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Post surgery. Goodbye Ant'ny.

Friday, December 05, 2014

So I made it through my surgery (obviously) on Wednesday. I apparently talked a bit after they came and gave me my sedative in pre-op. I had two nurses and the anesthetist come in and one nurse introduced herself and asked me to verify my name and birthdate, something was mentioned about taking pictures of the operation and I got a bit excited because I love medical stuff....at which point I started to feel fuzzy in the head and sort of remember asking if they put stuff in my IV...I think the guy said something along the lines of 'yes, I got you"
And that is the last thing I remember, but Timothy said I asked what he gave me, which would be a normal question for me, and when he said it was something like valium, I told him it was 'good s^^t' Lol!
He said that he came over and gave me a kiss on the forehead because I sat up by this point and he said he loved me and said I just gave him a children of the corn blank stare before they wheeled me away.

2 hours later I woke up in the recovery room and was gagging until they came and put something in my IV to stop it. But once I started to come around, I felt that I came out of sleep pretty quickly.

The surgeon said he was able to get just the cyst and was able to leave both of my ovaries intact. They also took and gave me a copy of the pictures that they took in there.
The second thing that I noticed on thee pictures is that you can see lumpy yellow fat deposits in there, and the third thing I noticed is that there were less fat deposits than I expected.

I was home by 6 that evening and then my work Christmas party was Thursday....which I went to. I stayed calm and seated most of the time that I was there...no dancing or drinking. It was still a lot of fun, but I think I pushed it a bit hard by staying for the whole thing.
In my defense though, I did not drive myself and I did not leave until my ride left....at 11 p.m.

Although I am sore, I haven't taken any pain medications today but will take one before trying to sleep tonight. Mostly just in hopes that I can get some sleep. I am normally a side sleeper but when I am on my sides or flat on my back, I am having pains in my shoulders and chest from the air that they pumped into me for the surgery (it was laprascopic)

I have had some tummy troubles...probably from the anesthesia and am trying to both keep moving and sit with a heating pad on my tummy to get things going again.
(Sorry if TMI)

I am able to go back to my regular diet but no pool/tub/hot tub for a week and no major exercise for two weeks.

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HILLSLUG98239 12/9/2014 1:31PM

    I'm thankful your surgery was successful, and they were able to take just the cyst - that's great news! Take your time letting yourself heal.

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DDOORN 12/9/2014 10:07AM

    Sounds like you're hanging in there as best as one can...keep the SPARK! :-)


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    My husband had laprascopic hernia surgery 2 years ago and since he was out of it the Doc gave me the post surgery rundown...which included how most all Rx pain meds "stop you up royally" and since he didn't want my hubby "straining to take the browns to the superbowl" he told me to give him Philip's Milk of Magnesia until my husband "begs you to stop".

Sorry if TMI but he was the funniest Doc I ever talked to and I thought maybe a spoonful of Philips could "ease the going" for you if you are still having issues in a day or 2, worked like a dream for hubs.

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BUTTERFLY-1976 12/6/2014 3:11PM

    Happy to hear that surgery went well. I wish you a speedy recovery

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SUNSHINE6442 12/6/2014 9:32AM

  Glad your surgery went well. Please remember this...a hot tub can change sugar levels....low's happen...you can get dizzy or pass out in the water .....be really careful in that hot tub...didn't your doctor tell you that? What ever you do dont go in alone.

Rub your belly to get things moving again....just a tip.

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KAREN608 12/5/2014 6:43PM

    Sure glad to here that you made it thru your surgery and on your well to recovering. Just a few weeks and it will all be a memory. I am glad they are doing more surgeries in less invasive ways. Having doctors walk in your innards and all that, I expect your system is upset with it all.

And you still got to go to a party! Pretty nice!

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In other news...

Monday, December 01, 2014

I ate way too much over the last several days.

Eating because my blood work has become normal, add to that some stress eating, and then Thanksgiving, then another Thanksgiving on Saturday, then cake for my b-day, pumpkin pie...you know...for vegetables....I have no idea how my weight hasn't shot up. I am still within my range of maintaining.
(a.k.a. seeing how much I can eat without gaining weight)

Oh yes, and haven't made it to the gym in...several days.
I was seriously going to go yesterday after work and then my medical issue started acting up. Had doc appointment today, work tomorrow, but I am hoping that I can make it to the gym after work because my surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.
After my surgery, I am banned from the pool and jacuzzi for a week and then I am not sure how long it will be before I can pick up strength training.

emoticon sad and stressed out panda.

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BEACHCALSIX 12/4/2014 6:40PM

    going through similar, ate like crazy over thanksgiving and am lucky to stay in my maintenance range. Hope you are feeling better as far as the medical issue, I've been off and on too. We can get through this! Let's maintain during the holidays!

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SHOTOKIDO 12/1/2014 11:43PM

  I find it much easier to replace a behavior than to stop it.

It may help to think in terms of locating a replacement for stress eating.

