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Grateful again

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wow. I really do have a lot to be grateful for. For one thing, the mammo scare (it's below this where I've put all the previous stuff from my spark page, ) was just that - a scare and nothing more. Whew, that was a relief. But what an enormous stress because of the fear.

All summer long, we've been doing work on the house. A lot has gotten done and there's still quite a TO DO list. My stress level was OUT THERE for over a month. Having guys in your home doing work during a day can be stressful. Having them in your home off and on for over a month can be very stressful - especially when you're trying to get a lot done yourself. The roofers were supposed to show up on a Thursday at 7 and instead (without warning) showed up on Wednesday at 6. I got up at 5 am from then on so that I wouldn't get caught in my jammies again. 5 am is NOT good to me... LOL

While the roof and inside things were being done, the fence blew down - the entire back of the fence! So, we had to have that fixed, too. Now, the yard is bigger by about 700 square feet. Planning to have the thing set up so that we can start a vegetable garden next year. If I can stop the Japanese Beetle grubs, that is.

I'm grateful for the work that got done. And I'm grateful that I only gained a couple of pounds back during this hugely stressful time. VERY grateful that it is only a couple and not 20.

Have changed my target date for my weight loss - to April. Don't even feel disappointed about that. Rather, this new date is invigorating and I know I can get there. I'm pretty much starting over on my work outs. Hopefully, I can get back to where I was on August 15 in a fairly decent amount of time. It is odd, I was DOING stuff EVERY day - some days were grueling work - but I still managed to gain because of the stress.

Looking forward to hitting the iron again. Going to start P90X again, too, once I figure out how much I can take.... LOL Hey, maybe I've actually made physical progress and I will be able to DO MORE than before. That would be a cool surprise.
All this stuff from my old Spark Page

Newer info on top...

Wow. Didn't even give myself down time with that mammo scare before starting back up on the home improvements. It's seemed like a monstrous amount of work and every day, I would be so tired that I didn't work out. Things aren't totally finished, but done enough that I felt OK about taking some time totally OFF to get my equilibrium back.

Back at it now, though, and am working back up to my previous levels. There are boxes piled up on my bench (why oh why is that always the FIRST place crap goes? So I have to deal with it - that's why) and I have to go through those & get rid of the junk. It will get done, though. I feel in control again. woohoo


On August 11, I went in for my mammogram. One of the first things they do is give you an envelope that you self-address and they tell you that you'll receive your results in 3 to 5 days if you're all clear.

Well, by Saturday the 16th, I KNEW I wasn't all clear. I started having trouble sleeping. I got 8 hours, but it was so fragmented that it didn't feel like 8 hours at all, but more like 4 or 5. I ate poorly - grabbing things that were handy like nuts and protein bars, but I do not remember having a real warm meal after the 16th. I did not tell my husband or children what was going on - after all, the Dr hadn't called yet, I was just going on the fact that I had not received this "all clear" letter.

They called me on the 21st, told me that they 'found something irregular' in my right girl and that I needed to come back in on Monday morning (25th). OK, I kept telling myself "you're much healthier than you were on your first one, your tissue has changed and they just want to verify something". Well, to be honest with you, pictures of the mythic Amazons who cut their right breast off in order to be able to hunt more efficiently kept racing through my head, prosthetics, the jingle or saying from the shop here in town that is especially for gals who've had mastectomies kept showing up. OH yeah, I went to ALL the scary places.

Yesterday, I showed up early for my appointment, they did another mammo on the right and mashed me so hard that it hurt a little the next day - that's OK, I appreciate them wanting to make sure everything is good. The tech showed me the little tiny spot they were concerned about - then told me not to get dressed because if it still showed up even with the different positions of mammo, I already had an ultrasound appointment scheduled 'just in case'.

OK, at that point, I am numb. Not even afraid anymore.

Sure enough, we have to do the ultrasound. The tech for the ultrasound gets a few shots and then says (and I KNOW I heard a tremble in her voice) "I have to get the radiologist", hands me a towel and out she goes. I'm making plans for seeking alternative therapies and plans for other things.

The Dr. comes in, she gets the ultrasound paddle and takes another look. By this time, I'm a blithering idiot and opened my mouth just enough to ensure that everyone else in the room knew it, too.

