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Coffee, is always necessary.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I work as a nanny. It is not a terribly well paying job, and as a college student every cent counts. Constantly I have these people calling me and emailing me about buying their "skinny fiber" or "green coffee bean extract" or trying the "ideal protein diet"....and I look at myself in the mirror and look at the baby I chase after and wonder if any of these quick fixes would make me look better, and have more energy to be constantly after the children, because right now coffee is all I have to energize me for these things. I have quit soda, and as a recently diagnosed coeliac I am still withdrawing from wheat and so much sugar. It is so hard to get up in the morning and face myself every day still, and that coffee always makes it ever so slightly easier. I have also drawn back on coffee from my constant giant frappacinos from starbucks to a k-cup or two a day with maybe a little sugar or honey and vanilla extract thrown in. Its a hard transition from a girl who lived on energy drinks and grilled cheese (like many college students) to eating only whole foods and black to slightly sweetened coffee. Its hard to not want to splurge on the skinny wraps or magical cures, with the promises that by christmas break in FL I could be wearing smaller sexier clothes and exposing more skin than I have ever been comfortable doing on the beach. Does anyone have any experience with such cures that promise you'll burn 10x more fat and have 1000x more energy and or you'll lose inches in 2 days? The only time I've ever heard of that working was in novels or ridiculous movies when the "plain jane" takes her glasses off and is suddenly a princess. Anyone have any ideas about increasing energy or advice about these expensive (like take an additional loan out Ms. College) fixes? As a logical woman I doubt them, but as a young woman who would love to look her best, I would try them all at once.

i could use another cup of that coffee now...even though I wish I had the energy without it.

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MT-MOONCHASER 6/30/2013 12:56AM

    The only reliable way to reach your goal is to follow a healthy life style and cut calories and exercise some.

Cutting calories is hard -- portion control is a lesson that takes lifelong practice.

As a celiac, you will be learning about eating more wholesome foods. The Mediterranean style of eating seems to be a very good plan according to lots of research studies. That is lots of fruits, and veggies and reasonable amounts of protein and healthy fats. Don't waste your money on those fad promises, they never work for the long run and some of them are downright dangerous. Spend your money on better food choices. Use your university gym as much as you can and maybe even get involved in some intramural things to make that exercise more fun.

Good luck.


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JUSGETTENBY42 6/27/2013 11:41AM


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