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Hello :)
Sunday, November 29, 2015      7 comments

How is everyone doing? It's been a really long time, and I am back again. Ive been using the tracker on an off for the past 6 months I guess, but just on my phone. Havent been super committed to tracking, though. In case you are wonderin... Read more
Just checking in :)
Sunday, June 28, 2015      4 comments

Its been about 3 months since my last update so I figured I would pop in and let you all know how things are going! Work is super busy. I have 4 trials coming up between July and October, which means I am constantly doing something. I lov... Read more
Hello Hello!
Monday, April 06, 2015      9 comments

Oh my gosh! It's been forever! Ok, more like 6+ months, but who's counting, right? If you are even still seeing my blogs pop up in your news feed you are probably wondering where I went, or what happened to me!! So I'm ready to share. And I... Read more
Tomorrow is the Day!
Monday, September 29, 2014      7 comments

At 9am tomorrow morning I will have my final outprocessing appointment!! And then I'll be embarking on my 4-day drive back to NJ! So freaking excited!!! Last week I had a long week of court. My client wanted to watch the entire court-mar... Read more
Racing Machine
Thursday, September 18, 2014      6 comments

That's what I'll be! I went a bit crazy yesterday and registered for a ton of shorter races! At this point I have a race every weekend (except 1) through October and November! Check it out: October: 5 - Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure... Read more
Movers, Teaching, and Half vs. Full
Wednesday, September 17, 2014      6 comments

What a busy past few days!!! On Friday the movers came to my house and boxed up all of my stuff. They showed up just before 8am (their arrival window was between 8-10) and I really appreciated that they showed up on time! It was two women and... Read more
Moving continues to be stressful
Wednesday, September 10, 2014      3 comments

But it's almost over. The movers are coming on Friday and I am pretty much all ready for them! I packed up all of my clothes on Sunday and quickly realized that there was no way it would all fit in my car nicely. So on Monday after work I rep... Read more
3 more weeks
Monday, September 08, 2014      3 comments

And so much to do. My weekend was somewhat productive, and somewhat of a bust. On Friday, we had wingman day, so we had an office luncheon to a local thai place. It was super shady and the service was awful, but the food was surprisingly ... Read more
Almost the Weekend!
Friday, September 05, 2014      4 comments

It was a short work week, but I am still looking forward to the weekend anyway. I have a lot to get done before the movers come next Friday, so I want to be as productive as possible, packing up all the stuff I dont want them to take, checking ... Read more
Long Weekend
Tuesday, September 02, 2014      7 comments

Phew. Had a 4-day weekend for Labor Day and that was a seriously long weekend! It was mostly productive, too :) Thursday after work, I came home and went to the gym and ran 3 miles. Then I returned a call to my aunt. She had wanted me t... Read more
Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts
Thursday, August 28, 2014      5 comments

I really just cant seem to stick around here much lately, and for that I apologize to my spark friends for not being around much in the past few months. I usually check in while at work, but with my impending separation and move, I have been re... Read more
Busy Weekend!
Monday, August 18, 2014      7 comments

It was a busy weekend and I was very productive :) But I am feeling the effects from it because I am sore and tired! On Friday, I cooked a yummy dinner of salmon, asparagus, and couscous. I love salmon but I rarely cook it because I dont ... Read more
Thursday, August 14, 2014      4 comments

Making more progress over here! Almost all of my national guard paperwork is complete. I have a few medical papers I have to figure out how to get; I need to somehow verify my security clearance; and I am waiting on my certificate of good stan... Read more
49 days left!
Tuesday, August 12, 2014      5 comments

Yes, I'm counting down! I have 49 days left on active duty. 49 days left living in Colorado! So exciting! I'm checking lots of stuff off my To-Do list, but still have lots to get done. So far, I've: * completed and mailed back my ... Read more
exciting updates!
Tuesday, August 05, 2014      12 comments

Hello all! I am back from a 2 week trip to NJ. It was much-needed, but not as relaxing as I had hoped! But lots of stuff happened anyway that I will recap :) Tuesday, July 22 I flew from Denver to NJ. No flight delays so that was exciti... Read more

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