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Celebrating a small victory
Tuesday, January 09, 2018      7 comments

I lost 1.3 pounds since the first of January. Small victory. I have also started cutting out soda from my diet. I know that it is extremely bad for me but it tastes so good. This is my 3rd day without soda. I'm going to slowly cut out excess sug... Read more
Saturday, January 06, 2018      2 comments

I lost two friends, one on the 4th and one on the 5th. The one on the 4th I have not seen in several years. He was a good guy. The one on the 5th was a lot closer, in proximity and the relationship. I considered her a good friend. I will miss he... Read more
Day 2 of the New Streak
Monday, September 25, 2017      4 comments

Got up today and took the dogs to the vet for their annual checkup and shots. They did great and are healthy. Harley Quinn even lost some weight which is good for her as she only has 3 legs. Then I went straight to work as one of my guards calle... Read more
Alas The Streak Has Ended
Sunday, September 24, 2017      6 comments

I made it to 91 days of logging in. I was sick yesterday and did not do much of anything, I forgot to log in. Today is the first day of a new streak. Let's see how long I can go. I'm aiming for at least 100 days.... Read more
day 83
Thursday, September 14, 2017      2 comments

Almost 3 months straight. I'm dealing with some things right now so I may not be on here for any length of time. I want to keep my streak alive but it may just be a spin of the wheel.... Read more
Day 79
Sunday, September 10, 2017      3 comments

I know it has been about a month since I posted anything but the streak is still alive. I have 79 Days of logging in to Spark People. Some of those days were just spinning the wheel. But on a good note I got a new level today. I am happy to be a... Read more
day 52/14
Monday, August 14, 2017      3 comments

Personal Best streak for days logging in to Spark People. I did it. There were a couple of days during this time that I was really tired and did not want to get on the computer but I did anyway. I am super excited that I made to contin... Read more
day 51/13
Sunday, August 13, 2017      0 comments

Today has been a great day. It is one of my dogs 9th birthday. We found him in my mom's front yard 8 years ago. The vet said he was about a year old when we found him so he is 9. We had a little party for him. Tomorrow will represent a new perso... Read more
day 50/12
Saturday, August 12, 2017      3 comments

So, Taylor Swift's song "You Belong With Me" came on the radio the other day and it got me thinking about things. On how growing up so much emphasis is placed on how the girl looks and that determines the guy she will get. I remembered growing u... Read more
day 49/11
Friday, August 11, 2017      2 comments

Still here. Did not have a chance to get on before work. I am tired but I got on anyway. Logged in and over 100 pt. Goal of 50.... Read more
day 48/10
Thursday, August 10, 2017      2 comments

It is early, the beginning of my day. I have not done anything with it other than take my vitamins and play with the dogs. Oh yea, I gave them breakfast too. I'm looking forward to work and might do a little workout before hand. I slept really w... Read more
day 47/9
Wednesday, August 09, 2017      3 comments

Today is day 47/9. It's nice to see the consistency. I want to keep it up. I'm beginning to do a little more movement in my day. Just adding a little bit at a time with a little bit of strength movements too. I will be starting my bowling season... Read more
day 46/8
Tuesday, August 08, 2017      1 comments

46 days of logging in and 8 days of getting at least 50 spark points. I have to admit that today I am really tired and did not want to get on. I just wanted to veg out by playing World of Warcraft. But I really did not want to break my streak es... Read more
day 45/7
Monday, August 07, 2017      2 comments

A month and a half....happy. I had to work today but got relieve 2 hours earlier than expected. I got to come home and play World of Warcraft for several hours. The Yankees have a day off today so no game tonight.... Read more
Day 44/6
Sunday, August 06, 2017      1 comments

Day 44 of logging in and day 6 of 50+ sp. I got a consistency trophy for last month. The first time in almost 11 years. Yes 11 years. I want to get the perfect attendance trophy. That is my goal for August. ... Read more

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