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Great article about Strength Training in today's SparkPeople main page
Monday, August 08, 2016      3 comments

It's as if I could have written it!! So true- I used to regularly go to bootcamp and never went higher than 12 lb weights. Now I can push 50+ pounds at many of my exercises. Strength training really makes me feel good, and that's why I keep doin... Read more
These Small Changes to Your Eating Habits Can Lead to Big Weight Loss (article)
Monday, May 18, 2015      1 comments

From Yahoo! :
8318254638.html I think I'm gonna try this-- I notice that when I eat more veggies than ever, I feel better. Lov... Read more
10 Tips To Boost The Nutrient Density Of Your Meals (article)
Tuesday, January 20, 2015      4 comments

Recently, I've been really paying attention to what foods are giving me the most nutrients, and which ones I just think are 'fillers'. For example, whenever I eat grapefruit, I feel energized! When I am hungry and reach for bread or crac... Read more
Funny article about running
Wednesday, July 09, 2014      2 comments

Hey there again, I hope you are having a happy summer so far! I've been trying to get back in shape by walking, hiking, biking and getting my running pace back up to where I left it. I had a case of plantar fasciitis that kept me on the ... Read more
Another fantastic article about losing weight
Friday, May 30, 2014      3 comments

Hi again! I love sharing some inspiring articles I come across, also it's great to go back to it for inspiration in the future. This one is called: "How I Finally Lost 75 Pounds (After Failing For Years)" from MindBodyGreen. The stro... Read more
Spice-Roasted Cauliflower with Quinoa (recipe)
Tuesday, April 08, 2014      1 comments

here's another recipe that I want to save, and try out soon! From MindBodyGreen: Spice Roasted Cauliflower With Quinoa Ingredients 1 head... Read more
Wow this looks delicious! (recipe)
Thursday, March 27, 2014      3 comments
e%3A-Kale-Tabbouleh ... Read more
[article] 15 Small Changes for Faster Weight Loss
Monday, March 10, 2014      3 comments

Hello again, I just wanted to share this article. Any tips and tricks help!! :) Have a fantastic day, everyone!!
ster-weight-loss-161800509.html ... Read more
Article: How Successful People Make the Most of Their Weekends
Saturday, January 11, 2014      3 comments

I found this article to be inspiring because although my husband and I might plan some weekends out, most of the time we're sitting on the couch for hours, watching TV. So much time lost, even though we're talking about what we want to do (othe... Read more
Weight loss plan that sounds strict, but I want to give it a 'go'
Wednesday, October 30, 2013      3 comments

Hello there! I tend to be a healthy eater, and I enjoy food, so much that I am overweight. I stay away from fast food, eat red meat every now and then, don't drink sodas or add sugar or salt, I also never consume artificial sweeteners if I... Read more
Just posting a recipe that looks good to try.
Monday, October 21, 2013      1 comments

Hey there, I've been really into cooking healthy foods with local, fresh, organic ingredients (preferably from local farms or farmer's markets) and I came across this recipe that I want to come back to: Harvest Minestrone with Quinoa & Kal... Read more
Readjusting my goals.
Monday, September 30, 2013      6 comments

Okay... so I'm a runner now, and I love it. I love how my body feels when I am consistently running: toned, good blood flow throughout my limbs, lungs a little sore from taking in more and more air, healthy feeling. It's also a great way ... Read more
I have never heard of this until now... not even one time!
Tuesday, August 06, 2013      3 comments

Oil Pulling? If you rinse your mouth out with unrefined oil such as sesame, coconut or sunflower - for 15 to 20 minutes every morning, it's supposed to detox your body. I must say, I am curious. I wonder if it's yucky, haha. He... Read more
Well, I did it...
Wednesday, July 03, 2013      3 comments

I'm keeping my promise to myself that some day I will run a marathon. I broke my ankle about 3 years ago now, and at that time I made a vow to myself that once I was healed, I would become a runner. And someday a marathon runner. I real... Read more
Article: "25 Habits of People who are Happy, Healthy & Successful"
Wednesday, June 19, 2013      2 comments

Hello there!! We're just about to head into the first day of summer, this Friday. I'm excited because even though I've been working my usual long hours, the days are longer so there's more of a chance to sneak in some fun things to do out... Read more

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