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Buca Di Beppo Need I say more??
7/26/2014 9:55:20 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Ok OK I went to Buca Di Beppo. I'd never been there before and it was my daughter's choice of where to go for her birthday. I was so good, so...  Read more


How has the rest of the week been?
7/26/2014 9:15:23 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well I took Friday off from the gym and let me go ahead and say that was a BAD idea. I felt AWFUL. I was hungry all day and just plain felt like cra...  Read more


Just the beginning. This is from my main blog dated 07/25/14
7/26/2014 9:07:03 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Well folks, here we go. I started my journey last summer, when I started using a meal replacement plan that worked, but was just not feasible....  Read more


knock knock
7/26/2014 7:24:30 PM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


A New Day
7/26/2014 5:00:38 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Every day is a new day with no mistakes in it (yet). ...  Read more


Over the moon this morning
7/26/2014 1:51:03 PM,  7 COMMENTS

While I have been frustrated and feeling like I am not losing weight eventhough the scale seems to say I am, I decided that the reason it is not seemi...  Read more


Do You Know What 2day is?
7/26/2014 12:50:54 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Good DaySparkfam! Today is the day I celebrate 19 years of marriage with hubby of course. It has not been without blood sweat agony & pain. Most...  Read more


it's saturday
7/26/2014 9:37:31 AM,  6 COMMENTS

i had a great time yesterday with my daughter. my good friend treated her to some ice cream, which she really enjoys. then we were off to enjoy the re...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
7/26/2014 3:00:09 AM,  10 COMMENTS

" My joy is the golden sunset giving thanks for another day. Gratitude itself is a source of joy." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to ...  Read more


Another BIG change
7/26/2014 2:39:18 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Tonight I took my daughters out to dinner at Olive Garden just the three of us. It was very enjoyable not to have the babies throwing a fit or fighti...  Read more


It would be UNBELIEVABLE , but it's MY life !
7/26/2014 12:31:18 AM,  8 COMMENTS

OK,,, for those who are new to here,,,, I had surg on the 16th of June, so 6 weeks have passed. It was to correct my left big toe,, which was in the...  Read more


7/25/2014 11:20:43 PM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Six Days & Counting!
7/25/2014 9:11:23 PM,  1 COMMENTS

So happy to have my mojo back! Feeling so good that the thought of doing the Leslie Sansone Walk It Off in 30 doesn't seem so daunting. 3 days down,...  Read more


7/25/2014 9:05:24 PM,  0 COMMENTS

This was taken a few months ago. They still fight and chase each other around the house....  Read more


What a Day!
7/25/2014 8:42:58 PM,  1 COMMENTS

First of all, I recently met a new friend and we decided to meet for lunch. I was so excited as I haven't had a real friend in quit a while since I r...  Read more


7/25/2014 5:22:16 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today is technically day 15 of Whole30. I've been "reporting" the day after I completed it (which is probably as confusing to you as it is to me!) so...  Read more


How Long Does It Take?
7/25/2014 3:30:24 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I was looking over my Spark Page, and see that I RE-returned to SP on June 11th. That was six weeks and two days ago. Have my healthier habits becom...  Read more


Oh Where Has July Gone?
7/25/2014 3:37:13 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Wow, it disappeared quickly! For that matter, how can 2014 be over half gone? And how did it get to be 2014 anyway? Time goes so quickly anymore....  Read more


Today's Inspiration
7/25/2014 12:41:21 AM,  9 COMMENTS

" If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always " no ". If you don't step forward...  Read more


I want it
7/24/2014 9:14:33 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Tomorrow if Fri the 25th, and I FINALLY get OUT of my knee cast !! I have had them on now since the middle of June !! So yeah,, its TIME !! WOOHOOO !!...  Read more


Change is Good
7/24/2014 2:36:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Doing a lot of changing up of routines. Eatng better more CONSISTENTLY and getting more activity in my everyday life. Also, major work on declutteri...  Read more


Using Spark People Again
7/24/2014 1:58:48 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Been gone for awhile, but I had more success losing weight when I used it then not. Fortunately I've been bouncing in the 220's since last October so...  Read more


Time to Ramp Up the Exercise Routine
7/24/2014 1:23:30 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I have had a pretty consistent exercise routine that I thought was really healthy (I was very proud of myself 211 ). I practiced yoga four time pe...  Read more


I DID IT AGAIN - I ran 3.5 MILES - Where did that even come from?
7/24/2014 9:26:38 AM,  14 COMMENTS

They say Go Big or Go Home. Well I am going Big, and I love to be at home, because it seems otherwise, I am always working. So here's to getting up a...  Read more


have not abandoned you all . been a long run .but i can see the light .
7/24/2014 9:08:33 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I n May i fell into our tub . could not get out . after much pulling and pushing made it out . did not break any bones . just hurt . shoulder . so i w...  Read more


Walk This Way
7/24/2014 9:06:21 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Spark featured an article called "9 Ways To Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day" which I found interesting and motivation. With all of the health issues...  Read more


it's thursday
7/24/2014 8:50:25 AM,  8 COMMENTS

i feel a bit tired today. that is okay. school will be done tomorrow. then i will be off to spend some time with my daughter. i am so glad my good fri...  Read more


And My Point Is...
7/24/2014 8:06:12 AM,  2 COMMENTS

From time to time, I fall into the, "what's the point," mindset. For example, last week when I saw the scale actually GO UP, or the painfully slow r...  Read more


7/24/2014 4:09:41 AM,  4 COMMENTS

My husband planned a surprise holiday for us - a long weekend in Paris! Oo-la-la!! I love Paris and have not been there since I was 19, so to be...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
7/24/2014 12:13:20 AM,  7 COMMENTS

" Mostly, it is human to dislike surprises - often with great intensity. Be open to new ways ; sometimes newness just knocks on your door ; we...  Read more


Is it Friday Yet?
7/23/2014 10:38:39 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Not that I have anything exciting planned, it's just been really slow at work & it's making this week just draaaaaaaaaaag. Been doing really wel...  Read more


7/23/2014 9:50:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Three Days and Counting
7/23/2014 8:47:22 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Proud of myself for staying positive 3 days in. I have goals and a plan and am super motivated. Upped the exercise tonight. It never felt so good...  Read more


slowly moving the right direction
7/23/2014 5:09:18 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Okay, third day of the week and... I have increased my step count (not where it needs to be, but more than last week). I have eaten veggies every day...  Read more


positive emotions
7/23/2014 4:59:07 PM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Stepping it up!
7/23/2014 11:58:38 AM,  0 COMMENTS

After a day or so of feeling badly for myself about my first plateau, I have decided to step it up! I've added strength training with my cardio,...  Read more


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