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A Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thursday I flew to Jacksonville, Florida for the wedding of my daughter's best friend. Tracy has never been married before but her new husband has been but lost his wife, first to a stroke that left her in a vegatative state leaving him with 3 children, one only 3 days old. Then cancer took her completely. Michael, with the help of friends (and family as much as possible but his family lives near New York). When they met they took the relationship slowly and fell in love with each other and she with his children, the two boys who are teenagers and his daughter who is married herself.
When Tracy accepted his proposal and the magnificent ring, the plans began! There were bachlorette and bachlor parties, showers, and everything that goes with planning the wedding. When Tracy went dress shopping she sent photos to my daughter so that we could be a part of the fun. Every night my daughter was on the phone with her friend discussing the whats and wheres.
The week before arrived and my daughter flew down on Wednesday and I on Thursday and the party was on! Thursday was at the sister of the bride and all but one out of town couple stayed there that night. We had pulled pork, bar b que chicken, brisket, mac and cheese, potato salad, mashed potatoes, texas toast, green beans, corn, salad, and a slew of desserts. There was no healthy eating there!
Friday dawned and there was egg pie, scones, muffins, and fruit for breakfast then deciding logistics of getting people to St Augustine and the 2 (yes 2) hotels where we would stay, picking up the gown, essentials to the reception hall, etc and not have one or two extra cars there. Well, I was riding with friends while my suitcase went with the guys with the truck going first to the reception hall. I knew that was a bad idea!
A bad idea? yes, it was. They got lost and my dress and shoes for the rehearsal dinner was with them. What to do? Well, a phone call was made and they got to my hotel in the nick of time. Yes, so much in the nick of time that we had to leave for the basillica before I could change. Kim, the person with whom I rode, threw my suitcase in the back seat, I pulled out my dress and shoes, and with her 19 year old son in the seat in front of me, I changed my clothes. When I got out of the car and stepped out of the travel skirt I had been wearing Kim looked at me and queried,'' Are you a professional and do you usually do this in a phone both and emerge with a cape?''.
More to follow later.....

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JO88BAKO 10/28/2014 10:49PM

    LOL, I can just picture you changing your clothes, what a hoot!! Sounds like a wonderful fun adventure. Such a sad background for Michael, and how blessed God put he and Tracy together. The food sounds really yummy. Can't wait to hear more. I'm so glad you went, sounds like a really fun time. I'm happy you are home safe. Bet Sandy Claws was happy to see you. Sleep well in your own bed tonight. That always feels good.

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JERZRN 10/28/2014 10:22PM

    Sounds like quite an adventure! A FUN one!

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I Hate October

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ok, I know that so many of you will say, '' How can you hate October? The leaves are turning beautiful colors, there is football, the heat of the summer is past, etc, etc, etc. Well, here, where I live, the heat hasn't passed. The difference is that it can be hot and humid in the morning and cold in the afternooon or even better, cold and raining. On other days it is the reverse. I never know whether to wear a tank top or a turtle neck sweater! so, you saym, dress in layers. Well, if it is warm in the morning I can't very well start out in layers.

That isn't the only reason I hate October. No, October took my husband, the love of my life. No he wasn't perfect but he was perfect for me. Now, tonight, my daughter has informed me that her husband's mother and grandmother has won. Even before their wedding 17 years ago they tried to break up my daughter and sil, to the point of trying to get a young woman to try to seduce him so that my daughter would break off the engagement. The young woman told my daughter instead. for many years they have tried to break up the marraige. Recently his father died and they have used that as leverage.

My daughter came over tonight to tell me that they have won and he is moving out.

Then this is the month that more hurricanes have caused problems here than any other month that I have lived year; so, to top it all we are still reasoning with hurricane season!


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JO88BAKO 10/21/2014 8:44PM

    Oh man, that's horrid my friend. Our temps are high and low too. I'm so very sorry to hear about your daughter. Shame on those mean evil people, shame. Did you have fun with your PH at the mystery outing? You are in my prayers. HUGS

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CAROL494 10/16/2014 10:59PM

  Take care.

