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Physio Genius!!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Wow!! How is it possible to get so much relief from pain in 30 minutes? Clever young physio using the "Graston technique" managed to release those tense and tight muscles in my left leg so quickly and so competently. And: made me feel great by telling me how fit and healthy I am (and nope, she didn't say "for 63" either, which made me feel even better!!). And she complimented me for having already done "all the right things" that I could have done for myself: the gentle exercise, stretching, use of foam roller etc. etc.

Is that troublesome left leg perfect this morning? No it's not. Physio knew it and apologized for not creating a 100% miraculous cure (which made me giggle). And I have a follow up appointment next Thursday.

But gotta say: never again will I slog through 2 months without getting attention right away.

Check out "Graston technique" if like me you're not familiar with it . . . pretty cool!!

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ONEKIDSMOM 8/1/2014 7:30PM

    Glad that sticking to your guns about going (mentally tough woman) to that appointment led to such good results. And yes, you did everything you should first! Nice to have that professional confirmation, right? emoticon

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JANEWATKINS 8/1/2014 5:58PM

    So happy you found relief!

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SQUIRRELMOMMA1 8/1/2014 4:11PM

    emoticon Finally some relief with that knee pain.

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PHEBESS 8/1/2014 3:29PM

    So glad you found someone who is helping with the knee!

And yes, you need to get help earlier next time. Now you know.

Plus yay for her recognizing YOU are an ATHLETE!

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_RAMONA 8/1/2014 11:41AM


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ALIIDA 8/1/2014 11:17AM

    Really happy to hear this! And you got a bonus of a great compliment! emoticon

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_LINDA 8/1/2014 9:11AM

    emoticon m emoticon
So glad there was a fix! I have never heard of this method!

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NANCY- 8/1/2014 9:07AM

    So glad you found a wonderful PT and that the method is helping you. Perhaps it is that you are in such good shape that you are responding well to the treatment. WTG on taking care of yourself.

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TRAVELGRRL 8/1/2014 8:47AM

    AWESOME!! I often find my threshold of pain gets higher as the problem drags on, so when relief finally comes I forget how it felt to feel good! Not sure that makes sense but I am happy happy for you!

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PHOENIX1949 8/1/2014 8:20AM


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KALIGIRL 8/1/2014 8:17AM

    Glad to hear it - I too was a reluctant 'expert' visitor - no more. Zero Balance massages are preventative medicine in my book!

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SLENDERELLA61 8/1/2014 8:12AM

    WOW! So glad to read that you have found it! Sounds like an almost miracle: wonderful therapist and just the right treatment. So glad you found them. And, yes, you are very fit and not just for 63!!

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Rainy, cool . . .

Thursday, July 31, 2014

. . . makes it a good day for working!

And I've got some interesting but relatively low-pressure work to do!

Drafting a lengthy document that will (when executed) bring an emotionally-charged and difficult matter to a conclusion. Terms have been agreed upon. That always feels good: resolution by negotiation rather than fully adversarial court warfare.

A late afternoon meeting on a law reform topic which is dear to my heart.

And in between, yup, that physio appointment for my left leg -- which is barely twinge-ing since I broke down and scheduled treatment!! Trying to persuade me that spontaneous self-healing finally occurred. But I'm not convinced: still going to go and get an expert opinion.

Next week my right-hand clerk is taking well-deserved vacation time. And I'll be tap- dancing without her. Appreciating her even more when she returns.

So: better enjoy the relative peacefulness of the next two days with someone competently running interference and shielding me from random phone calls and so much more, while consistently being pleasant and kind. (Yes, we do tell her and she does know how indispensable she is!! Thinks she should get to take vacation anyhow!! Imagine that!!)

