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what does your tag say ??
Tuesday, May 23, 2017      5 comments

I believe that if we came with tags .. they would read like this Manufactured by: God Size: Perfect Materials: Various .. all perfect Care Instructions: Tender Loving Care... Read more
Day 72 of 120 .. the journey to REAL
Sunday, May 21, 2017      3 comments

makes me smile .. makes me confused and more determined than ever to become who I was intended to be .. yet the closer I get .. the more resistance there is by others .. as the old ways .. old habits .. stinking thinking and care taking fa... Read more
Bloom where you are planted
Thursday, May 04, 2017      6 comments

Dang I love that .. quit waiting for everything to be perfect to be happy , to be content , positive and powerful .. grab on to each moment being the very best you , you can be .. blooming where you are planted regardless .. regardless .. reg... Read more
May 1st .. day 51 of my journey to REAL
Monday, May 01, 2017      4 comments

I found this nugget that I had hand written the questions but never answered them .. obviously I felt it could be revealing or I wouldn't have taken the time to create a nice neat card for future reference .. Today I answered the questions ..... Read more
Spirit of Fire
Thursday, April 27, 2017      7 comments

Transformation , face your fears, break out of old patterns .. this is a time to renew .. fire represents our life force .. time to break old habits and redefine ourselves ..balance your fire .. your life force .. balance and redefine :) ... Read more
Day 57 .. over half way to 120
Tuesday, April 25, 2017      3 comments

hmm evaluation? life is complicated the time to cut the cords and relax is getting closer and closer on my list of things that have to be done ..that I seem to be the only one that gives a rip .. is mothers house .. inside and out... Read more
Day 62 on my way to Real at 120
Thursday, April 20, 2017      3 comments

I've come a long way in 58 days dear friends .. a very long way .. I am pleased with me .. not where I need to be .. yet very grateful I'm not where I used to be. I no longer judge myself and edit my thoughts words and actions ... Its ok... Read more
Day 64 of 120 .. the road to real ..
Tuesday, April 18, 2017      3 comments

shh be still be calm be quiet quit the racing in my mind breathe know full well the road to self discovery isn't paved .. it isn't even mapped .. it has twists and turns , detours , roadblocks , high jackers and hitchhikers ... Read more
Day 79 of 120
Monday, April 03, 2017      6 comments

Four steps forward and a couple sideways .. then one backwards .. that's ok though it is the dance of life .. my body must have wanted me to remember and get the lessons once and for all" - that Ice Cream is not my friend , neither... Read more
then it was Day 83
Thursday, March 30, 2017      4 comments

Thirty seven days of becoming ME .. the real version .. the woman that I knew I always was except I let circumstances , my big heart , my sympathetic ear , etc etc take me on roads that were nothing more but detours ..finding the map now I can s... Read more
Day 84 .. March 29 2017
Wednesday, March 29, 2017      1 comments

Sonia .. Sonia .. Sonia .. love her little 30 minute boost Breathing exercise .. to expand an area arms width, height in all directions of me/y... Read more
Day 85 Holy holy .. this time I'm catching up almost a week .. oops
Tuesday, March 28, 2017      3 comments

Days 90 to 85 .. where does the time go ?? Well I can tell you one thing for sure I didn't waste it !! My 120 Days to REAL .. is going very well .. I am feeling great .. doing fun things .. being myself regardless of who may or may not lik... Read more
Tuesday Day 92 .. today Day 91
Wednesday, March 22, 2017      4 comments

Great day .. an at home day .. closet cleaned .. two huge bags of suits, dress shirts, dresses .. work attire when I worked for the telephone company .. I retired 10 years ago .. do you think it was time ..?? I have a circle of friends that w... Read more
Another catch up blog .. days 94 and 93
Monday, March 20, 2017      2 comments

Day 94 found me back at the farm .. very productive and relaxed .. I truly enjoy my day .. what ever I took on I embraced .. my steps according to fitbit were 17K an all time record for me .. mind you this fitbit record keeping hasn't been that ... Read more
Day 95 of d120 to my reality awareness
Saturday, March 18, 2017      5 comments

Good morning dear friends .. I made it to my haven .. my little spot of heaven .. on time .. and organized fresh kale salad with dairy/ gluten free veggie pizza in tow .. wow such a tasty, light, easy to digest satisfying meal. The la... Read more

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