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Another Day at the Pool

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I got exercise in today, only a half hour but most of that half hour was playing/exercising with one or two children hanging onto me. strengthening and aerobic, I would say!

although my exercise time was only a half hour or a bit more we were at the pool for an hour and a half. Giane and my younger daughter went to a mall where there is a GAP store and My older daughter and I had the three children. My older daughter didn't want to get wet; so, I spsent at least a half hour, and probably more, playing with the kids. They jumped off the side, splashed, hung on me while I did some aerobic exercises, etc. The next thing I knew my grandgirl was swimming the pool. Not to be outdone, Manuella took the ''swimmies'' off her arms and swam too! We teased her Mom and said, ''Only in the US could she learn so quickly. Her teachers will be very surprised when she returns to school on Wednesday and is speaking English so well that she is putting 5 word sentences together while she understood English she didn't speak it before she arrived on July 4th. They will be even more surprised when they start swimming lessons and she can swim some already.
Also, we don't know how they will take her telling them that '' Every night we went Bar d'Mikey''. You ssee, my son in law owne a pizza parlor/sports bar and she wanted to eat there every night and instead of calling it by the name she called it bar of Mikey!

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JO88BAKO 7/28/2014 9:20PM

    What a nice visit you had with your beloved family. Loved the swimming and pizza stories! Ric has 2 spots on his liver which are cancer. They have 2 possible treatments. They are specifically for cancer that has metastasised to the liver from the colon. He has to have a CT scan next week to decide which route. Both treatments are done through the femoral artery. Hope you have a really great Tuesday!

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WIFE48 7/27/2014 7:59PM


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Lacking Exercise

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Well, last week I worked several days; so, didn't get to the pool to exercise. Plus there was a lot of rain, thunder, and lightening when I was home; so, no walking outside either. Could have been worse though! At least I wasn't just sitting around watching tv or reading ( OK, I like to do both sometimes) but was moving up and down stairs, reaching up to put bow ties on really tall boys, draping senior girls, etc at work. There is very little sitting and relaxing which, for me, is a good thing.
Today I did ge3t in 20 or more minutes. My Brazilian daughter and grandaughter and blood daughter came over and we went to the pool for a while. I played with Manuella for quite a while and did regular water aerobics for 20 or 25 minutes. giane, Manuella's mother was so glad that I played with her in the water because Vilma, her Brazilian/ blood grandmother is terrified of the water. This way Manuella saw someone older who wasn't afraid and could swim. By golly, she even went into water over her head with me and swam, with floaties on her arms, for a few feet!

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JO88BAKO 7/27/2014 2:56PM

    Awwww! Love your water story with Manuella! That is something special, made a memory and she will remember that day forever, awesome! I hated dropping the price again but the dummy next door who priced and sold his house so cheep really put the screws to the rest of us by lo balling his. But yes, we need to sell it bad. Hope you have a good week. Bella is LOVING school, such a joy to see her so happy about school. Take some time for yourself this week, go to the pool. My plan is go to the gym Mon Wed Fri whether Bob goes or not. Tomorrow Ric goes to the Dr. to find out what they are going to do about the growing spot on his liver.

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MAINEALI 7/27/2014 8:00AM

    Introducing young ones to the water is so important. Good for you for showing her a good example!


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I know you were thrilled for time with the little one. I too have had things in life that have kept me from my workouts. We just have to find a way to overcome it and get them in, after all, we have to be here to teach the kids things. I know my girls are learning from me everyday!

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Everyone Has Gone Home

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tonight I had both blood daughters and grands plus my Brazillian daughter and grand and Brazillian son for dinner. Such passion they bring with them! Hugs and kisses and gestering and excitement and questions about the American food that they love (each has gained 6 lbs while here) gilson said, '' I need medcin to help suck my bel''. He wanted a magic potion to help him hold in his stomach! Giane rolled her eyes and said,''I love American food, especially cheeseburgers and fries and every thing else'' ; so, tonight I took a recipe and made it my way, with chicken, healthy request cream of chiken soup, a roux made with skim milk instead of whole milk or cream, and spices and served it over crispy baked rice noodles. I also had a spinach salad with pecans, cranberries, and a sprinkling of bleu cheese, and fresh melon. They loved it and will want it the next time they come to the US.
Now everyone has gone home and Sandy Claws has come out from under my bed where she hid while the loud little girls were here. dishes are in the dishwasher, and the house is so very quiet. The silence seems so much louder and more difficult to deal with after the Brazilians leave. I don't know why but it does. My heart, which hasn't healed completely from Ed's death seems to break again and the tears flow.
I know that giane and gilson will always come back to visit and Manuella will probably come to visit when she is an adult but Ed isn't here, in person, to enjoy them and they miss him so much and that just makes me miss him more. Right now my heart feels like it is breaking but I will be better tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

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JO88BAKO 7/25/2014 8:05PM

    BIG HUG. After all the action at your house I bet the silence is deafening. I'm so glad your PHfriends weren't at the camp ground. That was sad. The storms are bad. Hope your beaches weren't damaged. I'm glad you had so much fun with your friends and they enjoyed your cooking so much. Had to lol with the tummy story. Hope you get a good nights sleep and your hurt softens. Tomorrow we PH are going to the childrens part of the hospital and give them our donations of Christmas in July. Hope next week when you are off you can find some fun things to do with friends. Thanks for your prayers of the house selling. We dropped the price again. Sunday there is an open house, so we will see.