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JANTHEBLONDE 8/1/2014 12:45AM

    I'm so glad to hear you made an appointment with the doctor! It is better to be safe than sorry! I'm glad you are taking a stress break! I hope you have a nice and relaxing day!
Hugs and love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALIIDA 7/31/2014 11:35PM

    Enjoy the next two days, and I bet if you cancelled that appointment for your knee, it would start up again, so I'm glad you're going to get it sorted out. Best of luck with it!
emoticon emoticon

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ROXYZMOM 7/31/2014 10:03PM

    Great job on the mediation! I hope your appointment went well and you got some answers.
I hate it when my Assistant goes on vacation too, but it is well deserved, and I think, helps her say sharp.
She knows she is appreciated and loved.

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_LINDA 7/31/2014 4:43PM

    That is awesome you got a resolution by negotiation! emoticon
No wonder you are a successful lawyer and equally successful maintainer! You know how to mediate those battles between the temptations and the high road into a favorable conclusion! Totally terrific!
Sorry you are losing your valuable clerk -I suppose turning the phone off or letting it go to voice mail is not an option??
Hoping your physio can get to the bottom of what was bothering your knee!

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1CRAZYDOG 7/31/2014 3:01PM

    Good luck and I'm sure you WILL appreciate the competence of your clerk when she returns from vaca!


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DSHONEYC 7/31/2014 11:34AM

    Have a great day and let us know what the doc has to say...you know if you hadn't scheduled the appointment you'd be suffering today. So whatever it takes to prod the healing genie into action is worth it.

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PHEBESS 7/31/2014 11:26AM

    I think you knee is like my hair (isn't that a wonderfully off-the-wall comment?) - my hair will be driving me crazy and looking horrible so I decide to make an appointment and get it chopped off, and suddenly my hair then starts looking great and doing exactly what I want it to do.

See? Off-the-wall analogy works.

I think sometimes our bodies just want a little attention, so they do things like this. Cars, too.

Hope the appointment goes well and that you get some ways to build strength in the knee, or relieve the injury, or whatever the knee wants to make it happy.

And yes, enjoy the peaceful days this week!

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2BDYNAMIC 7/31/2014 8:30AM

    Isn't it funny how when we schedule an appointment .............. the pain or whatever gets up and takes a hike .......... then we are explaining .......... 'But Doctor .......... I really was there ............... Honest! ............. (hope it did in fact just heal itself) ............ have a good day and maybe you will get to take a vacation too huh? ............ emoticon

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TRAVELGRRL 7/31/2014 8:28AM

    Enjoy your day, and I know you will appreciate your right-hand clerk even MORE once her vacation is over!

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_RAMONA 7/31/2014 8:21AM

    It's always wonderful when work I satisfying! Enjoy your two days, and pray I PEACE reigns over all until your right hand returns!

Good luck with the knee checkup... that happens to me, too. I wimp along, break down and make the appointment, followed by spontaneous healing, LOL! I think it's because I forget a certain amount of healing takes time. Good to get it checked anyway.

I LOVED the Tom Turkey story, LOL! Can't wait to use the apps!

May your day be blessed in abundance!


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KALIGIRL 7/31/2014 8:16AM

    Glad you're getting a stress break and still planning to see an expert - better safe than sorry!

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KANOE10 7/31/2014 8:01AM

    It sounds like a good productive day. My son said his law professors always said to settle out of court if possible.

How fortunate that you have such a competent clerk in your office. You could be busier next week while she is on vacation! I feel the same way when my para pros are absent. I am definitely busier with the absence!

I am glad you are seeing a doctor for that knee!

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ONEKIDSMOM 7/31/2014 7:27AM

    LOL! May putting her own oxygen mask on first give your clerk much-needed relief so she can continue to provide those oh-so-needed support tasks for YOU!

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SANDICANE 7/31/2014 7:18AM

    An A+ blog! Hope you enjoy your A+ day while you have someone running interference for you...always nice to have a shield!

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ELRIDDICK 7/31/2014 7:07AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Trivia trivia!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am always trying to achieve monthly Trivia A student status!! But seldom succeeding. I look enviously at those names that come up day after day as having 100% "correct scores": and you know who you are!! My personality is not particularly competitive (I tell myself) but this inability to be a consistent A student at Spark People is . . . disheartening. Discouraging. After a lifetime of striving for As in other academic arenas . . . (OK then, I probably AM academically a competitive kinda person).

