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UFO and incentive.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today hubby was varnishing the bathroom floors and cabinets he remodeled..I couldn't stand the fumes and our house doggie baby couldn't stand the activity so we sat out on the porch swing together and I finished stitching the other fall themed hand towel..you can see them both above..One of my goals this week was to finish one UFO...kind of accomplished it..but really it was not something I had put aside for a period of time as had been working on these each evening. But I am going to count it anyway but do plan to try to finish more.

I've spent much of the rest of the day online looking at youth hostels in the UK to plan the the big bucket list trip...the lowest cost of a bed at one of these is about $20USD..and the cheapest car rental not counting gasoline for a small car at that is about $300USD for 2 weeks..I figure since we would be splitting the cost, then we could upgrade for a little better vehicle for around $800 which would be about $200 each..So for a 2 week stay just for the car rental and hostels..the cost would be around $500...now this is not including food, gasoline, tour fees for places and flight over..I went ahead and figured the flight as being over $1000 for round trip but the son's flight miles he has saved would pay mine and the one DIL...the other DIL can fly free on standby so she might be later getting there or home but she could have hers paid free..my sister has planned to save a bunch to pay her ticket. Also have a friend who generously offered us to stay at her house for couple of nights free..so this trip is beoming more a reality..

Now my goal is to get as much walking in here to build myself up to be able to walk there alot..incentive to get me to exercise...just what I need.

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MAZACK 8/13/2012 5:21AM

    Your trip is shaping up

I want to get started on my UFO's before long. I have some I want to finish before MountainFest.

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FLEURGARDEN 8/12/2012 9:40PM

    It must feel great to get those UFOs off your list. I remember my mom's needlework group always had a door prize for UFOs. You got one entry for each UFO that month, but you also had to bring it in for the display table so everyone could see what you had been working on.

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Creative life

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I truly believe that a creative life is really a true life..I try to live as creatively as I can. I try to live my life as fully as possible...with all my disablities and hendrances...Life is to be lived fully...the the fullest extent that you can make it..I have a God-given talent of creativeness and I try to utilize it as much as I possibly can.

Just a few updates and answers to some questions..Someone suggested I include the DIL that noone gets along with in the family on our little trip..there are many reasons why I won't...I know it doesn't sound real Christian of me but many many times we have reached out to her to have her turn around and stab us all in the back with lies to other people about us..she has not only done this to my husband and I but also to the other DILs..also she would agree to go to make our life miserable as she would not be happy with anything we did if she went along..she would also expect us to pay her way..and her husband (our son makes more money than any of the other of us but she goes through their money so fast) and she would expect us to change our travel plans to suit her..Overall she would make everyone miserable..so I've said my piece and is all I want to say about it..
On another note..this past week has not been going as well for me in the exercise department..BUT I have lost one full pound this week instead of the usual half pound..also our temps are cooler as of today and with the weightloss and the cooler temps, I've actually been cold at times today..I've not run the a/c in my studio once. Another thing that has bothered me as I've not wanted to create anything lately..just haven't been in the mood..I did ok by making the jean bags but that is all. I'm usually so busy during the week..but this week I slacked off. I guess I've needed the break..O I did get 5 items put up on etsy..So here is my plan for next week..

1. Keep my calorie count to under 1400 if possible.
2. Walk more and do more arm exercises.
3. Get one UFO project completed this week.
4. Begin reoganizing my studio.
5. Begin Christmas gifts.

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MAZACK 8/12/2012 3:10PM

    I overdid living my life to the fullest this past week and I has just crashed today. I did have to go in and work an hour. I'm covering call for my daughter.

I would have to react the same about your DIL. Some people only live to make others miserable and they don't realize what the are missing by being nice. I don't have time for those kind of people anymore.

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READYBETTY 8/12/2012 8:27AM

    The denim bags you made were beautiful! I can't wait to see the complete UFO for this week. You are so blessed to be able to make such beautiful things.

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MISSY455 8/12/2012 2:01AM

    emoticon goals for the week!

Congrats on the weight loss! emoticon job!!!

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WAYSOFGRACE 8/11/2012 10:22PM

    You're reasons are your own, and that's all that matters. I'm ok with that.

Live your life to your fullest, and to your level on happiness and joy, and it's all good!

My goodness I wish I had time to finish a UFO, but I had to choose between making room in our bedroom and getting rid of some junk or stitching. I chose the bedroom, and while it looks much better in there, my sciatic nerve has decided to hate me now.

Looks like tomorrow will be a stitch day for me :-)

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Bags and Sparkcoach

Friday, August 10, 2012

First I wanted to show the photo of my finished jean bags. My sister gave me a pair of jeans about 2 years ago to make her a jean bag. Well I finally finished and not only did I make one but I made 2 from the same pair of jeans. They are lined with a brown and ecru ticking and used it and burlap for the rolled flowers on one and burlap and a wool hooked center of the sunflower on the other. I ran short of material to make a handle for one so got big canvas eyelets and attached 4 eyelets and then ran cotton cording through the eyelets. The top of the handle is taped with black duct tape which I think adds a finished look to the handle.

On a note about the new Sparkcoach series they have started..we get a 14 day free trial period and noticed today that if we sign up now, that the first month is only 99cents..not much really but then after the first month will the price go up..I don't mind paying for something that is useful to me but so far it seems to be for a beginner here at Sparkpeople..and just helps them manuevor around the site..for me..I'm already doing those things and do it faithfully every day..Usually when I make up my mind to start something, I usually do it and try to stick with it. I found out before when I didn't stick to it I gained it all back..and if I have to track for life then it will be worth it. I do know that other weightloss sites charge a whole lot more and know we have such a blessing by getting this site free..and if they can make a little money to cover the costs to keep it free, then I think that is terrific..but being on a fixed income, the reason I came here in the first place was because I couldn't afford to go to the other pay sites..so I do have mixed feelings about paying for something like the sparkcoach thing..If I thought it was going to be more than the basic stuff, I might consider it but at this point I don't think so..

