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Lets Put It Together Now...
4/22/2014 10:01:34 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Hi All!!! It's been forever and a half since the last time I blogged and I've been doing really, really well!!! Well, in terms of exercise... my...  Read more


Week 6 of Recovery
4/22/2014 9:38:00 PM,  0 COMMENTS

This is week six since I had my operation and I am a lot better now, I have to go back to the doctor on Friday and I hope that he gives me the all cle...  Read more


chiropractor update
4/22/2014 8:20:39 PM,  11 COMMENTS

we talked about the scans and xrays he did and things don't look good. However they are fixable. I am to see him 3 x a week for 4 weeks and then resca...  Read more


4/22/2014 8:12:57 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Trying to figure out what to do in my own power is difficult. Some things just are not in my human power to resolve. I do have things that I can do,...  Read more


4/22/2014 7:11:56 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I feel like I look better and I'm fitting into clothes I didn't used to, but wish I was losing weight faster. In the last 4 months i've only lost like...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/22/2014 7:11:47 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Apr 22, 1970: The First Earth Day ~~"Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world's environmental problems, is celebrated in...  Read more


Tuesday, its quite windy & dusty out!
4/22/2014 4:57:20 PM,  11 COMMENTS

No outdoor walking for me then. Not more than a month ago we had a dusty time of it and I wasn't careful enough to avoid the dust and I felt like I wa...  Read more


A family illness
4/22/2014 3:08:33 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Ill be taking a break for a family illness. Im going to continue The Beck Diet Solution as much as I can, but if I blog at all, Im probably on...  Read more


dh blood counts
4/22/2014 1:51:46 PM,  7 COMMENTS

dh is doing ok. only his platelets are down. he is going to try testrone some time to see if his this raises them....  Read more


what I do
4/22/2014 1:11:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am a Beachbody coach......what does that mean? I help people get fit and healthy.I am 56 and love life. I swim, bike...but hate running. :D But...  Read more


Community Garden awaking...
4/22/2014 11:30:40 AM,  5 COMMENTS

At the start of April our Community Garden was hidden behind and under piles of snow... About a week was slowly emerging... To...  Read more


Walk as if your kissing the earth with your feet.
4/22/2014 11:23:18 AM,  38 COMMENTS

67 Sunbeams warm my skin as hubby and I walk today along the spring time creek. It's so lovely out. A light breeze is blowing as we walk,...  Read more


Taking it slow - again
4/22/2014 10:28:07 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Pain is back again since yesterday. Managed a couple of miles to Sainsburys and back, pottering along slowly. This puts me roundabout Fort Collins on...  Read more


Just Insane - short and sweet
4/22/2014 9:47:38 AM,  20 COMMENTS

Down another pound that's 5 1/2 now since last week , eating normal well balanced meals - woo hoo !! Still balancing my core and its still work...  Read more


Lesson learned: I am really going to vary my veggies, other foods
4/22/2014 9:18:11 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Today I am still tired and groggy after an allergic reaction last night. It started after the quinoa-kale-coconut dish and was the second scary react...  Read more


last 10 stuborn pounds
4/22/2014 9:01:07 AM,  3 COMMENTS

These last 10 pounds seem to be so difficult to get off. I seem to be at a plateau these past few weeks. I am getting so frustrated. I have started to...  Read more


4/22/2014 8:19:37 AM,  0 COMMENTS

have a good day...  Read more


Thanks for your input. My decision:
4/22/2014 6:37:36 AM,  15 COMMENTS

First the tee up: Buying a vehicle, especially a brand new one, is the 2nd largest purchase that a person can make. I have yet to have a peaceful ex...  Read more


Monday evening its cooler~
4/22/2014 2:46:02 AM,  6 COMMENTS

It was round 93 degrees today and I got in just over 16,000 steps which I didn't expect but Brava to me. I'm back to my full exercise which is a reli...  Read more


this is gonna be a great week!
4/22/2014 12:39:40 AM,  0 COMMENTS

tonight I seared a pan steak that I'd marinated in Korean barbque sauce. chopped it up, fried up some fajita veggies...BOOM! two meals for tortillas....  Read more