And since I'm not an A student here very often, I blame the trivia questions, of course. It's not me. Couldn't be. It's "them" (Spark People!!)

I particularly loathe those trivia questions which ask me about relative calorie counts etc. for various fast foods (for example, hamburgers from competing chains) or candy at the movies in varieties completely unknown in the Great White North. Ironically we don't have "snowballs" here, whatever they are: guess we don't need 'em. And even if we did (*virtuous sniff inserted*) I would never be buying 'em anyhow, right??

Now my consistent blowing of these particular Trivia questions does not fully explain my inability to achieve Trivia A student status with any remote regularity.

But it soothes my ego a little bit to be able to ascribe my own deficits to cross-cultural differences. Yeah. Really!!!

And no. I won't be a Trivia A student for July 2014 either. "Their" fault of course. Not mine!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PHEBESS 7/31/2014 1:01AM

    LOL - I've bombed out this month too! I never buy candy at the movies so I don't even know what Mike and Ike candies are, or which is the lowest calorically. I also don't know the caloric content of gravy - I don't like gravy, so I don't need to know.

So yes, sometimes the questions are pointless for my (or your) tastes.

And sometimes the machine cheats!!!! Not my lovely little MacBook Air, no, the Spark master computer cheats! I get an answer right, and the computer doesn't count it!!!!!! Grrrrr, how frustrating to then miss the next question!!!!!!!

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KENDRACARROLL 7/30/2014 8:47PM

    Haha! I gave up on trivia a long time ago. (Makes me mad... shhh :))

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ONEKIDSMOM 7/30/2014 8:39PM

    emoticon Of course, since I don't often play, I'm never in the same class even. Color me unrepentantly playing hooky from trivia class! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 7/30/2014 8:28PM

    Fellow Trivia stinker here. BUT "passing" in areas of life that really matter!!!!

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ROXYZMOM 7/30/2014 6:50PM

    I tried that a few times - so frustrating for me. I am not good at it at all!
You get an "A" for persistence!

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DSHONEYC 7/30/2014 2:25PM

    That's why they call it "trivia" - cause its trivial in every way.

Definition: of little value or importance emoticon

I used to play Trivial Pursuit (any and many editions) a lot and my claim to fame is that "I have never lost a game". I know so much trivia that I found it was crowding out the important stuff in my brain ... tee hee.

So therefore, your conclusion that it is SparkPeople's fault is right on, Sister! emoticon

Here's your emoticon for the day!

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TRAVELGRRL 7/30/2014 1:34PM

    I USED to play but then something seemed off...some people may have had over 100%? Anyway, I SUCK at trivia so I gave it up. But it is a good way to keep your knowledge fresh!

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SLENDERELLA61 7/30/2014 12:51PM

    It's still fun to play. For a while I quit playing because the questions were getting repetitive, but I missed it. Yeah, some of those questions are really irrelevant to our lives because we choose to live even better than the options given. That's OK. And there are differences that might make a northern cousin at a disadvantage. Am I competitive? Well, I have no problem letting the grandkids win Left-Right-Center or Sorry, but just get someone out there about my age, nearing the finish line, and you'll see competitive!!

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SQUIRRELMOMMA1 7/30/2014 12:44PM

    I suck at the trivia too. I'm lucky to get above a 60 each day. I did get all 3 in a row once and it really made my day. I'm easily pleased.

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PHOENIX1949 7/30/2014 12:26PM


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JANTHEBLONDE 7/30/2014 11:35AM

    Your to funny! I usually think I'm pretty smart too....until I go do Spark Trivia! LOL!
Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs and love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_LINDA 7/30/2014 9:43AM

    What gets me in the trivia is the studies. How I am I supposed to know the % of Americans who eat out or anything else requiring a 'number' answer usually stumps me. Statistics aren't something I care about or wish to clutter my mind with. I struggle to get my 90% each month and if I get too many 'number' questions I won't get it. I am 90% right now so no margin of error for my last day of questions, if I get a tough one I am done :-P Also the one question I get frequently and is always changing is which vegetable or fruit has the most pesticides. It has had five different answers that I can remember!!!
Happy brain mushing!