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MAZACK 8/12/2012 3:16PM

    I agree with others, you are so creative. The bags are great.

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RADFEN 8/12/2012 11:51AM

    Love the bags!

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MCJULIEO 8/12/2012 10:06AM

    Really good looking bags! Nice job!

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SMOOCHIESMOMMY2 8/11/2012 9:56PM

    The bags are really cute and unique. Thanks for sharing the info about SparkCoach. You saved me time from doing research. emoticon

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CAKAROO 8/11/2012 9:59AM

    great job on the bags

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MISSY455 8/11/2012 1:40AM

    Those bags are so wonderful! The flowers are amazing...I know I have said this before, but you are extremely talented!

Thanks for the info on SparkCoach. I have not had the time to go check it out. At this point, I don't have a lot of extra time to do much more on SP, as you see it has been late every night by the time I get online.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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DEEJON123 8/10/2012 7:13PM

    These are really nice, if it didn't take so long I would suggest you set up a table at a flee market, they would sell like hot cakes .... I know I would buy one!

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CHANGING-TURTLE 8/10/2012 7:02PM

    Your bags are great
thanks for the info on the Spark coach i guess I am also going to pass as i am strap for extra funds at this time

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MILLISMA 8/10/2012 6:44PM

    I love the bags!!! What a great job.

Thanks for the input on SparkCoach. I know that I read somewhere on the page what the cost would be but not sure where I found it.

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READYBETTY 8/10/2012 6:31PM

    The bags are so beautiful! You are so creative!

I'm also trying the SparkCoach out for the free period. I'm still undecided about it.

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Just things

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Today was an ok day. I volunteer to work at the local art gallery once a month and today was my day. It is only 5 hours but can be pretty boring..and as usual it was boring today. I took my tablet with me which has a kindle app so read some and then did a little hand embroidery I've been working on..had a few people in but no sales..and talked on the phone to one of my DIL's...I'm really lucky to have 2 sweet DIL's but then have another....well lets just say we dont' see eye to eye and since she lives far away it makes it easier...she can be rather jealous of the other 2 so it wouldn't do to have her live near. Anyway the 2 sweet DIL's and my sister and I are thinking (at this point in time) of taking a trip to England in about a year...so we talk ever so often to discuss it..hopefully I can tell you all later that it will be a check off on my bucket list if we can manage it..

My diet and exercise (especially the exercise) has not gone as well this week..I've stayed under the 1600 calories which is my top number and have even managed to keep it under 1400..I seem to be more hungry this week so probably the need for more calories..I've managed (barely) to get in a 20 minute walk and no arm exercise..so will start again and posting a big sign on my bathroom door to do this each morning..also going to splurge and get those Bollywood dance exercise videos..I need some motivation...I seem to get this way towards the end of summer..I can't even really get into the crafting mood..but have done some embroidery and finished up some UFO..but just haven't had the spark of ideas like I usually have..I've been to pinterest some to try to get some sparks going but guess I'm just going to have to ride this out. ..going back to my book and embroidery..

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MAZACK 8/12/2012 3:21PM

    I hope all of you can make the trip to England. Leaving out the other DIL isn't bad since she could ruin it for the rest of you and sounds like she has already shown how she would react.

I only have one DIL and she is sweet.

Comment edited on: 8/12/2012 3:22:22 PM

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MCJULIEO 8/11/2012 1:57AM

    Those Bollywood moves seem fun! I'd like to hear how it goes!

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TRAVELGRRL 8/10/2012 10:18AM

    Have you invited your not-so-nice daughter in law to possibly join the trip? While she probably wouldn't be interested, she at least wouldn't have another reason to be jealous and not like the other two! Maybe she's jealous of your relationship with them?

I'm just sensitive to this because there are soooooo many issues with favoritism on my husband's side of the family! It is a shame because once the parents die I'm sure the 4 children will mostly go their separate ways...

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CAKAROO 8/10/2012 6:14AM


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MISSY455 8/9/2012 11:45PM

    Oh I hope you can take your trip! My sister, one of our cousins, and I have talked about a trip to Ireland. Ours is at least 3 years out though. Every time we get together for "girls weekend", which is a couple of times a year, we talk about priorities for the trip. It's fun just planning it :-)

I am sure you will find your crafting spark soon. You have been so busy with all that goes along with the garden, you probably just need some quiet time. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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GOOSIEMOON 8/9/2012 8:00PM


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READYBETTY 8/9/2012 7:36PM

    I sure do hope you will be able to take your trip to England. It's nice to see dreams come true.

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Life is Better with Friends

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I have found that life is better with friends..and especially my SP friends. I've met so many wonderful people here and learned so much from others. I have laughed and cried with many here and many I have walked this path for a few years. I've yet to meet on in person but have plans to meet at least one and maybe 2 when the weather cools. This has been a terrific journey only because of my SP friends. Thank you all.

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MCJULIEO 8/9/2012 9:46AM

    I have found the same to be true, too! Thank you!

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MISSY455 8/9/2012 1:41AM

    Life is definitely better with friends :-) How fun that you will meet some SP friends in person! It is nice to share our journey with others who understand our daily trials.

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GARDENCHRIS 8/8/2012 9:35PM

    you are soooo right!!!!

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READYBETTY 8/8/2012 7:15PM

    Spark friends are the greatest and so are you!

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