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How to go Cruising and Not Gain Weight
4/7/2014 6:21:08 PM,  7 COMMENTS

3rd cruise under my belt, and 2nd that I did not gain weight. Here are my suggestions and what I do to make sure I don't come home packing more wei...  Read more


Week 11 - Running and Tasting - Saint-Augustine
4/7/2014 10:19:00 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I ended Week 11 marathon training with only 3 runs this week but many many steps! I walk every day... like really walk - my fitbit is off my char...  Read more


2014 Inaugural Excalibur 10 Miler
4/7/2014 9:13:28 AM,  12 COMMENTS

Better Late than Never! 20 We got locked out of the Space Coast Marathon/Half this past November so I looked around and found the same Race Dire...  Read more


ORRRC (Xenia) Half-Marathon Recap
4/6/2014 4:14:29 PM,  19 COMMENTS

The race today was awesome. I had 2 prerequisites going in: it had to cheap and it had to be close. The early bird discount for this race (they also h...  Read more


My Special Dessert
4/6/2014 3:43:55 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I have had dessert every night after dinner for the past 6 months since I've started my eating plan. I started searching for an acceptable dessert....  Read more


MARCH Goals and Moving Spring!
4/5/2014 8:22:48 PM,  6 COMMENTS

My March goals were : Consistency! // My March Report Card : B+ ;0) 1) Track and on track with food - Eat well balanced meals within calorie range.....  Read more


Mount TC Jester & Four for the Park
4/5/2014 5:21:47 PM,  4 COMMENTS

:46 run :30 walk seconds Ran 152:07 minutes 12.05 miles 1391 cal. Avg. HR: 115 Max HR: 137 Avg. Pace: 12:37 (12:37) Ran 8 miles with a...  Read more


Glasses, Tight Shoestrings, and Staying in Condition
4/5/2014 5:05:50 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I got my new glasses. They have removable magnetic parts at the temple corners that make them like goggles, especially good for cycling. The lenses ar...  Read more


What does my new profile picture tell you?
4/5/2014 6:56:26 AM,  27 COMMENTS

8 years since my last half marathon and I’m still smiling. Mile 12 and I want to finish happy. I carry my own water (and cough drops,...  Read more


Death, depression and Daffodils
4/4/2014 5:05:53 PM,  15 COMMENTS

First off, for those of you who sent well wishes and prayers in the past few weeks, I thank you much. This has been extremely devastating and exhausti...  Read more


My new message board signature
4/4/2014 1:50:21 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I decided to change my signature to read. "Coleader of Organized Life and Time Management team. Coleader of Healthy Lifestyle Sparkers team ...  Read more


Daily Visualization Task plus my Goofy Husband
4/4/2014 11:36:48 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Yesterday the Spark Coach daily visualization task was to imagine carrying something that represents how much weight you have lost/want to lose. We...  Read more


Scanned Finally
4/4/2014 10:09:41 AM,  11 COMMENTS

My friend, Bertie, who took these pictures asked that I scan and post them, so here goes: Here's a picture of me finishing the 1500 meter walk...  Read more


4/4/2014 9:48:37 AM,  10 COMMENTS
azine-cancer-survivor_n_5043271.html Last night, Dunedin Running Club in Dunedin, FL ran down Edge...  Read more


Keeping up with myself
4/3/2014 2:55:35 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Hello Spark Friends! I have been wanting to blog for days now but things keep getting in the way. Good things! Finally! (I've set myself a timer s...  Read more


Get Motivated
4/2/2014 7:08:47 PM,  13 COMMENTS

There's a bit more to being or getting motivated than a bunch of words. That being said, here are some favorite words for you (and reminders for me) t...  Read more


Unexpected Motivation
4/2/2014 1:25:45 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I enjoyed a slow, easy run on the TM today with almost no coughing. Just missed two runs due to the cold. I'm back!! There are some new signs at the...  Read more


BLC24 Week 11 CICO
4/2/2014 10:25:34 AM,  1 COMMENTS

BLC 24 Week 11 CICO Wednesday 26 March: Calories Eaten: 2000+ BMR: 1341 Exercise: 416 Differential: +243 Thursday 27 March: Calor...  Read more


1 Month Left Before I Graduate
4/2/2014 1:10:58 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I will be a somewhat absent participant (as I have been these last few weeks but wanted to let you all know that I'm 'still' here behind the scenes....  Read more


My Body is Finally Catching On.
4/1/2014 7:08:40 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Normally I go right at it, over do my training, and then break myself. Not this time. I am not focusing on weight loss, and YES I am gaining....  Read more