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KANOE10 7/30/2014 9:32AM

    That was too amusing and most likely true. The US has tons fo junk food that you may not be familiar with. I think snowballs are round chocolate muffins covered with white frosting..maybe coconut on top. They are like twinkies and are not healthy.

It is good that you are unfamiliar with junk food!

I saw a restaurant offering watermellon tomato gazpacho with basil. Hmm..

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SANDICANE 7/30/2014 9:25AM

    Ha ha ha. You've found one thing in your life that you can't be an "A" at...that's toooo funny! Well, hopefully you'll take solace in the fact that the rest of your life is an "A". Oh, and snowballs, they're marshmallow balls covered in coconut...just a mouthful of empty calories that would set you up for either gagging from too much sweet, or craving another fistful of sugar!

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_RAMONA 7/30/2014 9:23AM


...yeah, I usually think I'm pretty smart, too, until I go do SparkTrivia for the day.


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NANCY- 7/30/2014 8:23AM

    You are too cute. :)
I totally agree with you about the calorie count of junk food .... how are we supposed to know about that junk and why would we want to know. You are so right to sniff virtuously. You are so beyond snowballs and the like. You are a woman of good taste, healthy taste, you nourish yourself.
Perhaps not acing the trivia is a very good thing.

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Fresh Raspberries

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The local raspberries are available -- about half the size of the mammoth berries I can buy pretty much year round, and tangier tasting somehow. And the fresh local blueberries are ready too. Mmmm: half a cup of each for breakfast, with a mandarin orange fat free/sugar free Greek yogourt.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions re leg issues -- and yes, I've made a physio appointment for Thursday. Of course now that I've done that, it's feeling quite a bit better this morning!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BOOKAPHILE 7/29/2014 7:17PM

    It's like taking your car to the mechanic...it doesn't make the noise for him :-(

I hope you continue to improve.

I grow raspberries, marionberries, and blueberries here at home. You're right about local berries tasting the best.

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1CRAZYDOG 7/29/2014 6:05PM

    LOVE raspberries and blueberries. So healthy for you too.

Murphy's Law states that as soon as you schedule an appointment for something, the reason for the visit either diminishes or disappears! Well, glad you have that physio appointment!

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KALIGIRL 7/29/2014 1:22PM

    Love the local goodies!

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PHEBESS 7/29/2014 1:14PM

    Mmmmmmm, berries are the best part of summer!!!!!

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_LINDA 7/29/2014 11:05AM

    Glad your leg is feeling better, second all those saying keep the appointment though as you had too much trouble with it for too long..
Fresh raspberries and blueberries, how awesome is that?? Lucky you!
Have a fabulous pain free day!

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NANCY- 7/29/2014 10:21AM

    Ah the local seasonal gifts from Mother Nature are true treasures to be savored.
So glad that your leg is feeling better.It's a good thing that you will still be addressing it and hopefully be able to prevent future occurrences,

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JANTHEBLONDE 7/29/2014 10:20AM

    Your breakfast sounds absolutely delicious! I love fresh raspberries too! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs and love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SQUIRRELMOMMA1 7/29/2014 10:19AM

    There is nothing like fresh berries for breakfast! Lucky you.

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JAMIRBLAZE 7/29/2014 9:58AM

    Your breakfast sounds delightful. Fresh berries are always wonderful.

Hope your legs feel better!

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KANOE10 7/29/2014 9:37AM

    I mix raspberries and blueberries together also because I love both of them. They are perfect with yogurt.

Glad you are feeling better, but keep that appointment in case it flares up again!

I love summer produce!

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SANDICANE 7/29/2014 9:37AM

    My first crop of new raspberries is just about finished...oh, they ARE wonderful! Glad we could all help make your knee feel better!!!

