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Wow, things change without noticing
Thursday, June 15, 2017      0 comments

It has been over four years since I made an entry. Things have gone up and down for me and I was very ill, went down in weight. When I got well, I gained it back. The thing is that I am not healthy and made a decision that I had to take the l... Read more
We all struggle
Saturday, August 04, 2012      2 comments

As many Americans, my family has adopted some very bad eating habits. We all struggle with our weight and one of my brothers was knocking on death's door about five months ago. All of us have worked hard towards supporting him in his recovery... Read more
Up late
Thursday, July 19, 2012      4 comments

It has been a long while since I have been on Spark people. I will turn 50 in a few days and making the decision to become a parent again through adoption has kept me very busy. The adoption is final and my daughter, Alejandra Silva-Santos, is... Read more
Wednesday, March 07, 2012      0 comments

I have adopted this beautiful, baby girl and she is now 10 months old. As she has met my different family members, it is astonding how many refer to her as a "fat baby". She is of normal size and has full cheeks, which I know with time will sl... Read more
Wednesday, February 29, 2012      3 comments

I will be 50 this year and although that is what the calendar says, I don't feel what I think 50 should feel like. One thing that has taken over my thoughts is the fear of death. There are so many news reports of the deaths of people in their ... Read more
I couldn't do it
Thursday, February 23, 2012      3 comments

I am back at the weight that I was a little over two years ago. The difference is that last time I used a weight loss food program to lose 30 pounds. I knew that I couldn't continue with that route. It is expenisve and unrealistic that you ne... Read more
Enjoying the weather
Monday, December 12, 2011      1 comments

It was a nice day for a walk. It rained this morning and it cleared up for the afternon for at least two hours. During that time, I chose to walk instead of taking the bus. I just love how the earth smells after a good rain. It gives me more ... Read more
Saving my life
Thursday, December 01, 2011      0 comments

Seven months ago I took on a new born baby girl. She has been a blessing in my family's life, but she has been an exceptional blessing to me. When I got her, I decided to get rid of my car. I did not like having her in the back seat not knowi... Read more
It's been over a year
Tuesday, October 11, 2011      4 comments

Last time I was here was more than a year ago. Many things have happened since then. I went through thyroid cancer. Seems that my exhaustion and what seemed lack of motivation had a real reason behind it. I had one surgery to determine if wh... Read more
Short entry
Friday, June 25, 2010      1 comments

My motivation has temporarily hidden itself. I still log onto Spark to see if I may have lost it here. Hopefully I'll find the inspiration to forge full force forward to start exercising more regularly. I just find too many excuses to not get... Read more
It's here
Tuesday, June 01, 2010      0 comments

My son is entering his last week of High School. He is not actually taking classes anymore. It is a week of Senior activities. He is so excited. One chapter closed and a new one about to open. I am so proud of him. This past year and a half... Read more
Tuesday, May 25, 2010      2 comments

My ex and bio mom of my two sons drives me insane sometimes. I have to see her more than I like since our son has received some awards for his Community Service. We've been broken up 15 years, but she feels so entitled to give me life advice w... Read more
Where is 2010 going?
Tuesday, May 18, 2010      3 comments

I have a real sense of how fast 2010 is flying past us. My son is graduating on June 3rd and all the events and senior projects make the days flow into the night, and before I know it; another month has passed. At 18 he has still not gotten his... Read more
Tuesday, May 18, 2010      5 comments

You would think that a website like match.com would be an excellent place to meet potential friends and eventually a potential partner. It has not been the best experience. I've met people who every other day are having a mental meltdown. May... Read more
Tuesday, April 13, 2010      1 comments

Haven't been as steady with the workouts as I should be and I gained 7 pounds. Need to get back on track. Well, a two week vacation with yummy food didn't help either. But I am back in the gym three times a week and will slowly build back up ... Read more

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