Turns out, my tissue is evidently more dense than it was the last time (because I'm HEALTHIER, dang it!) and what they saw was a duct. It's ALL CLEAR and I don't have to go back for a year. Woohoo!
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He who gains a victory over other men is strong, but he who gains a victory over himself is all powerful. -- Lao Tzu


Well, it never hurts to experiment, but you gotta know when to quit doing something that isn't working.

Calorie cycling is probably THE thing for so many people and I'm glad that it works for them.

But it isn't the thing for me. Didn't have trouble cycling the calorie amounts.

However, my concerns about my metabolism deficiency were valid as I didn't lose much at all during this test.

That's OK, I will just go back to what works and apparently that is to keep my intake fairly steady and aim to workout for 120 minutes per day - that's what worked before.

Lesson from this - don't get greedy! I will be grateful for my one pound per week again.

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you
can't, you're right -- Henry Ford

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You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. -- Beverly Sills

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Some people are carbon copies. Others make their own impression.

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Only been losing about 1lb per week so far and have worked SO HARD to get that one pound! Now, I KNOW that I began with next to zero muscle, so I console myself with "Well, you are stronger, maybe the loss is slow because you're building muscles!" and I believe that to be true.

But at one pound per week, this is gonna take a LONG time! Impatient, yes. Self destructive, no.

OK, so starting 5/24/08, I'm calorie cycling. Got the numbers from a website. My concern, however, is my metabolic rate. I really don't think that my metabolic rate is as fast with my Hashimoto's as someone in my same physical state/weight and age (43!) with no Hashi. So, I'm mulling these numbers over. But for now, I think I can live with them. Let's see what happens in a couple of weeks. :)

Not using MTWThFSS , but rather day 1, day 2, etc cuz my life is not a five day week followed by two days off. My husband works weird shifts & odd days and I schedule my workouts around him - it's weird....

So this is my understanding thus far:

I used an online calculator. I put in my GOAL weight for calculating my intake, not my current weight.

Day 1 (low activity day). . . . . . . .1360 calories
Day 2 (low activity) . . . . . . . . . . .1360
Day 3 (hi activity). . . . . . . . . . . . .1497
Day 4 (low activity) . . . . . . . . . . .1360
Day 5 (hi activity). . . . . . . . . . . . .1632
Day 6 (hi activity). . . . . . . . . . . . .1768
Day 7 (low activity) . . . . . . . . . . .1360

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The applause of many cannot compare to the friendship of one. -- unknown

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Hashimoto's patient, undiagnosed for too long. During my downward spiral, I became severely anemic, lost all my muscle, and almost died. Every year for 10 years I gained weight 3lbs here, 5 lbs there. It adds up.

Euthyroid as of this January, anemia & ferritin are under control now, too - workouts actually WORK again! :)

One of my greatest fears, that the Hashimoto's had gone untreated so long that it would lead to other autoimmune disorders, seems to be unwarranted at this point. Lucky!

I take synthroid with cytomel and a BUCKET load :) of supplements every day. The cytomel and supplements (especially coQ10, vits a & b2 for helping the body convert the T4s in Synthroid) have CHANGED my life!

What a thrill that the scale is actually going DOWN now instead of UP even if it is so ssslllooowww! woohoo! :)

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When you can't solve the problem, manage it.
-- Dr. Robert H. Schuller

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I quote others only the better to express myself.
-- Michel de Montaigne
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Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another. -- Kenny Ausubel

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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BUFFEDSTUFF 11/3/2008 11:49PM

  stand strong and take care of you emoticon You are going to do just fine.

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JENNY448 10/1/2008 4:21PM

    I am so happy that your tests results came back good.
I can relate to your TO DO list! That list is never ending at my house. We are working on finishing our basement and what a mess that makes.
P90x huh? I did that back in the spring, and am thinking about doing that program this winter again as well! You are doing great, and your goals are definitely achievable!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

I have a lot to be grateful for.

First, my Hashimoto's has not caused other autoimmune disorders or other disease-states to develop. Most people who go untreated for as long as I did usually have 2 or more disease-states in addition to the Hashi. I've developed a carb sensitivity, but not full celiac. My pinky fingers still tingle once in a while, but not my hands & arms like they used to.

Maybe all the research I did and books, memberships & NEJM articles I paid for and all the supplements I take actually work.
Some call me nuts for supplementing the way I do. I'm grateful for those folks, too. For those mediocre minds unwilling to entertain other possibilities serve as a reminder that I am a great spirit. Willing to share everything learned and not declare that mine is the only way, but one of many.