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LEANJEAN6 7/29/2014 8:43AM

    Local raspberries are ripe here too--Your comments on the blog made me laugh--so funny!!!---Spark a good day!-Lynda

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_RAMONA 7/29/2014 8:35AM

    Glad the leg feels better... AND glad that you have an appointment to have it looked at, LOL!

We snacked on wild raspberries right off the bush on our walk last night. YUM!

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RIDLEYRIDER 7/29/2014 8:25AM

  Used to spend hours picking raspberries at my Gram's....how I miss that!! emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 7/29/2014 8:14AM

    Raspberries are a favorite of mine, too. I agree with Barb. Keep that appointment. Enjoy watching those rare falcons.

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MARYJOANNA 7/29/2014 8:01AM

  I love fresh raspberries!

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MCFITZ2 7/29/2014 7:50AM

    quarts or raspberries I picked last week and picked some blues off my bushes yesterday. emoticon

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ALIIDA 7/29/2014 7:50AM

    Looooove raspberries too! I do hope you'll get good treatment for your knee. Take care!
emoticon emoticon

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ONEKIDSMOM 7/29/2014 7:36AM

    Don't let "feeling quite a bit better" get in the way of keeping that appointment. YES, you feel better, knowing it's been made.

And LOVE fresh fruit in its season! Enjoy those berries! emoticon

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ROXYZMOM 7/29/2014 7:34AM

    Yum! I have been picking up triple blueberries from my local farmer. They taste fantastic. I am freezing a bunch for winter.

Glad you are getting yourself checked out.

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RASPBERRY56 7/29/2014 7:34AM

    Boy, did your title grab my attention! emoticon

Raspberries - YUM! emoticon

Good luck with your leg!

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WDIPIM 7/29/2014 7:15AM

  God Bless - keep your appointment for your leg, just in case.

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Golf in a Cart . . .

Monday, July 28, 2014

OK then, I'm going to contact a sport physio clinic.

It's been almost 2 months that my left leg/knee have been giving me grief and I've exhausted all the management techniques I know: gentle exercise on the elliptical, modified strength training routines, lots of stretching afterwards, lots of roller massage, changing up my heel heights during the day etc. etc. Doesn't seem to be a joint issue, more a muscle/tendon thingy but what do I know.

Yesterday when I realized I wasn't likely going to be comfortable walking 18 holes, we opted for a power cart: still made sure to do lots of walking actually from green to tee, to my ball and so on, but it was certainly less walking than the customary push cart routine. (The course would be about 6 miles long but of course golf is never "as the crow flies": especially my golf!)

It was a good decision; perfect temperature, sunny and breezy, I would have hated to miss it. But it helped solidify my growing sense that it's time to have this leg looked at by a professional . . . life is too short!!

I can hear the peregrine falcons flying over the house, such a distinctive call. They nested once again this summer in the heavily wooded park behind us, but a bit further away: I took my binoculars out last weekend and located them and now they're flying more as the chicks get older. I'll have to take my bird app and play the calls back to them!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

4A-HEALTHY-BMI 7/28/2014 11:29PM

    Yeesh. It's rough when you can't walk to do your normal activities.

The physio might suggest this too, but how do you feel about water exercise? It's very good for joints.

I also recommend this book for ideas:

http://goo.gl/TgflPZ :-)

Hope the physio is some help and that the problem has a simple (if not easy) solution!

Comment edited on: 7/28/2014 11:30:28 PM

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SLENDERELLA61 7/28/2014 9:41PM

    We have osprey and eagles, herons and storks, lots of turkey buzzards, beautiful cranes -- I've never seen falcons here. I'll have to ask around. Maybe I've just missed them.

So glad you are going to get that knee looked at. You know it's time. Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery!

So glad you could enjoy the golf anyway. That's the way to do all you can. Here's to living life!!

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1CRAZYDOG 7/28/2014 8:54PM

    Good that you're going to get evaluated. That's how you'll move forward.


