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  • What is wrong with people?

    11/28/2014 12:09:41 PM, by OLIVIANIGHT

    My faith in humanity is currently hanging by a microscopic thread. A couple of days ago I discovered that my ex had found his new girlfriend... Read more

  • Acceptance......

    11/28/2014 12:07:59 PM, by STILLMENEWBODY

    Those of you that have taken some time to get to know me, realize that I am an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER kind of gal. Some would call it high main... Read more

  • One holiday done....

    11/28/2014 11:52:39 AM, by KLONG8

    I hope all of my US friends had a great Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful holiday at it's core and it was always the one holiday that was least comm... Read more

  • Friends and family

    11/28/2014 11:51:41 AM, by BIGMAMA1956

    They are not really supportive. They always have tempting items sitting around. I don't have discipline yet to say no.... Read more

  • Thanksgiving was hard.

    11/28/2014 11:49:00 AM, by EATTHEELEPHANT

    Ok, that was hard yesterday. I didn't track completely and I ate two small deserts. It was really hard to behave myself. I've got another 'Tha... Read more


    11/28/2014 11:46:51 AM, by TODDERICKV

    Thanksgiving was a little difficult. I went to my parents' house to help my dad get my mom ready. She refused to let him dress her and said she... Read more

  • Life

    11/28/2014 11:41:50 AM, by 1TWINKLE1

    ... Read more

  • Friday

    11/28/2014 11:40:21 AM, by AIMEEFOREVER

    Well, if it wasn't clear before it's clear now. On Sunday I had 2 cornetto's in the afternoon because I was feeling emotionally exhausted a... Read more

  • Day 140

    11/28/2014 11:38:21 AM, by SHAPING-DESTINY

    ... Read more

  • I must have lied

    11/28/2014 11:35:41 AM, by NUTSNUTSGETEM

    I did another half yesterday, and it was really a let down for me. A few year back, when I posted my original Sparkpeople profile, I said that I... Read more

  • Day 5: 30 Day Blog Challenge

    11/28/2014 11:25:07 AM, by LSDALOIA

    Black Friday, which means nothing to me since I'm not a shopper. Maybe it's sad, and maybe I'm just frugal, but we don't exchange presents anymo... Read more

  • Friends ;-) 11/28

    11/28/2014 11:24:59 AM, by PDSLIM

    ... Read more

  • new works

    11/28/2014 11:24:52 AM, by LINTPICKER

    Although I have been off in my endeavor to lose weight, I have been productive in my creating. I have completed several works. This first o... Read more

  • Day 4 of 90

    11/28/2014 11:18:04 AM, by BUTTERFLY-1976

    Blog is alittle late..but I was busy last night shovelling snow...a few times We have gotten sooo much snow it's crazy. I made it to work & on th... Read more

  • Friday's Musings

    11/28/2014 11:12:52 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Got a call from the vet, my oldest dog Bear has a "very, very bad UTI infection". So sad. So that is why she has been peeing in the middle of the... Read more

  • Heartless?!

    11/28/2014 11:10:11 AM, by ADARKARA

    This blog is brought to you IN FULL by The Fray's cover of "Heartless" by Kanye West because the turkey breast I got for Thanksgiving didn't come... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    11/28/2014 11:09:13 AM, by JLAMING263

    "I have found that, rather than dwelling on the negative, if we will take a step back and consider the blessings in our lives, including seemingl... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Day:)

    11/28/2014 10:47:59 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    These are my 3 kids, Davey, the youngest, on the left, Tina in the middle, and Geremy,theoldeset, Read more

  • Friday Funny!!

    11/28/2014 10:46:02 AM, by ZANYGIRL1

    ... Read more

  • Surprising Results!

    11/28/2014 10:28:47 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    I injured my ankle a little over a month now. Unable to walk I knew my weight loss would be less. I didn't expect non-existent, but that is wha... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/28/2014 10:26:54 AM, by NATNOEL

    My backyard with beautiful snow gently falling this morning while I pull out... Read more

  • 365promises.com

    11/28/2014 10:25:12 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    2 Corinthians 4:17 (WEB) For our light affliction, which is for the moment, works for us more and more exceedingly an eternal weight of glor... Read more

  • I did it!!!!

