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Friday, February 27, 2009

My vincas are really blooming now even though we have been having freezing nights. They are wonderful little purple/blue flowers on a shade loving groundcover. I started wtih one little plant years ago and now it is covering the entire flowerbed under my cedar tree. I planted more a couple years ago in our fern flower bed and it continues to creep up onto the concrete porch. It is a wonderful ground cover for shady spots and doesn't tend to take over the place like ivy does. I planted ivy around our small goldfish ponds and have to really chop it off all the time or it would climb the tress and everything. My mom had ivy that grew and covered her back yard chainlink fence and was a great privacy fence. It has it's uses but really wants to take over if your aren't careful. I cut back my clematis so don't think they will bloom this year much. I would love to plant more. I noticed my climbing roses are putting out green and the bush cherries are covered in bloom buds with some opening. Our almond tree is blooming. I'm just hoping that the cold nights will stave off the fruit trees blooming yet but probably in a week or 2 they will be blooming. Then with Easter coming in April, we are bound to have the Easter Cold Snap which isn't good. I'm enjoying warmer temps and trying to get out and walk more each day and enjoy the spring blooms.


Box shrine

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm thinking of doing a submission to Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine. It isn't due until May but wanted to get a jump start on it. The theme is "Skeletons in Your Closet". This is my idea. I'm thinking of taking a box and altering the front to look like a closet door. Then I have some old keys that are similar to skeleton keys and I thought I would sculpt a face for it and glue to the top of the key (or I may use several keys) and then glue a real photo of only head shots to the back and maybe a little paper banner explaining the "skeleton". I need feedback if you think this is a good idea or if you may have other ideas I can use.

On another note, I ate at the middle of my calorie range and walked for 30 minutes plus some arm exercises.


blooming bunny

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I couldn't resist picking the few daffodils that are blooming. So I put him with my little spindle bunny make-do and called him blooming bunny. This is my newest creation and will be in my March issue of Stitching Memories Magazine for you to make.


Blooming Tuesday

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My frist daffodil of the year. Ours have been slow blooming this year as it has been so cold at night. That is good in a way as it will keep our fruit trees from blooming out and then getting bit on a late freeze. We could take some lessons for slow blooming. I get so discouraged sometimes when my weightloss comes to a stand still like it has been since November. I am happy I haven't gained but still no loss. I have gone down one pant size from the start but would love for it to be 2 or 3 size loss instead. I need to remember that I'm blooming slowly like my daffodils.

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SUNNY332 2/25/2009 11:52AM

    Beautiful, Barb!

Enjoy your walk. I am headed out for a walk also.

There are buds on the trees here so that is always a good sign.

Have a Sunny emoticon Day!

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Dotee dolls

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've been busy this past week making "Dotee Dolls" which are tiny little creatures you make with scraps of fabric, beads and babbles...Some think they are to show a little of your personality of yourself in each one. I think each has their own personalities and they dictate what embellishments you need to add. They are not really good for much but to bring a smile on someones face whether my own or someone I may give one to. They are just so whimsical, quick to make and so much fun.

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LIVINHEALTHY9 2/22/2009 9:29PM

    Very cute and creative.
Good for you!


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