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TRAVELGRRL 7/28/2014 7:45PM

    It is hard to admit we aren't healing on our own. I think part of it is that we become "used" to the pain and inconvenience and keep thinking if we only waited a little longer....but I'm glad you are going to see a professional; life really IS too short! (and so are your summers up there!)

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ONEKIDSMOM 7/28/2014 7:32PM

    You called it on the knee... time to get professional opinion(s)!

And you remind me to check on the peregrine falcons that nest on our capitol building... every year they come back, hatch and raise young... and fly off until the following year. Amazing birds.

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_LINDA 7/28/2014 4:20PM

    So sorry to hear you have a knee issue that won't go away :-(( Consulting a health professional is the only way to go and making sure you don't overdo!
Glad you could still enjoy your game!
Take care of you!

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BA5454 7/28/2014 12:46PM

    Glad you're taking it another direction after you exhausted everything else. And I hope things turn out well at the appointment!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PHEBESS 7/28/2014 11:44AM

    You can only tough things out so long - so yes, doctor time. Hope it turns out to be an easy fix!!! (Meniscus tears are literally a pain to deal with, so let's hope it isn't related to those little beasts!)

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DSHONEYC 7/28/2014 10:56AM

    Hope it is nothing that a shot of cortizone can't fix...ignorance is not bliss. You must find out what is going on. What's the old saying "a person who is her own doctor has a fool for a patient"?

Seriously, please take care of yourself. The golf industry needs every duffer it can get!

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JANTHEBLONDE 7/28/2014 9:56AM

    I'm so glad you're going to the doctor... to find out what's really going on! I hope your knee feels better soon! I think you're awesome not letting your knee interfering with your golfing! You put to Sparks in Sparks! I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Hugs and love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_RAMONA 7/28/2014 9:37AM

    I'm glad you're being proactive about your knee. Sounds like some professional support couldn't hurt. I'm glad you found a way to continue to enjoy our golf anyway!

That bird app sounds really interesting... my Divine Miss O would like something like that. Can you share with me exactly what it is?


Report Inappropriate Comment
SANDICANE 7/28/2014 9:03AM

    Life is too short, and according to the "older" ladies at church, the older we get, the more that goes wrong with us!

I myself had a sore foot about 8 years ago...could hardly walk. Same as you, I changed my shoes, did exercises, massaged it...good grief, did everything everyone suggested!! Finally went to the dr and it was a tumour!! Well, that certainly wasn't going to repond to massage!!! Anyway surgery was the answer.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.

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DDOORN 7/28/2014 9:00AM

    It's tough to cut back from what one is accustomed for our outlets...I've done a similar thing and a voice in the back of my mind keeps niggling that I shouldn't limit myself in this way. I've not resumed my cycling commute to work. There is a stretch of shoulder that is too narrow and crumbly which forces one to bike on the road with the traffic. Pre-blood-thinner I could steel myself and take that risk. Post? So far I don't think so...but, but, but!


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PHOENIX1949 7/28/2014 8:47AM

    Hope it's a simple fix once diagnosed. Not a golfer here but think the courses are so beautiful and tranquil. Glad you were able to get your game in.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ROXYZMOM 7/28/2014 8:30AM

    When I had my foot issues, I remember doing the same thing. It went on for two years! It got so bad that I finally realized I couldn't stand walking and wearing shoes at all! That's when I threw in the towel. I had a bunionectomy and recovered quickly. I wished I had gone sooner!

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NANCY- 7/28/2014 8:18AM

    Love how you take care of yourself.
You rock!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KANOE10 7/28/2014 8:16AM

    Life is too short! I am glad you are going to a doctor. I had a sciatica pain for awhile and finally went to a doctor. It helped a great deal. I think it was wise of you to use the golf cart.

We don't have falcons here but see hawks and sometimes a bald eagle.

It sounded like a beautiful day on the course.

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TRYINGHARD54 7/28/2014 7:57AM

    if you have pain that don't go away.. yes. go to doctor..
good luck ! :-)

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