I worked out so hard with heavier weights day before yesterday that I am still sore today. Not as sore as yesterday. But the BIG thing - NO JOINT PAIN! Not taking IBU more than 1x per day. I welcome the muscle aches and don't miss that joint pain. Maybe the cod liver oil is working for the Hashi-related inflammation, maybe getting more muscle support on the joints is the thing. Maybe I'm lucky, but I don't think it's just luck.
Either way, I am here and I'm grateful.

My aim is to be as healthy, fit and strong as I can get now that I'm able to work out again. To be there for my husband and children and see them through their lives and accomplishments. Maybe even accomplish a few more things, too.

I Am Grateful.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    I'm curious. Hashimoto's causes joint inflammation and tingling fingers? I've had arthritis pre-Hashimotos and was just diagnosed with carpel tunnel. Now I'm wondering about overlap.
Thank you for starting the Hashimoto's group.

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Progress of a different sort and other stuff....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Even though Iíve been on Spark People since December 14, 2007, I feel pretty much like a complete newbie a good part of the time.
I joined because of an email received from MyPoints. Registered and didnít look at it again for some time. Really should have gotten busy with it sooner. I was keeping track of my workouts and food intake in steno pads like Iíve done for over 20 years (got into weight lifting long ago dontcha know). WOW, the food tracker is one of the coolest things EVER and I really dig the Fitness tracker too. Donít even use my little notebooks anymore! I have to admit I really DIG the points, too. That is just funner. emoticon

When I first got active on SP, I joined a few groups that had to do with my medical condition, an autoimmune disease. Hoping that I would find people who actually knew more than I did.

Found a bunch of people hoping for the same thing except that I had done years of reading, research, experimenting on myself, spent time & money on NEJM and other medical journal articles and info behind me. It was very disheartening to speak up to help some of these people only to be slapped down hard by a leader of one group and a member of another. I was flamed, and I hadnít even gotten ďcontroversialĒ yet! LOL I left those groups quietly, but every time I look at group, I make sure those two Ďladiesí are not on it first. If they are, I just donít join the group.

A VERY good thing did come out of those encounters. I realized that Iíve come a long, long way from the depressed, fragile & brittle person who put a down payment on THE FARM almost five years ago. I have found what works for me, I feel GOOD pretty much every day, (have hair again too!) and donít so desperately need info or input from others so much anymore. No, Iím not stating imperiously that I KNOW EVERYTHING. Not at all. However, I donít think Iím the desperate seeker anymore, but rather, I should serve as help for other seekers. Either that or serve as a dire warning! emoticon

I joined my SP class late. Itís a cool group, though, and Iím very glad to have connected with people there! There are so many whoíve already reached their goals and I fear everyone will graduate and leave me behindÖ LOL Kidding! My weight is just coming off so slowly. Grateful itís coming off!

My cityís main group didnít have a leader. Jen posted to the group asking if anyone wanted to take over leading? No one did. Everyone had lots of opinions about what to do with the group, but no one wanted to take it on. I sent an email to Jen that simply said ďI will do this.Ē Fear caused me to secretly hope that someone else had beaten me to volunteering for this. LOL No way.

Iím a leader for the Tucson Sparkers now. Itís been interesting and Iíve been trying really hard to be there for anyone who needed me. I really would like a partner, but itís cool if no one is interested.

I will keep on keeping on & doing the best that I can do every day.

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    Hope you don't mind another seeker. I'm fairly new to this.
That's too bad about the unkind things you experienced in some groups. The nutrition and fitness tracker are wonderful tools.

Like you, I didn't get active when I first joined SP. I joined in 2006 but didn't really do anything with it until a friend joined this year.

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My First Challenge

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My SP class is having a challenge week - to burn 3500 calories this week.

I think this is going to be fun. I guess I will edit this blog post as things progress.

Monday - 45 minutes bike - 504, 45 minutes sanding a ceiling - 288; Total: 792

Tuesday - 45 minutes circuit training 576,

Wednesday - 45 minutes bike - 504

Thursday - 45 minutes circuit training 576, 35 minutes gardening 175

Friday - 70 min circuit training - 678, 30 bike - 336, 20 min Gardening 100 FRIDAY TOTAL = 1114

Total as of Friday - 3737


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LADYCASHEL 6/1/2008 3:11PM

    You did super!

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