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Belief in Angels

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I have always believed in angels. The first prayer that I ever learned was one to my gaurdain angel; Angel of GOD, my guardian dear, to whom God's love intrusts me here, ever this day be at my side to light, to guard, to lead, to guide. AMEN. So why am I surprised when one of the angels comes into my life, usually for only a brief time, a few minutes? I don't know, but I am always taken off guard.
Today was one of those days and it happened while I was pumping gas at the Raceco near my house. She was wearing a pink vest with her company's logo and selling a car wash product on the sidewalk outside the store. So why did she approach me when she had to cross the lot? WHY NOT APPROACH THE OTHERS?
The young woman walked up to me and told me that they were selling a product and that the pink vest was because they supported breast cancer research. I said that was wonderful, that I knew a lot of people who had survived and a few who had not survived it. Then she looked at me and said that I had the most beautiful eyes and asked my etnicity. I told her and for some reason she began talking about her mother and aunt and how they all participated in the alzheimer's Walk, etc. I mentioned the phcot beach ball in February and we talked some more. She then told me that I am beautiful inside and out and gave me a huge hug and said, '' You are loved''.
Today, I met an angel when I needed to hear what she said to me!

Thank you God for your angels, those who are friends and those who come for only a very brief time but when most needed.

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JO88BAKO 10/14/2014 6:15PM

    That is awesome! Next time we talk I will tell you my angel true story. Sounds like she made your day and that makes me very happy!! Bob is still in WV having fun although they have had some rain. Saturday I'm riding with some PH friends to see Latitude. I'm excited. They did Ric's rib yesterday. Will do the liver in a couple weeks. Have a great hump day and do something nice for yourself! Hugs

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Like the TV Commercial, We Celebrate Anything

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Anyone who has read previous blogs might already know that my grandboy is on the autism spectrum. Those who didn't know, well he is but is high functioning and verbal. That being said he is also unpredictable, as are many children not oit and those on the spectrum. He is a love and a delight and light of my life.
That being said might explain a little why we clebrate most anything and tonight was a big celebration! You see, my grandboy let the dental hygienist clean his teeth! This was a first for an almost 10year old. On previous visits to the dentist we couldn't even get him in the chair. He is already on medication and trying him on an anti anxiety probably wouldn't work as some are contraindicated with his meds and often medications react opposite on him; so, his not only getting in the dental chair but also letting someone clean his teeth was a huge accomplishment for him.
The head of the dental offiice wanted to sedate my grandboy but my daughter's insurance won't pay for sedation and 1600.00 was a lot more than she could pay being a divorced mother whose ex hasn't paid child support in over 4 years.
So, we celebrated tonight and we will celebrate other important occassions whether it will be his trying a food he has never tried before or learning to tie shoes or doing all of his work in school. We will celebrate because we celebrate life and all of the steps, little or big that my grandboy or grandgirl take!
Oh, boy grands tried a new food tonight. They didn't care for the fried green beans but they tried them! WOOOO!!!!!

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JO88BAKO 10/8/2014 8:04PM

    Oh wow, that's awesome!! I don't like the dentist, so he gets a BIG gold star. And then tried a new food. What a wonderful celebration, yes, a joyous occasion. I can see the big smile on your face emoticon LOVE IT!!!!!

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Another Year Makes Two

Monday, October 06, 2014

Yesterday was two years since Ed died and I did really well for the most part. The fact that my friend, Larry, took me to dinner and to a movie on saturday helped. I went to Panaras and got some soup and looked at shoes and walked around the strip mall, making sure that I got sunshine to help banish any signs of depression that might sneak up on me.
Then the calls started coming and the comments on fb. The first call was from a friend that we met on a cruise 11 or twelve years ago. she and her husband had come to Ed's memorial service and she was calling to tell me that she was thinking of me. Then another person we met on the same cruise called, then my daughter and her friends called from their trip to Nashville to check on me and tell me how they missed me! Then the fb comments and messages, so many of them from people we had met on the cruise mentioned above as well as a couple of other cruises!
I am truly blessed to have so many good friends, friends who care so much for me and who loved Ed so much! I am so very thankful to God for these angels in my life! What I am not thankful for is the loss, the grief that I experience.
Then again, I am thankful for that also because it is a sign of the love Ed and I had/have for one another and how much he is missed but me and so many others. I am thankful for the years we had together but I miss him terribly.
Maybe one day I will have someone else as important to me as Ed was, a companion to enjoy life with, to laugh with, to cry with, to love but that person could never take Ed's place. There has to be another place for another person but my heart is big enough for that and my understanding would not expect to take the place of a lost loved one of theirs either.


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