AJ's Yummy Sauce
4/21/2014 11:08:09 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Youtube and recipe! Can't wait to make!
em 1.5 c. cannellini beans Juice & zest of 1 lemon (1...  Read more


Beck Day 8: The Most important Thing In Life
4/21/2014 11:06:40 PM,  0 COMMENTS

The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life. ― David F. Jakielo Day 8 marks the beginning of the sec...  Read more


Day 110 - 16000 steps
4/21/2014 10:50:58 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Went to see Empire state building today and walked in Manhattan. Did good and hope to get 20000 steps tomorrow. Let's see how it goes....  Read more


It felt like a long day
4/21/2014 10:28:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today felt like a long day. Dad had to get a recheck of his blood thinner medicine. He got the results a gew hours ago and he asked the nurse if they...  Read more


4/21/2014 9:53:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today is my 9th anniversary of quitting smoking! I've been completely smoke-free for 3,287 days, I've NOT smoked 98,635 cigarettes, and I've sav...  Read more


Wash Quinoa BEFORE cooking. I had an adverse reaction...
4/21/2014 9:48:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Always wash quinoa before cooking. I just learned that tonight really. I had heard it was important to rinse quinoa, a gluten-free pseudo seed (not...  Read more


I'm coming back, stronger and healthier!
4/21/2014 8:53:32 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Okay so maybe my last blog post was last year in July. But earlier today, I found this amazing inspiration by the name of Scola Dondo (she's on...  Read more


Brewed Cocoa. yum yum yum!
4/21/2014 6:15:00 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Hey everyone, I found a product I really really really love! I don't work for them, but when I find something I love I like to pass on the info. The...  Read more


Spring has sprung in the shire...
4/21/2014 5:30:51 PM,  4 COMMENTS

When April 16th brought three inches of snow... to frost our Scotch pine and everything else outside... ...we wondered about Spring... ...  Read more


After a litle research on ATP production...
4/21/2014 3:09:48 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Ah ha! The naturopath had prescribed ubiquiquinol (spelling?). I think that is what she prescribed for the ATP cycle problem! And I will learn...  Read more


Positive restart
4/21/2014 3:08:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Ended up having a big unplanned break from SparkPeople because so snowed under at work and so exhausted when I came home that something had to give. H...  Read more


Weight to volume calculator!
4/21/2014 2:10:23 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Often I look up a food to find I want to use a teaspoon and the nutritional tracker is in grams! The following weight to volume calculator com...  Read more


Movement Reset
4/21/2014 1:53:31 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Dr. Mickey starts out by emphasizing that a little means a lot. Just "1 degree" of increased effort can make a difference. The simplest way to s...  Read more


Realization: I Control My Body
4/21/2014 1:48:40 PM,  0 COMMENTS

So somehow I have just NOW become aware of something - no idea why I am realizing this so late in the game, but I'm glad it's happening. My new realiz...  Read more


The Spark
4/21/2014 1:20:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Yesterday I discovered that we had a copy of The Spark in our house. I thought it was just a way to get 500 sparkpoints, but I didn't realize there wa...  Read more


Bucket Lists
4/21/2014 1:12:47 PM,  17 COMMENTS

My daughter, who is 23 years old, informed me this morning that she is building something called a cafe racer -apparently some sort of small, fast mot...  Read more


Stress and fitness plans
4/21/2014 11:22:25 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Here I am at week 5. Those of you that have been following my blog know that I have been working hard on my fitness on a holistic level 414 . last wee...  Read more


A tour of the GARDEN.
4/21/2014 10:54:15 AM,  109 COMMENTS

378 I am enjoying the wonders of the path that eating a healthier lifestyle has lead me on. Never before have I opened the door to gro...  Read more


New Beginning Part Two - Overjoyed !!
4/21/2014 10:43:42 AM,  22 COMMENTS

Oh my I feel so good !! I am at a loss for words , me the wordy girl , the girl who was nicknamed Webster in High School and College ...  Read more


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