    11/28/2014 10:23:11 AM, by JENSTRESS

    I've been through a lot of holidays. I don't think I've ever felt success like I did yesterday. I did get a workout in before the day began... Read more

  • Friday!

    11/28/2014 10:22:59 AM, by YOYONOMORE1

    Black Friday, the one day I don't go anywhere near a store, lol. I wish all those that are brave enough to shop on this day good luck and hope y... Read more

  • Bonus Blog: Great Time at Tournament

    11/28/2014 10:19:33 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    After playing poorly and trailing the first half, Tennessee pulled out a win, making hubby's day! Read more

  • Weight Loss Surgery

    11/28/2014 10:19:12 AM, by KARRIMARIE

    So on November 18, I had my consultation with the surgeon. He was 2 hours behind so I was getting pretty antsy to say the least. We finally met h... Read more

  • 50 50 50 little excited here.

    11/28/2014 10:14:35 AM, by DTHOR6

    It's truly amazing what A little mindset change can do. A year ago on November 20th I decided it was time for a change. So I quit smoking. Huge d... Read more

  • Time to move on. :)

    11/28/2014 10:12:39 AM, by KWATTS42

    OK......I gave myself permission to enjoy Thanksgiving without worry. Now that DAY is over so it's time to move forward. I am so glad that I was ... Read more

  • 40 Days and Nights on Spark

    11/28/2014 10:12:05 AM, by SAUMON

    Not that this journey has been anything like being on Noah's Ark....But 40 days is enough of a milestone to blog about. Any excuse is good! ... Read more

  • 5/52

    11/28/2014 10:11:35 AM, by MARGOO_GNU

    My orginal plan for this week was to weed my SparkArticles down to seven an... Read more

  • Day 11 and 12 of My Hundred Days to a Healthy Lifestyle

    11/28/2014 10:07:51 AM, by STORMIE62

    I am trying to eat a healthy diet, but I am not sure how much of which nutrients I should be eating. Just what constitutes a healthy diet? With t... Read more

  • Blessings, November 28, 2014

    11/28/2014 10:07:14 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. Sleep. 2. I am taking a good friend to lunc... Read more

  • Giving is not about

    11/28/2014 10:05:47 AM, by UMBILICAL

    running people over in stores or in the parking lot to get a Black Friday bargain!... Read more

  • On page 31

    11/28/2014 10:05:40 AM, by FRIDA11

    I was on page 31 out of 99 on the leaderboard of trivia to day. I find that quite good as some of the questions are impossible to answer when y... Read more

  • Dear Me,

    11/28/2014 10:02:50 AM, by DAVENPLK

    As a part of one of my team's challenge, I am to write a letter to myself. Here it is. Linda, you know when you are eating too much. ... Read more

  • Do all grains and grain-based foods contain gluten?

    11/28/2014 10:01:48 AM, by FRIDA11

    No Wheat (all types, including durum, einkorn, faro, kamut, semolina and spelt), barley, rye and certain processed oats all contain a prot... Read more

  • Overview of Chapter 2 and 3

    11/28/2014 10:01:23 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Chapter two is entitled, "Experience the Difference." Beck tells you why he... Read more

  • The Challenge continues

    11/28/2014 9:59:51 AM, by DWROBERGE

    I was up early to start al daily activities. I finished drying the laundry and folding it. MY exercise program is still on hold as the doctor c... Read more

  • Weekly Review

    11/28/2014 9:59:14 AM, by COMPCHIC52

    Well We had a Wonderful Thanksgiving All the family Together but 2 and that is another story. Anyways the day was wonderful and I have pics. Step... Read more

  • Batch Cooking

    11/28/2014 9:57:05 AM, by PAULAAUTUMN

    Slow cookers are wonderful inventions put everything in and sit back and let it cook to perfection. Read more

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