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This Past Friday

Monday, July 21, 2014

Well, I did it! I invited my friend Larry for dinner, just him, no other friends. As the Friday got closer I began to wonder if I had done the right thing, wonder what we would talk about, etc. The menu was the easy part! I began to panic just a little bit; so, I prayed that God woul guide me.
Larry called during the day to be certain that the dinner was still on, which it was. I was making banana pudding wwwwwwhen he called. I fixed steak, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits, showered, dressed and waited.
While waiting I debated lighting candles, turning on some music , etc. and decided against doing anything that come seem like ''pressure''. This was a smart decision!
Larry arrivedand was surprised to learn that he was the only guest. I could see the tension but said a prayer that I would say the right things and continued to plate the food to put on the table where there were flowers (which could have been picked from a yard nearby) and candles but I did not light the candles. Lovely but no pressure! I kept the lighting normal, too.
As we talked I sensed the tension until he talked about how he didn't like going home without his wife being with him or waiting for him (she died of cancer 3 years ago). Then he said something to the effect of, ''You know what it's like when you have been with someone for so long''. My response? ''Yes and you just can't erase all of those years and memories''. With that sentence the tension dissolved and we had a lovely evening laughing a lot and just enjoying each other's company.
He stayed until 11:30, said that he was glad we had talked so much, and kissed me goodnight. I think that he was relieved that I am not expecting a different kind of relationship other than friendship. If more develops then it does but if not, so be it. He is fun and funny and I enjoy being with him but I have had a love affair of great magnitude with my husband and I think he had the same with his wife. It seems unfair to think of and/or expect another one!
Thank you Lord for your guidance

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JO88BAKO 7/23/2014 8:40PM

    I am so glad you had such a nice night. Seems like a very nice relationship.

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SIRENNEA 7/21/2014 10:23PM

    Sounds like a great evening then! Hope you find a true companion!

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Dead Swimsuits and More

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This week I had three bathing suits die on me. ep, had one on and the spandex just completely left, changed into another and the same thing happened while at a friend's pool. Did you knnow that when the spandex goes away the suit becomes see through? Yep, surely does. The third suit, the most expensive and least worn, maybe 6 wears, died on the drying rack. Needless to say, I am glad that I bought that one on sale and bought the others at TMAXX or similar store.
Problem isn't just dead suits but how will I play in the pool with the grands if I don't have a suit? How will I take water aerobics without a swimsuit? I know, go to a nudist colony! NOT!!! I would probably convert the died in the wool (LOL) nudist back to clothes if I showed up in the ''alltogether'' and scare myself too! So off to the discount stores I went.
Ross dress for less: purchased one suit, Marshall's purchased one suit each was 19.99. WOOHOO JMaxx, nothing and one that I tried on had what I describe as pasties for a top and the other was made for a very short person with large breasts!
At least I got two suits, took the grands to the pool, played hard for an hour and had my grandgirl swimming 1/3 the length of the pool. Now if I can just get her brother to do the same!

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JO88BAKO 7/15/2014 9:21PM

    That's awesome you found some new suits! If I can keep on the wagon I can get one on sale at the end of the season. The realtor just called. There's water in the basement, the garage door is acting up so Bob is going to leave for Iowa first thing in the morning. Please pray for him to have a safe trip and get all these problems taken care of. Think I'll go cry a while.

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MARGARITTM 7/14/2014 8:40AM

    Ha Ha I have had the see through spandex too..... funny you should put it that way. Naturally it is always the one suit that I love.... I am on the hunt for a suit that looks nice AND I can actually swim in without major adjustments every time I get in or out of the water.

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NANCYPAT1 7/14/2014 1:27AM

    Funny thing is I wrote about swimsuits in my blog Sunday morning - price, brand, etc. don't guarantee it will last. Have an $80 suit that faded from deep green to pink in less than a week, and another that stayed just as green for some 13-15 years that I paid $5 for. Others have lasted a little while, some for ALMOST a year but none lasted like that Walmart special on sale for $5. Then just this week a pool friend gave me one just like it that she has had at least 5-7 years that is still in great condition and I plan to wear it for as long as it will allow me to.

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