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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I took this from an article I read here on SP. It explained why the 5% than tend to keep the weightloss off.....I want to be the 5% and since I'm doing the 5% challenge I thought it was worth repeating here. But it is good advice no matter who you are. Come on and join me and make the 5%.

The 5%.......
1.…Make It Public. They recruit supporters. They ask for help. They swap war stories with friends. They give and take encouragement. Often a goal buddy is involved, or at least a positive, supportive friend who holds the dieter accountable. Studies show that just by writing down or announcing your goals, you automatically increase your chances of success.

2. …Pay Attention. A permanent, healthy lifestyle is created on purpose. Planning, tracking, reading menus, asking questions, following progress reports—they know what’s going on and preventing setbacks. They don’t believe in fooling themselves or relying on chance to make things happen. Usually (if not always) aware of the foods they eat, and on the lookout for opportunities to stay active, they know that good health is no accident.

3.…Enjoy Themselves. They make weight loss a positive experience and have fun with it. Because they feel good about their goals and their new habits, they also feel good about themselves and what they’ve accomplished. Programs based on negative messages, dread, resignation, or criticism are doomed to disappear. Optimists are proven to reach more goals than pessimists. They also live healthier, longer lives.

4.…Make Gradual Changes. They know that permanent change is a process, not a 21-day event. Able to see what waits on the horizon, they spend time building a few small habits at a time, rather than diving into a program that’s totally incompatible with their current lifestyle. It works much better if you simply stick around and pick up a few bits and pieces at a time.

5.…Allow Themselves To Fail. It’s a guaranteed certainty. Every one of the 5% has failed at some point along their way. The difference is that they learned to forgive setbacks and refused to beat themselves up. Every failure is simply one step closer to ultimate success.

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MISSY455 5/2/2012 11:56PM

    Thanks for the reminder! This was a great article, and one that deserves rereading at times!

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TRAVELGRRL 5/2/2012 6:06PM

    Von, thank you for reposting this article. I feel that finally I can say I fit ALL FIVE! Although #4 is hard for me, everything else is a "go".

The biggest change for me "this time" is allowing myself some slack, allowing all-out failure but NOT QUITTING. Every morning I wake up is a new opportunity to begin again!


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"Cherry Crow Round"

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

This is my newest rug. It is 24 x 24 inches and is an adaptation of a Magdalena Briner rug. It is hooked on rug hooking monks cloth with #6 to #9 cut of "as is" recycled wool and hand dyed wool fabric. I have titled it "Cherry Crow Round" which is a pun on Merry Go Round. It is so appropriate as my bush cherries are now ripe. I have a jewel of a husband who has been picking them for me to eat each day.

Another good thing is we had almost 2 inches of rain which so helped the gardens and also got a lot of the pollen out of the air. I'm headed to one of my art guild meetings tonight so will see how I fare...I am still coughing but some better.

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MOSTMOM1 5/1/2012 11:44PM

    WOW!!! That is so cool! That design is so fresh and creative. Great work!

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TRAVELGRRL 5/1/2012 4:10PM

    I love your rug! How long do they take you to make? You are so talented.

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Rain.....at last!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm doing a happy rain dance today!!!! We are finally getting rain!!! Besides our garden needing it, I'm thinking that this may be terrific in allowing me outside tomorrow. Privet hedge blooms are beginning to die and with the rain to wash the pollen out of the air, it should be fresh and clean for me to get outside tomorrow...so many upsides to this...One I can get back to my daily outdoor walks. I can get the fresh air and sunshine I so crave...I get to hook my rugs outside and it helps the garden grow...

I'm happy with my progress here as well. Weight loss isn't as fast as I would like but 14 pounds lost since January 1st isn't shabby either. I just need to up my walking time. I had worked up from 10 minutes that my back allowed to 20 minutes and since I have had to stay inside away from the pollen, I have only gotten 15 minutes per day...not good....so with this glorious rain I can really start upping my exercise time...outside!!!

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MCJULIEO 4/30/2012 7:08PM

    Send some down here! We're getting to be dry as a bone!

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TRAVELGRRL 4/30/2012 6:39PM

    Glad it's raining -- our garden can use it! You've done great! Slow and steady always wins the race. But yes, I know you will enjoy getting outside.

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MISSY455 4/30/2012 6:18PM

    So glad you will be able to get back outside! I know what you mean about craving sunshine. It definitely affects my mood when it is gray and gloomy, or when I am stuck inside. I hope the rain is enough to get the pollen knocked down, and the garden blooming!

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Begin this Minute!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Many times we put off beginning something because it is inconvenient..or we don't have the right tools or equipment. We don't want to start our diet until after this weekend or after the birthday party or holiday...we don't want to start our exercise program until we can buy the treadmill or we can pick up barbells or purchase that video or join the gym or that yoga class...we delay and we stall and we procrastinate...We put off and put off and put off using excuse after excuse after excuse...NO MORE!!!

Begin NOW...Right this minute...Begin today...don't put off today until tomorrow...remember tomorrow never comes...what is past is long gone and we can't go back to it...tomorrow isn't here and we never know if it will be here...we can only live in the present!!! So begin right now....make those goals, go exercise, shun that extra serving or the yummy gooey dessert...get out now and walk...walk in place, dance...use water bottles (full of course) for your barbells...START RIGHT NOW!!!

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MISSY455 4/30/2012 1:11AM


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MAZACK 4/29/2012 6:56PM

    Thanks for your reminder.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yes consistency is the key to winning at almost everything...especially when it comes to weight loss and getting healthy. If we set up a consist exercise program or diet then we are bound to win...We always need to keep the thought of this key in our minds. If we consistly exercise then it becomes a part of our habits and it doesn't become an effort over time. Same with dieting...watching what we eat and being consistent in measuring and counting caloires will make us the true winners over time.

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MISSY455 4/29/2012 3:13AM

    I use "consistency counts" at least once a week as my huddle posts. It's the foundation for any success I have seen. Seems we are in agreement!

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CPATRICK9 4/28/2012 7:56PM

    I agree with you totally!

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