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DDOORN 12/1/2014 10:10PM

    Join the club...have slammed the door on my own backslide as of today. Back to the gym too...hadn't done ANYTHING since last Weds...ugh!


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I posted this today on Facebook....the video is amazing for so many reasons. I also included my original comments about the video below....please note...the comments are not directed at anyone in particular and I have not been picked on for posting....the video just flashed me back to comments I have overheard from people throughout my life.

"I posted this last night right before I went to bed and didn't comment on it....I needed a bit of time to gather my thoughts on it.
First of all...while he is clearly uncomfortable...he is also happy with himself and proud of his accomplishment. Deservedly so, I might add.
I would also like to point out for those who may not look past the skin....he has a six pack abs, gorgeous pecks, and beautiful biceps. He also has giant muscles in his thighs.
Foe those who cannot look past what is on the outside....you are missing the beauty that is within. Not only his muscles, but speaking as someone who is has about the same total amount to lose and only halfway to goal....you are missing the beauty, strength, resolve, and courage that is on the inside.
As an overweight person...I don't need you to beat me down, your judgement, nor your opinion about my body. You have no idea what I have overcome or what I conquer every single day of my life.
As a person, however, I do appreciate your effort to understand and accept me on my journey as I accept you and yours."


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CREPEDCRUSADER 11/13/2014 11:16AM

    I think he is lovely. My best friend posted this to her facebook too. My BF lost a large amount of weight very quickly (bad divorce poor thing) and now her tummy is rather loose like that, not as extreme as his but noticeable. I think she is beautiful and am proud to go prance around the beach with her in a bikini. Sometimes people give looks, but we just glare at them with that look that says "Yeah keep staring. I DARE you to say something!" She is my best friend because she is kind, loyal, encouraging and never judges anyone the way she is constantly judged.

Your comments show off how gorgeous your insides are!

Comment edited on: 11/13/2014 11:16:43 AM

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Updates...mostly medical :/

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hi peoples....
As usual I have been slacking off on what I should be doing because life seems to get in the way. I am trying though and I am patting myself on the back, because sometimes....you just GOTTA!

My mom has been in and out of the hospital a few more times...they said the last wasn't a seizure but she is acting the same way when she did have one.
They said she was having mini strokes and have her on a daily aspirin and anti seizure medication. Also, they did an EKG and found damage to her heart from some previously undiagnosed minor heart attacks and found that the artery in her neck is blocked and she will need surgery.
I HATE being so far away with no transportation!

Here at home, I found out Monday the results from my ultrasound...I have a cyst on my ovary and my doctor referred me to a surgeon and said that due to the size (4.3 cm...golf ball size) they will probably take out the ovary as well.
I decided yesterday morning that it is big enough that it needs a name....since it is going after my ovary, it must be a boy and has since been dubbed Ant'ny...and everything is his fault!
I'm sore because of Ant'ny....I am crabby because of Ant'ny...Ant'ny made me stub a toe today and caused that hangnail....
I did manage to go to the gym yesterday and made 2.5 miles on the treadmill, although my speed has slowed down a lot, I am down to about 23 min/mile....kinda sucky, but I still felt good for doing it.
I will be on and off as I can, I have a billion emails to get through, but just wanted to tell everyone to hang in there!

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KAREN608 11/22/2014 9:03PM

    I missed an email about your posts and when it does that it unsubs me to spark blogs so SORRY I missed some of your blogs.
Ack, Anthony the troublemaker. But guess it is good they found it.

Sounds stressful with all going on.

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IM2READY 11/13/2014 6:06PM

    Hang in there! You are in my thoughts.

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CREPEDCRUSADER 11/13/2014 11:31AM

    Do what you can when you can.
Sending my best vibes out through the internet girl!

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DDOORN 11/12/2014 10:28PM

    Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers...do your best to Spark in whatever way you can...especially rockin' those food choices! :-)


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All my hard work....FINALLY PAID OFF!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

First and foremost, my A1C (the diabetes test) was A NORMAL LEVEL!!!!! woohoo!!!!
down from 5.7 to 5.2
My fasting blood sugar was a NORMAL 86!
NO enzymes showing a fatty liver! (it was fatty when I had my gb out)
My cholesterol is 196
LDL (the bad one)125
HDL (the good one) 51
Vitamin D 29 (30 is the low end of healthy, but I am up from an 11)
And NO proteins in my urine which means the kidneys are doing well!

Just wanted to share!

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ADARKARA 10/26/2014 10:20AM

    Aaaah those are the best NSVs ever!!! emoticon

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BILL60 10/26/2014 9:23AM

    Way to go!!

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DDOORN 10/25/2014 10:47PM

    Such AWESOME pay-offs!

Way to SPARK! :-)


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KAYELENE 10/25/2014 8:44PM

    emoticon emoticon That's fantastic news! emoticon emoticon

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CAROL494 10/25/2014 7:29PM


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DAIZYSTARLITE 10/25/2014 7:26PM


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