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A Different View of Functional Fitness
Friday, February 24, 2017      41 comments

Some years ago my daughter Jeannie (Hayburner1969) gave me a set of dumbbells for Christmas. My mother was in her eighties and not only needed a walker but also could not raise her arms above her head. That meant she needed help getting dress... Read more
What can we learn from our Spark friends?
Tuesday, February 21, 2017      35 comments

How to SUCCEED with their encouragement! I woke up 3 hours late lacking motivation. Maybe I’ll just read or putter around the house. Oh, why not check in with those who understand how this program works. And I read: “I Succeed W... Read more
Any Sparkers near Munich?
Saturday, February 18, 2017      41 comments

Pianist Sparker Hayburner1969 makes her European debut on March 3rd as part of a 3 day International Concert Series.
-meisteramateure.html,v47088... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts I Know You Love Me - It's OK to Skip the Chocolate
Saturday, February 11, 2017      210 comments

It wasn't always this way. Feb 14, 1964 my boyfriend of 8 months brought me the biggest box of candy I had ever seen. It was a HUGE valentine box, 2 feet wide. I even knew how much it cost because I passed that "homemade chocolate" candy sho... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts "Hold on until Rescued" - Strength and Endurance
Monday, February 06, 2017      69 comments

It was 1964 and I was a high school senior. It was the first year our school participated in the President's Physical Fitness challenge. It seems that statistics showed we were getting "soft" or maybe it was another attempt for us to keep up w... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts "To Have and Have Not" - Finding an Unexpected Spark Lesson
Monday, January 30, 2017      154 comments

I spent most of Saturday at a high school swim meet. It was the conference championship and I had a connection to two of the schools. Two of my grandchildren are students at school 'A' and one more is a graduate One of my grandkids is... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Going the extra mile for the team - the 5% challenge team
Tuesday, January 24, 2017      72 comments

Although I like being active, running, walking, any kind of movement, I can settle into a rut. Spark always gives me a boost, sometimes even a needed kick in the pants. So, after 8 years here I joined my very first 5% challenge. I've se... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts The Streak I'm Most Proud of and What I’m Most Grateful for
Wednesday, January 18, 2017      171 comments

Today is the 1000th day straight that I have logged into Spark. It's also DH's 72nd birthday. How appropriate that they should coincide. I begin every day with a cup of coffee that Joe made for me, just as he has done every morning for ne... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Challenge, Who needs a challenge? Oops, I guess I do!
Friday, January 13, 2017      180 comments

Challenges are a big part of the spark world. We get invitations when we first join, on the start page, in email, through team activities or even through the posts of friends. In 8 years I think I've done 3. 30 days of fiber - check, I'm... Read more
Following advice (or not) sometimes depends on the source
Wednesday, January 11, 2017      40 comments

My daughter, who recognized that I needed to make some changes, gave me a food scale for Christmas a decade ago. Eh, who needs it! I eat healthy food Then she gave me a set of dumbbells. Eh, who needs those! Look how fit I am. ... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts "Off to See the Wizard" - Following the Spark Road
Sunday, January 08, 2017      215 comments

It may not be made of yellow bricks and it doesn't end at the Land of Oz, but it is a path well worth following. There are general directions posted. There are guidelines for nutrition and calorie ranges, tracking tools, and articles to re... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts The Road not Taken...The Pie not Eaten
Wednesday, January 04, 2017      191 comments

With apologies to Robert Frost who poetically described: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,. And sorry I could not travel both" I'm thinking about the 2 roads I have traveled. One was smooth sailing with lots of billboards for all ... Read more
The Comfort of a Comforter
Tuesday, January 03, 2017      42 comments

During this holiday we had a full house one night which required getting out some extra blankets from the plastic storage bags in the closet. After everyone left I was preparing to pack things away when suddenly this triggered some memori... Read more
What Would Grandma Think of My Excuses?
Monday, January 02, 2017      28 comments

I always find motivation by logging into Spark. Sometimes it hits close to home. My DD#1 Hayburner1969 is BACK to Spark after 15 months of going it alone! Her blog this morning was a nice surprise that got me thinking too. "It'... Read more
What the World Needs Now is...
Sunday, January 01, 2017      33 comments

I posted my status about taking our 6 grandkids to a photo session to recreate a 2004 picture. This is NOT it, but on the walk back to our cars... Read more

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