
Sunday was lunch with Tammys, dinner with my daughter, and today I have been trying to get coordinated so that I can go on a road trip (with 2 friends) tomorrow to the outlet mall and on to a great mall 115 miles from here.
The rest of the week is busy too. I still haven't begun baking, haven't gotten all decorations out, and have a wedding to attend on saturday.
I hope I get it all done before Christmas!

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JO88BAKO 12/15/2014 10:14PM

    You go girl! You are on the move!! My back is killing me after burger night. We have to get an early start in the morning to get to Fayetteville for Bob's pre op appointment. Have a really great time at the mall tomorrow. Sounds like fun. I want to stop at the one in Myrtle Beach next time we go there. I'm praying for you and Larry. Have a really fun day

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Sunday was my grandboy's tenth birthday; so, he picked where he wanted to have lunch (Max and Erma's where we usually get terrible food and worse service) and what kind of cake he wanted (devils food with chocolate icing with hershey's kisses around the edge which makes it look like a crown for a prince). He got his wish on both preferences and his aunt, two friends and their mother (his mother's friend) joined He was so excited to see his friends at the restaurant but acted so appropriately, which is difficult for a child on the autism spectrum.
We were seated and our waitress approached, introduced herself, and we noticed that she wasn't young; so, we thought, '' Well, the service might be better than the other times when kids have waited on us''. Now there is nothing wrong with kids but the ones we had were lacking in experience and didn't know how to handle obvious problems and brought the problems to the table!
Anyway, Sue, the waitress, took our order and whispered something to my daughter. It seemed that Keegan, when he placed his order, told her that it was his birthday. sue whispered that they were baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies for him for his birthday! Wow! So far a good experience. By the time it was over we had a marvelous experience! food was good, kids were delightful, service was perfect, and we will go back.
Then for the surprise! We headed to Busch Gardens and their Christmas Town but didn't tell the kids where we were going. Of course, as we left the interstate they realized where we were going and there were cheers in the back seat! It took 50 minutes to get from the exit off the interstate to get into the gate and get parked. No one fussed though.
Once in the park we were to meet some people from Richmond. Keegan loves one of the young women and hadn't seen her for two years. When he saw Heather he came barreling toward her, shouting her name!
Ok, heading for the rides and Keegan had his handicap accessible bracelet so that he could go onto the rides without standing in long lines and having a meltdown which can happen when kids like Keegan get frustrated!
Well, this is where I noticed the unhappy people. Some people were furious that we were allowed on before they were. OK, I get that they had been in line for a long wait ( 15 or 20 minutes) but to lamblast the mother of the child dwith the access bracelet and push the child out of the way? How very sad!
It was after this incident that I noticed that we were the only people smiling. People were rushing here and there and everywhere, supposedly having fun, but there were no smiles. How sad that is that even when one is at a place that is supposed to be fun and happy that everyone is just two rushed to truly enjoy it!
People, Stop the hurry and get on the carnival! This is supposed to be fun!

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JO88BAKO 12/2/2014 9:25PM

    I agree! So glad you all had so much fun and how wonderful for Keegan's birthday!! Hope you have a great hump day. We are going to the gym in the morning, then Bob has an appointment with his VA Dr. in the afternoon. I spent hours today looking for the stuff for the parade. I'd moved it all from last year. Finally found it all, so I'm ready to go - and not have the float run over me. Hugs

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CRACKERS4554 12/2/2014 4:41PM

    I hear you and agree with folks always in such a hurry! Yes, there are people who take advantage, but come on! Happy birthday to Keegan!

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A New Book Club

Friday, November 21, 2014

Yesterday I went to a book club meeting at a branch of the local library. It was actually the second time I had been to a meeting. Most of the people attending have been going for several years and the library is probably 12-15miles from my home but that is fine as it is about sharing the books we have read. Still, it is a little intimidating going into a group of 20+ people who have been attending for awhile.
I had read a book a few months ago that I shared the first time I attended and this time I had read 2 books. How would I do with my reviews? I sat in the next to the last chair so that I could give short reviews if time was close to the end established by the library.
The ladies gave their reviews. Some were quick synopsis, some were read with dramatic effects, some were long and boring, and some were interesting and peeked my interest in the reviewed book.
Now it is my turn! I have no notes! Will I remember the name of a main character? Will I remember the 5 countries of origin of the main characters of the other book? How will my reviews be received?
Evidently I did well. There was laughter when I hoped there would be and a few questions about the authors and correct spelling of their names. When the group was breaking up several ladies came to me to complement my review.
WOW! I certainly am happy that I did well. Now I have to be able to do as well for the next meeting.

