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Always Be on the Lookout for the Presence of Wonder

Sunday, January 25, 2015      3 comments

" Always be on the lookout for the prescience of wonder. E. B . White I wondered for a while this morning . My husband left for ice fishing at 4 am. When I awoke again at 8, the pellet stove was bone dry. There was no way I was going to l... Read more

Never Dwell On The Facts

Saturday, January 24, 2015      14 comments

" A little money helps, but what Really gets it right is never-----I repeat-----Never under any circumstances face the facts. " Ruth Gordon This quote made me chuckle . For one lets make this clear a lot of money helps. Two we always face... Read more

Some things count more

Friday, January 23, 2015      11 comments

" Don't forget that some things count more than other things." William Saroyan If your counting your calories and counting on losing weight. Count on all things HEALTHY . Healthy exercise is moderate exercise that doesn't run your batte... Read more

If You Can't Get What You Wish For Forget About It

Thursday, January 22, 2015      11 comments

" If you can't get what you wish for forget about it." Antonio Pierro If you wished to lose weight this year and it's not happening just forget about it. No don't just walk away . Instead of wishing start DOING . Become HEALTHY Inste... Read more

No explaining required

Wednesday, January 21, 2015      12 comments

"Remember , you don't owe anybody any explanations, you don't owe your parents any explanations ,you don't owe your professors any explanations. Bono Live you life your way . Do what makes you happy . Be your quirky self Lea... Read more

Laughter is immeasurable

Tuesday, January 20, 2015      8 comments

"Laugh .Laughter is immeasurable. Be joyful though you have considered all the facts." Wendell Berry Learn to find laughter . Seek it out. Look for it in all situations . I remember when my best friend my grandma died , it was my first... Read more

Doing what I can

Monday, January 19, 2015      10 comments

Not looking for sympathy . Just explaining that we all need to do what we can with the circumstances we have . No quote today just my story. I have been fighting rotator cuff tendonitis since Christmas . Lots of pain and loss of sleep. I h... Read more

Create a Posse

Sunday, January 18, 2015      12 comments

Create a posse of dead people . Create an entourage of heroes. Put their pictures on your wall, and keep them in your mind .' David Brooks I started doing this at a very young age. We lived next door to a cemetery . I learned my great gran... Read more

It depends

Saturday, January 17, 2015      7 comments

"It depends is almost always the right answer in any big question. " Louis Torvalds The Big Question for everyone is ...WILL I LOSE WEIGHT .?????? Well that depends on.... How much do want to .? Are you really serious .? ... Read more

Spend the Afternoon

Friday, January 16, 2015      15 comments

"Spend the afternoon you can't take it with you." Anne Dillard Yes I know this too well right now . I am mourning the loss of another co-worker that I worked with fifteen years ago . We have stayed I touch the whole time, He was only 54 ... Read more

Dream with Me

Thursday, January 15, 2015      8 comments

The only dream worth to live while your alive and die only when you're dead." Arundhati Roy Please don't let life's troubles and burdens cause your spirit to die. Try to stay active ,move as much as you can. Get outside in the ... Read more

Bragging Rights

Wednesday, January 14, 2015      11 comments

" Do stuff you will enjoy thinking about and telling stories about for many years to come. Do stuff you will want to brag about ." Rachel Maddow Add some high adventure to your life . seek out new places and new things. Have a ton of fun... Read more

All Together Now

Tuesday, January 13, 2015      16 comments

"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle ." Ian Maclaren Being kind to Everyone is very hard work. It is necessary work . It is important work, We don't know everyone's story . Were really not supposed to . We are... Read more

No One Knows

Monday, January 12, 2015      15 comments

If you are alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who's going to know? Julia Child Who accountable for you .? Who really motivates you and gets you off the couch. ? Who makes the hard decisions for You... Read more

Don't panic

Sunday, January 11, 2015      13 comments

" Don't panic." Douglas Adams Never panic . Take things slow and easy , breathe and think. You are stronger and braver than you think , You can do this . Hugs, Happiness and Healthy Living ... Read more

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