Heading home...
4/1/2014 4:55:04 PM,  5 COMMENTS

As much as I have enjoyed the warm 80+ degree temps, low humidity, and great southwestern cuisine, I am ready to get home to be with DW and the puppie...  Read more


The universe loves April's Fools
4/1/2014 11:17:05 AM,  11 COMMENTS

I swear I no sooner hit the period on the last blog when I could feel the stars twirling and laughing in its meniachal laugh. I no sooner start...  Read more


Merry Christmas! Or is it Happy April Fish?
4/1/2014 8:15:18 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Or how about something more vintage-y and French? And fishy. Apparently fish were a 'thing' back in the day (an 18th and 19th century d...  Read more


I must choose WISELY because I have been choosing POORLY.
4/1/2014 8:01:47 AM,  19 COMMENTS

I was halfway through the box of wheat thins when I realized that something was wrong. I wasn’t unhappy or upset. This wasn’t emotional eating...  Read more


Whan that Aprille
4/1/2014 7:54:48 AM,  16 COMMENTS

I have to admit that in HS I hated reading the Canterbury Tales. I appreciated reading them in College and now in my old age I find that I'm glad t...  Read more


First International Race! London!
3/31/2014 8:23:59 PM,  6 COMMENTS

RACE REPORT! 665 Richmond Half-Marathon - Richmond Borough of London England 312 This is a race report for a Half-Marathon I ran Sunday Ma...  Read more


First 5K of the year
3/31/2014 2:57:54 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Sunday was the Purple 5K in Billings. I have a whopper of a cold and laryngitis. But my feet still worked. I didn't PR but did better than I though...  Read more


My Biggest Loser Run Walk Half Marathon
3/31/2014 12:13:23 AM,  16 COMMENTS

Today the BL crew was in town to host a local run/walk. So I participated. Here's my race in pictures. I'm putting together my stats for a separate...  Read more


March update
3/30/2014 4:12:30 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Just a quick update. No, I haven't given up again (yet). :D I am swamped this time of year with end-of-semester work and also beginning-of-season farm...  Read more


Last 'long' run before the longer run
3/30/2014 2:50:51 PM,  14 COMMENTS

My last long run was yesterday at 5.26 miles. Done on the TM, because it's Ohio and there were sheets of rain, then sleet then snow. That's just how w...  Read more


Week 10 Marathon Training is Over!
3/30/2014 12:39:39 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I am lacking sleep. Source - stress. Consequence: I am not performing well, I am tired and irritable... and I really feel like eating .. junk! (...  Read more


Very good trip to Arizona
3/29/2014 11:33:21 PM,  6 COMMENTS

After this winter on the Delmarva peninsula, any reason to go to Arizona would make it a good trip, but as it turned out, this one was even better tha...  Read more


Buffalo Bayou
3/29/2014 11:26:45 AM,  5 COMMENTS

:45 run :30 walk seconds Ran 145:49 minutes 11.5 miles 1400 cal. Avg. HR: 116 Max HR: 131 Avg. Pace: 12:40 (12:40) Good run. Actually...  Read more


Powerful Short Autobiography
3/29/2014 9:32:07 AM,  18 COMMENTS

If you haven't read Portia Nelson's Autobiography in Five Short Chapters, I recommend you do so: I see...  Read more


Thoughts on the scale
3/28/2014 9:02:40 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I find that scale of mine has more ups and downs than an elevator (ba da bum). I go in cycles where I don’t feel like weighing in, to getting on the s...  Read more


spring in paris 2: the promenade plantée/coulée verte
3/28/2014 12:43:31 PM,  14 COMMENTS

just so the rest of you know spring is really coming … it's here in Paris. in fact, i passed bunches of dying daffodils but did not take pictures of...  Read more


NOT a Diet, Exercise, Healthy Living Blog
3/28/2014 10:41:19 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Hey there! I feel like it's been forever since I blogged. This one is for my lovely Sparkfriends who have been asking for updates on previous blogs...  Read more


Piriformis syndrome- who knew? And halfway to goal
3/28/2014 8:47:27 AM,  21 COMMENTS

So, the afternoon after the 8K my hip was a little stiff. But it was better by the time I got home so I ran a practice 5K and it started hurting again...  Read more


G-R-A-D-U-A-L spells “ME”
3/28/2014 8:14:28 AM,  25 COMMENTS

I admire those who go “cold turkey” – no sugar, no caffeine, no TV etc. I just was never very good at all or nothing. Still, I want to improve...  Read more


How many people did *not* run today?
3/28/2014 1:19:36 AM,  12 COMMENTS

That's what I have to ask myself when I run but am not satisfied with my efforts. Remember, Self, you did more today to achieve fitness than millions...  Read more


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