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MM11113 11/21/2014 11:10PM

    I am surprised that a Parrot Head would have literary expertise and public speaking poise! Keep it up.

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MARYHENNIG 11/21/2014 10:56PM

  Sounds like a lot of fun, too!!!

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JO88BAKO 11/21/2014 10:54PM

    Good job! That would be scary, sounds like you wowed them! We had fun at our social. I must have been tired last night when I sent your message. It was the Wicked Witch. The food was good and the band wasn't bad. Tomorrow is the float. I will try and get ahold of you soon. I don't know how to describe your relationship with Larry. I'm glad you have a really good time when you are with him. I wish you could have those fun times more often. Have a great Saturday.

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More Wedding Celebration

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dinner was delicious, the cake was beautiful but the catering company served cake they brought and not the wedding cake. ( Needless to say the bride was not happy when she learned of that.)
After dinner every one got maraccas or light up plastic instruments to "enhance" the musical experience(sarcasm intended). When the band took a break a cousin from Ireland, wearing his kilt, sang an Irish wedding song, a funny ditty that everyone enjoyed. Then the bride's uncle brought out his bagpipes and joined the Irishman in another fun tune.
The trolleys returned and guests boarded for the ride back to the hotel or to the Irish pub for more celebration. There the bride's uncle joined the Irish band with his bagpipes and Tracy entertained us with a jig. After all of the beer in the pub was consumed we headed back to the hotel. Brunch the next morning was at an early time for the guests.
After brunch and checking out of the hotel my daughter, the bride and groom, some other family and friends went back to the bride's sister's house,her b-I-l and a few friends left for football games. The rest of us crashed and slept.
Monday came my daughter and I lounged at the pool until time to go to the airport.

The honeymoon for the newly married couple began November 7th. It was timed so that Tracy could run the NY marathon and see a bit of New Zealand and also go to a Rolling Stones concert while there.

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NELLJONES 11/21/2014 8:30AM

    I wonder what they did with her cake? It's around somewhere.

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JO88BAKO 11/20/2014 10:02PM

    Oh WOW! What a time. I bet the bride was ticked off they didn't serve her wedding cake. That doesn't make any sense. I like bag pipes. Bet you had a really fun time. Lucky ducky, those who got to see the Rolling Stones. I've never seen them live but sure would like to. They make the fact old rockers don't die they just rock harder a fact LOL. Are you still celebrating your birthday? How fun you got to do so many fun things with your friends for your birthday. Tomorrow night is our PH social on the island at the Wicked Witch. They just had a grand opening under new management and a new paint job, no longer all black. Saturday we will start painting our pirate float for the Christmas Parade. What do you have on your agenda for the weekend? Have a really great Friday!

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The Celebration Continues

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

After the mass and sacrament of marraige the trolleys came to pick up the guests and take us to the reception at The River House in St Augustine. The wedding party would follow after photos.
We arrived and were shown to the patio where a steel drum band played , bars were set up with every imaginable drink,and hors d'ouvres were served. There was beer cheese to dip the warm pretzel bites and drizzle over grilled veggies, party sized grilled cheese sandwiches and tiny cups of tomato soup, ahi tuna, guiness sliders, coconut-curry chicken and steak skewers, escargot, and several other tidbits.
While enjoying the view of the river and sail boats, the delicious food, and a drink a friend who had lost her husband , at a very young age, three months after my Ed died, came and asked me to go inside with her. She took me to awhere there was an easel. On the easel was a large ornate frame with a lovely poem about family members missing from the celebration because of their death. There was Michael's first wife, Tracy's parents and grandparents, Michael's grandparents, various aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then there was the photo of the two Ed's who had died so close together. It was a photo of them with the bride taken 8 or 10 years ago. Kim and I were so touched that Tracy had loved them so much that she included them that we just held each other and cried.
The bridal party arrived, Tracy and Michael danced their first dance as a married couple, and we all went inside to another band, a beautifully decorated ballroom, and dinner.

More to come later.


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