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Free Again!
Saturday, October 22, 2016      17 comments

After 7 good eating days, I weighed in at Weight Watcher exactly 7 pounds below my weight a week ago. No, I didn't lose 7 pounds of fat, but I did good! So after 90 months of free weigh-ins, I had to pay last week -- more than 2 pounds over my g... Read more
Pep Talk
Friday, October 21, 2016      10 comments

I had a really good eating day again yesterday, so I'm now working on Day 7 of my good eating streak. The scale threw me for just a little while, when after 3 days of 133.2 it was up a pound and a half this morning for no reason that I know of e... Read more
Human Chow
Wednesday, October 19, 2016      16 comments

Why doesn't Purina make Human Chow? Wouldn't it be great to just have a bag of food that doesn't even need refrigeration that was nutritionally adequate? I wouldn't even have to think about what to eat most of the time. No cooking. Very little c... Read more
Doing Pretty Good
Tuesday, October 18, 2016      18 comments

Four good eating days in a row accomplished! I'm down over 7 pounds from Saturday morning and just 1.2 pounds over my current, relaxed goal. So thankful to feel back in control. This time I tried to get back in control with 3 different food plan... Read more
Thanks Again, SparkFriends
Monday, October 17, 2016      16 comments

Thanks for all the support and wisdom I received from SparkFriends yesterday. Your caring and understanding means so very much to me. I just don't get that message of acceptance from the people I see every day and it is crucial for my success an... Read more
Shock and Share
Sunday, October 16, 2016      21 comments

Part of me just wanted to hide and not blog and not share and just keep this part of my journey to myself. But then I decided it would help me, and maybe others, to know about my current struggles. Yesterday at Weight Watchers I had to pay for b... Read more
Atypical Bummer
Tuesday, October 11, 2016      18 comments

Bummer. Dr. Love recommends I take some time off of running to see if my back will go ahead and heal. I've had back problems many time over the past 6 years, but it has never lasted this long. I'm not to the "oh, well" attitude yet; I'm still in... Read more
Long Run
Saturday, October 08, 2016      17 comments

Another great sunrise run!! We made it 14.25 miles in 3 hours and 25 minutes. Our fastest mile was number 14, so for the most part we got gradually faster throughout the run, which runners like to call "negative splits." That is a good thing. Ga... Read more
Thursday, October 06, 2016      15 comments

Good day dancing and good day eating today. Natalie did good at piano lesson and I did just fine driving in the rain, at least in the kind of rain we got this afternoon. I've got 3 pitchers of water in the kitchen, 3 large pans of water, an... Read more
Wednesday, October 05, 2016      13 comments

I'm still dealing with a backache and disappointment. I went ahead and quit my new gym. My plan to really get fit backfired and created pain. It has now been 2 weeks and 2 days since the injury and I am just so very, very bummed. I've had backac... Read more
Challenging Run and Beck Reboot
Saturday, October 01, 2016      17 comments

Met my group at 6am for a "race rehearsal" sunrise group run. I was really hoping to run all 8 miles at 11 minute per mile race. That pace would give me a PR, personal record, for a half marathon. The group I ran with had targeted 11-11:15 minut... Read more
Eat And Run
Tuesday, September 27, 2016      11 comments

Another great eating day when it just seemed easy, normal. Why is that sometimes it is so very, very hard and sometimes it seems impossible to stick to my calorie range? And then there are other, blessed days like today. Judith Beck says that ev... Read more
Monday, September 26, 2016      14 comments

Today's weight was much better than yesterday's, and yesterday was my best eating day in at least a week. Now, to make good eating -- good choices and good portion control -- a streak! Yes, I can. I almost feel like a switch has flipped and I'm ... Read more
Today's Run, Last Week's Race
Saturday, September 24, 2016      11 comments

I enjoyed the 12.5 mile slow run this morning with 2 guys and 2 woman. I was more than a decade older than the others. We did it in 2 hours and 58 minutes, really a walking pace but we did it with run-walk intervals. My back only complained a li... Read more
Hang on During the Rough Patch
Friday, September 23, 2016      16 comments

My back is hurting and I have not slept well for the last 4 nights due to discomfort. I've seen the chiropractor twice and yesterday he said I have both joint and muscle issues going on in my lower back. I'm planning a nap today and hoping that... Read more

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