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old washer planters

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got these old washers at a junk shop a few years ago and decided to use them as planters last year. I planted mainly herbs in them. I think this year I may plant them just with flowers as I want to have a proper herb garden elsewhere. I still have a few herbs living even after all the cold freezing weather we have had. My Italian parsley seems to be thriving.

I can remember my grandmother having an old wringer washer like these. And also an aunt. They thought it was the most modern appliance ever. Who would ever think that they now have washers that clean with steam only now. But these old washers seemed to outlast the new fangled ones we have now. I know Sonny and I have been through at least a half dozen since we have been married. And they aren't cheap either.

I'm so ready for spring so I can start planting.

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BABSDOTTER 1/30/2009 2:21PM

    Love it...love it...love it.....I love the washers as planters...and I love the idea of a 'proper' herb garden. It is so cold and snowy and icy...just thinking about fresh herbs growing make me smile. Thanks. Janet emoticon

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-GRETCHEN 1/29/2009 8:30PM

    That's a really cute idea - using the washers as planters!!

I know -- I can't wait for spring either! I miss my herb garden too!!

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Kieran and Killian

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm introducing Kieran and Killian, 2 leprechauns from Ireland. They have just popped in from a slide across the rainbow bringing their little wool hats and lucky shamrock pins made of golden and pearl beads from their never-ending pot of gold. They like playing tricks on everyone they meet and like hiding and popping out to scare you when you least expect it.

I love making soft dolls. I draw up my own patterns and sew and stuff and while I'm stuffing and embellishing them, I make up stories about my "little people." This was a fun pattern to do. The dolls are made from tea/coffee dyed muslin. Stuffed with polly batting. The faces are hand drawn with a sharpie pen. The beards are eye-lash yarn in a varigated gray, black, white thread. I wrap it around a small match box and tie off and then stitch 3 hanks of these to each chin. The clothes are cotton fat quarters. The legs are hand painted green and the shoes are handpainted black. The hats are made from green wool. They are hand stitched and turned inside out and the brim is handstitched to the top. The shamrock pins are made from 2 pieces of wool cut in shape of shamrock. I hand stitch these with a blanket stitch stuffing lightly as I go. I then hand bead them and attach a pin back. I love giving my creations names so looked up traditional Irish names. Kieran means "dark one" and Killian means "strife". I thought since most leprechauns were mischief-makers that they needed names that somewhat showed that. I hope you enjoy them.


Winter woes

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have been in the midst of an ice storm. This is a picture of our muscadines and blueberries this morning. It mostly melted off but still raining and is now below freezing again so imagine the ice will be back on by morning.

Christmas day 1999 we had a major ice storm which knocked out electricity for 14 days. There were trees down all over. It took until this past year for the forest service to finally clear alot of their log roads and fire trails. For eight years we lived with the possiblity of forest fires caused by the downed trees. We are hoping this is not a repeat of that year. So far with it melting today and if we don't have much freezing rain tonight, we may miss this one.

I'm not too worried about us except for maybe a tree or 2 falling on the house. We have lots of food canned and frozen and a couple of generators to keep the freezers running. We have gas and wood heat and gas cook stove so we manage the blackouts pretty well. We were without power this past summer for 5 days due to the hurricanes blowing this far north. Trees were down then but not like in an ice storm. We do take advantage when trees do go down to have them sawn into lumber. Sonny is a good woodworker so he has put most to use in our dining room add on and kitchen cabinets and lately he made me a moveable kitchen work station and cutting boards. Now he is making me new counter tops that will look like cutting boards.

We need to take advantage of opportunities whether good or bad. We need to look for the good in the bad that happens. When the power is out, it seems to bring out the best in neighbors and they all seem to want to help one another.

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BGGARDEN 1/27/2009 9:30PM

    We are getting some winter storms tonight.... only ours is in the form of SNOW! Expecting any where from 5-7 inches. I am trying to get excited about SHOVELING AGAIN!!!!

STAY SAFE Dear friend!

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Cool Ponds

Monday, January 26, 2009

These are our goldfish ponds. We found out the fish won't live through the winter in them unless we clean out the leaves at the end of each autumn. It seems it depletes the water from much needed oxygen. Same with us, if we only allow those things in us that hamper us then we begin to die. This goes not only for what we eat, but what we hear and see. If we watch too much of the bad stuff on tv or we read only the bad stuff or we eat only the bad stuff then our bodies, minds and souls begin to die. We are learning to eat well and become more healthy though our food choices and our physical upkeep here at Sparkpeople but we do not need to neglect our mental well being as well.

We have learned to move our fish to an inside fountain in the winter where we can keep clean water and give them food daily. This way they live and thrive. Just as if we feed ourselves properly, we will live and thrive.

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BGGARDEN 1/26/2009 11:28PM

    Really cool! Must easier to take care of then our 1/2 acre pond! :-) I have to post some photos of our ice skating fun to share with you.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful garden feature.

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Hamster Love

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I found this cute picture of some hamsters and it looks like one is giving another a flower and his friend is helping him by holding his foot so he won't fall.

How often do we help our fellow man, whether friend or foe? How often do we pray for others? How often do we think sweet thoughts toward others? How often do we give flowers or gifts of our heart to others? Just a little thing to think about.

How often do we think of ourself and do for ourself? How often do we give ourselves a little love? How often to we give ourselves a little helping hand? We need to be getting healthy physically and spiritually.

Take a little time for yourself and others.

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BGGARDEN 1/25/2009 9:35PM

    That is one of the cutest animal graphics I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing this with us.
I am in a LOVE mood too..... I decorated my page for Valentines day today.
Hope you stop by and send me some LOVE !!!

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