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Flow and flying crow

Friday, April 04, 2014

I had slipped up a bit about a week ago, but then my period came and the weight started melting away once more. This may be the first time in my life I was happy to receive this monthly biological process of mine. Normally, my cramps are horrendous the first day and I'm miserable all week. I did still have pain on day one, but my spirits have been quite high throughout this week. Perhaps the unintentional fast promoted ketone body production in my brain which allowed for improved receptiveness at the synaptic cleft for serotonin and dopamine. Purely speculation, but I'm going to note the correlation nevertheless.

Triumphantly, I nailed a flying crow this morning during yoga practice.

Today has been a good day.

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    Whoa!! Flying crow?! that looks crazy-hard!!! Way to go!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Today is day two of a fast. I hadn't realized I was fasting until just now. The black dog is back.

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    How did your fast go?! How many days did you fast?

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Health Insurance

Friday, March 21, 2014

I tried to sign up for the mandatory health coverage thing again today. More tears. I can't afford any of the plans. If I can't afford the plans, how will I be able to afford the penalty for not signing up for the plans I couldn't afford to pay for in the first place?

::Big sad face::

I'm not due for a weigh in yet, but I'm hoping maybe the scale will give me a tiny glimmer of good news today.

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VOLKCHI 3/21/2014 1:54PM

    Thank you for your empathy TIME_TO_SHINE1. emoticon

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TIME_TO_SHINE1 3/21/2014 1:48PM

    I know the feeling I can't afford it for me and my family either, so I am not sure how they think that I can afford the penalty. I guess we will have to wait and see. Hope you have a great weigh in. emoticon

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Crow pose

Thursday, March 20, 2014

For the past five days my face has been a perpetual snot fountain, but today it subsides. I've had to skimp on my yoga practice. The sinus infection left me rather weak, but I stuck to my vegan ova-lacto ketogenic (volk) diet. Volk means wolf in Russian. My ex taught me that, along with a whole lot of reasons why I shouldn't trust people. Se la vie.

Tonight I'll partake in a late solo practice and really focus on crow pose. I was able to hit and hold it from the get go, but I'm a bit wobbly. Strength and poise will be the focus tonight, aside from breathing of course. Breath is you're eternal companion, with you from birth until death. I wish more people paid closer attention to her. It's amazing how she can affect us. Sometimes I forget I can just breathe.

Saturday night will involve wine, deviled eggs, crafts, and two other ladies besides myself. One of whom I've never met and the other I went to high school with years ago. Dare I say I find my rarely seen high school friend attractive? Aye. I Dare. She is. Feelings to be enjoyed introspectively solely. There is nothing wrong with discretely enjoying eye candy nor will it be the focus of the evening. In preparation for the festivities, tomorrow will be dedicated to the fast. Water only. Saturday will also require a restricted caloric intake.

The motivation remains high and strong. I will keep going. I can do this.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thrusday, March 20th 2014 marks two months of an ova-lacto-vegan-keto diet for me. The changes I feel are inspiring. So far, I've lost 18 pounds which puts me ahead of my weight loss schedule by 10 days. Currently I weigh 142 pounds and my goal is to hit 111 pounds by August 1st 2014. I will not give up. Once I hit 120 pounds, I will weigh less than I have since high school. I plan to celebrate that day as a mile marker achievement in my life. This will be the year I finally hit that number. Two thousand fourteen. I will be 27 years old.

I've also been practicing yoga. My strength, balance, and general feeling of well being has improved greatly. My bad habits have almost been eradicated. I quite smoking last year in June. With the exception of a few slip ups I've been able to stick to a tobacco free lifestyle. No longer do I consume processed foods. Instead, I've replaced this part of my diet with greens and vegetables.

Overall, I feel pretty damned good. It feels like I may have finally found the lifestyle most beneficial to my body, health, and mind. I believe I can continue on this path indefinitely.

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KRISTINSGOALS 3/25/2014 12:04PM

    You can do it!!

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JIBBIE49 3/19/2014 11:32AM

    I'm only 5'4" and the correct weight for a woman at that height is 120#. So, if you are about 5'2" then 111# would be a good weight, especially if you are doing YOGA. Priscilla Patrick who taught YOGA on PBS and still teaches in her studio (she's 72) is 5'6" and 110#.
Denise Austin is 5'4" and 112#, and she's 57 and the mother of two grown children.

Priscilla has videos on YouTube. She has 3 grown children.

I can't get into Ketosis without going to about 20 carbs per day.

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TXPATRIOT 3/19/2014 1:00AM


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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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